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Title: 해치 / Haechi
Genre: Historical, Action
Episodes: 48 (35 minutes/episode)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2019-Feb-11 to 2019-April-30
Air time: Monday & Tuesday at 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


Set during the Joseon Dynasty period, the series follows three people from different walks of life who came together to help Prince Lee Geum (Jung Il Woo) claim the throne and reform the Saheonbu.


Main Cast

Jung Il Woo as Lee Geum
Kwon Yul as Park Moon Soo
Go Ah Ra as Yeo Ji
Park Hoon as Dal Moon
Lee Kyung Young as Min Jin Hun
Jung Moon Sung as Lee Tan
Bae Jung Hwa as Chun Yoon Young
Han Sang Jin as Wi Byung Joo

Supporting Cast

Park Ji Yeon as Cho Hong
Han Ji Sang as Do Ji Kwang
Han Seung Hyun as Gyeongjong
Nam Gi Ae as Queen Inwon
Jung Soon Won as Joo Yeong Han
Choi Min Chul as Yoon Hyeok
Jun Bae Soo as Jang Dal
Ahn Seung Kyoon as Ah Bong
Im Ho as Yi Gwang Jwa
Do Ki Suk as Gae Dol
Lee Won Jae as Kim Chang Jip
Kim Jong Soo as Lee Yi Myeong
Noh Young Hak as Prince Yeonryeong Lee Hwon
Lee Pil Mo as Han Jeong Suk
Song Ji In as Queen Seoneui
Kim Kap Soo as King Sookjong

Production Credits

Production Company: Kim Jong Hak Production
Chief Producer: Son Ki Won
Director: Lee Yong Suk
Screenwriter: Kim Yi Young

Episode Ratings

2019-02-1115.4-6.0 (20th)6.9 (16th)
2019-02-1126.6-7.1 (14th)8.3 (11th)
2019-02-1236.0-6.4 (15th)7.3 (12th)
2019-02-1246.9-6.9 (11th)7.5 (8th)
2019-02-1856.0-5.05.8 (19th)
2019-02-1866.8-6.3 (15th)7.0 (14th)
2019-02-1975.6-5.16.4 (15th)
2019-02-1986.5-5.9 (18th)5.6 (20th)
2019-02-259--5.46.0 (16th)
2019-02-25106.0-6.1 (17th)6.4 (14th)
2019-02-26126.7-6.4 (13th)6.8 (11th)
2019-03-0413--4.95.5 (19th)
2019-03-04146.3-6.4 (15th)7.1 (9th)
2019-03-05156.4-6.6 (17th)7.3 (14th)
2019-03-05167.3-7.9 (10th)8.6 (5th)
2019-03-1117--6.5 (18th)6.8 (15th)
2019-03-11186.7-7.5 (12th)7.8 (11th)
2019-03-12195.9-6.1 (18th)6.8 (18th)
2019-03-12207.1-7.2 (13th)7.7 (10th)
2019-03-18215.8-5.5 (20th)6.2 (16th)
2019-03-18226.8-7.0 (11th)7.6 (10th)
2019-03-1923--5.7 (18th)6.0 (16th)
2019-03-1924--6.7 (12th)7.3 (7th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Poster (Main Character)

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  1. 1 : Fishnet Says:

    Whyyy go ah ra??? She is pretty and talented. But I couldn’t enjoy her acting.

  2. 2 : Gaiety Says:

    yes I agree with Fishnet

  3. 3 : iammee Says:

    So excited to see Ill Woo again. Go Ah Ra seems good to me, she’s pretty and talented better off than Yoo Na or UEE

  4. 4 : Fishnet Says:

    @iammee yoo na and uee are idol turned actress but go ah ra is originally an actress tho.

  5. 5 : Bearygood Says:

    I seem to agree that all three actresses are not my cup of tea. In fact there’s some more but thank goodness for their co-actors and writers and directors, the drama is watchable.

  6. 6 : Sinopsis Haechi Says:

    can’t waiting this dramas …Jung Il Woo oppaa

  7. 7 : Taiye Says:

    How do I download here please?

  8. 8 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    Super excited with this one. Saranghae Oppa. 🙂

  9. 9 : D Says:

    oooh sh*t, why Go Ah Ra? Always same face “knit one’s brow”. Planned to watch, but can’t 😑

  10. 10 : Siren Says:

    I am super excited! This is basically a continuation of Dong Yi’s son .❤️

    I hope you have seen Miss Hammurabi, Ah Ra made a pretty good job in portraying her character. It’s our preference anyway #NoHateJustLove #SpreadPositivity

  11. 11 : Mei Says:

    Jung Il Woo, so happy you’re back. I don’t usually watch sageuk, but the storyline seems interesting, might give this one a try.

  12. 12 : lemon Says:

    why go ah ra?… omg… fail…

  13. 13 : Jukbang Says:

    Nice drama but heavier in political side. Not for everyone. But why the inspector girl face always stress looking? Haha

  14. 14 : sue Says:

    after 4 episode….very interesting…

  15. 15 : tigerb Says:

    i’d follow through. interesting first 4 episodes.

  16. 16 : annmasae Says:

    Great so far. Highly Recommended. I like the main actress despite negative comments from others. Good to see Jung Il Woo back in action.

  17. 17 : tigerb Says:

    power play!

  18. 18 : Emil Simanungkalit Says:

    Is he dong Yi’s son?

  19. 19 : Carmen Says:

    yes, I think this was Dongyi’s son too

  20. 20 : fauzi Says:

    I watched this drama because go ah ra

  21. 21 : Goldpen Says:

    Currently watching and reviewing Haechi. Ladies you cannot dislike an actress just because you think the male antogonist is on your bias list. He has to have a female actor in the drama. Be generous.

  22. 22 : Aliyah Says:

    Go ara:( i cant see the difference in her acting skills( black, hammurabi, hwarang) she’s s beautiful but her actings doest change all the same? Does the director notice that? Not versatile actress she should know when and how to act according to her given role

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