Clumsy Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Forbidden Dream (2019)

Forbidden Dream

Rank #2698

A true historical drama about King Se Jong, the greatest ruler in Joseon history who sought to enhance national prosperity and military power through astronomy, and Jang Yeong Shil, the...

Backstreet Rookie (2020)

Backstreet Rookie

Rank #3769

Jung Saet Byul is a 22-year-old, beautiful four-dimensional girl with amazing fighting sterminates, loves her friends, family, and retro fashion. Although boys are lining up to date her, she only...

More Than Family (2020)

More Than Family

Rank #5163

When To Il was 5 years old, her mother remarried. Due to that, they left Daegu and began to live in Seoul. To Il is now 21-years-old and a university...

Arahan (2004)


Rank #7131

When a thief driving a motorcycle steals a purse of a pedestrian, the clumsy, naive and honest rookie policeman Sang Hwan runs after him, but the sterminateed specialist in martial...

My Unfortunate Boyfriend

My Unfortunate Boyfriend

Rank #7468

Yoon Tae Woon is a man who believes in living truthfully, so he is honest to a fault. On the other hand, Yoo Ji Na is a woman who has...

The Great Actor

The Great Actor

Rank #57324

Jang Sung Pil has worked as a little-known actor for the past 20 years, but he still dreams of becoming a great actor. He plays the role of Patrasche in...

Day of Kidnapping (2023)

Day of Kidnapping

Rank #99999