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Eve’s Love

Eve's Love 02

Title: 이브의 사랑 / Eve’s Love
Chinese Title: 夏娃的愛情
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-May-18 to 2015-Oct-30
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50


This drama is about a woman who betrays by her friend and struggles to recover what she has lost.


Main Cast

Yoon Se Ah as Jin Song Ah
Yoon Jong Hwa as Cha Gun Woo
Kim Ji Yoo as Kang Se Na
Lee Jae Hwang as Koo Kang Mo
Lee Hyun Bin as Koo Kang Mo (young)
Lee Dong Ha as Koo Kang Min (Kang Mo’s younger brother)

Jin Song Ah’s family

Yang Geum Suk as Hong Jung Ok (Song Ah’s mother)
Jin Seo Yun as Jin Hyun Ah (Song Ah’s younger sister)
Yeo Hoe Hyun as Jin Do Joon (Song Ah’s younger brother)

Kang Se Na’s Family

Lee Kyung Shil as Oh Young Ja (Se Na’s aunt)
Im Do Yun as Han Ra Bong (Young Ja’s daughter)

Koo Kang Mo & Koo Kang Min’s family

Lee Jung Gil as Koo In Soo (Kang Mo’s father)
Geum Bo Ra as Mo Hwa Kyung (Kang Mo’s mother)

Kang Se Na’s family

Lee Kyung Shil as Oh Young Ja (Se Na’s aunt)
Im Do Yoon as Han Ra Bong (Young Ja’s daughter)


Kim Ik Tae as Mr. Chun
Lee Soo as Hong Sang Soo
Ahn Jung Hoon as Lee Dong Hyuk
Seo Kwang Jae
Kim Tae Han as Hong Sang Soo
Lee Joo Suk as Jin Jung Han

Production Credits

Producer: Baek Ho Min
Director: Lee Kye Joon
ScriptWriter: Ko Eun Kyung


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  1. 1 : victoria Says:

    another too long drama.
    but the cast are 5 only.
    and the synopsis is common.
    it’s not interesting.
    but i like lee jae hwang.

  2. 2 : tigerb Says:

    Eve’s love is Adam? @victoria: you’re right, synopsis and plot possibly very common!

  3. 3 : olin Says:

    Makjang dramas have their own charm. But, I Can’t Stop Think why makjang drama always develop same story plot. Secret of Birth? Mother In Law vs. Daughter in Law? Cinderella story?? Please be creative for those who involve in drama making process.

    Nice to see Yoon Se Ah.

  4. 4 : rr Says:

    more episodes again and less cast!

  5. 5 : Diana R. Aleka Says:

    Not Again!!!!

  6. 6 : kelly Says:

    I’m in Korea right now, and my grandparents started watching this drama. I am so confused…Who is the good person and who is the bad one? If it is the girl playing Se nah, then…..i hate this drama already. IDK….I’m going to keep watching it, since my grandparents won’t let me watch anything else. I’ll have to see what happens.

  7. 7 : grace antonio Says:

    I’ve just got that new from Hancinema that one of the cast got sick it’s not just a simple illness, Yoon Jong Hwa diagnosed of
    spinal cancer last month, how sad coz he’s too young.. well for him just keep on praying god is always with you.. I’M PRAYING FOR YOUR SPEEDY RECOVERY.. GOD BLESS FIGHTING!!

  8. 8 : Rose Says:

    @ Kelly Says:

    I really can’t answer your question as I have only seen Episodes 3 and 4.

    Se Na wants Song Ah’s boyfriend, Gun Woo, and is out to get him. It seems from what I understood in Ep 4, they must have been involved and cared for each other in the past.

    I think Gun Woo and Song Ah must be planning to get married, but now since Se Na is back on the scene and she keeps showing up in front of him and telling him not to marry Song Ah he is getting confused with his feelings.

    I don’t know how Song Ah and Se Na know each other. Maybe some one else can answer that.

    Song Ah is naïve and she has no idea that Se Na is trying to get him not to marry her and to break up with her.

    I don’t know how the story will play out now as actor Yoon Jong Hwa (Gun Woo) has spinal cancer, has had surgery and is now receiving radiation treatments. He has quit this drama. The writers will have to come up with a new story line for his role. I pray that he will be healed from the cancer.

  9. 9 : Viv Says:

    Yoon Jong Hwa needs all our prayers so lets start a prayer chain for this young man and ask God to heal his body through Jahovah Rophe the God that Heals.

    Just started watching in CA its ok so far but the same plots are beginning to surface. Have to watch more to make comments.

  10. 10 : Rose Says:

    Yes, I hope Yoon Jong Hwa makes a full recovery. He is a young man with a full life ahead of him I have said some prayers for him and will continue.


    This is the fourth drama in a row that has the same plot line — Two Mother’s, Everything Kimchi and Stormy Women.

    The evil lady has to get their hands on the nice lady’s man, be it boyfriend or husband and will go to any extreme to get the man. And the men then go against their ex’s. How stupid are these men????

    How could Gun Woo cover up for Se Na??? Is he that stupid??? And then he still wants to marry Song A!!!!! I am not sure if he really loves Song A or not??? I know he must have had feelings and/or a relationship with Se Na in he past but … I only saw 5 episodes and not in sequence, so don’t know what I missed.

    And the stupid policeman, like in Stormy Women will cover anything up for MONEY. How stupid it was of the police to go into the bedroom and just happen to find a “suicide note.” Like does the family really believe she would commit suicide??? Kang Min knows that she would not commit suicide.

    Song A will most likely end up with Kang Mo. I know his feelings for her are true.

    I can’t remember the girl’s name that fell in the water — does anyone think she will eventually surface??? Or the truth will come out some other way?

  11. 11 : Rose Says:

    Interesting – Do doctors make house calls in Korea?? Or only for rich people.

    I would love to slap Se Na in the face a couple of times. Or better yet drown her. I just hate her and everyone believes everything she says. She plans on taking down Hong Jung Ok – how stupid is Jung Ok that she can’t figure that out. This is going to be one long drama. I hope Se Na gets nailed for all the evil she is doing at the end of this story.

  12. 12 : Rose Says:

    Wow – Gun Woo is screwing his life up getting involved with Se Na covering up Song Ah’s sister’s accident, now Song Ah’s mother hitting her head. How stupid is he to back up Se Na??? Can’t he get his head on straight??

    Kang Mo is more supportive of Song Ah than Gun Woo. He is too busy getting involved with Se Na and her evil schemes. Stupid guy. I don’t know what his angle is in wanting to marry Song Ah?????

  13. 13 : Rose Says:

    Leave it to Evil Se Na to be at the right place at the right time. Now she finds out that Kang Mo’s father did away with Song Ah’s father. But I think Hong Jong Oh can hear what he is saying. I find it rather strange if Hong Jong Oh wakes up this early in the show as she knows about Se Na and Gun Woo. Hmmm….

    How long is Song Ah going to be so stupid and gullible and thinking everyone is her friend….especially Se Na. How frustrating this is.

    Now Kang Mo is going to work with Se Na!!! Just what he doesn’t need. Also Kang Mo should go to the police station and get another policeman involved.

  14. 14 : Norman Maheia Says:

    I live in Chicago(chi town). and I have been reading your comments on Korean dramas. the most recent ones that ended. so far I have only seen five episodes, but I see what you are saying in your comments from number 10 to number 13. I fully agree with you. I am not Korean. but I like the dramas. also why everybody lies in each other faces. and every body is sorry, event thhough it is not their fault. and it is my fault. the drama that introduced me to Korean drama was change bo ri bori. that was great.


  15. 15 : Rose Says:

    I think Gun Woo was trying to protect Jung Ok – Sung Ah’s mother when he told her not to let anyone know that she has come to, but doesn’t remember everything (wonder if she is only pretending so no one will try to kill her) and stupid evil Se Na has to ruin it and tell evil In Soo. Now he knows that Gun Woo was lying to him that there was no changed in Jung Ok’s condition.

    I can’t wait for Song Ah to get her head together and stop trusting and believing everything Se Na tells her.

  16. 16 : Rose Says:

    This story revolves around evil Sena. Se Na is always in the middle of every situation that goes on in this show. She has the detective covering her back with regard to the accident, she has the tape of what In-Soo said to Jung OK when she was in the hospital with regard to her dead husband, she has Gun Woo involved in the accident lying to protect himself and her , she knows that Kang Mo liked Song Ah. One way or the other, she just happens to be at the right place at the right time. And everyone around Se Na is in a fog and thinks she is so great!!! We have another 95 episodes to go of her scheming and blackmailing to make her way to the top of the company and bring everyone down as she climbs her way up the ladder. The only hope and salvation of all this will be to see Se Na bring down disgusting In-Soo and the ruination of her life at the end.

    In-Soo is cruel, condescending and treats his wife life and Kang Mo like they are dirt under his feet. The creep.

    I wonder if the Detective has the tape from the wedding when Jung Ok fell down???

    I was under the impression that when Jung Ok opened her eyes, could not talk, but we could read her alert mind that she knew what was going on. Not that she woke up, she has amnesia. I know that happens when people sustain an injury to the head, but……

    And what really matters is I HOPE that Yoon Jung Hwa (Gun Woo) is doing well with his treatments and will get healed.

  17. 17 : Rose Says:

    The photo of Jung Ok in the park on the computer is from a different angle of her compared to the photos the photographer was taking. He was shooting shot of her from behind her. If Kang Mo would pay more attention to the photo, he could figure out that someone else besides the photographer took the photo.

    For once Gun Woo told Song Ah the truth about evil In Soo that she should not trust him, but she thinks everyone is on the up and up. Song Ah’s life is going to come crashing down soon.

    I wonder if Song Ah spoke to her mother’s doctor to get some advice about possibly telling her mother that her husband is dead… if that would jog her memory or it would be a negative thing??

  18. 18 : Rose Says:

    I hope the writer’s don’t have Da Joon and Ra Bong get into a relationship. Da Joon is a nice boy and doesn’t need to get involved with that idiot chick. I don’t like her mother, Young Ja, either. But then they are related to evil Se Na.

    Wonder when the policeman is going to hit up Se Na for more money? He doesn’t have a job so eventually he may run out of money. I don’t know how much money he got from Se Na, but then he can eat for free at the chicken restaurant. I am sure Young Ja would be happy to oblige him.

    I guess Gun Won finally showed his true colors —- backing In Soo and Se Na. Guess he follows whoever has the power.

  19. 19 : Rose Says:

    Could I scream or what!!!! I knew just knew that Da Joon would end up working for those 2 idiots at the chicken place. That young idiot chick can’t wait to get her hands on him Not happy about that at all.

    And idiot Kang Mi is going to marry the wicked witch Se-Na. Men – geez – how can he be so fooled by her smiling, cunning lies??? Kang Mo and Kang Mi’s mother is so stupid. Kang Mo should look through Gun Woo’s things in his room at home and his office to see if he can find anything interesting information.

    I hope Yoon Jung Hwa (Gun Woo) does well with his treatments and is able to come back later in the show to bring Se Na down from her and to tell everyone the truth about Se Na hiding the fact about Hyun Hyeon-A’s accident when she fall in the water. With Gun Woo out of the picture, Se Na doesn’t have to worry about him letting the truth out

    I hope Song Ha doesn’t get herself back in Se Na’s clutches. She needs to keep her head straight, and try to figure out what is going on at the company. Also, neither Song Ha nor Kang Mi are thinking about Hyeon-A and the accident anymore.

    Getting disgusted with this show

  20. 20 : Rose Says:

    This show really got twisted…now Song Ha’s mother and her brother are living with Se Na’s Aunt and the goofy daughter – the chicken ladies!!!! How stupid is all this???? The gangsters are ruining the chicken place.. Too bad.

    Song Ah has a problem – when Se Na is spilling the beans, Song Ah instead of listening to all of it, she barges in and starts yelling.

    And she is still working for the evil man that got rid of her mother from the company I thought Song Ah was going to get fired????

  21. 21 : Rose Says:

    Kang Mi is a nice looking guy but stupid that he got involved with Se Na!!

  22. 22 : Rose Says:

    Is anyone watching this show??? I missed a few shows and am wondering if anyone can fill me in.

    I missed Ep 36 – what did Kang Mi say when he woke up in the hotel room? Was Se Na still with him??? She opened his shirt when he was laying on the bed in the hotel I saw in the commercial. What BS did she tell him??

    And what was said about gun Woo disappearing? Did Kang Mo and Kang Mi look in his room at home? Was all of his things there??? His office?? Like what excuse did they give the he disappeared = like all of a sudden???

    Can anyone fill me in on Ep 36, 37 and 38???? Thanks for any help.

  23. 23 : Rose Says:

    How weird and how strange these shows are. Se Na just happened to have lingerie with her the night she drugged Kang Mi and brought him to the hotel for her set up like she did with Gun Woo. Under normal circumstances if two people got drunk and ended up in bed some where, the girl would not just happen to have lingerie with her. Interesting neither Kang Mi, Kang Mo nor their mother would think it was a set up, Se Na is so evil and scheming. Kang Mi seems to just go along with the program. He is in a daze as he probably doesn’t know what happened to him. He is too laid back. He is not a tyrant like his hateful father. I would divorce him instead of putting up with his degrading comments he makes to his wife.

    Why was the boy yelling and pulling at Song Ah’s mother in the sauna? I didn’t have any subs so I don’t know what he was saying. The owner or manager of the sauna treated her like dirt and it was the little boy’s fault. How degrading for Song Ah, her mother and her brother to have to live with that screaming idiot and her goofy daughter. Song Ah’s brother is so nice and cute. Very caring for his mother.

    Who was the guy with Se Na in the photo that Hua-Gyeong found in some one’s bedroom at their house??

    I keep waiting for Song Ah’s sister to return, but not sure. Maybe she some how survived and has amnesia somewhere. That would be a big shock to Se Na. I would love to see that happen.

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    This show has stupid lines or dialogue -whatever you want to say. When Song Ah, Kang Min and Se Na were talking about Hyeon A and the blue scarf that Kang Min gave her, when Se Na said to K. Min “you are the one who gave her the scarf,” and they asked how she knew about the scarf, and Se Na says to K. Min “you said it in your sleep.” How stupid of a line is this?? How could the writer come up with such a stupid line. Both Song Ah and Kang Min let it pass. Stupid – so many little things come up and neither Song Ah and Kang Min question anything.

    Kang Min’s mother should have the address of Se Na’s chicken place or be able to get it with the phone number with today’s technology and make her way over to the chicken place. Nothing in this show is followed through. Stupid to say the least.

    Song Ah, Kang Min and Mo need to drive out to where Hyeon A fell in the water and talk to the police man there. They just let everything pass over their heads.

    You would think the baby would have some of Gun Woo’s features. No one in this show notices anything. Silly. Kang Min is a nice looking man. God Bless Him

  25. 25 : Rose Says:

    Some of the scenes with the chicken mother and daughter should never be in this show. They are just plan stupid, especially when the Aunt met Kang Min’s mother. I didn’t understand anything she was saying. She would have been better off just talking in Korean. How stupid is Kang Min’s so smart mother that she could not figure out who she was. The writer’s of this show must think we are all stupid.

  26. 26 : Rose Says:

    Hmmm… I wonder what this new guy – Moon Hyungsoo – is up to???? Se Na only meets him twice and she wants to hook up with him on shafting everyone at the company. She doesn’t even know who he really is. I am not sure whose side he really is on. Kind of a mystery right now.

    When she asks him to work with her the 3rd time she meets Moon, he says to her “do you want me?” I though that was an odd thing to say, more like to you want to have sex with me. But then who knows how their relationship will work out, strictly business, or both. Knowing Se Na, she will do anything to get what she wants.

    So Gun Woo was killed in a plane accident!!! I feel bad for Yoon Jung Hua. Hope he is doing well.

    No comments from any other people, so guess I am the only one watching this show.

  27. 27 : Rose Says:

    I wonder where Se Na got all the money she paid the detective in the beginning to cover up her participation in Hyeong A’s death and the money she continues to give the detective. She must make a lot money.

    The detective at the beginning before he decided to take the money to shut up from Sena was trying to give Jung OK a hint about “if she made any enemies.” But she didn’t get it. I don’t know what happened between Se Na and her mother that Jung OK kicked them out of the house, but she maybe would not think that Se Na would try to get revenge. Jung OK was a strong woman before the accident, but now she is mellow and a nicer person.

    I don’t know if any one is watching this = but for the future if any one decides to watch this program and doesn’t have Eng subs – there are two that I found.

    Now that Song Ah knows that the chicken lady they have been living with is Se Na’s Aunt, you would think she would figure out that the is the lady Sa Na said was the owner of a restaurant in NY.

    Drama Nice and Korea OnDemand.

  28. 28 : carm Says:

    @Rose, Where can I watch with english subs? Episode 81 is out but raw. They also discuss kdramas on the soompi forum.

  29. 29 : Rose Says:

    @ carm —

    The websites are: Drama Nice – has Eng subs thru Ep 56 and
    On Demand Korea – has Eng subs to Ep 55 I believe.

    but if you are on Ep 80 aready you are way ahead in the Episodes Compares to the two above websites.

    Ep 52 was just aired where I live so it works for me if I miss an episode or two.

  30. 30 : Viv Says:

    Hi Rose
    You are not alone in watching I am watching from OC, CA and still have sub-title, I think this Drama is like so may others people are not making comments because they see the same plots before. But I do hope YJH is feeling better I am not on SM so have not heard any update on YJH but still praying for him.

  31. 31 : Rose Says:

    Hello Vi:

    Thanks for letting me know you are watching this show. I always like to see what other people are posting about the show, but no one is about this drama.

    You are right about the last several morning shows have been similar. I did like Angel’s Revenge, Two Mother’s and I like this one better than Everything Kimchi. Stormy Woman was pretty good. The last two were a bit too long. And the policeman in Stormy Woman as well as this show, were identical as they took money from the culprits to hide the evidence. It took a long time to get to the end of Stormy Woman, but the criminals got exactly what they deserved. I am hoping Se Na gets caught in the end also.

    I guess Kim Young Hoon (Mr. Moon) is the actor who replaced Gun Woo. He is doing pretty good. Gun Woo must have filled him in on all that Se Na has done. I liked when he told Se Na “he doesn’t like to be dumped.” Meaning that is what she did to Gun Woo once she got what she wanted. I wasn’t sure about him at the beginning if he was there to support Se Na or Kang Mo’s family as he was some what mysterious. He was a prosecutor in A New Leaf and he was really good with those technical attorney lines. I thought it was funny when everyone left the house and Se Na and he were alone and she popped into his bedroom. He really got nervous that she was in there. His first thought thankfully was to get her out of the house. But good thing Hwa-Gyeong came back for him and caught them.

    I think Hyeon-A will come back somewhere along the line. Maybe she will have amnesia or something. (I think that is the case in Make A Woman Cry with the brother who supposedly drowned in the water). Are you watching that show?

    I am waiting for Hwa-Gyeon to figure out the baby is Gun Woo’s. I noticed we never see the baby’s face. The baby should be a little over a year now I would think as Song Ah was gone for 2 years.

    I was happy to see Se Na’s aunt, Oh Young Ja, finally told Se Na off. Se Na deserved that, the witch.

    I feel cute Do-Joon should get himself back to school and finish his education. He can work part-time and take a class or two in the evening. He needs to be able to work in his father’s company once Song Ah gets herself well established in the company. Or another full-time position somewhere. He is wasting his time hanging out in the chicken place. Well, I guess if he ends up marrying the chickee girl, which he probably will, he and chickee girl will inherit the chicken place. I was hoping that would not happen but it was obvious once Do-Joon got a job there.

    I am surprised that Song-Ah keeps wearing those shorts to the office. I have noticed that they have been popular in Korea for about 2 years and other dramas the girls have also worn them in the offices. I have to say evil Se Na dresses like a professional, can’t say that about Song Ah though. I have nothing against the shorts, but I would not wear them to an office setting. I think the actress that plays Se Na is kind of pretty. Not too keen on Yoon Se-Ah (Song A) for some reason. Not sure if it is her acting or what.

    I guess that is it for now.

  32. 32 : Rose Says:

    So Se Na is going to write a “Cinderella” book about her life. Should I throw up now – OMG. She is out of her mind.

    What is with Kang Mo – doesn’t he get the hint that someone is trying to tell him that Se Na is being seen with another man. He deletes the photos from his phone. He would have evidence against her. Like how stupid is he or this show????

    But it looks like it is starting to take another twist as Hong Jung OK got some or all of her memory back. And Hyun Ah is back. I am so happy, I knew she would be back. Now Kang Min needs to get his act together and get rid of Se Na. But then his father probably won’t let him as Se Na knows that he killed Song Ah’s father and she will be very happy to spread that news. Kang Mo – knows though.

    I have to admit, I like this show.

  33. 33 : Rose Says:

    Hi Norm:

    Wasn’t Come Jang Bo Ri a great show.. Very different. Very well put together and all the actors were great.


    Now that I think of it – the photos that Mr. Moon is sending to Kang Min – I thought it was him sitting with Se Na – – he must have hired someone to take the photos of them. Or is she with another man?? Can only see the man from the back, but he has dark hair like Mr. Moon. I don’t believe it is the goofy detective.

  34. 34 : Rose Says:

    Actor Lee Soo – his sister is Kim Ji Young – she was in Everything Kimchi and currently in Great First Wives. You can tell they definitely are related.

    Is he Mr. Moon????? Or has Lee Soo not appeared in the drama yet? Is he the guy in the photos that Mr. Moon is sending to Kang Min? Or is it the detective in those photos??

    I am getting confused – but I think Mr. Moon is Kim Young Hoon.

    There is no indication above anywhere the Kim Young Hoon was joining the cast late or anything. I kind of thought he was a fill in for Yoon June Hwa, but guess I should just wait and see what happens as we go along.

    I was wrong about Hyun Ah returning…. it was only Se Na dreaming. I know many episodes ahead Se Na is still married to Kang Min. Kang Min thinks he saw a girl that looked like Hyun Ah, but not sure if it was her or not.

  35. 35 : Bomi Says:

    @Rose, I really enjoyed your updates, and I’m always looking forward to it anytime I’m on this site. Kindly keep em coming, I’ll love to read more of the latest episode of eve’s love.

    Thanks a million #Peace…

  36. 36 : Rose Says:

    @Bomi Says:
    Thanks for you nice comments, I appreciate them. At least I know now a few people are reading my comments.

    I just saw Ep 58- where the detective gets the chicken lady drunk so he can kidnap Hong Jung Ok. The chicken lady while lamenting that she was drinking and now Jung OK is missing and she is worried, she neglected to say the most important words — “she was drinking with the detective.” How stupid is this.

    Oh Cool, now we know Mr. Moon is Gun Woo’s cousin. With Yoon Jung Hwa (Gun Woo) having to leave the show unfortunately for his illness, what a great idea to bring his cousin, Mr. Moon, in to get back at Se Na and maybe Kang Min/Mo’s evil father. If Yoon Jung would not have gotten sick, I wonder if his role would have continued to back Se Na and Koo In Soo. I don’t remember what happened to Gun Woo’s family or how Koo In Soo came to I guess raise Gun Woo.

  37. 37 : Edna Says:

    I am convinced that Mr Moon IS Gun Woo-plastic surgery after the car accident!

  38. 38 : Bomi Says:

    You’re welcome @Rose…
    The series just keep getting interesting every episode, though the suspense is sometimes frustrating.

  39. 39 : Rose Says:

    @ Edna – Wow — you may be right. Thanks for enlightening me and pointing that out. I remember when Kang Mo and Moon were at the bar and K. Mo asked him about Gun Woo, and Moon said “he was in an accident.” Then he called Se Na and sent her the photo of the plane crash in Alaska and it said “Victim Cha Gun Woo, Korean.” So I assumed he was dead. But I do remember Moon doing a few things that Gun Woo did only because of the flashbacks they showed of Gun Woo doing the same thing, but I didn’t catch on. I know he mentioned he was looking for his first love but didn’t make any connection to Se Na. If that is true, what a great twist the writers came up with since Yoon Jung Hwa unfortunately had to leave the show and for getting revenge on Se Na.

    If Lee Seo is Mr. Moon??? — in the line up of actors – there is no name of what character he is playing, so not sure if he was cast from the beginning. I just thought Moon was added due to Yoon having to leave the show. Mr. Moon is good with the baby. Or us Moon – Kim Young Hoon??

    If I understood correctly, why was Koo In Soo supporting Mr. Moon when he was in America??? How did that happen?? I remember Koo In Soo saying “he felt comfortable with Mr. Moon, like he knew him, even though they just met.” And something about “the letters Mr. Moon was writing to him,” or that ” he felt he knew Mr. Moon because of the letters.” I must have missed something in one of the episodes as I don’t know how or why Koo In Soo was supporting or funding Mr. Moon. Does anyone know??

  40. 40 : Jain Says:

    Hi…Just wondering since the last English Sub for Eve’s Love was episode 68 and episodes 69 through 95 are posted RAW without Eng Sub…whether or NOT the English Subtitles will ever be added/updated? It’s disappointing to have invested so much time watching 68 episodes and then being ON HOLD all this time waiting for the next Eng Sub to be loaded—and wondering if they have just discontinued the English SubTitles mid-stream and the English speaking fans are just left hanging. I think I’ll look to see if they’re COMPLETE or All Eng Subs have been updated before I start watching another K-Drama.. Seems like it might be faster(!) to Learn Korean than to wait for the Eng Subs to be updated (sigh). It’s Rough when they all say “Eng-Sub” and when you load them to view, there are NO subtitles. o well. I enjoyed what I saw. Don’t like waiting. Hope you all are enjoying the Dramas.

  41. 41 : Rose Says:

    . What a joke – ….Hwa Kyung saying “Song Ah does not have the right credentials to be a part of their family.” As if Se Na does. I can’t wait for the truth to come out about Se Na and Koo In Soo. I hope Se Na and the dad spend their life in jail with each other. They can spend their days plotting who to kill off in prison. Did Se Na learn how to cook all of a sudden?

    I don’t know who is dressing Song Ah, but Kang Mo does a better job (re: White dress he bought her to meet his family). Those black shorts she had on with the long blouse/shirt and sweater was terrible looking. Se Na could do a better job in dressing her than the stylist or whoever is picking out Song Ah’s clothes

  42. 42 : Edna Says:

    Oh, goodness. Now Kang SeNa is going to turn out to be SongAh’s younger sister! The father had an affair with the maid…

  43. 43 : Bomi Says:

    OmG… @Edna, say what…

  44. 44 : Rose Says:

    I find it interesting that in some of the K-ramas the same thing continually happens. When the innocent person finds the evidence of what the culprit did, they always tell them they have the evidence. How stupid is this???!! Like what did Song Ah think – Se Na was going to confess the she leaked evidence on a bid etc. If Song-Ah does not know Se Na by now, she is brain dead. Song Ah certainly knows that Se Na will go to any length to get her hands on any evidence someone has on her.

    I wish someone would slap Se Na in the darn face when she goes into the hysterical disgusting screaming instead of standing there watching her. That is so disgusting. I am getting tired of it.

    Every time Se Na goes to a hotel with only her purse, she always has a change of clothes. When she seduced Kang Min and again she had night wear when she invited Mr. Moon to her hotel room when she supposedly went to Je Ju.

    Why can’t Kang Mo and Kang Min just tell their idiot father the truth about all that Se Na is doing instead of hiding everything??? But then the show would be over.

    I thought when Do Joon came back from the service he would get a full-time job and help Song Ah out support the 3 of them, instead of playing games with the silly chicken girl.

  45. 45 : Edna Says:

    Hahaha! So right, Rose. I mention the possibility of the sister thing, @Bomi, because it’s a oft-done convention in dramas. Remember “Everybody Kimchi?”

  46. 46 : Rose Says:

    Oh my, didn’t Kang Mo’s parents wonder where song ah was when she was missing???? And wonder how or why she lost her baby??? It was just swept under the rug??? I have to say Kang Min’s mother is not stupid. She tries her best to get rid of Se Na, but …….then there is her husband.

    Happy weekend.

  47. 47 : perpetual Says:

    i wish Kang Min’s young sister will come back this will make that witch more surprise than ever

  48. 48 : Norm. Says:

    @rose#46. I agree with you. it’s like nothing happen. Se Na is now in a wheel chair, deception which come to light when that witch found out the sister is getting closer. this morning I saw the episode where the witch and the old-man found out that the daughter in law was told by her housband that the house they are living in was built by her father. I can’t wait for tomorrow to see what happen. (sorry I am not using the names, but I am not used to the Korean names yet.)

  49. 49 : Jaytee Says:

    This is the reason why daily dramas should be cut to 100 episodes or less. Writers tend to write nonsense script which makes the drama unbelievable and disinteresting. To kdrama script writers wake up and listen to what your viewers think about long drama. Keep the story short and make it more interesting and avoid cliche settings

  50. 50 : Bomi Says:

    Agreed @Jaytee, it’s getting annoying the way Se Na gets away with every evil deed and how gullible the rest of the cast fall prey of Se Na.
    If they continue this way, it’s gonna make a mess of a masterpiece that the show supposed to be.

  51. 51 : Kingtez64 Says:

    Just curious..filing kidnapping case is good enough evidence to track down sena into jail.. Kang mo’s character is very weak shield to song ah…didnt have guts to show some strong shield to protect song ah at all cost from senas evil scheme..

  52. 52 : Rose Says:

    I was surprised that Song Ah told SeNa that Mr. Moon was Gun Woo’s cousin. I thought that info would come out closer to the end of the show.

    Someone needs to sew SeNa’s mouth shut, tie her up and lock her in a closest. Her hysterics, screaming, etc. etc. is just plain disgusting. I am tired of seeing and listening to her.

    I wonder if Chicken Lady will find out her idiot ex-detective boyfriend is on the take from Se Na helping her covering up Hyun Ah’s drowning accident and all the evil deeds she is doing to everyone. I am not sure Do Joon knows he is the detective that was working on his sister’s case??? Do Joon and his mother just join in with him and the Chicken Lady. I can’t believe the idiot can sit down and eat with them without having any remorse.

    For the second time in this show Do Joon told his mother “he is going to make a lot of money and take care of his mother, and the first time “get their house back!!!” He is too busy playing house with his chicken little to go back to school. Interesting his future mother-in-law said “she would pay for him to go back to school,” but I don’t think he did anything about it.

  53. 53 : Rose Says:

    I just saw Ep 88 —- I can’t believe Do – Joon and his mother support the idiot piece of work ex-detective to marry the chicken lady. While they do make a good match – I am not fond of either one – I can’t wait till the truth hopefully comes out about him and Se Na. I hope the ending doesn’t disappoint me.

    Was not Koo In Soo’s false pretense of acting that Kang Min left home a joke. Mean old selfish man.

    Song Ah and Kang Moo need to talk personally outside of the house, not in their bedroom where everyone listens at their bedroom door. You know the walls have years.

  54. 54 : rose Says:

    Ep 91 —- Well Mr. Moon is in a real mess now that he found out Gun Woo is the father of Se Na’s baby. Wonder now if he will end up protecting Se Na because of the baby or…..now he has to start thinking differently.

    I know my mind is not failing me — but I caught an error in this episode. Same thing happened in Frirst Great Wives and the actor’s just went on with the script.

    Anyway back to this drama, a few episodes ago, Song Ah and her big mouth told Se Na that Mr.. Moon was Gun Woo’s cousin. Which at that time I was surprised they let it out sooner than later, but maybe now there is a reason. And Mr. Moon was there also in the house when Song Ah said it. In Ep 91 – when Song Ah was in Mr. Moon’s office asking why he was letting Se Na off the hook etc. – she said to him “what if Se Na discovers your identity.” Duh — like she is the one that blabbed it. I am surprised none of the actor’s caught the mistake.

    The dinner with the 3 woman was stupid. The chicken lady is going to have to support the detective unless he does some more jobs for Se Na. What a vicious circle

    I am glad that Mr. Hong in the office is standing up to Se Na. Some one needs to take care of Se Na real soon.

  55. 55 : rose Says:

    I wonder when it will dawn on Song Ah not to say anything in front of Se Na. After telling her mother “she would take her to the hospital” in front of Se Na, then she says “she doesn’t want Se Na to interfere with her mother’s treatment.” If it was me, I would never say one word of anything in front of Se Na. By now you would think Song Ah would have caught on to Se Na’s tricks and learned some lessons from her. It was a perfect way for Se Na to set up Song Ah’s mother. Between Se Na and Song Ah’s father-in-law, no one can top them.

    I wonder how Mr. Moon now is going to handle the situation with Se Na now that he found out the baby is Gun Woo’s. What a mess

  56. 56 : gaynelle williams Says:

    I been watching the show from chicago pro and I look forward to seeing every morning

  57. 57 : Rose Says:

    Duh — what is with Song Ah and Kang Mo??? When they were having the memorial at the chicken place and the ex-detective comes in, why didn’t Song Ah mention to the chicken lady that he was the detective working on her sister’s case. I don’t think the chicken lady knows he is the detective that was involved with the case — the jerk.

    And Do Joon — is promising his to be chickie wife a car, a house, the moon and the stars with no money. He needs to get motivated and go back to school. Chickie girl character is dingy anyway. Looks like Mr. Moon is out to shaft everyone. I don’t think Song Ah’s family did any harm to Gun Woo. Well, I kind of remember that Song Ah’s mother didn’t want them to marry so….. I can’t remember – oh she saw the photo of Gun Woo in bed with a girl which was Se Na.

    I wonder if the actor/actresses have any say in how their characters are scripted??? If I was Kim Ji-Yoo (Se Na) I would ask the director etc. if I could stop acting like a darn fool with her stupid antics. It is disgusting to watch her, it is getting on my nerves and it is boring boring. She looks like an idiot.

  58. 58 : Norm. Says:

    @rose. yes I agree with your last comment. not only boring but do you know what I call that? “viewer fatigue”. this morning episode looks like things is picking up. am I right?.

  59. 59 : Rose Says:

    @Norm – yes – things are starting to move now. It will be interesting to see what Mr. Moon will end up doing to get his hands on the company. I can’t wait for Se Na and the ex-detective get their dues in jail hopefully. And Kang Mo’s father also.

    I found it interesting that Director Oh – was it – saw Koo In Soo cut the brakes on Song Ah’s dad’s car, but nothing at that time happened to In Soo. They just send people out of the country like Gun Woo. When they do come back I find it strange that they always get caught. There are so many people in the world, Koo In Soo must have people all over watching Director Oh’s every move.

    Norm ——
    Station 24-6 is a Korean religious station in the Chicago area with no subs. But I found a few months ago they are airing Korean Drama’s at 5:45 p.m. The first one I came in at the middle of the drama. Now I am watching the new one they are airing. It airs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. I have been watching some of the episodes on the computer with Eng subs so I can figure out what is going on. It re-runs on Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. I suppose it may be on Monday and Wednesday also at 8:00 a.m. I will have to check next time I think about it.

    unfortunately 24-7 – KBS had great Korean shows but when they changed affiliated stations in March 2015 I lost all the shows. KBS had English subs for all their shows.

  60. 60 : Rose Says:

    Poor Mr. Nam – he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Mr. Moon sent him to get the chicken lady’s financial papers and they got caught anyway. I didn’t expect Mr. Moon to turn the tables on Song Ah as she really didn’t do anything to Gun Woo. And I don’t think her family did??? But Mr. Moon is after Koo In Soo. It seems his time is running out soon. Hopefully In Soo and Se Na can share a jail cell together.

    I wonder how Yoon Jong Hwa (Gun Woo) is doing with his health. I hope he is coming along well. Life – you never know what is going to happen from day to day.

  61. 61 : Rose Says:

    Poor Mr. Nam – he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Mr. Moon sent him to get the chicken lady’s financial papers and they got caught anyway. I didn’t expect Mr. Moon to turn the tables on Song Ah as she really didn’t do anything to Gun Woo. And I don’t think her family did??? But Mr. Moon is after Koo In Soo. It seems his time is running out soon. Hopefully In Soo and Se Na can share a jail cell together.

    I wonder how Yoon Jong Hwa (Gun Woo) is doing with his health. I hope he is coming along well. Life – you never know what is going to happen from day to day.

  62. 62 : Bomi Says:

    Thanks for the latest update @Rose, I can’t wait watch the subtitle episode online…

  63. 63 : Rose Says:

    Where did Se Na get all the money she was paying the idiot detective to do all her dirty work? Was she not getting paid for working at In Soo’s company???? If she had money to buy clothes, stay in hotel rooms and pay the detective you would think she could stay in a hotel until she finds somewhere to live. But – staying with her aunt and Song Ah’s mother, Se Na has baby sitters for little Woo Joo. Poor little Woo Joo – he gets shoveled from one person to another. He is a good and cute baby.

    Kang Min finally gets his freedom from evil SeNa. I wonder if she will fight the divorce???? I doubt if she will go easily.

    If anyone checks in — Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

    How long is it going to take Song Ah to ask the idiot detective if some one else took over her sister’s case???? Duh!!!! And Song Ah doesn’t find it strange that the detective just happened to find his way to Se Na’s aunt’s chicken place??? Some of these story lines don’t make any sense. If it was me I would be full of questions for the detective.

    Now Song Ah is being taped in her office by Kelly. I wonder if Kang Mo when sitting at his desk would be able to see the bug as his desk is across from her’s. But that will take awhile for that to happen if it happens. Some how or other they will figure out there is a bug in her office.

    Even though I can’t stand a few of the characters in this drama – I do like the show.

  64. 64 : Rose Says:

    In Ep 106 – Mr. Moon looks like he had some work done on his face or he had a lot of make up. When he was outside talking to Song Ah, his face looked fuller or somewhat darker – make up wise. Mr. Moon is playing all kinds of angles. Wonder who is going to win at the end??????

    That darn Se Na, she is always at the right place at the right time. Now she caught on to Jung Ok. Se Na now will run right over to tell Mr. In Soo, or his wife will. I hope that they don’t try to do anything to her again. I will be so happy when I don’t have to see Se Na and her hysterics when this show is over. Everyone else is OK.

    Se Na is going to bribe that guy now for the filtration plans that Kang Mo gave him…..did Mr. In Soo give her money? If she has money for that, why doesn’t she get her own place? She most likely will end up at her aunt at the end with the baby.

    I can’t figured out who called Hwa Kyung telling her not to work Se Na so much?? A person called something Kim. I know it wasn’t Se Na’s aunt. Who else would be interested in Se Na and how much she works?

  65. 65 : Rose Says:

    So Jung Ok, Song Ah’s Mother, is going to look for Mr. Lee who took the money from Se Na for the blueprints of the water filtration. Like if he took off with his family, where does she plan on finding him???

    Song Ah is on the wrong track as Kelly now has Mr. Moon on her side. And idiot Kang Min has no clue what she is doing behind his back. All he knows he is in love with Kelly. Not if Se Na has anything to do about it as she won’t give him a divorce that easy.

    It will be interesting when Kelly gets her memory back to find out she is shafting her own father’s company and her sister. How long has Hyun Ah been missing? About 2 years as Woo Joo isn’t even walking yet I assume.

    Oh my, all the twisted lies and plots.

    I think Mr. Moon is wearing his hair differently and maybe that is why he looks a bit different. Something is different about him it appears. Mr. Moon and Kang Min are nice looking guys.

  66. 66 : Rose Says:

    How many more clues does Kelly need to figure out that she is really Hyun Ah?????

    I wonder how they are going to get Se Na to give up and sign the divorce papers????

    I wonder if it will come out why So Jung OK fired Se Na’s mother?? I remember some scene from earlier in the show when Jung OK was yelling at Se Na’s mother but I didn’t catch on what it was all about. I wonder if Jung Ok knows that her husband had relations with Se Na’s mother??? Bad news to say the least.

    In Ep 110 Mr. Moon had a bandage on his face. He either cut himself shaving or ??? It seems in the scene when Kang Mo hit him, his speech was somewhat different.

    Only 10 more episodes to go. The roof should be falling in on some people pretty soon.

  67. 67 : Bomi Says:

    I like @rose comment about Se Na “I will be so happy when I don’t have to see Se Na hysterics when this show is over”. I think everyone will agree with you on that.

  68. 68 : Rose Says:

    When Mr. Moon and Koo In Soo go into his office to talk privately, I am surprised neither Kang Mo or Song Ah go near the door and listen to what they are always talking about.

    When all the confusion is going on in their house when Se Na is carrying on or the father, Kang Min just gives Se Na a stern and disgusted look. He never yells at her or anything, only in private.

    Finally the dawn of a new day – and Kelly figured out who she really is. Praise the Lord.

    I noticed from the previous Ep Se Na still had her crutch, but in the beginning of Ep 112 when she was in jail she didn’t, but still limping. I wonder if she really did hurt her leg? I noticed she didn’t have the wheel chair and was back to normal, then all of a sudden, she had the crutch. Hwa Gyeong in an episode way back referred to Se Na falling down the stairs with the wheelchair and therefore, ended up with the crutch!!!!! I thought that was a strange line, but whatever.

    I wonder if some how or other Se Na will not end up in jail for a long time.
    I hope Song Ah will nail the ex-detective for his cover up of her sister and every thing else he did.

  69. 69 : Rose Says:

    I Can’t believe Se Na smashing her head against the wall, is bleeding, gets her head bandaged, manages to escape and the next scene no bandage on her head. No stitches, no nothing.

    So far I still have not found out why Koo In Soo was supporting Mr. Moon when he was in America??? I don’t know how In Soo knew Mr. Moon or if I missed that info early on. If Mr. Moon is really Gun Woo as Edna said early on in the show, then ……??? who was Koo In Soo funding in America ?? Gun Woo under an assumed name???? And if so, how did that happen??? Or was Mr. Moon a friend of Gun Woo’s???? And Gun Woo took his friend’s name to come back to get revenge for what Koo In Soo did to him? If there was really a plane crash, maybe Mr. Moon was the person who died in the crash and Gun Woo then took over his name??? I am sure we will find out more when Kang Mo gets the info on Mr. Moon when he made the call to his friend in America.

    If Mr. Moon is really Gun Woo, I don’t see why he would want to hurt Song Ah as I don’t feel she did anything to him, except to break up with him. I remember Mr. Moon telling Song Ah that “Gun Woo was sorry that he hurt her, or that he really cared for her, and he tried to get out of Se Na’s hold, but couldn’t.” Can’t remember everything as it was awhile ago. But then, Song Ah’s mother kind of was against him but then finally did OK their marriage.

    I am surprised the idiot ex-detective mentioned at the chicken place that Se Na maybe had an USB which was her protection against In Soo. Can’t believe he is not going to have to due to some time in prison for covering up Se Na’s crimes. I won’t be happy about that.

  70. 70 : Rose Says:

    I can’t remember if Mr. Moon or whoever he is decided to take over the company after he found out Woo Joo was Gun Woo’s son, or if he had that in mind all along. The last 6 episodes should be interesting. For me that is as probably for every one else the show had already ended.

  71. 71 : norm. Says:

    You and me rose. The last couple episodes was what I was waiting for. Now that Kelly and her sister found the usb I hope the family get what they deserve. did you pick up on when Kelly met se-na at the park to make the deal for the usb, it was the same park owel found the doll all three of them played with at the orphanage. (daughter gwon sa-wol). any way , Cant wait until tomorrow morning to see what the old guy will do when his wife announces she heard se-na saying that he was Kelly’s father murderer.

  72. 72 : norm. Says:

    @rose. ep 68-70 also have me wondering. I keep looking to your comments for things I miss. Thnx.

  73. 73 : Rose Says:

    @ norm — I guess Mr. Moon is a friend of the real Mr. Moon. I think that is what I understood when Kang Mo was talking to his friend in America. Also, I believe the man impersonating Mr. Moon, Gun something or other (I can’t remember the other name), I don’t know why he took on Mr. Moon’s personality and made his way into In Soo’s house and life . He seems to know Gun Woo though. Or it sounded that way when he first came into the drama back when. Maybe more info will come out as we go along.

    In Episode 116, Mr. Moon still has a band aide on his face.

    RE: My Daughter Geum So-Wol — icks — no I didn’t catch that it was the same park. You have a sharp eye Norm. I remember that Geum So-Wol had the doll in a park and left it on the steps in Sunday’s episode. What I don’t understand is — how did the doll survive the building collapse as I don’t think the girls were holding the dolls at the time of the building collapse. I know the 3 girls were in their rooms in their beds at the time the building started to collapse. But I don’t remember if they were holding their dolls when they tried to get out. Some times strange things happen in these movies that don’t make sense…..to me at least. I hope Se Hoon does not end up with Hye Sang. I can’t stand her. I hope she ends up with NO ONE.

  74. 74 : Rose Says:

    Can’t say that I feel sorry for Se Na getting hit by Mr. Moon. She has not been a good person for a long time and didn’t care who she hurt on the way up her ladder. Her aunt – the chicken lady – is too dramatic for me, don’t care for her that much.

    Mr. Moon did the wrong thing by listening to Mr In Soo that he should get rid of Jung OK, he only screwed himself. Not sure, is he Gun Woo’s brother or friend?? Not sure if that was clarified a few episodes back and I didn’t understand when Kang Mo was talking to his friend from America.

    Se Na didn’t seem to care that much for her son when she was married to Kang Min as she had her mother-in-law take care of him whether she was home or not. It appears that somewhere along the line, the baby slept with Se Na’s in-laws. The crib was in Se Na and Kang Min’s room at the beginning, but then
    it disappeared.

    I don’t remember how Song Ah knew that the ex-detective had the USB on the accident of Jin Hyeon-A when she fell in the water. And I can’t believe that Song Ah can be friends with the ex-detective when he hid the evidence and took money from Se Na to hide the evidence. I would not be happy about that.

    I am surprised that Jung Ok just leaves that USB laying around where anyone can get their hands on it. I would hide it somewhere no one would look for it like Se Na did or put it in a bank lock box.

    I would like to know how Yoon Jong-Hwa is doing. Have no way of finding out.

    I have 2 more episodes to watch but not tonight, it is late

  75. 75 : cw Says:

    I’ve seen some clips on Youtube, and it seems as if some scenes were cut out of the tv episodes. Some scenes don’t seem to flow. The only time I can watch this drama is at 5:00am, maybe I dozed off, & don’t remember (ha-ha).

  76. 76 : Rose Says:

    Well I guess everything fell into place. I found it interesting that In Soo only spent 8 years in jail for killing a person, stealing a person’s company and house, setting up Jung OK for taking slush funs or whatever for her to be pushed out of the company at the beginning of the show, getting Jung Ok kidnapped by Se Na and the ex-detective. I fell he should have been in jail much longer than 8 years. I also found it stupid that In Soo’s wife when they were in the chicken restaurant she said “I don’t know what he did, but I will wait for him.” Duh, what the heck, she knew that he killed Song Ah’s father. She asked her husband “if he did and he denied it,” and she heard Se Na telling Song Ah in her backyard” that the tape was proof that he killed her father.” Where are the minds of the screenwriters and the actors don’t think????

    It is like the stupid line when Hwa Kyung said to Se Na when she was on the crutches all of a sudden when the day before she was out of the wheelchair and had no crutch “that is what you get for coming down the stairs with the wheelchair.” Idiotic line and excuse for Se Na to have crutches.

    I also feel that the ex-detective free loading off the chicken lady should have been accountable for covering up the accident with Se Na and Hyeon Ah, taking the tape when Song Ah was going to marry Gun Woo and Se Na hit Jung Ok and she fell and hit her head, helping Se Na kidnap Jung OK per In Soo’s direction,, and all the money he took from Se Na to do her dirty deeds. It is like he never did any of those things and just happened to be free loading off the chicken lady. The chicken lady has no idea he did all that – would she still care for him if she knew??? Probably.

    And how did Song Ah know that the ex-detective had the tape from the accident with Se Na and Hyeon- A???? Oh, did Jung OK find out that he had that??? Can’t remember all of the details anymore, but I think the ex-detective should have been in jail for a short time at least. Not even Song- Ah questioned that fact that out of the blue all of a sudden he was hanging out at the chicken lady’s place. It was like he never was on the case with her sister. How stupid that whole part was.

    And Mr. Moon – Gun Woo’s brother – I forgot what his real name is – he came to take revenge on In Soo and then after they get out of jail he is out in the countryside cooking sweet potatoes for In Soo. What the heck – who came up with that stupid idea??? Mr. Moon should have been near the chicken restaurant near his nephew, Gun Woo’s son making sure he was growing up OK, spending time with him and being there for Gun Woo.

    Also, what did Ra-Bong and Do-Joon have – a girl or a boy?? Eight years later – they don’t exist????

    I tried to count the people and the kids at the end of the show when they were in the park but I only could see 3 children, so I assume Hyeon-Ah and Kang Min had 2 children, or was Do-Joon there and the biggest child was his??? I think it was one boy and 2 girls. I assume Song-Ah had one child as she referred that it was a miracle. Do-Joon and Ra-Bong should have been there also as they are family.

    If they would have cut some of the stupid scenes with Se Na screaming, her hysterics and throwing that crutch around, they could have showed more of what the characters of the whole show were doing in the last episode. I assume Se Na maybe was still in jail or not??? I assume Ra-Bong and Do-Joon were running the new chicken restaurant with Ra-Bong’s mother and the ex-detective.

    I thought the show was really good, more so at the beginning, but I think the last episode could have been a bit better including all the main actors. I liked all the actors and I thought the synopsis of the drama was good.

    Any one else have any thoughts??

  77. 77 : cw Says:

    Seen other comments on this & other sites, good to know I’m not the only one that feels like too much SeNa & too many unconnected issues. Also, the end…to many loose ends. I think Song-Ah had twins, from the way she & her mother were looking at them. Hard to tell since the writers left too much to our imaginations.

  78. 78 : Rose Says:

    @CW – you maybe right about twin girls, the boy looked taller than the girls, so I assumed he was a year or two older.

  79. 79 : دانلود سریال « عشق بهشتی » – تا قسمت 2 – بروز ترین مرجع دانلود فیلم و سریال Says:

    […] کامل : AsianWiki | Koreandrama | تماشای […]

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