Harem Korean Dramas & Movies

Dong Yi (2010)

Dong Yi

Rank #482

“Dong Yi” is a historical drama based on the life of Dong Yi later known as Choi Suk Bin. She worked in the royal palace as a lowly water maid....

Jang Ok Jung (2013)

Jang Ok Jung

Rank #3070

This drama tells the story of Jang Hee Bin, one of the most famous royal concubines in the Joseon Dynasty who was behind the deposition of King Sook Jong’s wife,...

Ex-Girlfriend Club

Ex-Girlfriend Club

Rank #4378

Bang Myeong Soo is a popular writer of webtoons. He then writes a webtoon series about his past relationships, specifically his four ex-girlfriends, which includes an older, wealthy divorcee, a...

Cruel Palace - War of Flowers (2013)

Cruel Palace – War of Flowers

Rank #5615

A legendary femme fatale, So Yong uses her natural beauty, sensuality, and wit to win the King’s love and become part of his royal concubine. King In Jo indulges himself...

The Concubine (2012)

The Concubine

Rank #7686

Prince Sung Won sees Hwa Yeon, the daughter of a wealthy nobleman, for the first time and falls in love, but Hwa Yeon loves Kwon Yoo. Kwon Yoo saved her...

Jang Hee Bin (2002)

Jang Hee Bin

Rank #46625

Jang Hee Bin tells the story of a young lady-in-waiting whose beauty catches the eye of the King and becomes his concubine. Quickly rising in the ranks and eventually giving...

Jang Hee Bin

Jang Hee Bin

Rank #55592

A drama depicting the life of Jang Hee Bin, who raised up as a royal concubine in the midst of political struggle during the reign of King Sukjong (Joseon). (Source:...

My Sister

My Sister, The Pig Lady

Rank #57066

A village once famous for fishing hairtail has now become a shell of its former self. The haul of fishes has greatly diminished and many of the villagers has left...