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Title: 무정도시 / Cruel City
Chinese Title: 無情都市
Also Known as: Heartless City
Previously Known as: 언더커버 / Undercover
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Romance, action
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2013-May-27 to 2013-July-30
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:50


A drama about a police officer joining a gang to investigate a drug case.

Yoon Soo Min (Nam Gyu Ri) decides to find her friend’s killer by going undercover and finishing what she started. However, she ends up falling in love with the drug lord, Jung Shi Hyun (Jung Kyung Ho) who might have had a role in her friend’s death.


Main Cast

Jung Kyung Ho as Jung Shi Hyun
Nam Gyu Ri as Yoon Soo Min
Lee Jae Yoon as Ji Hyung Min
Son Chang Min as Min Hong Ki
Kim Yoo Mi as Lee Jin Sook

Supporting Cast

Choi Moo Sung as Moon Duk Bae
Yoon Hyun Min as Kim Hyun Soo
Go Na Eun as Lee Kyung Mi
Kim Hyo Sun as Killer Eun soo
Jung Soo Young as Oh Jung Yun
Jung Ji Soon as Director Jo
Jung Moon Sung as Shi Hyun’s underling
Kim Byung Ok as Jeo Wool / Scale
Kim Jae Hwa as Park Eun Ae
Kim Jung Hak as Ahn Kyung Chan
Park Soo Young as Detective Squad Chief Yang
Kim Min Sang as Kim Bbong
Shim Min as Joo Young
Kim Jong Goo as Busan Gang President Jo
Park Min Soo
Lee Moo Saeng as Detective Kim (Hyun Soo’s source)

Production Credits

Production Company: DRM Media (DRM 미디어)
Producer: Jo Joon Hyung, Go Jung Ho
Director: Jang Yong Woo, Lee Jung Hyo
Screenwriter: Yoo Sung Yul


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185 Responses to “Cruel City”

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  1. 151
    addylovesbwoowd Says:

    Yes, the ending wasn’t great but it didn’t ruin the fact that this is THE BEST DRAMA OF 2013. Not even HEIRS can beat this(**runs away from crazy fangirls**)LOL… much respect for Baksa for filming the last 4 episodes with his injury. Wishing him a speedy recovery..

  2. 152
    bitbit Says:

    is not good drama?i want to watch this drama but the comments are not convincing????

  3. 153
    bitbit Says:

    can you tell me please if this drama is worth watching?

  4. 154
    addict Says:

    best drama in 2013!! love it so much

  5. 155
    Nudge Says:

    Sad ending but still a moving tale.

    I loved the bond of friendship that Shi Hyun formed with everyone around him. How he sought to protect those people with his own life. And how they loved him.

    In contrast his superiors were not as magnanimous, using those under their command to do their bidding, even executing cops who got in their way.

    Son Chang Min delivers a convincing bad guy as he did in Horse Doctor and Shin Dong.

  6. 156
    TheOne Says:

    bitbit, I really recommend this drama. It’s by far the most interesting and amazing drama I have seen!

  7. 157
    TRUTH Says:

    As for me this is not the best drama of the year,for year 2013 all the drama I have watch has been disappointment,specially towards the endings. I don’t watch a drama because of the actors or the actress, I watch drama because of the story it has to tell or what kind of lesson people should learn by the things they do, for this drama the writer fail to address that.there are some articles in some websites that say that, the writer said this drama is an open ending,which mean you have to write your own conclusion of what you think the end might be.tell me that makes it the best drama of the year,well some may see the actors and actress did a good with their acts, i don’t have any problem with that,the only good and best part of this drama was when a man try to sell his child to obtain drug, that was the best part in the drama,it teaches how children can be explore to be use for prostitution, that was it, even the love story that was suppose to lure you in, still did not deliver any act of true affection from the man,I can hardly see both leads communicate with each other, there was no connection into which the male lead sympathy with female , for in which the kind of life he cant give or offer to her, she was begging to understand him but he refuses to give her that meaningful part of his life even the life he lives can’t offer security she knows that but he leave her there begging and turn his back on her,without no sympathy for her,for he been the first man she has truly love or give herself to. the other parts of the writing did not deliver any convincing story of what the writer was trying to tell the audience. it was all BS.

  8. 158
    cathy Says:

    Very good drama but unfortunately with a sad ending. Would have been great if the hero did not have to die and the story ends with him returning to the police force and thereafter, was able to fight against crimes effectively with the experience he gathered while working as an undercover cop. Really like the ‘cool’ look of Jung Kyung Ho.

  9. 159
    KD Says:

    Jung shi-hyun didn’t die. Because after that he meet at the airport with Hyung Min :
    HyungMin’s car, coming from far away. Parks next to a car that has already been parked.
    HyungMin gets out of the car and walks toward…the door opens ShiHyun gets out of the car with one arm bandanged

    HM: As you requested, Min Hong Ki died by Doctor’s Son. I’m Sorry
    SH: No…Thank You.
    HM: (Smiling) Lee Jin Sook, SooMin..Everyone knows that you killed him.
    SH: (Hurt)
    HM: Do you have to leave?
    SH: If I stay…Both of them will not be able to be happy.

    HyungMin, gives a plane ticket and passport to ShiHyun

    HM: Passport. Ticket…
    SH: (Receives and holds onto them)
    HM: Do not worry. Your name, age, it is all changed.
    SH: The new name…(smiles) Jung Hyun Soo…Thank You.
    HM: Are you not going to come back?
    SH: …Be well. Ji Hyung Min.
    HM: …
    SH: …

    When HM has his hand out for a handshake SH shakes hands after switching to his left hand, due to the bandaged hand
    Both get in their cars. From far away a plane is seen departing into the sky.

    Read here for more:

  10. 160
    Colorada Says:

    This year there is not any drama with good ending///what is going on?

  11. 161
    ghazwa Says:

    beside the ending this drama is the best i really love the main roll all his courage and suffering through the way its very beautfull drama
    i don’t know about scenario that everyone talks about but i think he is alive because of last scene that he shows talking on the phone
    but it is very good drama wroth watching ♥

  12. 162
    Haaay Says:

    Nice one although im not satisfied the ending but still thumbs up.

  13. 163
    MD Says:

    the best drama i’ve seen this year the story line is just awesome. Though the ending is sad it still doesnt change the awesomeness of the drama. Im just sad it ended i hope they will make a season 2.

  14. 164
    lerpha Says:

    the end was just great… its an open ended and that’s reasonable on the producers and writers perspective because there will be a part 2 (i assumed) just like IRIS,, the plot was superb and maybe… just maybe.. the story will goes like this… with the help of HM, SH will change identity and live abroad… and since commissioner Ji and Director MIn was discovered the next villain will be Senator Cha who happened to be running or became a president of korea and HM seek help to SH to come back and help him to stop the corruption of senator Cha and that will start the love conflict of HM and the reporter who happened to be the daughter of Senator Cha…. anticipating … hahaha 🙂

  15. 165
    Rose Says:

    Didn’t really like the ending that much but otherwise a good drama.

  16. 166
    bella Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. i love the plot and the smooth flow of the drama. every episode is full of surprise n always make me curious what will happen next. but i wish there is more interactions/love story between shi hyun & soo min and better ending. overall i think this is a good drama. worth watching 🙂

  17. 167
    guillotina Says:

    Son Chang min in shin dom is not a bad guy ia man whose rage against the rich clans poisoned his life but he is not bad he is a complicated human being hetre is a corrupted man .

  18. 168
    guillotina Says:

    The doctor is one of the best roles in k drama the kangmaru of this year doubtless…

  19. 169
    Abc Says:

    Best drama 2013!!! It’s a must. Worth watching this. Dunno understand the ending. Baksa is still alive?!? Maybe there is a 2nd season?!! Hope for that

  20. 170
    bblve Says:

    useless drama, im dissappointed, all about drugs, n0thng interesting,, n0 impact, i d0nt thnk it worth to watch,, boring as in…

  21. 171
    chim Says:

    good drama.. i like it

  22. 172
    marika Says:

    Best drama ever

  23. 173
    isaac tettey nartey Says:

    what a great show. very suspenseful. indeed this drama is a must watch.

  24. 174
    xtinesone Says:

    wooh, what a drama, i am so hooked until the end of it, and can’t believe that i wasn’t bored! i really love the characters in this story esp. doctors’son. The story can be realistic and the title does well for the plot to be so amazing! best action drama, better than IRIS, just saying!:-)

  25. 175
    silhoutte Says:

    These K dramas nowadays just like to give viewers a sad or tragic ending. That is why Heirs rule no 1 as they have pretty boys there and it was a happy ending. The rest are all sad endings and the scriptwriters thot it is so cute to leave viewers with either an open ending or sad ending. Mark my words, You who came from the Stars will win the 2014 drama of the year cos they have a happy ending and people like aliens whose face will crack if he so much as smile as parodied in YT by a fan!
    Wake up and give us happy ending dramas, sad or tragic ending dramas are so cliche and so out of the century.

  26. 176
    meia Says:

    Best action drama EVER!!! I got hook up and cannot leave this drama even after I watched it all. At first yes, I was devastated with the ending but after I watched it again and again, I see it! Shi Hyun is alive!!! Maybe you guys didn’t see it but the last seconds’ scene showing him standing wearing cream coat talking on the phone indicate that he is alive but not as drug lord anymore. And from Jin Sook reaction…she should have been all depressed if Shi Hyun died because she cannot live without him..and yet she still can smile…and the eiffel tower postcard? Dont you get it? I should stop now..yeah it’s an open end..so just take it as you want..but for me this drama is the BEST! And JKH is one of the hell good actor! Thumbs up!

  27. 177
    hma Says:

    I agree u,sh is alive,he wears cream coat & talking on the ph,i’m so happy bcoz he was alive… but sh is selfisf …he should give little hints to sm that he was not died

  28. 178
    JANE Says:


  29. 179
    o0o Says:

    finally noe how to comment noob

  30. 180
    Csirii Says:

    Oooohh..I don’t even know what to say, I just finished the drama..this was just truly amazing..I couldn’t leave it, I watched it in 3 days,and I enjoyed it all along,THis was the very first time that I was sobbing while watching a drama or film or anything.. I fell in love with a lot of characters ,it was so real,so sad,so world like…Jung Kyoung-Ho!!He is so fantastic!!! The best actor I have ever seen!!! I JUST LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! The songs and EVERYTHING!! FROM MY HEART,THANK YOU ALL OF YOU!!

  31. 181
    ana Says:

    Should i watch it?????just to see jung kyung ho because i like him in falling for innocence….

  32. 182


  33. 183
    renna Says:

    Another sad ending drama..

  34. 184
    Dee Says:

    Just watched ep one of this drama as its on Netflix reading all the reviews it looks good

  35. 185
    “Wise Prison Life” – povestea oamneilor care traiesc intre zidurile inchisorii - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] acesta l-atimai putut vedea in seriale, precum:  “Time Between Dog and Wolf” (MBC, 2007), “Cruel City” (jTBC, 2013), “ Endless Love” (SBS, 2014), “Falling for Innocence” (jTBC, 2015), “One More Happy […]

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