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My Unfortunate Boyfriend

My Unfortunate Boyfriend 05

Title: 나의 유감스러운 남자친구 / My Unfortunate Boyfriend
Chinese Title: 我的遺憾男友
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC Dramanet
Broadcast period: 2015-Apr-10 to 2015-May-30
Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:00


A drama about a woman who has no qualms about lying to get what she wants and her boyfriend, a man who is honest to a fault. The drama will demonstrate how their unlikely romance turns out to be true love. Yoon Tae Woon (No Min Woo) will play the man who believes in living truthfully, and Yoo Ji Na (Yang Jin Sung) will play someone just starting out at a corporate job, determined to succeed at any cost.


Main Cast

No Min Woo as Yoon Tae Woon
Yang Jin Sung as Yoo Ji Na
Yoon Hak as Kim Hee Chul
Han Hye Rin as Jung Hye Mi

Supporting Cast

Yoon Joo Sang as President Yoon
Kil Yong Woo as Hye Mi’s father
Lee Yong Joo as Mansu
Park Jin Joo as Mal Sook
Kim Jin Geun as Ji Na’s father
Kim Hye Sun as Ji Na’s mother
Kim Dong Hee as Hong Jang Pyung
Lee Sang Goo (이상구) as Secretary Wang
Heo Jae Ho as Choi Ki Nam
Kim Do Yun as Oh Mi Ran
Kim Hee Won (김희원) as Woman from Cheongju
Kim Eun Jung as Julia
Ahn Ah Young (안아영) as Geum Ah Young
Cha Joo Young
Jang Jae Ho
Kim Na Yoon as Woman from Yeo Joo

Production Credits

Director: Nam Ki Hoon
ScriptWriter: Lee Jae Yoon

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2015-04-10 1 -
2015-04-11 2 0.563
2015-04-17 3 -
2015-04-18 4 -
2015-04-24 5 -
2015-04-25 6 -
2015-05-01 7 -
2015-05-02 8 -
2015-05-08 9 0.606
2015-05-09 10 -
2015-05-15 11 -
2015-05-16 12 -
2015-05-22 13 -
2015-05-23 14 -
2015-05-29 15 -
2015-05-30 16 -

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : sahel Says:

    I liked not min woo in mgfig and midas

  2. 2 : sahel Says:

    No min woo acting in my girlfriend is a gumiho was so good but other drama of him was not good

  3. 3 : P3KI 4 K-DRAMA Says:

    looking forward to this drama fighting!!

  4. 4 : rairamegumi Says:

    no min woo is beautiful…lol

  5. 5 : freedomdemon Says:

    v <)Y

  6. 6 : anisa Says:

    no min woo lovee

  7. 7 : guls Says:

    no min woo is acting like a girl.. that is not hot or cute at all…. just ew -.- in guminho he was so cool…

  8. 8 : love angel Says:

    just in my girlfriend is a gumiho and midas but other drama i don’t like beacous all of them the same i hope he change his rolles

  9. 9 : MAVIS Says:

    Please, for those in Nigeria, wich dish (decoder) is showing the Korean Dramas? my dstv only airs telenova & bollywood. but no KOREAN DRAMA.

  10. 10 : Snow Says:

    Just please make him look manly in this drama. He comes across in most dramas as a diva—not good for a leading man. I don’t know what the Korean’s see in flower boys that are too flowery.

  11. 11 : the truth Says:

    I think it is going to be good. I love the main actress who is Bride of the century. She was so great in that drama.

  12. 12 : Juana love Says:

    Am gonna love this drama……

  13. 13 : Kdramas de Abril: My Unfortunate Boyfriend e Let´s Eat 2 parte 2 Says:

    […] Koreandrama, […]

  14. 14 : cool1korea Says:

    No min woo is a good actor and I`m looking forward to this drama (Jayoooo)

  15. 15 : AnCe Says:

    No Min Woo is the only one I like in this drama…and unfortunately I have to stop after Episode 1…I don’t like his character here…and I’m not really a fan of the other 3 main cast…another failed drama for NMW’s talent…did they think of extending this comedic character because he was funny in Greatest Marriage? what’s with his managers and studio? can’t they choose a better role for him? it’s really such a waste of NMW’s talent…they chose a rom-com drama with supposedly a good character (honest and innocent) for him but all I see is another over-acting-trying-to-be-funny NMW…no offense but I really like him as a serious villain, like in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho….then they paired him with a girl who’s not so popular (again, no offense…i just don’t think she’s popular) or doesn’t seems to fit a leading lady material…and then they added those 2 characters that I’m not sure where I saw them…

    I’m really sorry for a bad review, but after watching the 1st episode, all I could say was “That’s it? how will they get people’s attention to watch this?”

    No Min Woo Great Actor…this drama…not suited for him…another disappointment and a waste of No Min Woo for me…

  16. 16 : Sinopsis My Unfortunate Boyfriend Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] (Source) […]

  17. 17 : ruby placheta Says:


  18. 18 : queens Says:

    totally agreed with Ance, I stop watching after 5 min show.

  19. 19 : aya Says:

    love it and i admire no min wooooooo keep going

  20. 20 : oyunaa Says:

    a very good actor, and success! No min woo is a good actor and I`m looking forward to this drama, he nice!

  21. 21 : lclarakl Says:

    Hmmm…..No Min Woo is the reason I can’t bring myself to what this drama. Looks and acts too much like a woman.

  22. 22 : Koreanlover Says:

    This drama is the best one I have ever seen, this drama has very good cast and the acting of No Min woo is best, I think you watch the drama before you comment something negative about it.

  23. 23 : lclarakl Says:

    Koreanlover @ 22, it doesn’t take watching a drama to realize that a male actor you’ve seen in several dramas that always acts and looks like a woman will probably look and act like a woman in his new drama. Seeing first episode confirms what I already thought. Young female teenagers will probably like him as the male lead, but “women” out of their teens whole like manly men will not. No Min Woo is too much like a woman. He is NOT masculine.

  24. 24 : Carmarie Says:


    You have not watched the drama at all?

    You are correct that since No Min Woo lost weight his doesn’t look as “manly”; however, the his look is perfect for the character he is playing in MUB. He acting is very good in this drama. He so far he has nailed his character. There are some other actors that I do not understand in this drama, because I don’t quite get the comedy; however, No Min Woo shines and shows a depth of acting ability that I did not realize he had.

    He cannot help that his has a beautiful face; however, he would look more masculine if he bulked up a bit; although his abs aren’t bad at all… a six pack.

  25. 25 : just saying Says:

    I could not pass the episode 1. This drama is too silly. The lead actress was great in Bride of the Century but she chooses the wrong drama this time. No Min Woo- I don’t know-I can’t pin point what is wrong but I am confused whether he is gay or straight. Too much cosmetic surgery I think. His character is too juvenile, not manly, not exactly boyish-again, I am confused. Sorry, I have dropped this drama.

  26. 26 : LALA Says:

    MIN WOO is just doing what his character is like. I think he is doing great in his acting because WE viewers can see what does MR UNFORTUNATE really looks like and what (MR UNFORTUNATE) nature, personality and habits. You can see MIN WOO is really different because he is giving his self, to portray or to make Yoon Tae Woon. Yes, sometimes she is kinda girly, but I think it is part of it. AND that GIRLY side is kinda FUNNY!

    The scenes are not boring, it does not stay on one side and it makes me LAUGH all the time because of Yoo Ji Na and Yoon Tae Woon. Of course, to the supporting characters, they are doing a great job too.

    AND GUYS. that why the title is MR UNFORTUNATE because he is something different from all other male character, his character is not the same a badboy,rich, young man,chaebol, etc.

    I can already sense that there is a twist, im gonna wait for it.
    LOTS OF LOVE ♥♥♥

  27. 27 : Carmarie Says:

    I agree with you LALA,

    Min Woo is doing a great job protraying his character as being different from the norm.
    Whenever, I watch a drama or movie, I am not watching it to see the actors act as themselves, I am watching to see them act as characters in a story. If I really hate a particular actor in a story, or think he/she is naive, charming, sexy, or crazy, then I commend the actor because he/she has successfully protrayed his/her character and evoked those feelings in me.

  28. 28 : loulou Says:

    This drama/comedy is so BAD!!!

  29. 29 : Snow Says:

    I personally do no see Min Woo’s character as what I would see Mr. Unfortunate as being. He’s supposed to be a doctor, but he doesn’t seem to have the mental capacity to be a doctor–EXTREMELY childlike. I’m trying to think what GROWN woman wants to be with a man like him–he lives in a fantasy world where he’s talking to plants and call spiders his children….give me a break. I think most women want a man.

    I also think he looks too much like a woman. I’m having a hard time with this drama. Just when I think I’ve gotten past his girly features, something will happen to put it back in focus. As to him being FUNNY, sorry but I’m not finding his character or the drama really funny. I’m giving this one more episode, then it’s on my dropped list.

    From what I’ve seen of the drama, it appears no one really knows how wealthy he is and his relationship to the company. I may tune in on the last episode to see how it ends–probably with the two of them marrying. The real twist will be if he turns manly.

  30. 30 : Pedro azinhais mendes - Brasil Says:

    lovely story

  31. 31 : lynda Says:

    Agreed with the majority here. What a waste of NMW talent. Really liked him in my girlfriend is gumiho. Other than that, his role is unmanly or too flowery. I’m beginning to see him similarly looks alike with one of the actress in kill me heal me (the bad girl). Thats how unmanly he become in my eyes -_-

  32. 32 : Carmarie Says:

    I watched the latest two episodes of MUB and find them to be funny and sweet. More of Yoon Tae Woon’s history has been revealed and shows why he is the way he is. He lost his parents when he was approximately six and was told he was the reason they were no longer alive. Later his uncle tried to make him the CEO of the company, and he was not ready for the task. These and other events in his life has caused him to become the Yoon Tae Woon we see, a semi-recluse and lover of nature; therefore, he has never had a girl friend and is not comfortable in social settings. It is nice to see how Yoo Ji Na is slowly changing him without either of them realizing it. The two of them are funny together, I enjoyed seeing them at the amusement park and the dance in the park was so sweet. No Min Woo is doing a great job in protraying this character. What YJN is going to fall for is YTW’s kind and gentle nature and his innocence. As the drama continues, we find that he is well versed in many subjects and can play the piano; therefore, YTW having a doctorate is not far fetched, especially in Horticulture, Plant Husbandry or Environmental Science.

    I like manly men, but I like someone with a kind and gentle nature more. If you are looking for a keeper, you want someone who has a good heart, not someone thumping his chest saying “me man.” I am one who is going to stick with this drama. Everyone, keep up the good work.

  33. 33 : Snow Says:

    Watched the most recent episodes without subs and I think I’ve had enough. Too childlike and girly for me. That “kiss” scene with his smooth girly cheeks was more than I wanted to watch. Also seeing that the girl is playing him and still chasing after her boss is also a character turn off. The next episode looks even more unappealing.

    I like manly men who treat me with respect, but not girly gentle men as depicted in this drama. For those who are continuing to watch, enjoy. I may check out the last episode–if I remember.

  34. 34 : Sandy Says:

    @32 Carmarie totally agree…I think NMW’s character here has so many nuances that really shows how talented he is as an actor. I am totally sold on this drama!! The confidence that he is gaining as a result of his love for Yoo Ji Na will make him finally become the CEO. He is already showing his capability and talent that he has in the presentation she delivered for the park design proposal. I am so looking forward to this drama now!!

  35. 35 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Sandy @ 34, I’m still waiting to see what you’ve described. I’m not seeing it so far. The ratings are telling the story.

  36. 36 : Sandy Says:

    @35 Sandy 2: In all honesty I don’t guide myself by the ratings…if I’m not mistaken this drama shows in a private network. Also, NMW during his very last drama “The greatest Marriage” had very poor ratings yet I watched the whole drama and it really turned out a very great drama!! The drama Heirs had great ratings but to me it lacked substance. Again, it all depends on the audience each one of us represents too. I am a more older audience than you probably and I guide my opinions differently than you…but it is ok…that is why it is great to voice our point of views in a safe environment. We all have our opinions, some we may agree and some we will disagree, but in the end is all good 🙂

  37. 37 : Mellyme Says:


  38. 38 : Carmarie Says:

    Sandy @36

    You are correct YTW’s presentation was surprisingly sophisticated considering how shy he is. He also showed his knowledge of other cultures, when he did the native African dance.

    I consider myself as a member of the seasoned audience. I believe that because of the number of years I have walked on this earth makes me more independent in my thinking and; therefore, not guided by the ratings or people’s outward appearance. If I like a drama, I watch it, if I don’t, the ratings can be over 25% and I will not watch it. I also share your opinion about “Heir,” it lacked substance. I am enjoying this drama and I can see YTW developing to the point where is can take over as CEO.

    Snow @33 It is great to be able to share our point of view. Many times I get a perspective from other viewers that I had not considered. If you do not like this drama, then I support your decision not to watch it. Everyone has his likes and dislikes and I respect your decision to discontinue watching this drama. I hope you find a drama more to your liking and enjoy it. If so, please share with us, I have watched dramas I would not have normally watched based on others recommendations and many I have thoroughly enjoyed.

  39. 39 : Sunflower93230 Says:

    I am just LOVING this drama. I think the two main character’s interactions are perfect for the storyline. I don’t dislike the NMW character “Mr. Unfortunate” at all, in fact I think he is so endearing. His counterpart’s self-centeredness (YJS) is just short of the point of being hateful, so I’m okay with that. I think their chemistry works very well for this drama. It’s nice to see some stories that deal with a seemingly “underdog” theme such as this and Good Doctor where the “underdog” actually turns out to pretty darn awesome. This is one of the dramas that I can’t wait to watch weekly. NMW and YJS, keep up the good work!

  40. 40 : DSant Says:

    I am glad that I am not the only who like this drama. As I mentioned before not everyone will like/appreciate it. I think this drama, if you like romantic comedy is acceptable and the OTP granted; they are not really K-stars marquee actor/actress are doing a good job in portraying their characters.

    Director Kang is playing a double sword with both women, he is just looking out for himself and wanted to be the CEO or Chairman later of IM.
    I am hoping that we will have a happy ending for our OTP.

  41. 41 : EndWatch Says:

    Very very bad Drama

  42. 42 : Sandy 2 Says:

    EndWatch @ 41 couldn’t agree more.

  43. 43 : CoolBeans Says:

    I like the actors. I don’t like the script. It’s boring which explains the low ratings. The conflicts are not worth getting excited over or choosing sides. No Min Woo’s character looks like a mentally handicapped or Asperger patient. I can only visualize a caretaker/child relationship and not a romantic couple sharing similar interests, goals, and outlook on life. He appears too vulnerable. I see the person dating him spending a lot of time keeping him from being exploited or being run over by a vehicle while he crosses the street. That sounds like parent work not romance. This is the second strike for a character No Min Woo plays. I detested his character in The Greatest Marriage when he played the self absorbed sex addict! I pray he chooses better scripts in the near future.

  44. 44 : dong Says:

    @43 Coolbeans
    couldn’t agree more.

    I love No Min Woo but these last 2 dramas are …

  45. 45 : rayahbalak Says:

    no min woo very good actor and his voice is v.well
    good actor good singer woooooooow

  46. 46 : Snow Says:

    From What I’ve seen of Min Woo, I can’t determine if he’s a great actor. He’s a very feminine actor to me. I’m basing that of what I’ve seen of him in Pasta, Full House 2 and this drama (some what). I’m not impressed. He’s too busy looking like a woman that I don’t think he knows how to act like a man. When he and the other guy kissed in Full House 2, I thought his kiss was more intimate with the guy than with the woman–he had a better kiss with him. He’s just not a male lead with a woman to me and his acting is not that great. The ratings speak for itself. Most people don’t want to see a man acting like a woman–not appealing in a ROMANTIC drama.

  47. 47 : ruby placheta Says:

    why why why??? the first time i saw NO MIN WOO in “my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox”, he’s very handsome and act manly enough to make me fall in love with him on the spot. I watch all his tv series but he’s recent tv series “the greatest marriage and my unfortunate boyfriend” makes me disappointed and sad, why? because it makes me feel and think weird if he’s a GAY. oh no, plsssssssssssss. not you NO MIN WOO. your very handsome so please stay as a man. i think many fans of yours will be disappointed if you turn out to be a GAY. NO NO NO I BEG YOU!!!

  48. 48 : Carmarie Says:

    Ruby Placheta:

    Many of the actors are gay, and it has nothing to do with acting or looking manly. Some of those actors whom you swoon over and think are so manly are gay.

    In the Greatest Marriage, No Min Woo acted very immature, which got on my nerves. Since he fell in love with an older woman, the script called for him to act soiled, bratty and immature to accentuate that fact.

    In My Unfortunate Boyfriend, the script calls for No Min Woo to act innocent, without any experience with women and lacking in social skills. I don’t see it as acting girly. He is doing an excellent job acting inexperienced and lacking social skills. However, what I don’t like is that the director has him acting as if the character has a mental disability, which would be fine it that was what the script was about.


    The tree kiss in this drama was a nice top lip kiss.

    I heard that he said that he wasn’t gay. I guess we have to go with that answer until he decides to tell us differently.

    I love this drama, because I can see Yoon Tae Woon slowly, coming out of his shell. I do not think the writers should have waited until the last two episodes to make it happen and I am wondering with two hours left, how they are going to pull it off.
    All in all, good drama (gay or not.)

  49. 49 : choopatiu Says:

    This drama is nothing special,there were a couple of funny moments but a lot were a bit corny for my taste.i watched this because of no min woo,but the thing is he looks totally different from what i remembered,i mean his a totally different person,what happened to his handsome face?this is why old folks say “don’t fix something when it’s not broken”,such a waste!
    FYI:to all the casting directors n producers out there,there are certain actors that are good n cute for this kind of role n no min woo is not one of them.thank you.

  50. 50 : sk8 Says:

    same with the other comments here… i am halfway watching episode 1 and i don’t feel like continuing -_-” uninteresting… … over & unnatural acting… … i’ll continue watching a few more episodes to see if it is worth watching or to be dropped completely…

  51. 51 : Abi cuttie Says:

    Thousands of luv to u MUB @a very funny movie

  52. 52 : Emma Says:

    I’m looking forward to watch this movie. Is there any channel that shows only Korean movies.

  53. 53 : punchcha Says:

    @ Emma : I’ve watched it in dramanice.to

    I watched this drama without high expectation. Just wanted to watch the act of No Min-Woo, on his latest drama. Trying to watch Eating Existence but couldn’t find it.
    Back to My Unfortunate Boyfriend, probably it was better if only 10 episodes. Coz yes I was lil bit bored when watched it especially around episode 9 to 15. Watched-skipped-watched-skipped.
    But I like the concept of this drama. People with trauma and so much pain can act like the character of Yoon Tae Woon. I’m not a psychologist but honestly I have the same feeling with the character. Not much, small part. Which I choose to not having a lot real connection with people because one and other reason.
    People sometimes judge a book by its cover, but when they know the real, the content, it’s not like what people thoughts. And I think that’s a topic in this drama too. People surprised when they know who Yoon tae Woon is.
    Yoon Tae Woon character is so rare today, where people so pure, so honest, friends without benefits, full trusting people, forgiving so easily, etc. And I think the character is so beautiful, beautiful heart it is, just like a flower. 🙂

  54. 54 : joycey Says:

    At start, I don’t know if I want to continue since the pilot episode is too much comedy and nonsense to me, but then I later found out how important it was in the middle. The plot is great! And the sexually-green-lines had made the pureness of Tae woon stood out, plus I had a really good laugh about it. I just fell in love with his character… and then I realized, the pureness, innocence was real if you have been living alone, locked in nature, locked in the past with your parents’ good moral teachings. The world rips us of our innocence, and since he had chose not to step out into the world, his innocence was not stolen by the world. As a girl, it brings good heart pumps when he suddenly acts normal to protect the woman he loves, and how intelligent he was! The overall plot has expected my expectations. I was content on how everything turned out to be in the end of the story. It teaches us righteousness, forgiveness, love and the power of contentment. 🙂 And I just love the garden in the end! Thank you for giving my head and heart a good substance in this movie…

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