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Family Secrets

Family Secrets 03

Title: 가족의 비밀 / Family Secrets
Chinese Title: 家族的秘密
Genre: Revenge, Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 103
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2014-Oct-27 to 2015-April-30
Air time: Monday to Thursday 09:40


This drama is remake of Chilean telenovela ¿Dónde está Elisa? which was first appeared in TVN (Televisión Nacional de Chile) on 2009-April-21.

Ko Eun Byul (Ryu Hyo Young) is the granddaughter of a family who runs a large company. She disappears on the day of her engagement ceremony. Her mother, Jung Yun (Shim Eun Gyung) then tries to find her. Jung Yun discover the secret of a Chaebol family during the time of searching her daughter.


Main Cast

Shim Eun Gyung as Han Jung Yun
Kim Seung Soo as Ko Tae Sung
Ryu Tae Joon as Min Joon Hyuk
Cha Hwa Yun as Jin Joo Ran

People around Han Jung Yun

Ryu Hyo Young as Ko Eun Byul (Jung Yun’s daughter)
Choi Yong Min as Han Man Bok
Lee Jung Joon as Han Jung Hoon (Jung Yun’s younger brother)
Lee Eon Jung as Kim Mi Yun

People around Min Joon Hyuk

Sun Woo as Sa Kyung Mi
Son Duk Ki as Kim Chi Joong
Shin Sung Won (신성원) as Joo Chang Shik

People around Jin Joo Ran

Lee Il Hwa as Ko Tae Hee
Ahn Jung Hoon as Cha Sang Min
Shin Dong Mi as Ko Tae Ran (Jung Yun’s sister-in law)
Shin Ji Ho as Cha Geon Woo
Yoo Ri Kyung as Cha Yoo Ri
Yoon Chae Sung as Kang Chan


Yoo Seo Jin as Ma Hong Joo
Kim Jae Seung as Seo Min Hoo
Lee Hae Young as Jang Myung Suk
Kim Young Ho as Detective Min Joon Hyuk
Han In Soo as Company President Baek
Son Jang Woo as Ko Ga Ram

Production Credits

Production Company: Group8
Director: Sung Do Joon
ScriptWriter: Lee Do Hyun


Family Secrets Poster1 Family Secrets Poster2

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Official Site

Official Poster

Trailer (Mom’s Anger)
Trailer (Husband ‘s Secret)
Trailer (Mom and Daughter)
Main Trailer

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  1. 1 : LabPui Says:

    tvN has a lots of wonderful drama now and their poster looks great.

  2. 2 : angelamiles Says:

    Ill skip to watch this drama unless they change the story and they’ll keep elisa alive…

  3. 3 : plain Says:

    I think this one will be epic drama if this Korean writer went to school and knows how what it takes to write a beautiful drama.

  4. 4 : Micc Says:

    Ryu Hyo Young and Kim Seung Soo, the perfect combi.

  5. 5 : icegirl Says:

    100 eps?! too long… 0_0

  6. 6 : Sharon Says:

    I saw the trailers they weren’t that great, but the story line seem intresting. Although it’s 100 eps it has to be intresting to hold me.
    Willing to watch.

  7. 7 : Lilacesence Says:

    I am interested in watching it. I hope someone subs it. Love Shim Eun Gyungm and family/mystery sounds promising

  8. 8 : sylvia Says:

    hopefully this drama got eng sub………….. pity me can read chinese words…..

  9. 9 : Dong Says:

    Don’t mind giving this a go, if it’s eng subbed. Looks interesting

  10. 10 : kim Says:

    Can anyone help me? I really want to watch this TV series. Please tell me which website I can join to watch this. Thanks everyone! Cheers.

  11. 11 : jewles Says:


    I watch in Korean in Dailymotion and onDemandkorea.com. Haven’t found Eng. sub sites yet.

  12. 12 : ัีyui Says:

    English Subtitle pls.

  13. 13 : milkyas Says:

    eng subbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb plz

  14. 14 : kim Says:

    Thank you Jewles! God bless.

  15. 15 : Stephanie Says:

    it’s not Shim Eun Gyung…..
    her last name is “SHIN”

  16. 16 : tutorial hijab cantik Says:

    This drama is remake of Chilean telenovela

  17. 17 : rrr Says:

    100 episodes too long hope this drama end now.and please change the photo of this drama.

  18. 18 : rrr Says:

    i know that more of the ending drama are so disappointed so before its ending or before its getting half of a whole story i chose to quit watching and instead i’ved watch a new coming drama.

  19. 19 : Odessa Says:

    Daebak Drama,Every Episode is Very Interesting,I Super Duper Love the Acting of Shin Eun Kyung.. She’s Very Fierce in this Drama…Daebak

  20. 20 : friska Says:

    please english sub…Because , i really want to watch this drama.

  21. 21 : Felix Says:

    Interesting only for the first few episodes. After that terribly boring! Throughout the many episodes still hinges on the kidnapping case. Make the police force really silly. The show really sucks! Merry go rounds. And not forgetting they keep recalling back old memories. Gave up finally around episode 20 plus.

  22. 22 : Richard Says:

    Lolo so so, in the show, not many with IQ, especially the MD wife, too weak to be in the crocodile family

  23. 23 : K-drama Fan Says:

    I am watching this Mandarin-dubbed series from my own country. As I follow on episode-by-episode, I began to feel very bored over the merry-go-round recapping of family stories with no valid solutions to the family’s recovery of their loss. So I stoppws watching this drama as it is totally waste of time!
    May I suggest future dramas to be more “straight forward”, please?

  24. 24 : anne Says:

    English subtitle plssss

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