Femme Fatale Korean Dramas & Movies

Queen of Ambition (2013)

Queen of Ambition

Rank #4105

When you grow up in extreme poverty, the experience can instill a steely resolve to succeed at all costs. Joo Da Hae is determined to leave her life of poverty...

Cruel Palace - War of Flowers (2013)

Cruel Palace – War of Flowers

Rank #5615

A legendary femme fatale, So Yong uses her natural beauty, sensuality, and wit to win the King’s love and become part of his royal concubine. King In Jo indulges himself...

La Dolce Vita (2008)

La Dolce Vita

Rank #5788

The drama is about a man who commits self-harm. A detective tries to solve the case and figure what really happened. The drama goes back in time to six months...

Medical Gibang Cinema

Medical Gibang Cinema

Rank #51757

The chain of events is twisted when Yeon unfortunately witnesses her sister being gang assaultd. She is then filled by anger and takes her life on a vengeance road by...

Modern Boy (2008)

Modern Boy

Rank #55815

Set against the backdrop of the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1937, “Modern Boy” tells the story of Hae Myeong, a government general who falls in love at first sight...