Weak Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Gaus Electronics

Rank #560

Stress is no stranger to the members of Marketing Team 3 of the home appliance department at the Gaus Electronics HQ. The firm is a busy, multinational company, but this...

Rockin' on Heaven's Door (2013)

Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Rank #762

Troubled celebrity Choong Ui gets into trouble with the law. He is then forced to do volunteer work at a health-care facility for the terminally ill that is about to...



Rank #1588

Byun Ji Sook has always had a hard life with her father constantly going into debt and being chased by loan sharks. She desperately wants to know what life is...

The Priests

The Priests

Rank #4788

A young girl who belongs to Father Kim’s parish becomes comatose after a hit-and-run accident. Father Kim and a rebellious young seminarian named Choi believe that she is possessed by...

Drama Special Season 11: The Reason Why I Can't Tell You (2020)

Drama Special Season 11: The Reason Why I Can’t Tell You

Rank #5085

Ji Hoo is an introverted guy who’s not used to expressing his honest feelings. One day, he meets his first love from college as a student who signed up for...

The Girl's Ghost Story (2014)

The Girl’s Ghost Story

Rank #5171

In Su comes back to his hometown, where all his miseries of being able to see ghosts started. He tried running away but as In Su can’t help but taking...

Stranger Kim (2019)

Stranger Kim

Rank #5725

When an unknown virus begins to spread across the globe, an average college student, by the name of Mina, takes it upon herself to find a way to stop it,...

Ms. Perfect (2017)

Ms. Perfect

Rank #5763

Shim Jae Bok has always believed she lived life to the full. But, misfortunes never come singly. Her beloved husband ends up cheating on her. What’s worse, her benefactor stabs...

Art of Fighting (2006)

Art of Fighting

Rank #6770

Jae Hee stars in this action comedy as Byung Tae, a cowardly high school kid who is scraping through life the hard way. His days are tormented by school bullies...

Lovely Horribly (2018)

Lovely Horribly

Rank #7360

A man and a woman are bound by an unusual fate: one’s happiness always results in the other’s misfortune. The two start writing a drama together, and the events in...

Falling for Do Jeon

Falling for Do Jeon

Rank #7384

Na Do Jeon is a timid but bright boy who works part-time as a Pierrot clown because he genuinely loves making people laugh. Ban Hana is a girl dreaming of...

My Unfortunate Boyfriend

My Unfortunate Boyfriend

Rank #7468

Yoon Tae Woon is a man who believes in living truthfully, so he is honest to a fault. On the other hand, Yoo Ji Na is a woman who has...

Ghostderella (2019)


Rank #7762

“Ghostderella” is a supernatural romance about Min Ah, a girl who confined herself to her room after gaining the ability to see ghosts when she was 18 years old, and...

Miss Monte-Cristo (2021)

Miss Monte-Cristo

Rank #7838

Eun Jo, Ha Ra, and Se Rin used to be best friends when they were still young and innocent. However, their pure friendship vanished as they grew up. Ha Ra...

The Legend of Seven Cutter (2006)

The Legend of Seven Cutter

Rank #8025

Jung Han Su! Because of his name, he falls under unfavourable circumstances. His motto is ‘Every day, be well.’ But a band of people challenge him. They are Baek Sung...

My Scary Girl (2006)

My Scary Girl

Rank #8138

29-year-old Hwang Dae Woo is a successful university lecturer of English, who due to his awkward and shy nature around women, has yet to engage in any romantic relationship. When...

12th Assistant Deacon

12th Assistant Deacon

Rank #47192

Choi Joon Ho is the deacon in charge of help exorcist Kim to chase away a demon from a girl’s body, but the challenge is difficult because of Choi’s inexperience....

Your Neighbor's Wife (2013)

Your Neighbor’s Wife

Rank #47878

Imagine a charming person moves in next door and starts flirting with you! A married couple was once very much in love. However, after spending a long time together, they...

Address Unknown (2001)

Address Unknown

Rank #51106

Based on real life stories from the director’s life, and those known to him. It is set in the Korean countryside around a U.S. army base, and particularly involves the...


30,000 Miles in Search of My Son

Rank #52287

Soon Young is a single mother who lost her son 5 years ago. She spends her time trying to find her lost son. Little does she know that Kang Kye...

A Bloody Aria (2006)

A Bloody Aria

Rank #56162

PARK Young-sun, a college professor, meets In-jeong, one of the prettiest students in his class, by chance at an audition for a big musical project. A reckless womanizer, he asks...