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Mask 04

Title: 가면 / Mask
Chinese Title: 假面
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-May-27 to 2015-July-30
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


A melodrama about people who live wearing ‘masks’ to hide their true identities.

Byun Ji Sook (Soo Ae) has always had a hard life with her father constantly going into debt and being chased by loan sharks. She desperately wants to know what life is like if she was born into a better family and didn’t have to worry about money all the time. When a series of circumstances brings Ji Sook to Eun Ha (Soo Ae), a woman from a wealthy family who strongly resembles Ji Sook, she grabs hold of the chance for a better life and assumes Eun Ha’s identity and begins to live her elite life. She meets Min Woo (Joo Ji Hoon), a chaebol heir who is mistrusting of the people around him. But when he realizes that Ji Sook is not like the other women he has met, he is drawn to her. How long can Ji Sook keep up the charade and hide her true identity?


Main Cast

Soo Ae as Byun Ji Sook / Eun Ha
Choi Ji Won as Eun Ha (young)
Joo Ji Hoon as Choi Min Woo
Jun Jin Seo as Min Woo (young)
Yun Jung Hoon as Min Suk Hoon
Yoo In Young as Choi Mi Yun

Ji Sook’s Family

Jung Dong Hwan as Byun Dae Sun (Ji Sook’s Father)
Yang Mi Kyung as Kang Ok Soon (Ji Sook’s Mother)
Hoya as Byun Ji Hyuk (Ji Sook’s younger brother)
Lee Gun Ha as Ji Hyuk (10 years old)
Hong Dong Young as Ji Hyuk (child)

Min Woo’s Family

Jun Gook Hwan as Choi Doo Hyun (Min Woo’s Father)
Park Joon Geum as Song Seol Hee (Min Woo’s Step Mother)

Eun Ha’s Family

Park Yong Soo as as Seo Jong Hoon (Eun Ha’s father)
Lee Jong Nam as Lee Jung Sun (Eun Ha’s Step Mother)


Kim Byung Ok as Loan Shark Shim
Park Yeon Soo as Myung Hwa
Jo Han Sun as Kim Jung Tae
Hwang Suk Jung as Mal Ja
Park Joon Myun as Department Head Yeo
Joo Jin Mo as Psychiatrist Kim
Kim Ji Min as Kim Yeon Soo
Moon Sung Ho as Nam Chul
Jo Yoon Woo as Oh Chang Soo
Sung Chang Hoon as Ppoolte
Kim Ye Joon
Na Kwang Hoon
Kim Bup Rae
Lee Seung Hyung


Kim Cheong as mayor’s wife
Oh Na Mi as departement store customer
Yoon Hee Won as Prosecutor Yang Joon Hyeok

Production Credits

Production Company: Golden Thumb Pictures (골든썸 픽쳐스) and Shim Entertainment (심엔터테인먼트)
Director: Boo Sung Chul
ScriptWriter: Choi Ho Chul


2015 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards – Joo Ji Hoon (Mask)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Special Actress (Mid-Length Series): Yoo In Young (Mask)
2015 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mid-Length Series): Joo Ji Hoon (Mask)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-05-27 1 7.5 (19th) 8.8 (13th) 7.5 (15th) 8.0 (13th)
2015-05-28 2 8.5 (12th) 9.8 (12th) 9.2 (10th) 9.5 (10th)
2015-06-03 3 8.2 (16th) 10.0 (10th) 8.6 (13th) 9.0 (13th)
2015-06-04 4 10.3 (12th) 12.2 (7th) 10.7 (8th) 12.1 (5th)
2015-06-10 5 9.4 (12th) 10.9 (9th) 9.4 (10th) 10.1 (7th)
2015-06-11 6 10.4 (14th) 12.6 (4th) 9.8 (11th) 10.3 (9th)
2015-06-17 7 10.0 (11th) 12.0 (5th) 11.0 (7th) 12.5 (4th)
2015-06-18 8 9.8 (10th) 12.2 (5th) 11.8 (4th) 12.6 (3rd)
2015-06-24 9 9.7 (11th) 12.6 (4th) 10.8 (6th) 11.3 (5th)
2015-06-25 10 10.1 (14th) 12.5 (5th) 9.7 (12th) 9.3 (12th)
2015-07-01 11 10.4 (9th) 12.9 (4th) 10.1 (7th) 10.8 (5th)
2015-07-02 12 11.1 (10th) 12.8 (4th) 11.1 (6th) 11.6 (4th)
2015-07-08 13 9.9 (13th) 12.9 (3rd) 10.8 (8th) 11.5 (5th)
2015-07-09 14 10.2 (10th) 12.9 (4th) 11.1 (6th) 11.4 (4th)
2015-07-15 15 10.0 (9th) 13.4 (3rd) 11.3 (4th) 11.5 (3rd)
2015-07-16 16 11.4 (5th) 13.8 (3rd) 12.2 (3rd) 12.7 (3rd)
2015-07-22 17 9.4 (9th) 12.0 (3rd) 12.4 (5th) 13.4 (3rd)
2015-07-23 18 11.2 (12th) 14.3 (3rd) 12.7 (3rd) 13.3 (3rd)
2015-07-29 19 10.7 (9th) 13.6 (3rd) 11.5 (5th) 12.2 (4th)
2015-07-30 20 12.6 (5th) 16.5 (2nd) 13.6 (3rd) 14.2 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : supersnazzy Says:

    Omg i can’t wait to see lee howon!!!

  2. 2 : nana Says:

    Joo Ji Hoon <3 my prince !!!!
    can't wait \o/

  3. 3 : ryanhahha Says:

    Soo Ae’s new drama after Queen Of Ambition!! Yeay!! I love her role so much.. <3 She's fit with this kind of role..

  4. 4 : April Says:

    Soo Ae!!!
    The best melodrama actress is back along with the great melodrama writer ‘Secret’ writernim Choi Ho Chul:)
    I can’t wait for this!!!

  5. 5 : Juncipop Says:

    Congrats Soo Ae!!!

    Queen of Ambition is airing now here in the Philippines and your character Joo Da Hae is making the viewers mad…because you are so effective as an actress!

  6. 6 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Just saw the trailer at the end of the girl who can see smile 😆 look forward to this 1 pretty much 👍😘

  7. 7 : Metoo Says:

    Interesting. Looking forward to watching this show. JJH one of my fave!!

  8. 8 : milan09 Says:

    I Can’t Not Say this drama’s story is a little bit stereotype. Nice to see Soo Ae comeback from her last drama, Queen of Ambition, which quite a sensation. I’m fan of her because of her beauty, elegance, and acting ability. But, I longed her “comedic” drama since 9 Ends 2 Outs. I Don’t Know Why Her Reason to Choose Another Melodrama (I Don’t Say this one is bad, because haven’t know the story and result).

    Also nice to see Joo Ji Hoon since SBS “Five Fingers” and Yeon Jung Hoon since MBC “Gold, Appear.” They won’t be doubt for their ability. As for Yoo In Young, her success in very hit drama “Man From Another Star”, even not a big impact for her, hope for this drama she can bring her acting ability to her own fame.

  9. 9 : aya Says:

    soo ae is a melodrama queen, cannot wait to watching this. i think her role in here not to much different from queen of ambition, poor woman who have great ambition, but i hope this drama will be good and not have bad ending.

  10. 10 : queens Says:

    lets see if this drama worth to watch.. Ill give it shoot..

  11. 11 : Adeul Says:

    I could not make it through Queen of Ambition. The melodrama proved too much to bear. I’ll let this one by I think.

  12. 12 : Yingdrama Says:

    sounds interesting! song Ae <3

  13. 13 : Says:


  14. 14 : cheonsaaa Says:

    joo ji hun’s back yo!

  15. 15 : wdr Says:

    my bae joon ji hoon!!!cant wait, this drama will daebak

  16. 16 : Dou Says:

    Oh my Oppa is back, I missed u Oppa welcome back . I ll definetly watch this . Fighting !!!!

  17. 17 : Dy.K Says:

    Whew…melodrama is not my favourite genre BUT i love this writer previous work “Secret” so i will give a try to this one.
    So this girl like living other person live who looks just like her because the other one was mudered? When i watched the trailer it slightly remind me of novel that i’ve read “Mirror Image”…just saying. Are they really doppelganger or twins?? Fighting Mask team!!

  18. 18 : stela Says:

    I really love Soo Ae … cant wait to see her in this new drama.

  19. 19 : RyanHahha Says:

    Yoo in young is back!! Wohooo!! I love her evil role in WONDERFULL MAMA & MY LOVE FROM THE STAR!!~

  20. 20 : aznative Says:

    Is a cameo by Ji Sung too much to ask? LOL

  21. 21 : Iris Says:

    Drama Fever has exclusivity for it in the United States. Viki’s Region is Europe.

  22. 22 : Vanessa Says:

    This sounds fun (:

  23. 23 : OK OK OK Says:

    i also like Soo Ae in 9 in 2 outs bc its a happy comedy type drama. 🙂
    The rest I hardly watch bc a little “stress” 🙁

  24. 24 : windsun33 Says:

    This is so good so far that it might even beat the ratings for “Secret (Secret Love). I love this actress, she is so good at playing “bad”.

  25. 25 : Vanessa Says:

    Wow first 2 episodes….so intriguing ahhh can’t wait for the rest… 😉

  26. 26 : ryanhahha Says:

    cant wait for another episode next thursday!!! This drama is getting very interesting!! **

  27. 27 : ryanhahha Says:

    i recomended to all of you to watch this drama.. There is a slight comedy inside this drama.. not a very serious and boring drama.. this drama will win the awards this year!! surelyyy!!!~

  28. 28 : Metoo Says:

    Watching. And its good

  29. 29 : fie Says:

    daebak, I love soae’s drama.. she is a great actress..

  30. 30 : minie Says:

    Nice drama i like>>>

  31. 31 : Darlyngirl Says:

    Joo JI HOON!!!!!!!!
    such a Long time I have not since him acting. The last drama was princess hours>_< Me & my mom miss you^^
    OPPA Fighting!!!!!!!$_$

  32. 32 : hiravee Says:

    Approximately, in the preview of episode 3, whom suk hoon threw to the ravine?? Was really ‘eun Ha’? The girl whom he loved?, then.. I was a little confused with this drama, if suk hoon loved eun ha, why does he have to throw her to the ravine then replacing her with ji sook?, i think that he might understand ji sook wouldnt love him.
    Hem,, intriguing enough..

  33. 33 : Joon min sook Says:

    A Great, I found a English version on Youtube. It here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5-GfAKC9dw.

  34. 34 : Suho exo Says:

    OMG!!so amazing..I’m exticed for the next episode…

  35. 35 : raionkisaki Says:

    I watch this drama beacause of Joo Ji Hoon 🙂
    Still confused about the story, but I’m sure it will be unveiled in the next few eppisodes.

  36. 36 : CoolBeans Says:

    @hiravee: Suk Hoon love Suk Hoon and money!! He did not squeeze out a tear when his mistress was pulled out of the pool. I suspect he killed and removed jewelry that can trace back to his credit card! He has no empathy for the families of both the living and dead women. The unsuspecting rich parents will find out (I hope) that they never said goodbye to their cremated. I bet they have a family plot set aside! Sucks all around.

  37. 37 : mask ep 3 Says:

    Mask ep 3 is update engsub here https://youtu.be/144_x-lF43Q

  38. 38 : etting Says:

    i do love this drama. falling in love with Soo Ae and Yun Jung Hoon in “Mask”

  39. 39 : leonardfresly Says:

    I really love this drama. Soo Ae is good one

  40. 40 : Dee dee Says:

    I cant find a drama that has kept me watching till the end. I have read some gd comments about this drama so I hope it keeps me watching

  41. 41 : suan Says:

    can’t wait for episode 5. like this story. There must be romance scene between ji sook n min woo. Min woo get interested with ji sook. There many changes he found about ji sook. Why a week just has 3 episodes?

  42. 42 : queens Says:

    wow… this good drama actually, high recommend. intresting plot.
    on ep. 4 i was touching with Byun Ji Sook , even so she (force to )had better live but she’s prefer to seek her mother with taking risk of loosing her life. she was a doughter that every mother need to deserve.
    Also makes me wonder when planning tree scane, her father was said another name that was make her mother pale. and Byun Ji Sook said its her eonni that was pass away, I assume that they are actually twin sister (Byun Ji Sook n Eun Ha) but lets see the rest episode.

    Can’t wait for next episode.

  43. 43 : Dee dee Says:

    Maybe Yh they were twins awww sooo sweet sad the other one died I guess they can do it like the other drama who am I school one.which is also a gd drama….
    I can’t wait for the next ep

  44. 44 : luvKdramas Says:

    Enjoying this drama with 2 thumbs up!! Interesting story line and love the casts especially the male (Joo Ji Hoon) and female lead (Soo Ae). I am rooting for Min Woo and Ji Sook.

  45. 45 : eny Says:

    watch first 4 ep in 2 days, loving it
    seem i have to manage my time because i’m getting hooked in 2 drama in the same time My love eundong n mask

  46. 46 : Mask Engsub Says:

    Hi all, I Will Update “Mask / 가면” with english subtitle on Youtube, Please subcribe channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYoggX8d0PNcOxAhLhethyA for Update latest episode.
    Mask ep 1 engsub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5-GfAKC9dw
    Mask ep 2 engsub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLBX3602S6c
    Mask ep 3 engsub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=144_x-lF43Q
    Mask ep 4 engsub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3Ubnt7WqEo
    Enjoy, thank for watching

  47. 47 : koi Says:

    Me too, hooked to these two drama, Mask and my love eundong…

  48. 48 : French viewer Says:

    It’s really a good drama. I hope it will continue like this…

  49. 49 : suin Says:

    i really love this drama.. cant wait for the next ep.. fighting!!! guys..

  50. 50 : nameless Says:

    THIS drama and High Society are promising,very good very very very

  51. 51 : era Says:

    These are my list :
    High society

    Good drama, talented actors, n promising plot

  52. 52 : mae Says:

    great story
    great cast

  53. 53 : kdramalover Says:

    another worthed to watch drama. interesting story with great casts. Favorite!!

  54. 54 : Co Co Says:

    can’t wait to see next episodes

  55. 55 : YoRoseberry Says:

    Recommend tis Kdrama…. Very nice


    can’t wait much longer for ep.6 with eng sub….i love this kdrama…and find its story very interesting…

  57. 57 : Admaliah Says:

    This is indeed a good & exciting series. Super highly recommended to watch.

  58. 58 : kez Says:

    The drama is so dramatic here. I really like the chemistry of the leads so far, I really hope this drama is as successful and receives higher ratings like/than PUNCH.

    I highly recommend it. Happy watching everyone and FIGHTING!! to the crew of MASK.

  59. 59 : Carmen Says:

    I hope this drama have a good End…..but if you think for JJH and SE end up toguther will be really hard, because she is taking somebody place, and if he trust her, I think that when he find out she is somebody else, he may think she is all fake and the love she may have for him…later on, then he will think is fake too…..she has all things to loseeeeee everything….she maybe help him, but will have to leave him ……for love…..I hoe not and they can end up with love and undrstanding……In the world…LOVE can win!

  60. 60 : LWin Says:

    Yay..!! Joo Ji Hoon .. a handsome idol is back as the first lead. I wish this is a good drama till the end.

  61. 61 : OK OK OK Says:

    I enjoy watching ep 1 to ep 5 but not Ep6 beginning scene……
    Ep 6 – not too realistic and ridiculous that Soo Ae has to wash the art gallery public toilet, after all she is a Chaebo Heir Joo Ji Hoon’s wife.

    Even she knows she is a fake, cant she remember her super high status???
    I believe the other Soo Ae who has passed away is also from rich family.

  62. 62 : korean drama Says:

    I love mask drama, i will update episode 7 wit english, and indosub on youtube
    Please like and subcribe my channel. Mask ep 6 with english https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmF6i1-_WJA enjoy, thank

  63. 63 : marryannmaceda Says:

    i love drama king of ambition

  64. 64 : marryannmaceda Says:

    love all characters in queen ambition

  65. 65 : OK OK OK Says:

    dont worry. leads will end up with leads even if it is fake, ha ha 😛

  66. 66 : thilda Says:

    daebakkkkk….love this drama so much

  67. 67 : hunee Says:

    I love all the players in this drama. Very intense and the suspense is killing me about what happened to the main guys mama. I just hope they will find out about peeping tom, he is sick!!! and disgusted. I hate this player!!!

  68. 68 : OK OK OK Says:

    i guess JJH’s housekeepers very suspicious especially the lady.
    Housekeeping for so long, clean here and there and yet didn’t realize there is hidden camera????

  69. 69 : Snow Says:

    Hmmmm……This drama has started to head into ridiculous. SH is evil at another level. EH is incredibly stupid at another level. MW is incredibly dumb to be so smart–he can’t piece together what’s in front of him. The story/plot is ridiculously. I still can’t get over how SH used magic to know that EH was on the side of a cliff and could save her. Don’t get me started on the other ridiculous plots like that one. This drama is intense but it makes no sense.

  70. 70 : iammee Says:

    The plot is getting to funny. If Ji Sook accepted the proposal of acting as Eun Ha then she should act like her and not being so nervous and unconfident because the real Eun Ha was arrogant, forward and smart. How could someone from a rich be ordered to clean the bathroom and accept being belittled. If Ji Sook does not want to be exposed then she should refrain from coming back to her family. I don’t know if I can tolerate the stupidity of the script any longer not to mention the lack of chemistry between the two leads.

  71. 71 : koi Says:

    the beginnig is good but come to later episodes, i find the script getting sucks, lots of stupidity and hard to tolerate with it.

  72. 72 : Mercy Caballero Says:

    I love this drama, good story! Recommended to watch😁😀😂😃😅

  73. 73 : Ich Says:

    .. The story might be interesting if Eun Ha act a bit smarter. Aigooo…I am headache, please stop the absurdity..

  74. 74 : hanhyosang Says:

    This drama is a really good one, ignore the mean comments!

  75. 75 : diah d Says:

    Yun Jung Hoon is really cool i love his acting after all…. he amazing 😀

  76. 76 : Camila Says:

    This drama is really good!

  77. 77 : yoyo Says:

    What a good drama. love love love it!
    Love the song too…

  78. 78 : ajeng Says:

    how can i watch full episode?because in you tube just 11 eps

  79. 79 : mae Says:

    ajeng you can watch it in dramafire or good drama

  80. 80 : Carmen Says:

    I saw a part on todays or yesterdy’s episode, when a lamp and the flower vase brake…and the family, yes all the family enter his room,,,,,how can that be??? were they all waiting outside his bedroom door????that part was not so good….

  81. 81 : amel Says:

    this is my first time i love the antagonis character. i really enjoyed the chemistry between suk won and seo in ha (byun ji sook). i forecast that suk won will fall in love with byun ji sook. the writer-nim!!!!!! omo omo omo!!! he is the same writer for secret, the one and only melodrama i loved.

  82. 82 : OK OK OK Says:


    i really want to punch the housekeeper who secretly put medicine into JJH’s mineral water bottle. 🙁

  83. 83 : OK OK OK Says:

    The doctor need to be fed with his own medicines and let him be sick forever. 😛

  84. 84 : OK OK OK Says:

    i really hope they both leads JJH & Soo Ae go for a short holiday, then JJH fall sick and see a new doctor. From there he knows that his medicine is the problem to his conditions……….

    ep 11 will be more interesting bc Soo Ae gg to retaliate (IMO) –
    hope JJH & she will be smarter and smarter. 😛

  85. 85 : OK OK OK Says:

    Finally, Soo Ae knows that the family doctors conspire with her brother in law Yun Jung Hoon – ha ha ha & she starts asking her husband to stop taking medicine which is harmful to him. GOOD !!!!!

    end of ep 10 is so exciting ……………….. to be continued 🙁

  86. 86 : thilda Says:

    this drama is daebakkkkk…..love min woo n ji sook so much…

  87. 87 : Kieen Says:

    LInk torrent download 가면 / Mask will appear earliest in website http://hdfree.co/download/mask . Also you can download other Korean films here.

  88. 88 : Dy.K Says:

    Writer-nim…..its already 10th episode, they already half way there to whatever waiting for them in the final eps. Don’t you think its time to make Ji Sook stand up n fight? If you can’t give her brain then give her bold. At least Min Woo can do the thinking part.
    I think this 4 main cast do their job greatly. Both the lead n the villain know how to act and have chemistry to each other. Suk Hoon maybe is the bad guy, but you must admited he got style. How he talk a talk and walk a walk….
    Hoping for a new turn back point where finally our lead couple can come clean to each other.

  89. 89 : Carmen Says:

    Did you notice in that room he has like an investigation, his father is like a suspect–of what???I think he more smart than all his family…I think he knows his family always try to harm him; he did left the hospital, like he knew that something was up….I think he is playing all of them…well time will tell..Love this drama a lot and Hiden Identity, the best right now .

  90. 90 : Sharon Says:

    Hi guys!! Had to comment because ep 10 was epic!!
    Ok, so the good girl is going to turn bad!! She is going to kick some ass.
    MW knows what he is up against, but he is not strong enough to fight! Meaning, everyone doubt him and he is drinking that water that had been spiked by the maid. Although he knows what going down he does not have a leg to stand on right now.
    Now, JS/ SEH is going to be the killer bee. I think she is going to come clean with MW and they are going to devise a plan to take them all down even the loan shark. I think MW might give JS/SEH all his stock which will give her access to money and power!!
    LOVE this drama!!

  91. 91 : SehaGeomon Says:

    D.A.E.B.A.K , I almost can’t breath because eps10 ended, waiting ep11 like M waiting Mom from market,Awesome Kdrama ^^

  92. 92 : naisy Says:

    Yes heading to ridiculous…!!! Suk Hoon must teach Ji Sook how to act intelligent elegant Eun Ha!! The writers are making her not just naive but stupid big dumb Idiot!!! Get back to your senses before many lose interest in this drama! Last few eps not interesting anymore!!!!

  93. 93 : debbie Says:

    Another highly recommended drama after Falling For Innocence!;)

  94. 94 : naisy Says:

    If Ji Sook agreed to Suk Hoon for her to pretend Eun Ha, she should be teached and trained just like Eun Ha’s personality educated arrogant lady. Why is Ji Sook the main actress act like that, i can not tolerate those stupidity not just naive as many are saying she’s so frustrating to watch unbelievably ridiculous absurd situations she’s into! Maybe the culprit here are the writers they made this actress turned into a big idiot.. Too much..! Sorry my only opinion. Maybe you can do something for improvement before it’s too late..! Did you not notice Ep 10 dropped at 9% rating???

  95. 95 : OK OK OK Says:

    i believe ep 11 to 20 will be the turning point!!! 😛

    Joo Ji Hoon & Soo Ae – FIGHTING !!!

  96. 96 : jane Says:


  97. 97 : Sharon Says:

    I think she act like that because, remember she has amnesia!! Also she is caught between a rock and a hard ace. She is been bullied on both side. The lone shark and SH has her all twisted up, yet she is trying to keep true to who she really is. Therefore, confusion is a must, mistakes is a must, acting like a fool is a must, curiosity is a must, anger is a must, been misunderstood is a must. Not to mention she is in a whole new environment and has to pretend to be someone else who has suffered from amnesia. So, yes I expect a bit of stupidity and inconsistencies in her behavior, but it is about to get real!!
    There are instances where I am like, direction could be much better.
    However, the story is coming together and I believe MW knows she is not EH.
    The most frustrating part to me is where JS mom is refusing to get treated because she refuse to take the money. I am like no she is not going there is she? Lady have the darn surgery and stop acting like a fool!! That is the stupid part.😕😕

  98. 98 : naisy Says:

    Yes she has amnesia, but Suk Hoon is in his normal state, he plans all, so he can instruct Ji Sook all for her to be like Eun Ha (not that big idiot.. Sorry..), and remember her father’s debts are being paid, the more she will follow Suk Hoon. Omg! Something is wrong?? Absurd.. They, maybe the writers as i have said) are the one to be blame, the story is misleading..! Some situations are impossible..! I am watching and am here to criticize for the good of this drama, make some improvement before it’s too late..!

  99. 99 : jnvea Says:

    i really love this drama soooo much i think it’ll be my favourite drama of the 2014!!!!!

  100. 100 : jnvea Says:


  101. 101 : mml Says:

    This is a melodrama and therefore it will be expected to be sad and however I just hope that there will be true love for Byun Ji Sook and Choi Min Woo and finally it can be a sweet romance.

    These fews days, I have been rushing to watch episode 1 to episode 10 and am indeed very surprised that I can follow continuously watching a melodrama and usually I hate to watch melodrama and this time I really break record in watching a melodrama. And I just hope that the romance for Ji Sook and Min Woo can be sincere and true and looks like in episode 10, I have realised that Ji Sook has finally awaken her thoughts and be smart , not to be controlled by Min Suk Hoon.

    Now, am really looking forward to watch episode 11.

  102. 102 : Hannah Says:

    Just reccently started watching this drama, and I’m hooked with this drama. This drama is interesting, but like everyone said, there are a few plots that don’t make sense at all. One, when JS/EH was told to clean the bathroom, that is a lil bit exagerate. I know EH has anemesia, but didn’t the sis-in-law think that EH might report it to her parents? She has powerful parents though. The second scene that I find the most ridiculous is, when MW accidentally dropped the lamp in his room and all his family with his maids came to the room together in just a min. What?
    And I feel like JS/EH needs to be more bold. She shouldn’t be running away when she met her highschool’s mate and the loan shark. She could just firmly said that she’s EH. What the hell are you guys talking about? Running away makes it more obvious. Duh. And there are times when I feel like yes this is it, JS/EH being firm and hope she stays that way. When she slapped SH, when SH had accident and she said she’s no different than him, when she asked to open her acc bank as EH. But nope, she will turn back to the naive girl. And in ep 10, when she stood up, I really hope she stays that way. Pls don’t disappoint me anymore,writer-nim.
    Apart from all that, anyone knows what is SH’s true intention? Up until now, I still don’t get his ultimate motive. And is the sis-in-law do care about her half-bro, MW? I can’t really read her character. AND who the hell killed EH? How did she die in the hospital? If SH killed her, didn’t he love her? Or he was just using her? And what actually happened at the swimming pool? There are a lot of questions in this drama. I hope writer-nim will slowly answer all the questions that the viewers have.

    Btw this is my first time watching Soo Ae’s drama. Her face is so classy. I really like when she doesn’t tie her hair.

  103. 103 : angelica Says:

    Totally agreed with @hannah !!
    This drama actually good, too bad there some dullness things made up

    Pls don’t waste such a brilliant actress like Soo ae by make a dull things like that again dear writernim. What a waste..

  104. 104 : angelica Says:

    About Mi Yun (sis in law, SH wife), she is not the same as her mom who the truly intention just about the money
    She love Suk Hoon deeply, and she care bout her half bro (MW) though it wasnt pure bro-sis love, but she do care bout Min Woo
    All that she want is just love from Suk Hoon

  105. 105 : angelica Says:

    MY hates EH, yes its becoz EH had secret affair with SH. She didn’t want MW married EH becoz she doesnt want that bitch EH ruined her half-bro life. I thinks MY character n intentions is clear

  106. 106 : naisy Says:

    Another thing added to stupidity in this drama.. Sorry for the word, the mother always refuses to have surgery, for what reasons..? Too shallow..! Lol! Viewers this days can not be fooled already. Many situations here are too impossible. I hope the next episodes will be realistic following the story not misleading and will change for the better. Good luck!!!

  107. 107 : mml Says:

    Episode 11 is really very touching and more to look forward in episode 12 as episode 12 will show viewers that Suk Hoon forces Ji Sook to put poison in the wine to kill Min Woo . And I just hope that Ji Sook will protect Min Woo under all circumstances and that’s makes the drama interesting.

  108. 108 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 11 to me, is super nice 😛
    looking forward to ep 12. Now JJH knows that his drinks, food all got drugs 😛

  109. 109 : OK OK OK Says:

    best drama for me at the moment. 😛

  110. 110 : debbie Says:


  111. 111 : Hannah Says:

    We can see that JS/EH in ep 11 has changed to be stronger! Please let her stay that way!

    @angelica, thanks for your explaination about the sis-in-law

    I love when JS/EH doesnt tie her hair and put her bangs to one side. Side-swept bangs style really suit her and she looks so pretty in that kind of hairstyle.

  112. 112 : angelica Says:

    Thanks writernim eps 11 makes my day..
    Finnally, its good to see ji suk become bold and smarter
    Keep up the good work

  113. 113 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 12 and episode 12 it’s even nicer than episode 11. Episode 12 will show viewers that, the one who plot and killed Eun Ha was Choi Mi Yun due to jealousy of love and that means Choi Mi Yun should be the one going to jail . I guess the subsequent episodes will show viewers that Byun Ji Sook will face more challenges ahead whereby, the family will want to know the real identity of Ji Sook and looks like Ji Sook has no where to go and she can’t go back to her own self to be the real Ji Sook.

    My question is ,
    1) if Choi Mi Yun wants to reveal the secrets of the watch camera from Min Suk Hoon, that means Suk Hoon will end up going to jail .

    2) Choi Mi Yun was the one who planned to kill and causes the death of Eun Ha and that means that Mi Yun will have to go to jail too .

    3) Ji Sook is the victim and sad that she will need to continue to be the “fake” Eun Ha and how will Min Woo react ? Will Min Woo put his step sister Mi Yun to jail and also put his step brother in law Suk Hoon to jail and abandon the “fake” Eun Ha ?

    4) I think 20 episodes not enough , I think there’s a need to have extended episodes to cover more details cos what is the “fake” Eun Ha going to do when Min Woo discovers the real identity of Ji Sook and what about the real marriage of Min Woo having the “fake” Eun Ha and will Min Woo be able to accept Ji Sook to replace Eun Ha ???

    The drama is getting more and more interesting, if Min Woo loves Ji Sook instead of Eun Ha .

    Okay, am looking forward to watch episode 13 .

  114. 114 : luvKdramas Says:

    Waiting anxiously for Wednesdays and Thursdays! How are the remaining episodes going to unfold is anybody else’s guess.

    One thing that’s crystal clear is that Min Woo is deeply in love with Ji Sook, she is the woman he falls for. As for his marriage with Eun Ha was a business deal and he didn’t have any feelings for her. How is Ji Sook going to bail herself out of this sticky situation and come clean.

    Another sleepless week,

  115. 115 : lamia24 Says:

    Indeed this drama is worth watching, it is getting more and more intense. i love it

  116. 116 : naisy Says:

    That is what i am saying. If viewers are satisfied, maybe people behind the camera directors writers are deeply concern, they are doing their best to give viewers something valuable and realistic scenes in a drama. I heard Ep 11 and 12 did have some progress. I hope this drama will continue to excite us! Good luck.

  117. 117 : Hannah Says:

    This drama is getting better! I love ep 12! I can see that the rating for ep 12 has somehow increased!

    I love JS/EH moments with MW. But of course, they are not gonna be all happy in the next few episodes. My reaction when Mi Yeon finally knows the truth about Ji Sook becoming Eun Ha was like “shit just got real.” It’s too soon. I wish to see more of Ji Sook/Eun Ha happy moments with Min Woo.

    I feel bad that I feel so good when I see Suk Hoon cries over Eun Ha’s death. He’s a normal human being after all :’) Haha. I guess it hits him that he’s no longer in control since he did make Eun Ha a promise that if EH doesn’t wanna continue with his plan, he needs to stop. I can’t really read his mind when he looks in the mirror with the baby clothes at his hand. Is he changing his mind?

    If Mi Yeon ordered the maid to put the pills in the wine, did she know about the psychiatrist then? It’s the same pills? And why do I feel that Mi Yeon did not kill Eun Ha? I mean she was saved in the hospital and the doctor said that Eun Ha’s losing her memory, that’s all. The doctor did not mention anything about the possibility of death.

  118. 118 : Dy.K Says:

    There is one thing that i eager to comment after i watched ep 12. THE CAKE! LoL The maid did as she was order to “Mine is 5 layers cake and 1 layer cake for Sister in Law (Eun Ha)” but Mi Yun was not specific enough about the height 😀

  119. 119 : era Says:

    Someone pls explain to me..
    When eun ha fallin to the pool, the scenes in eps 12 , we saw that it was mi yun let eun ha fall
    But i think if im not mistaken, in early episodes, when eun ha fall, at that time, mi yun had a conversation with her husband(seok hoon) in a room. Isnt it weird?
    While talking with MY, SH hear the sound of splashing water from outside, he immediately ran to the pool..

  120. 120 : Carmarie Says:

    Based on a recommendation I just started to watch this drama. I am already tired of Eun Ha. I can understand her looking for her mother, and it is a good thing that she did, she saved her life; however, I would not have put my family life and well being on the line be always trying to see them. If Ji Sook made the contract “with the devil” to save her family and become Eun Ha, that is what she should do. I do like the fact that she helped Choi Min Woo by showing him a different perspective and encouraging him to follow his mind. By taking Eun Ha’s advice, Min Woo and the mayor was saved from going to jail.

    I am not as far along in the drama as most, but I wish that Ji Sook would own the character of Eun Ha and stop pining for her family. Her actions could cause them to lose their lives.

  121. 121 : gelatolover Says:

    Teehee. I loveeee ep 11-12. I like the plot twist. We finally see the strong Eun Ha who doesn’t follow what Suk Hoon wants.
    If you feel frustrated watching this drama, don’t give up. In ep 11-12 they changed the tides…you will not regret watching this drama.

  122. 122 : Rosemary Says:

    2 Era – you’ve mistaken and I recommend you to rewatch 55-58 minutes of the 1 ep…and there is a hint there who is a real murderer;) and MY and SH heard not the sound of splashing water but the maids’ scream and then they saw EH’s last tries to survive and splashing water.

  123. 123 : jnvea Says:

    best drama everrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. 124 : jnvea Says:

    ep11&12 are just the besttttt! i just kept re-watching it over and over again!!

  125. 125 : Próximo drama coreano “Mask” (Carteles, Imágenes, Vistas Previas, Teasers y Video) | Asia V.I.P. Says:

    […] Fuente:   koreandrama.   hancinema. […]

  126. 126 : mml Says:

    I can’t find episode 13 preview. Does anyone knows where to watch episode 13 preview ?

  127. 127 : masquerade Says:

    This is a good drama in my opinion and I will tell you that episodes 1-10 will get you tired of the female lead but after episode 10 this drama is AWESOME. As you see in the comments many are tired of the female lead and want her to “grow a backbone” but thats how her character is supposed to be and you have to bear with her. The drama is super interesting and I recommend that you watch it.

  128. 128 : naisy Says:

    I am hoping that in the next Eps, EH/JS and MW will have some romantic scenes, for this drama to be complete. Romance breaks the monotomy, although needed, enough for the drama suspense and DULL moments, please…. add sweets moments for the leads! Good luck.

  129. 129 : hnyJo Says:

    this drama are nice to be great from begining!! so I recomand to watch it from the start…try to follow all the character..the story will be interesting 4 u to guess what’s next episode!! the curiousity will …UP!! waiting 4 wednesday night to watch the raw…and watch again with eng sub…Only for Mask ;))

  130. 130 : han ji won Says:

    add sweets moments and romantic scenes for the leads ..plzz this drama is AWESOME deebak for the writer

  131. 131 : yoyo Says:

    eunha fighting!

  132. 132 : amsjdjf Says:

    ep 11 and 12 when the romantic scene between eun ha and min woo really driving me crazy. aiissh jinja, they are so cute and make me smile automatically. good job for the writernim!!! you are daebaaaakk!!! usually i won’t watch the “miserable scene or evil scene” of the drama, but with mask i can’t skip even that’s an evil scene. now, my activity just repeat watching this until the next episode release

  133. 133 : mml Says:

    Something that’s very funny and comical, why is it that Min Woo”s room got installed CCTV camera , whereby every minute and every second Suk Hoon will be watching at Min Woo and Ji Sook through the laptop computer ?

    Don’t you think that with the CCTV camera inside Min Woo’s room ,that means the romance of Min Woo and Ji Sook will be difficult to blossom and zero privacy for Min Woo’s marriage life ?

    I wonder can the writer make Min Woo to discover this CCTV camera which is inside his room and quickly removed the CCTV camera otherwise , if the married couple sharing the same bed and wanting to have their own privacy and Suk Hoon keeps on watching at Min Woo through the computer, I think it is super funny…….

  134. 134 : Carmarie Says:

    I am now up to date on this drama and I loved episodes 11 and 12. Eun Ha is finally getting some backbone. This drama has become one of my summer favorites. I am rooting for Eun Ha and Min Woo. I hope they really fall in love and stick it to his sister and brother-in-law.
    I am glad I decided to watch this drama. The screenwriter has written a great script and the director and actors are all superb.

  135. 135 : Fio Says:

    I love this drama. I repeated watching this drama many times.

  136. 136 : Sakika Says:

    Does anyone knows if the instrumental ost is going to be released??

    Thanks 🙂

  137. 137 : Carmen Says:

    I want to recomend a good Korean drama going on right now it is “MY BEUTIFUL BRIDE”-HAS MYSTERY AND A LOT OF ACCION -LOVE YOU WILL NOT BE DESAPOINTED.

  138. 138 : mml Says:

    Episode 13 , I can feel that the love for Min Woo towards Ji Sook not only sincere and true love , I guess Min Woo has already accepted Ji Sook as a suitable wife for him. But, I’m not sure how will Min Woo react, if, oneday when Min Woo knows the truth the wife that he’s having is Ji Sook instead of Eun Ha ?

    On the other hand, the love for Suk Hoon towards Eun Ha is sincere and madly in love with Eun Ha . Knowing that his wife Mi Yun was the one who causes the death of Eun Ha , I guess Suk Hoon will take revenge on it.

    Don’t tell me that the writer is going to make Suk Hoon wants back Ji Sook and wants Ji Sook to leave Min Woo ???

    I really love to watch this drama. So excited to wait and watch episode 14.

  139. 139 : luvKdramas Says:

    @ 136 Sakika,

    You can find the ost at ‘myasiantv (dot) com’ is a beautiful version I’ve seen so far. Hope that’s the one you are referring to.

  140. 140 : OK OK OK Says:

    Soo Ae got very beautiful lip and wide smile 😛

  141. 141 : ghhg Says:

    yaaaaayy, this drama making addicted. once you watch, you can’t watch others drama because you will think that the others drama are not good as mask. i don’t know why suk hoon being angry when he look at eun ha and min woo photo’s wedding. if he being jealous? or he won’t let ji sook happy because she is the one who make eun ha died indirectly (the story about doppelganger that eun ha told to suk hoon)

  142. 142 : Sakika Says:

    @139 luvKdramas

    Thanks for your answer, however i was talking about all the instrumental soundtrack. For me the present instrumental songs are one of the best!!

  143. 143 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 14 and leads me to higher expectations of this drama. Towards the ending episode 14, Min Woo realised that his wife is Ji Sook . The real trouble maker was Mi Yun, I think Mi Yun should go to jail and the pitiful victim is Ji Sook. I hope that, Ji Sook can leave this complicated family and goes back to her own parents.

    It’s a revenge melodrama, this revenge is between this terrible couple Suk Hoon and Mi Yun. Actually, Suk Hoon and Mi Yun should go to jail then the rest of the people’s life can be back to normal. And on the other hand , it can be a romance drama talking about the romance between Min Woo and Ji Sook. Now, I totally have no ideal on the result of the romance as Min Woo already knew the true identity of Ji Sook .

    Maybe, the writer should let Ji Sook goes back to re-union with her own parents and it’s meaningless to stay on as a “fake’ wife and continued to be tortured by Suk Hoon and Mi Yun. Simple life can also can be another form of happiness and its not necessary to stick on as “fake”wife and whereby life becomes so complicated. Ji Sook should leave Mi Yun and since Mi Yun has already recovered from his sickness.

    Okay, now am looking forward to watch episode 15.

  144. 144 : nzul Says:

    Despite all the bad comments earlier, i love to watch this drama.

  145. 145 : luvKdramas Says:

    @ Sakika
    Please do share the instrumental songs when you do find them. Thanks,

  146. 146 : Carmarie Says:


    I agree with most of your comments; however, I have a different take on the direction of the drama. Since Mi Woo already knows that Eun Ha is Ji Sook, and he has already torn up the marriage contract and wants her to be his “real” wife, with all the bells and whistles that go along with being married. I think they should divorce and remarry as Mi Woo and Ji Sook. She loves him and he loves her, why should they be miserable because of the insanity of Min Yun and Suk Hoon. I totally agree with you the both Min Yun and Suk Hoon should go to jail for murder. I hope that Ji Sook kept a copy of the video before she gave the watch to Suk Hoon.

    It is my hope that somehow Eun Ha and Ji Sook are sisters. I think I remember a scene at the grave site, when Ji Sook’s father planted a tree for her, that her mother consoled her about her sister, but I am not sure. For them to look so much alike, I think there is a family connection. We have 6 more episodes to go, lets see what the writer has in store for us.
    If this drama does nothing else, it reminds us that revenge is all consuming, illogical, and will destroy you, let it go.

    After “My Love Eun Dong,” this is my favorite k-drama of the summer.

  147. 147 : mml Says:

    @146 Carmarie,
    do you remember one of the episodes that showed viewers that Suk Hoon threatened Ji Sook not to tell the truth that she’s a fake Eun Ha, otherwise Suk Hoon will kill Ji Sook and that means Ji Sook cannot tell the truth until the right timing. Something that am sure will be Ji Sook will re-unite with her own parents as fake Eun Ha cos the death certificate already issued to Ji Sook using Eun Ha’s dead body and therefore Ji Sook will need to continue using Eun Ha’s identification as fake Eun Ha. And there’s something I’m very curious to know is, how can Ji Sook tell Min Woo the truth with the hidden CCTV camera inside Min Woo’s room watching MIn Woo and Ji Sook ?

    If, Ji Sook tells the truth, she will be killed by Suk Hoon……………

  148. 148 : mml Says:

    I have found this super nice song at Youtube : 정기고 (Junggigo) – 닮은 꼴 (Similiar) (feat. Joo Hun Of Monsta X) [Mask OST]

    Please continue to support watching this drama, as I have found that it’s really very worth spending my time to watch this drama.

  149. 149 : sylvia soo Says:

    @148 mml
    I agreed with u this drama so good ofcouse I support watching this drama

  150. 150 : hanhyosang Says:

    I love this kdrama ! #mask <3

  151. 151 : jesse Says:

    i really love this drama..daebak!!

  152. 152 : hannie_ Says:

    At first, I’ve been anticipated this drama. Wonderful cast, isn’t it?
    I can enjoy 1-2 episode, but then…. owowowo, what happened with Byun Ji Sook? She already agree to replace Seo Eun Ha, but then she acted like she used to be. So frustrating watching her.
    Stop watching this drama at episode 8.
    I love Suk Hoon-Mi Yun couple, both have character and great acting ^^

  153. 153 : mml Says:

    According to China Baidu is 很好看的一部剧 ,which means a very nice to watch drama. That means I will trust that this is a good to watch romance drama.

    Episode 4 it mentioned that Ji Sook has a sister whereby her parents planted a tree and named the tree using the name of Ji Sook’s sister and therefore I guess Ji Sook has a sister and Ji Sook’s sister is it related to Eun Ha.

    Episode 5 and 6, I have noted that Min Woo started falling in love with Ji Sook.

    Episode 7 and 8, I have noted that Min Woo pays more attention on who is the lover of Ji Sook.

    Episode 9, Ji Sook falls in love with Min Woo and deep inside her heart, she knew that she’s the fake Eun Ha and therefore she cannot fall in love with Min Woo.

    Episode 10, I have noted that Min Woo was crying inside his car and lost his way of directions towards life and happiness towards a family.

    Episode 11 to 14 , I have seen Min Woo started to rely a lot on Ji Sook, but towards the ending episode 14, Min Woo found out the thumbprint was Ji Sook, the one who went into his office room to steal his key.

    Now, I guess the most interesting is, episode 15 and episode 16 as Min Woo has already fell in love deeply with Ji Sook and can Min Woo accept the fake Eun Ha to be the real wife and on the other hand, Ji Sook had already move forward an earlier date for her divorce with Min Woo, whereby Ji Sook told the lawyer in episode 14.

    Now, am hoping that Ji Sook should secretly tells the truth to Min Woo and hopefully Min Woo can love Ji Sook wholeheartedly and unconditionally to protect the pitiful Ji Sook ,as Ji Sook is the victim who comes into a complicated family.

    I like all the actors and actresses in this drama.

  154. 154 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 15, a little sad and a little hopeful. The character of Ji Sook is a very brave person and the character of Min Woo is always quick tempered and finally I have seen Min Woo protecting Ji Sook from being killed by Suk Hoon. Melodrama seldom attracts me in watching the drama and however, is the romance between Ji Sook and Min Woo that really attracts me in watching. I hope Min Woo will not give up his true love towards Ji Sook. Min Woo is very suitable to have a wife like Ji Sook rather than Eun Ha.

    I really love to watch this drama and hopefully Ji Sook and Min Woo will be happily together ,after all their hardships that they have gone through together.

    Now, am looking forward to watch episode 16 .

  155. 155 : yaya Says:

    Simply love the ending for episode 16….touching.

  156. 156 : luvKdramas Says:

    Hearing MW calling ‘Byun Ji Sook’ by her name really touches her heart. Loving it!!

  157. 157 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 16 and towards the ending episode, yes, it’s indeed very touching.

    1)Something, I don’t really understand is, when Ji Sook was arrested by the police, how come Ji Sook knew Min Woo was in the forest and will be in danger ?

    2) When Ji Sook rescued Min Woo and during the moment when Min Woo was hospitalized, did Min Woo realise and remember that the one who rescue him from danger is actually Ji Sook ?

    3) Inside the hospital ward, Suk Hoon looked indeed disappointed when Min Woo did not die . And i wonder how can the writer stop Suk Hoon from the continuation of all his harmful acts towards Min Woo’s family ?

    4) Towards ending episode 16, I am glad that Min Woo has finally accepted Ji Sook as her real self character and loves Ji Sook.

    5) The writer still not yet cover on areas whereby the fake Eun Ha is having the fake father. I wonder how can Ji Sook can convince her fake father and can bring into harmony and happiness.

    6) It’s a mystery to me on how can Ji Sook can manage the fake father so that Ji Sook will not go to jail as the real Eun Ha was already dead as Suk Hoon was the one who causes her to all trouble ???

    7) Mi Yun should divorce with Suk Hoon in order to prevent Suk Hoon from all evil actions.

    8) Must have more episodes for this drama to cover a more detailed interesting mystery on how can Ji Seok can re-unite back to her own family ???

  158. 158 : amaal Says:

    i just cant wait for the last 4 episodes

  159. 159 : HAPPYGIRL Says:


  160. 160 : BAE Says:

    Good drama…but scholar who walks the night as caught my attention..i recomment it to you all 🙂

  161. 161 : Hannah Says:

    Min Woo realized from that accident that everything he did to move on from Ji Sook is just a waste of time because he did loved her and he always will.. I really loved their kissing scene, you can feel his love towards her specially when he gazed at her before he kissed her lips.. weeeee! can’t wait for next week… more happy and sweet moments, please………. ^o^

    I don’t want this drama to end.. huhu…. I love them both..

  162. 162 : hanhyosang Says:

    Ignore the mean comments ! This drama is daebak !

  163. 163 : Kiki Says:

    good actor, good actresss, potential story… but not well written and not well-executed. I liked ep 1-3 so much, but the next eps made me ..”are u kidding me?” There ‘re holes in the story and little mistakes.. the one that annoys me the most is the video that show us how Suk Hoon killed Jung Taek —-> how can a still mini camera (a watch that put on a vase by Jung Taek) produced a like-a-handycam-made dynamic pictures? And the big question is how EH’s father didn’t recognize that JS is not her daughter? too bad, because i had high expection on this drama and the chemistry between JS and MW is great. i’m gonna blame the writer and the director for this.

  164. 164 : Admaliah Says:

    This is a Heart stoping series . . .

  165. 165 : Mercy Caballero Says:

    The best among the rest!,,,,recommended to watch!

  166. 166 : anae Says:

    Join me am watching schorlar who walks the night..the drama is superb and trending right now..lee jun ki,kim se eun and lee yoo bi

  167. 167 : Aae Says:

    Exellent acting by all the cast..lee yoo bi look cute,lee jun ki is so intense and kim so eun….hmm

  168. 168 : Hannah Says:

    Mi Yeon noona, you’re the best! I love her character now. Even though she always seems depressed, but I love it when she is climbing to be on the same level with Suk Hoon when it comes to mind game. Plus, she loves her half-sibling, and doesn’t care if Min Woo be the successor of their father’s company. It’s refreshing to see siblings that don’t compete with each other for inheritance of the family company.

  169. 169 : colo Says:

    That was the best kiss I ever see in a Korean Drama….OMG

  170. 170 : Rifgail Says:

    Recommended drama u have to see

  171. 171 : LY Says:

    I’m at episode 13. This is just an average drama with very little romance involved between the lead actors. Quite disappointing.

  172. 172 : Silverswan Says:

    I can say this drama is also a good one besides My Love Eun Dong ,maybe a second best. It will be in top 10 votes for 2015.

    1. My Love Eun Dong
    2. Mask
    3. BLood
    4. Healer
    5. Kill me, Heal me
    6. Birth of Beauty
    7. Shine or go crazy

    These are this year’s best dramas to me , still many more to come..

    Credit to :
    Director: Boo Sung Chul
    ScriptWriter: Choi Ho Chul

    Really good drama and really enjoyed , just 4 episodes to finished…its worth to watch. Main actor was excellent , never watch his drama even though I had download Five Fingers , I haven’t watch it

  173. 173 : YEH Says:

    Joo Ji Hoonest best actor! two thumbs up!

  174. 174 : YEH Says:

    Joo Ji Hoon the best actor! two thumbs up!

  175. 175 : mml Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 17, it’s indeed very good that Min Woo can trust and accepted Ji Sook in every aspect. The wicked witch Mi Yun with lots of hatred towards Ji Sook thus resulted to no end in her revenge. Is there anyone who knows that, is there a way to stop Mi Yun from doing all the wrongs things ? Mi Yun has already killed Eun Ha and she wants to kill Ji Sook again. Someone must put Mi Yun in jail and stop all her nonsense evil acts.

    Now, am looking forward to watch episode 18 .

  176. 176 : Sakika Says:

    Still waiting for the instrumental ost…. 🙁

  177. 177 : Sakika Says:

    Still waiting for the instrumental ost….

  178. 178 : LY Says:

    My Love, Eun Dong and My Heart Twinkle, Twinkle are way better dramas than Mask.

  179. 179 : naisy Says:

    Sorry i need to mention, in connection with the above comment. I have watched My Love Eun Dong till Ep 14, 2 eps before the Ending. That drama has a crap ending!!! I wasted my time..! Too late to realize. You can also refer to comments who have watched that drama, they are saying the same, majority are disappointed.

  180. 180 : mel Says:

    i’ve watched ep 15,16,17 in a row and there is a scene that captivating my eyes. that is when suk hoon couldn’t torn jisook’s photo. and it’s going more interesting when camera closed up the jisook’s photo, instead seo eun ha’s photo. and his wife, mi yeon have realized her husband’s feeling

  181. 181 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 18, guess what happened ? Suk Hoon plot and put on a fire to burn the house including Ji Sook ,that means the intention is to kill Ji Sook. I did not expect that Suk Hoon will do such a wicked thing to Ji Sook and the answer is hatred towards Ji Sook falling in love with Min Woo.

    Now, am really looking forward to watch episode 19 and episode 20.

  182. 182 : daoletta Says:

    did I miss something?
    I remember in an earlier episode, EH/JS was picking up her clothes, and the maid came in to help saying the was told to help by Suk Hoon. That prompted EH/JS to look for CCTV/camera around the room. She didn’t find it, and later she …forgot a bout it? Did not do anything knowing that she ‘s been monitored all the time?

  183. 183 : mara Says:

    Mask is the best drama this year so far- the chemistry between the main characters is great and Joo Ji Hoon is the main reason I watch this drama he’s so believable and so vulnerabe . Just want to protect him

  184. 184 : tere Says:

    one of the best drama of SBS! highly recommended!

  185. 185 : OK OK OK Says:

    for me i will vote mask, i will also vote
    oh my ghost 😛
    Make a woman cry
    my beautiful bride

  186. 186 : OK OK OK Says:

    I will vote these drama too
    Let’s eat 2
    school 2015 – who are you
    Pinocchio 😛
    Marriage not dating

  187. 187 : luvKdramas Says:


    Lyn – One Day (instrumental) MASK OST

  188. 188 : Yuni lestari Says:

    Oh my god, this drama make me speechless, and so awesome. WAIT the next drama!!! Keren😘😍😍😍

  189. 189 : mido Says:

    there are only two episodes to go , but so many things to be unveiled,
    1. eun ha and ji sook twins or not?
    2.what was the past grudge between suk won and minwoo’s family
    3. people who followed minwoo’s mom at the jungle, who are they and why ?

    it is so frustrating

    my fav top dramas
    2.falling for innocence

  190. 190 : sarah Says:

    i think the best drama this year kill me heal me then mask then falling for innocence

  191. 191 : Rozmary Says:

    It is not great but good chemistry. If you need great – watch Oh my ghost. That’s really great without exaggeration. As for mask – too many story flaws.

  192. 192 : i love chocolate Says:

    I love Joo ji hun! I love his personality in this drama. Ignorance yet actually funny. The chemistry between them was amazing. Daebakk!! Cant wait for episode 19!

  193. 193 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 19, it’s super nice and hopefully the final episode 20 will continue to impress viewers. Now, am looking forward to watch episode 20 .

  194. 194 : Maria Says:

    Close with a sweet yet sour ending….
    Death, in prison, and happy ending can be guess for this drama ending.
    Seeing the main actors absorb the character makes me join to watch even at first
    I was scared to watch. Beside ratings, it’ll be a good contender for this year drama awards. Who knows?!
    Can’t wait to see another project for the actors !!!

  195. 195 : monhensan Says:

    Yeay the final episode of Mask..its really dramatic…happy ending although jisook must enter in jail ….miyeon killed herself after save seok hoon…finally seok hoon knew that miyeon really loved him but its too late
    One year later minwoo and jisook had a daughter

  196. 196 : monhensan Says:

    Final eps mask is happy ending yeay….
    but its so sad that miyeon killed herself by jumping ….jisook must enter in jail too…seok hoon realize that miyeon really loved hi. But its too late
    one year later minwoo and jisook had a cute daughter

  197. 197 : CoolBeans Says:

    Excellent and extremely suspenseful kdrama! DEFINITELY WORTH WATCHING. RATINGS SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIGHER!

  198. 198 : LY Says:

    A forgettable drama.

  199. 199 : tere Says:

    A must see drama! Congratulations to all the casts! job well done…

  200. 200 : tere Says:

    A must see drama!

  201. 201 : luvKdramas Says:

    MASK, you’ve nailed it!!

    Outstanding casts and story line. Soo Ae, Joo Ji Hoon, Yun Jung Hoon, Yoo In Young and all supporting casts, thanks!!!

    Special thanks to both the leads, Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon delivered their roles with professionalism.

  202. 202 : Sakika Says:


    Thanks luvKdramas 😉

    I was hoping that they would release all the instrumental songs!!!

    The soundtrack is really good!!

  203. 203 : Admaliah Says:

    Really nice series & it’s highly recommended. Everything & everyone was superb (esp. On screening chemistry SA & JJH) & I agree that it should have a higher ratings. Also, I’m satisfied & happy with the ending.
    However, is the mystery of JS&EH being identical was answered? Did I miss on something? Still try to figure out every thing.

  204. 204 : naisy Says:

    The father of Ji Sook is overacting.. Annoying

  205. 205 : unima Says:

    Congratulations to Choi Ho Chul! Another interesting story after Secret Love from talented scriptwriter with vivid imagination.

  206. 206 : Spilty Says:

    Great drama!
    Interesting story
    Great Actor and Actress!
    Must see!

  207. 207 : winfrida mbilinyi Says:

    I real love this drama, much respect to the team of mask drama

  208. 208 : Sakika Says:

    I found Ost disc 2 with all the instrumental songs.

    Enjoy it!!!


  209. 209 : christine Says:

    nice drama…for me, it’s the best drama of year 2015.
    love JJH & SA chemistry….

  210. 210 : luvKdramas Says:


    Awesome!! Thanks for links, much appreciated. 🙂

  211. 211 : ira kiat Says:

    Eps pertma mask tdk terlalu menarik perhatianku smpai tdk sengaja menonton eps 8…dri eps ini lah aq mulai menyukai jalan critanya n berakhir aq hrus menonton ulang eps 1 s/d 7 tuk bsa memahami alur critanya…
    For a long time sya blum menemukam drama yg akting para pemainnya LUAR BIASA DARIPADA BAGUS & berhasil membuat sya menonton ulang lagi…lagiiii n lagiiii
    Endingnya membuat bisa tersenyum manis stlh emosi…marah…sedih…kecewa…tertawa…bahagia n tersipu malu,, FIGHTING MASK! HIGH RECOMMENDED DRAMA 2015 😍😍😍😍

  212. 212 : Sakika Says:


    you’re welcome!!!

    i was really fascinated when i found them 😃

  213. 213 : mels Says:

    no words can describe my feeling after watch MASK. one hand, i feel happy for jisook and minwoo, but on the other hand i feel so sad for the miyeon’s death, for sukhoon who late getting realized that miyeon was really love him, for relation between min woo and his father. once again the writer choi ho chul made my heart flustered with his drama. i think when i watch MASK many scene that give us little hint for what happened next. so, they not give us story with a whole description. for example when sukhon in prison and he was asked by chief who is the person on a photo *miyeon*, and he said that she was someone that he will faced soon. with that line, once again, i think the writer would tell us that sukhon was died. or what is sukhon’s feel for jisook. the best act i give for soo ae and yun jung hon. idk i want jisook paired up with sukhoon. but, if it happen, maybe it will going like secret, the previous drama that choi ho chul write, hahaha

  214. 214 : Korean Drama Review Mask | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Mask (2015) 假面 […]

  215. 215 : nikita Says:

    can’t wait to see what Joo Ji Hook will do to Byun ji sook when he knows that she is not Eun ha after falling for each other

  216. 216 : Hannah Says:

    Great drama! Even though there’s a little bit sloppy and ridiculous scene at the beginning, but the drama improves a lot at the end.

    I love the ending and I love the chemistry between Suk Hoon and Mi Yeon at the end. When he said, “I do not love you” I know he does love her. It’s just one of his lies because he always lied to Mi Yeon. It’s kinda sad how Mi Yeon just died like that but it’s expected though. She’s a miserable character and her love towards Suk Hoon consumed her life.

    I actually would love to see how Ji Sook sincerely apologize to Eun Ha’s father. I would like to see the connection between them. How come they look so damn alike?

    And is Min Woo giving up the company? Why isn’t he staying with his father anymore? and what would his step mother want to do? And is his father accepted Ji Sook?

    There’s so many questions that the writer left me to figure it out myself. But still, this is a great drama!

    p/s: My no 1 drama for 2015 so far is still Healer. I’m still waiting for the future dramas to beat my level of expectation.

  217. 217 : Eugene Says:

    Tell me please what song is playing with 54:05 EP 5?

  218. 218 : Sorn Yuya Says:

    Best drama of 2015

  219. 219 : Christine Says:

    @ Eugene

  220. 220 : Christine Says:

    @ Eugene

    Only One Day by Lyn

  221. 221 : Eugene Says:

    Thank you, but this is not the song. There Waltz violin without words.
    Start with 54:05

  222. 222 : Sakika Says:


    That is a tango and its from Itzhak Perlman.

  223. 223 : Eugene Says:

    @ Sakika
    Many thanks!

  224. 224 : kenzobella Says:

    it’s also my favorite kdrama. great cast, great story. i love this. love the ending for min woo & ji sook ^^

  225. 225 : choopatiu Says:

    falling in love all over again for Joo Ji hoon.

  226. 226 : Thara Says:

    I am falling in love with Joo Ji Hoon. He is very handsome with this hairstyle and the character suits him 😀

  227. 227 : Alif Says:

    I like this drama. Many surprises on its scene (especially what Eun Ha ehm i mean Ji sook done) and romantic story. But, maybe its better if Mi yeon didn’t commite suicide. Heeheee, i wish!

  228. 228 : kez Says:

    For someone who is watching this drama with all 20 episodes available…LUCKY YOU!!! For some we had to wait for the next week, you think you’ll age..

    But it turned out to be one of the best k-dramas of 2015, seriously. The balance was great through out, and I would be glad to recommend this drama even to those first getting into the K-drama world!!!!!

  229. 229 : StormDiaboli Says:

    Ooh well what can I say except plot holes be damned. Certainly this shows great cast and out of this world sweet OTP make up for the fact that the show kinda went off the rails plot wise. One of the most exciting first episodes I have seen in a while

  230. 230 : DramFan Says:

    Good story but not a great story. There were many loopholes and misses in the drama. I think the writers and the directors did not give much attention to every tiny detail.
    However I like this drama. I watched it till the end. With all those flaws I kept watching till the end. Lead actress is beautiful. Joo Ji Hoon character is bit similar to the price of drama Gong.
    Love the sweet love and the bond between the leads. It’s what kept me going. It’s a good story. I would have been better.

  231. 231 : doris Says:

    really this “a frog and scorpion is getting on my nerve. This was mentioned many times in High Society.

  232. 232 : Rose T Says:

    I quite enyojed it. Went along for the ride. Though there are some ridiculous scenes which did not suit the character of Eun Ha as an arrogant, smart and confident woman, being played by her doppelganger, Ji Sook.

    Joo Ji Hoon’s acting has improved a lot from “Princess Hours”. Soo Ae has always been a good drama actress.

    But it was the acting of Suk Hoon that drew me to watch the entirety of this drama. I was hooked by how great his acting was. You would hate his character, and curse at him.

  233. 233 : zodini Says:

    I love this flim….I really fall in live with Min Seok Hyun-Yun Jung Hun…. I really like and want him …

  234. 234 : Timmy Says:

    boring. typical melodrama with bad writing. not recommended.

  235. 235 : Mega Theresia Says:

    I loved with the OST 🎤🎶🎵

  236. 236 : Astrid Says:

    Recommended 😊
    Even the actor and the story turn the drama so dark and impossible but we could see loveable and loyal a couple could be

  237. 237 : Mask da SBS é tambem estreia nos Kdramas de Maio Says:

    […] Fonte: DramaFever, KoreanDrama […]

  238. 238 : Kay Says:

    Lots of drama, angst, and twists with Mask. The actors were great, but I did find the drama on the slow side and none of the characters likable. An okay watch overall though.

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