Brother-Sister Relationship Korean Dramas & Movies

Ode To My Father (2014)

Ode to My Father

Rank #178

“Ode To My Father” is the story of Deok Su, a completely ordinary man, who in the face of tumultuous events, marshals the extraordinary courage to protect his family. Sticking...

Once Again (2020)

Once Again

Rank #318

“Once Again” is the story of the eventful Song family who can’t get a day of peace and their neighbors in Yongju Market. Frugal father Song Young Dal and nagging...

Miracle: Letters to the President (2021)

Miracle: Letters to the President

Rank #457

Set in the 1980s, the film tells the story of Bo Kyung, the older sister of a math prodigy and high school student Jun Kyung. They both live in the...

My First Client (2019)

My First Client

Rank #576

Jung Yup tries to find a job as a lawyer for a law firm in Seoul. It’s not so easy for him, with Jung Yup being from a smaller city....

Doom at Your Service (2021)

Doom at Your Service

Rank #585

Tak Dong Kyung has been working hard ever since her parents passed away. Her life seemed more stable after working as a web novel editor for 6 years, but then...

Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)

Moon Embracing the Sun

Rank #607

Thirteen-year-old Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a high-ranking official, accompanies her mother to the royal palace to attend her brother, Heo Yeom’s civil service examination congratulatory ceremony. By chance,...

Hearty Paws (2006)

Hearty Paws 1

Rank #1130

11-year-old Chan Yi is looking after his lovely younger sister So Yi by himself ever since their mother left them to find her own future. Despite their desperate situation of...

Giant (2010)


Rank #1161

This drama tells the story of three siblings who grew up in the 1970’s. Lee Kang Mo, his older brother Sung Mo and younger sister Mi Joo were separated at...

A Melody To Remember

A Melody to Remember

Rank #1178

Second Lieutenant Han Sang Yeol leads his platoon during the Korean War in the early 1950s. He carries emotional scars and pain within. So when he meets some children from...

Blind (2011)


Rank #1293

A missing person case involving a female university student and the victim in a hit and run case appears to be the same person. Detectives look for a witness. The...

Uncle (2021)


Rank #1421

Joon Hyuk was a musician whose life has hit rock bottom after he had been scammed by people he trusted. He had ended his relationship with his older sister Joon...


Rank #1454

Since childhood, Cha Si Won has realised that only people with good looks will grow to be popular, and he has made it a personal goal to achieve popularity by...

Familiar Wife (2018)

Familiar Wife

Rank #1608

Cha Joo Hyuk works at a bank and has been married to Seo Woo Jin for five years. When a strange incident happens one day, Joo Hyuk makes a decision...

She Would Never Know (2021)

She Would Never Know

Rank #1894

Yoon Song Ah works as a marketer for a cosmetics brand. She enjoys her job and dreams of launching her own brand someday. Chae Hyun Seung is a fellow marketer...

Seo Yeong

Seo Yeong, My Daughter

Rank #2160

This drama will tell the story of a father who separates with his daughter, their love, hate and reconciliation. Seo Young is a tough woman who tries to escape the...

War of the Arrows (2011)

War of the Arrows

Rank #2178

Set during the second Manchu invasion of Korea, Nam Yi, the best archer in Korea, goes up against the Qing Dynasty to save his younger sister Ja In – who...

Babo: Miracle of a Giving Fool (2008)

Babo: Miracle of a Giving Fool

Rank #2227

“Every village has its fool”, this is basically what happens in a Miracle of the giving fool (BA:BO), Seung Ryong at a young age suffers an accident with his father....

Just One Bite Season 2 (2019)

Just One Bite Season 2

Rank #2276

The sweet and bitter love stories of three women. (Source: Playlist Global)...

Stand By Me (2018)

Stand By Me

Rank #2434

Deok Gu, a 7-year-old boy, lives with his little sister, Deok Hee, and his grandfather in a country village. A few years ago, Deok Gu’s father had passed away in...

Nice Witch (2018)

Nice Witch

Rank #2499

A housewife too nice for her own good is married to an unemployed husband. She switches places with her selfish, opinionated twin sister, who works as a flight attendant. Although...

Just One Bite (2018)

Just One Bite

Rank #2704

When three hungry girls meet, sharing love lives is a must! If it tastes good, 0 calories; if you gossip about romance while you eat, -999999 calories. (Source: Dramawiki)...

Voice of Silence (2020)

Voice of Silence

Rank #2906

Tae In, who lost his voice, and Chang Bok make their livings cleaning up crime scenes. One day, they are left to take care of a unauthorized takingped girl named...

How to Steal a Dog

How to Steal a Dog

Rank #3036

When Ji So’s father goes bankrupt, their family loses their house and they don’t have a place to live. One day, the little girl sees a flyer offering a reward...

Sketch (2018)


Rank #3265

Nabi Project Team is a small-scale secret group secretly operated by the National Police Agency. The group is named after the Hebrew/Arabic word ‘Nabi,’ meaning ‘Prophet,’ because they attempt to...