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Cruel Palace – War of Flowers

Title: 궁중잔혹사 – 꽃들의 전쟁 / Cruel Palace – War of Flowers
Chinese Title: 宮中殘酷史-花的戰爭
Also known as: Blood Palace
Genre: Historical, Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2013-March-23 to 2013-Sep-08
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:45


This drama depicts a cruel hidden story within the royal court.

A cruel story that depicts the battles between concubines within the royal palace who turn to the dark side in their bid to gain love and power from the king. It will center around the beautiful but evil royal concubine Jo So Yong (Kim Hyun Joo) as she tries to gain the attention of King In Jo (Lee Duk Hwa) with her beauty and wit to control the power of the Joseon. When she succeeds, there is a bloody battle over the power she receives. By birth she was of a lower class, but used her extraordinary beauty to get the favor of King In Jo and managed come between King In Jo and Crown Prince So Hyun (Jung Sung Woon).


Main Cast

Kim Hyun Joo as Jo So Yong (Yam Jun)
Lee Chae Mi as Yam Jun (child)
Jung Sung Woon as Crown Prince So Hyun
Lee Duk Hwa as King In Jo
Kim Tae Joon as King Injo (young)
Song Sun Mi as Crown Princess Min Hoe Bin of Kang clan
Jung Sung Mo as Kim Ja Jum
Kim Joo Young as Grand Prince Bong Rim
Go Won Hee as Queen Jang Ryul of Jo clan
Jun Tae Soo as Nam Hyuk
Kim Jin Woo as Nam Hyuk (child)

Supporting Cast

Jung Sun Kyung as Han Ok
Son Byung Ho as Lee Hyung Ik
Seo Yi Sook as Sul Jook
Lee Seol Hee as Yoo Duk
Lee Seo Yun (이서연) as Park Sook Ui
Kim Ha Kyoon as Choi Myung Gil
Han In Soo as Kim Sang Hun
Kim Gyu Chul as Sim Ki Won
Woo Hyun as Kim In
Baek Chang Min as Kim In (child)
Nam Neung Mi as Nam Hyuk’s mother
Kim San (김산) as Ma Bo Dae
Kim Jong Kyul as Kim Ryu
Lee Young Eun as Princess Hyomyung
Shin Soo Yun as Sul Hwa
Lee Hye Eun as Jang Kwi In
Choi Ha Ho as young eunuch (Prince Soong Sun’s eunuch)
Jun Joon Hyuk as Prince Kyung Sun
Jo Duk Hyun as Jung Myung Soo
Uhm Yoo Shin as Court Lady Kim
Seo Bum Shik as Kim Ja Jum’s pawn
Jung Yoo Min as Uhn Nyun
Ji Eun Sung as Great Prince In Pyung
Lee Moon Jung as Queen Insun (Prince Bongrim’s wife)
Park Shin Ah
Yun Mi Joo as King Injo’s Concubine Lee
Ban Sang Yoon as Yong Gol Dae

Production Credits

Production Company: Drama House
Chief Producer: Jo Joon Hyung
Producer: Shin Dong Ki, Ko Jung Ho
Director: No Jong Chan
Screenwriter: Jung Ha Yun


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Trailer I & Trailer II

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  1. 1 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    anethor pro/antagonist series! fighting!

  2. 2 : jonas romualdo Says:

    tang ina ny0!

  3. 3 : aznative Says:

    USA viewers can watch this on dramafever.com

  4. 4 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    wow, kim hyun joo looks beautiful in hanbok. I never seen her in saeguk drama before, I hope it’s good.. i mean the storyline..
    erg jun tae soo! aka han ji won’s litle bother… I hope his role protagonist, coz I’m tired seing him being evil man with sharp eyes like he did in sungkyunkwan scandal and it,s okay daddy’s girl ..

  5. 5 : kimi Says:

    oh kim hyun joo fnalley you are back. im soo looking forward to this drama. and you look so beautiful. but hope your not the bad one

  6. 6 : KHJ Says:

    Kim Hyun Joo did a lot of seaguk before, this is her seaguk comeback after her succesful seaguk “”Land”. it got over 40% ratings
    actually Kim Hyun Joo is pretty GOOD in seaguk.

  7. 7 : KHJlover Says:

    I am excited to watch Jeon Tae Soo and Kim Hyun Joo as a couple
    he plays the warm Nam Hyuk he keeps his love for her and hid her true personality when she became evil and became the King’s woman.
    one of the summary said: she is a woman who wants to make her son the king so she uses King InJo. I wonder if she had a son with her secret lover or is he the son of the KING??

  8. 8 : zarima Says:

    hope this one has a beautiful and happy ending though Kim Hyun Joo’s role is an evil one

  9. 9 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @KHJ – 6
    thx for the info.. I like Kim Hyun Joo since Glass Slipper with So Ji Sob but I never seen her saeguk drama before, maybe I will check Land later…

  10. 10 : KHJ Says:

    I wish this drama could have a happy ending too, but I am afraid it doesnt.
    because Kim hyun joo’s role is an evil one, how could she have an happy ending, you know most seaguks have sad ending for the devils.

    i wonder if there is someone who could turn her good in the end. her character is described to be the evil woman, who control the king, is behind the death of crown prince, she caused war, she uses her relationship with her mother’s secret lover to gain more power, she uses her secret boyfriend to do thing to her…etc

    she was beautiful in ”Land” , frankly she played an evil one in ”Land” too but not this evil, I love the way they described her in ”Land” from her teen years to her 60s, and still beautiful as a 60s grandma.

  11. 11 : KHJ Says:

    3rd trailer is out and new pics of the lovebirds Kim Hyun Joo+ Jeon Tae soo are released too.
    cant wait to watch their sad love story in ep 1

  12. 12 : Micc Says:

    I’ll pass. Jut finished 55 episodes of Ballad of Seo Dong, can’t stomach more dynasty stuff. Kim Hyun Joo fighting!

  13. 13 : triana Says:

    where i can to download this korean drama???

  14. 14 : KHJ Says:

    its not airing yet
    ep 1 will be shown on March 23rd
    excited for this drama, cant wait till 23rd

  15. 15 : hasitha Says:

    very goood ans funny

  16. 16 : hasitha Says:


  17. 17 : KHJ Says:

    ep is released online by JTBC and it got impressive viewers,
    The EP was very GOOD, no wonder it is huge

    Lee Duk hwa as a weak King
    Jung sung Mo as a bad scholar
    Kim Hyun Joo as a BRAT girl

    I can say that I cried, laughed, scared while watching ep 1. Such a good ep
    cant wait for the next ep and espcially when Lady Jo enters the palace, although she is already a bad girl as such young age.

  18. 18 : KHJlover Says:

    WOW Kim Hyun Joo’s scenes were funny, she , her mother and her mother’s lover, i laughed so much at their parts

    Lee Duk Hwa was amazing in the first ep, I could cry along with him.

    Everyone has great acting so far.

    This drama looks promising, the writing, music, acting, everything is so GOOD.

    does anyone know why the Prince has to leave Korea??

  19. 19 : KHJlover Says:

    wow loving the posters!

  20. 20 : Ttuk Says:

    The opening scenes were movie epic classiness. Let’s hope the rest of this drama will live up to grandeur.

  21. 21 : KHJlover Says:

    that is exactly what I thought of the Opening scene, it looks like some Hollywood movie, Lol

    btw what is the ratings of EP 2??

  22. 22 : kdfan Says:

    The first 2 eps are good. KHJ is one of my fav actresses. Amazing at her age she can pull off acting like a teen and hv good chemistry with JTS despite their age difference. This reminds me of MCW acting playful in the beginning of TPM and I think KHJ is doing a better job at it. But don’t think I have the patience for a 50 eps sageuk, wish its 16 eps.

    @KHJlover i read that bec King Injo surrendered to the Qing Emperor, his 2 princes were taken hostage by the Emperor. That’s why they had to leave for China.

  23. 23 : OK OK OK Says:

    Kim Hyun Joo as Jo So Yong

    Born from a mistress. Look down and bullied by others.
    Force by circumstances to become bad……… 🙁

  24. 24 : KHJlover Says:

    the Love story of Yam Jun and Nam Hyuk is so sad
    Ohmo why do I feel so sad watching their love story.
    why is the world is a systeem that you can get marry to someone higher status than you are.
    and the mothers are stubborn

  25. 25 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s one impressive official poster!
    This is a sageuk that is hardcore on history, however embellished, featuring a femme fatale. So I don’t think it’ll be too light-hearted w many funny moments.
    Ha Ji Won’s baby bro is good-looking enough, but still lacks acting skills, granted this is only his 2nd acting project.
    KHJ is really fun to watch, as she plays this bubbling teenager w nerves of steel in the 1st few eps.

  26. 26 : KDaddict Says:

    Love this series. Love KHJ in it. With ep 4, things really get going. She wants to do it w her lover, before she is sent off to the palace to provide ‘room service’ to the king, as a way to say goodbye to her first love, and also as a way to be school in the art of love-making. That’s one gutsy girl!
    The males in this drama are much less impressive.

  27. 27 : KHJlover Says:

    guys, you can discuss and share your thought about the drama here as well,
    this is the link

    @KDaddict: so Yam Jun planned to do ”it” with her lover because she has something in mind??? I thought because she cant control herself that is why she does it, I mean because she loves him too much. what has she in mind???

  28. 28 : KDaddict Says:

    What she has in mind is to say goodbye to him in the most meaningful way possible, by giving herself to him, and at the same time, gain experience in the art of the bedroom, so that she can use it to her advantage when her opportunity comes to serve the king. That’s killing 2 birds w one stone. 😉

  29. 29 : KHJlover Says:

    ah now i got it why they showed the Raining scene before that bed scene, when she was in the rain, the consort Kim say to her that she has to feel the rain to be able to feel the men. I guess that is why she went to do it with him to gain experience as well?????

    OMG cant believe this girl has something like this in mind. Poor Nam Hyuk.

  30. 30 : kimhyunjoofan Says:

    I really love to watch Cruel Palace. Where can I download this drama?

  31. 31 : KHJlover Says:


    at soompi/ cruel palace thread, there is someone who post the download link

  32. 32 : KDaddict Says:

    King: Why do u stop mid-sentence? Finish what u r saying.
    Girl: You r so blinding (blindingly gorgeous). I didn’t expect your majesty to be so….young! Mouth opened, jaw dropped—hers……and mine!
    The gall of that girl! Hahaha.

  33. 33 : KHJlover Says:

    can someone please translate the OST at the end of the eps, its so beautiful

  34. 34 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict me too hahaha, but for a split second her expression was so real that i too for a split second wondered if she was being truthful, then phew .. what a shrewd piece of work she is. can’t wait to see what else she has plotted to rise to the top. this has to be my fav KHJ character.

  35. 35 : KD Says:


    Yeah, u right, it’s really beautiful. But i can’t find the soundtrack anywhere 🙁
    Has somebody got a link for me or something else?


  36. 36 : KHJlover Says:

    @KD the full OST isnt released yet. so there is No link of the song, but i want to know what the song is about

  37. 37 : KHJlover Says:

    The OST is released

    http://youtu.be/X2h6e6AgKYc?a Kan Hyun Jung (강현정) – 여울꽃 [Cruel Palace – War Of Flowers OST

    http://youtu.be/-cgU6aaEMxU?a Beige (베이지) – 꿈이어라 [Cruel Palace – War Of Flowers OST]

    can someone translate, please

  38. 38 : KHJlover Says:

    the music director is the same with Princess’s man
    here are the lyrices of the 3 songs

    호접지몽 (나비의꿈)

    호[胡 오랑캐 호] 접[蝶 나비 접] 지[之 갈 지] 몽[夢 꿈 몽]

    인생의 무상함을 비유하여 이르는 말.

    (중국의 장자가.. 꿈에 나비가 되어 즐겁게 놀다가 깬 뒤에.. 자기가 나비의 꿈을 꾸었는지 나비가 자기의 꿈을 꾸고 있는 것인지 알기 어렵다고 한 고사에서 유래한 말로, 자아와 외물은 본디 하나라는 이치를 설명하는 말)

    양선미 노래 | 궁중잔혹사-꽃들의 전쟁 Part.1 (JTBC 주말드라마)

    하늘아 하늘아 서러워 마라
    하늘아 하늘아 울지마
    하늘아 하늘아 실 같은 인연
    눈물은 거둬라

    바람에 꽃잎이 지고 달빛에 새벽이 온다
    어느 생에 어느 하늘에 이맘을 둘까

    외로이 홀로 머물다 흘러 흩어질 한숨아

    꿈이어라 허망한 꿈이어라 울어 본 들 무엇 하나
    비에 젖어 한 세상 떠다니다 잊은 듯 살아갈까

    하늘아 하늘아 서러워 마라
    하늘아 하늘아 눈물진다
    하늘아 하늘아 실 같은 인연
    눈물은 거둬라

    떨어진 꽃잎 바람에 날면 뒤를 따라갈까

    어느 하늘 아래서 내가 쉴까 어디로 난 가야하나
    온 몸으로 막아도 흩어지는 바람에 날 재운다

    꿈이어라 허망한 꿈이어라 울어 본 들 무엇 하나
    부서질 줄 알면서 날아가는 하늘에 날 띄운다

    하늘아 하늘아 서러워 마라
    하늘아 하늘아 눈물진다
    하늘아 하늘아 실 같은 인연
    눈물은 거둬라


    베이지 노래 | 궁중잔혹사-꽃들의 전쟁 Part.1 (JTBC 주말드라마)

    부서지는 바람소리 아픈 내 맘에
    푸른 달빛 하나 머금고
    허공 속으로
    꿈이 흩날리던 밤
    님을 버린 달빛 그림자

    눈물 한 점 맘에 숨겨 상처난 사랑
    소리 없이 집어 삼키고
    손을 내밀어 밤 별들을 세어도
    달라질 꿈이라

    불어오는 바람아
    흘러가는 시간아
    사랑은 한낱 눈물로 끝이어라
    시들어진 꽃처럼
    사라질 내 추억아
    희미해지는 꿈이어라

    어지러운 마음소리 힘든 발걸음
    훠이훠이 재촉하는 밤
    불꽃이 되어
    타오르는 내 맘은
    끝이 없어라
    비틀린 꿈이라

    불어오는 바람아
    흘러가는 시간아
    사랑은 한낮 깨어날 꿈이어라
    시들어진 꽃처럼
    사라질 내 추억아
    희미해지는 내 사랑아

    회오리 같은 운명의 잔인한 바람이
    주인을 잃은 사랑을 흔들고
    아름다웠던 약속의 순간 순간들이
    산산히 부서지는데

    사랑했다 말하리
    추억으로 남으리

    애틋한 그댈 내 맘에 담아둔 채
    어두워진 밤하늘
    푸른 달빛 그림자
    운명을 따라 떠나리라


    버블 시스터즈 노래 | 궁중잔혹사-꽃들의 전쟁 Part.1 (JTBC 주말드라마)

    내 사랑 때문에 내 미련 때문에
    어질었던 네 눈에 눈물이 흐른다
    잊어달란 사랑 미안하다 너를 잊지 못해서
    너는 나를 품는다

    가늠할 수 없는 기억에 가슴에 찬 숨이 애인다
    돌아보지 말라 하여도 눈물이 날 덮는다

    세상에 버려진 너를 찾으려고 애를 써봐도
    너는 나를 모른다

    내 사랑 때문에 내 미련 때문에
    어질었던 네 눈에 눈물이 흐른다
    잊어달란 사랑 미안하다 너를 잊지 못해서
    너는 나를 품는다

    별들이 네게 날 지우고
    바람이 날 가리고
    그렇게 넌 떠났구나

    이 험한 세상에 너 혼자
    그렇게 나를 부르던
    너를 듣지 못했다

    내 아픔 때문에 내 사랑 때문에
    어질었던 네 눈에 눈물이 고인다
    지켜달란 사랑 미안하다 너를 잊지 못해서
    너는 나를 품는다

  39. 39 : Carmen Says:

    I do really love this drama–it is girl power!!!!

  40. 40 : Ttuk Says:

    I can’t shake off Lee Duk Hwa’s character in May Queen. If he wasn’t the shocker of an actor that he is, his characters might all be unique and believable. Ah well.

  41. 41 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6:
    Holy Moly.
    She needs to get pregnant fast, to secure her position. So she uses her first love as a sperm-donor in repeated rendevous. (The old king might not be virile enough. Haha.) But the minute she finds out she is pregnant, she has lover boy killed! I guess she can’t risk having her secret be alive with him. Except, I was thinking, what if it’s a baby girl? Then what?
    Black-widow! And it’s just the beginning of her long road to evil domination!

  42. 42 : KDaddict Says:

    Comment #41 should refer to both ep 6 and ep 7.

  43. 43 : KHJlover Says:

    ahhhhh crazy, ep 7, all the ep she was talking about having a son and makes it the king
    a Prop, she has a daughter, OMg cant believe it.

  44. 44 : eny Says:

    attractive with the story but 50 episode seems too long, may be i’ll check after finish airing or after a half episodes

  45. 45 : eny Says:

    wrong type “attract with the story”

  46. 46 : Ttuk Says:

    Aissh.. I can’t have Kim Tae Hee playing evil. No way. And this has gone way too modern for me. I want authentic Joseon and don’t care at all for the Mills & Boon moments working up to the kiss. How much more intense it would have been (their romance) had the writer understood and stayed true to Joseon values and social protocols.

  47. 47 : Ttuk Says:

    Woops .. Posted to wrong page. Chona, i deserve to be killed.

  48. 48 : Jae Says:

    This series is half boring and have fun to watch. I like the main character Royal Concubine Jo So Yong. She did a lot of bad things but she wasn’t a horrible person. She became angry, power hungry, and sometimes vicious because of the weak or terrible people around her. She suffered a lot of injustice by the people that should have loved her and became twisted in order to save herself. I really hope she gets what she wants. All the others are the horrible people. Everyone looks down on her, even her lover. And the idiot lover almost got her killed too! What was he thinking going to the palace to tell the king the baby may or may not be his? Does he really love her? She would be dead if she hadn’t stepped in. If he had been stronger and stood up to his horrible mother she never would have done the things she did.

  49. 49 : KHJlover Says:

    her lover is going back and get revenge on her, ahh cant wait to see that scene when she found out about this

  50. 50 : kimchilee Says:

    I am so depressed.. usually, after watching my favourite dramas which has nice ost songs, i would go to this website, KMusicDL to download the songs and whatever latest nice song that website has to offer. But now, it says the blogger site has been removed. Does anyone know how or what i have to do to get back to that website? i am so depressed i cannot get to that website anymore.. please.. somebody.. can tell me where i can get to download korean songs for MP3 player..?

  51. 51 : KHJlover Says:

    @kinchilee just try to search for the songs on google

  52. 52 : shl Says:

    Three songs mentioned by KHJlover in #38 are r-o-u-g-hly translated.
    Dream of a butterfly (meaning life is vain)
    Song by Yang Sun-Mi

    heaven, Hevean, don’t feel sad.
    Heaven, Heaven, do not cry.
    Heaven, Heaven, the fate connection is like a thin thread.
    Stop your tears.

    The flower falters at the wind, The day breaks at the moon light.
    Which life, which heaven, could I leave this heart at?
    A sigh will stay lonely by itself, and scatter in the end.
    It is dream, vain dream, What is the use for asking.
    Should I live, roaming around the world, soaked in the rain, as if I forgot to live.

    Heaven, heaven, don’t feel sad.
    Heaven, heaven sheds tears.
    Heaven, Heaven, the fate connection is like a thin thread.
    Stop your tears.

    Should I follow the fallen leaves when it flies away by the wind.
    Under which sky, can I take a rest? where should I go?
    Scattered Wind I couldn’t block even with my whole body, which puts me to sleep.

    It is dream, vain dream, what is the use to ask?
    Knowing it will break, still I float myself in the sky which is flowing away.

    Heaven, heaven, don’t feel sad.
    Heaven, heaven sheds tears.
    Heaven, Heaven, fate connection is like a thin thread.
    Stop your tears.

    2. It is dream
    Song by Beige.

    My heart hurt by sound of scattering wind,
    The night embracing Blue moonlight and
    into the air, dream was dispersed.
    The shade of moonlight abandoned my love.

    The love bruised by hiding a drop of tear in my heart
    Swollow it with silence.
    Even though I hold out my hands and count the stars at night,
    It is fate
    and dream which will change.

    Blowing wind,
    Passing time,
    Love ends just with tears
    Like withered flower, m
    my memory will disapper,
    and my dream will fade.

    Confusing sound of mind, tiring footstep,
    It is the night urging those,
    My mind becomes a flame and burns,
    It has no end, and is twisted dream.

    Blowing wind,
    Passing time,
    Love is a dream which will just wake up,
    Like withered flower,
    My memory will disappear
    and my love will fade.

    The cruel wind of fate like whirlwind
    shakes the love which lost its master
    and moments of beautiful promise is shattered into many pieces.

    I will tell I loved.
    It will remain as memory.

    As I keep unforgettable you in my mind,
    I will leave following my fate,
    in darkend night sky and blue moonlight shade.

    3. Wild Flowers.
    Song By Bubble sisters

    Because of my love, because of my stubbornness,
    Your eyes well up, you the gentle soul,
    You tell me to forget you, but I am sorry I couldn’t forget you.
    Thus you embrace me.

    At the memory I can’t imagine, I feel out of breath, filled in my heart .
    I command myself not to look back, but still tears betray me.
    I try hard to search you, who is thrown into the world, but you don’t know me.

    Because of my love, because of my stubborness,
    Your eyes well up, you the gentle soul,
    You tell me to forget you, but I am sorry I couldn’t forget you.
    Thus you embrace me.

    Star erased you from me,
    Wind hided me from you,
    Like that, you left me.

    In this tough world, left alone,
    You called out to me like that,
    but I couldn’t hear you.

    Because of my suffering, because of my love,
    Your eyes well up, you the gentle soul,
    You tell me to protect you, but I am sorry I couldn’t forget you.
    Thus you embrace me.

  53. 53 : Valkyrie1939 Says:

    THIS IS A BAD A** drama. Lady Gu in is so bad she is perfect. I hope she has an exit plan after the son takes over as King. I think she is taking revenge on all of them who forced her to become a concubine like her mother, and expect her to be humble, respectful and grateful.

  54. 54 : Jae Says:

    @ 53
    Yeah, it’s getting better and better. They can blame her all they want but the fault is with the system and the people who forced her to change that way. So many bad people like the boyfriend who didn’t stand up for her and almost got her killed multiple time, the king who used her for her body, the politicians who used her for their mission to takeover, etc. I hope she kills them all.

  55. 55 : marissa Says:

    Its a drama about greed, ambition and the consequences.
    Song Sun Mi’s beauty and acting is extra ordinary! Two thumbs up for you!

  56. 56 : zoe Says:

    Where are the instrumental osts???? I cant find them anywhere! Did they not release the background music soundtracks?

  57. 57 : +256 700 950 720 Says:

    The King was trapped by her love.

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