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Cruel City

Title: 무정도시 / Cruel City
Chinese Title: 無情都市
Also Known as: Heartless City
Previously Known as: 언더커버 / Undercover
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Romance, action
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2013-May-27 to 2013-July-30
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:50


A drama about a police officer joining a gang to investigate a drug case.

Yoon Soo Min (Nam Gyu Ri) decides to find her friend’s killer by going undercover and finishing what she started. However, she ends up falling in love with the drug lord, Jung Shi Hyun (Jung Kyung Ho) who might have had a role in her friend’s death.


Main Cast

Jung Kyung Ho as Jung Shi Hyun
Nam Gyu Ri as Yoon Soo Min
Lee Jae Yoon as Ji Hyung Min
Son Chang Min as Min Hong Ki
Kim Yoo Mi as Lee Jin Sook

Supporting Cast

Choi Moo Sung as Moon Duk Bae
Yoon Hyun Min as Kim Hyun Soo
Go Na Eun as Lee Kyung Mi
Kim Hyo Sun as Killer Eun soo
Jung Soo Young as Oh Jung Yun
Jung Ji Soon as Director Jo
Jung Moon Sung as Shi Hyun’s underling
Kim Byung Ok as Jeo Wool / Scale
Kim Jae Hwa as Park Eun Ae
Kim Jung Hak as Ahn Kyung Chan
Park Soo Young as Detective Squad Chief Yang
Kim Min Sang as Kim Bbong
Shim Min as Joo Young
Kim Jong Goo as Busan Gang President Jo
Park Min Soo
Lee Moo Saeng as Detective Kim (Hyun Soo’s source)

Production Credits

Production Company: DRM Media (DRM 미디어)
Producer: Jo Joon Hyung, Go Jung Ho
Director: Jang Yong Woo, Lee Jung Hyo
Screenwriter: Yoo Sung Yul


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  1. 1 : rm018 Says:

    Jung Kyung Ho is back. 🙂 Wanna watch this.

  2. 2 : Park jun sung Says:

    Jung kyung ho. . . Handsome

  3. 3 : vic Says:

    Nam Gyu ri ..

  4. 4 : Sina Says:

    Lee Jae Yoon. Very good actor. Loved him on MLBMS.

  5. 5 : yl1993 Says:

    Jung Kyung Ho!!! Oh how i’ve waited so long for him to have a comeback! Totally love him. He is soo handsome!!! Soo looking forward to this drama since its Jung Kyung Ho and is also one of my fave genre: crime action romance… I couldn’t ask for more

  6. 6 : angerlwj Says:

    what can i say more. jung kyun ho is finally back in dramaland been waiting for him for so long

  7. 7 : Nidnoi Says:

    Jung Kyoung Ho is a nice actor and so cute. His acting is good and he has a good eye expression. Can’t wait to see his new drama.

  8. 8 : aznative Says:

    This is licensed to air on DramaFever.

  9. 9 : Sina Says:

    Waiting for this drama to start.

  10. 10 : daryl Says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! eagerly waiting for jung kyung ho’s comeback!!!!

  11. 11 : cuity17 Says:

    Wanna see Nam Gyu Ri in action…..;). Emmm…. bisa ga ya?? ;D

  12. 12 : THONA Says:

    HI Nam Gyu Ri,

    I wanna see you again in this drama after the 49th Day gone so fast. I missed all your action there. bb

  13. 13 : fifi Says:

    no my god!!!! this has jung kyung ho in it! im so gonna watch this

  14. 14 : rana Says:

    it seems to be intresting drama ..like both lead actors…

  15. 15 : say Says:

    Jung Kyung Ho is in smile you, but in this drama he is great, i never knew he he has is gangster in him before, so far he is pulling it off to be a great drama. good acting Jung Kyung Ho .

  16. 16 : Sina Says:

    Like this drama so far.

  17. 17 : nothing Says:

    So far awesome drama,for now, a good one to watch you won’t regret watching the two episode that has already been aired.

  18. 18 : fan Says:

    A good drama so far, I like the action in it and the cast. Hope it’ll keep like this.
    What will happen !? Waiting for the next episodes.

  19. 19 : nothing Says:

    I hope they don’t kill off the female detective as it is written in the Synopsis, may be injured, so that at the end, both doctor son and male detective will join force together to take down the drugs lords wherever they are hiding.

  20. 20 : say Says:

    what I like about this drama is that it is dark, both the doctor son and the male detective are smart men also ruthless. I like a drama where they show the leads they are smart, if they keep it up that way, it will be for sure the one that one will always come back to watch again and again.

  21. 21 : tera Says:

    finally….something worth watching in 2013….
    Actually, i watch it at first because of Jung Kyung Ho….but the first and second episode was fantastic….I think I’ll come back after they finish the series….It is really intriguing that i’m sure if i watch it now I’ll suffer waiting for the next 2 and half months…

  22. 22 : Angelia's Says:

    Wow the female detective is fantastic. I hope she is not giong to die because because besides the doctor’s son and the make detective she is one reason i enjoyed this drama so far.

  23. 23 : say Says:

    according to Synopsis, she is going to die, than the girl in the inconvenient store, will be use to go after doctor son, bad ideal on police side, we all can guess what will happen next, we wait and see if actually they are going to kill her off or keep her in aside for sometime for story to real pick of very well, who knows what next.

  24. 24 : say Says:

    I can kindly say that this is the kind of drama that get me hook from the beginning,with [When a man loves ]until the writing gone insane and went to therapy to seek an advise on what write next, she end up making the drama the most horrible drama of the year.hope this one will get going the way it is now walking in a fine line.

  25. 25 : Torri Says:

    Great shoe loveeeeeee doctor son as they call him, the guy is playing his roll so well love it can’t wait for next week

  26. 26 : Diana Says:

    i already ship the couple even though they havent yet lol please please dont kill soo min or the doctors son

  27. 27 : say Says:

    I was wandering why will the detective Ji Hyung Min hired Soo Min to go undercover when he knows that it is dangerous for her and two other detective die already,my guess, it is the doctor’s son that hired Soo Min to go undercover for him and she end up helping the police also, if luck is on their side they might end up alive happy ever after the blood fight which is going to take place.

  28. 28 : Keito Says:

    Jo Kyung Ho’s comeback is daebak! I seriously love the first 2 episodes and hope to see more from Nam Gyuri 😀

  29. 29 : Sam Says:

    Jo Kyung Ho looked awesome in the movie Running Turtle. He really knows how to fight and it shows!

    Why did they have to make him look so effeminate in Cruel City? Why couldn’t they have made him look more ruggedly handsome like in Running Turtle?

    So far this looks to be an awesome crime thriller!


  30. 30 : fan Says:

    I don’t see him effeminate, he doesn’t look like a drug dealer, he’s neat, he deserves Doctor’s son alias, don’t you agree !?

  31. 31 : Sina Says:

    Like this drama.

  32. 32 : Sam Says:

    @fan 30.

    Yeah the alias is cool. I just wish his hair was a little longer. Aish! He looks better with longer hair. Lee Jae Yoon is cute too.


  33. 33 : fan Says:

    @Sam 32

    I’m sure he choose this look for the drama.
    Lee Jae Yoon is not only cute, he has charisma, so fitted to his role.

  34. 34 : Sina Says:

    Waiting for the subs on epi 4.

  35. 35 : Cyn Says:

    I love this show! The first three episodes were very good. I already like the Doctor’s Son, now I just want to see more of Nam Gyu Ri’s character.

  36. 36 : Jyenie Says:

    Just done with ep 2. Wow, Doctor’s Son is cool, he can easily take more than 10 gangsters down all by himself! This is exactly the type of gangster I like to watch in a drama. Nam Gu Ri’s character looks pretty and interesting here, looking forward to see the romance between her and D’s Son. Just like the title, a lot of cruel and violent stuffs going on here. The female detective(Nam Gu Ri’s friend) is very impulsive, no wonder she is getting into trouble.

  37. 37 : Sina Says:

    Did not know that she was going to die so soon. Was not expecting it. Hope the sister is as good.

  38. 38 : Jyenie Says:

    Everybody is going undercover in this drama.

  39. 39 : carmen Says:

    OMG OMG OMG I just start watching this drama last night and OHMY OHMY it is really really a good one!, for the people that like action, this is the one…will recomend 100%……I can not stop watching it…..

  40. 40 : kdfan Says:

    i suspected doc’s son was an undercover from the begining. guess i watched too many cop n gang shows. somewhat predictable. the action scenes are good. doc’s son is really cool. depressing to see all the nonsense killing though. namgyuri looks too pretty for the role.

  41. 41 : Sam Says:

    I can’t believe they killed her off so quickly either. WTH now Lee Jae Yoon is all alone and has nobody to snuggle up to!

    Yeah, I figured doc’s son was an undercover cop too. I kind of wish they hadn’t revealed that card so soon. I like it when they keep you guessing. Aish!

  42. 42 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I knew it also since it was stated on another site that he was an undercover already before episode 2 was up. I was hoping he wouldn’t be though – it would have been more exciting to follow and cheer for him as a real drug lord instead of him being undercover…

  43. 43 : Jyenie Says:

    The reason

  44. 44 : Jyenie Says:

    The reason why they reveal him as an undercover cop so soon is because they want you to feel his frustration. He doesn’t like this kind of life at all, he just wants to smash the drug ring and get out of it ASAP.

  45. 45 : kdfan Says:

    @Sam i agree with what Jyenie said. the revelation is only to the audience to keep us watching. ok so my sympathy to doc’s son is going overboard now that the entire police squad except one not quite straight police chief knows his identity.

    @xxxzxxx an undercover may get abandoned. it is only ep 4, who knows maybe doc’s son may have to cross over to the dark side for real. he sure is cool as a mob boss. and looking at how hard he took kyungmi’s death, in the end probably it is someone in the squad that he has to fight.

  46. 46 : Jyenie Says:

    I especially enjoy watching the bromance between D’s son and Kim hyun soo.
    You are probably right that D’s son might have to stay on the underworld for real when he is forced into a corner by some evil cops. These so called cops are more damaging than the gangsters because they are abusing their power for their own personal agenda. I don’t have very good feeling with the senior police because he is the only one who knows his real identity.

  47. 47 : stela Says:

    This drama is good because of the lead actor who is very charismatic.

  48. 48 : Sina Says:

    Both lead actors are good. I started watching this because of Lee Jae Yoon.

  49. 49 : liina Says:

    its already been 6 eps and i love this drama its really good, but when are the two lead going to meet and when is there love going to start i mean its a 20 eps drama and its already been 6 eps…

  50. 50 : saysay Says:

    Jung Shi Hyun Auntie knows how to walk it. she is a very elegant woman, her style makes her looks very beautiful, sometimes not only face that makes one look good though she got both,very good for her.

  51. 51 : della1975 Says:

    I want to watch this drama, I think it is a very interesting drama, with all the undercover and everything, and I really love to see Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu Ri as a couple ;P

  52. 52 : kdfan Says:

    Now that Shihyun’s priority is catching Kyungmi’s killer over the druglord, he doesnt seem as cool. I know he needs to clear his name but can he do that a bit later .. I need to see him back as the cool mob boss.

  53. 53 : fan Says:

    Just finished watching episode 3, everybody is smart and it’s comprehensive, you can’t survive and become a boss in this industry if you’re not. JHM the chief of the special unit is very competent and smart, but how come his subordinates are like that !? impulsive and reckless ! that inspector Shin must be sent to the traffic unit or fired !

  54. 54 : Sina Says:

    Just finished 6 and still into this drama. Can’t wait till next week.

  55. 55 : Jyenie Says:

    Nice to see you here! I might watch Shark too as it sounds interesting.

    Yes, I also can’t tolerate that clumsy idiot, he is partly responsible for the death of KM but nobody blames him at all as they all turn their attention to D’s son! He should be demoted to clean the police station’s toilets!

  56. 56 : fiana Says:

    who’s the lead woman here is??Is she Nam Gyu Ri??

  57. 57 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 55

    hahaha ! I agree !

    I don’t understand why JHM changed his mind ? He was smart enough to see that all was a war within drug organization, that the plotting was to bring D’s son down but now he’s blinded and blames him for KM death !

  58. 58 : fan Says:

    Good story, well built !

    After finishing ep. 6, I have to wait a week 🙁

  59. 59 : Jyenie Says:

    I agree it doesn’t make sense at all, the writer just wants easy way out to continue the story?!

  60. 60 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 59

    We will see next week if he’ll still think that D’s son is the killer. After what commissioner yang before getting killed told him, maybe he’ll reconsider everthing. Maybe he thinks now that D’s son is the key, that’s why he wants to catch him.

    I think that his father is entangled with Pusan, that they’re trying to get D’s son down because they knew that he’s undercover.

    We have to wait and see !

  61. 61 : Jyenie Says:

    wow, sounds very exciting! I haven’t watched ep 5 & 6 yet because I have been so busy on WTML thread. LOL.

  62. 62 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 61

    hahaha ! my apologies for keeping you busy 😀

    Episodes 5 & 6 are good don’t miss them, you’ll se how So Min go undercover.

  63. 63 : Sina Says:

    She seems to be doing a good job right now.

  64. 64 : Ttuk Says:

    I’m struggling to get through the first 2 episodes.

    The best line was said to the cop at a children’s playground in Episode #1. The cop waxed lyrical about how he wants to make it a safer world for the children. To which the response came:

    “You are mistaken. Those kids decide what kind of world they want to live in.”

    How true. Such a misguided notion and one that has been rehashed too often in American tv/movies. If children believed happiness only come via material consumption then all sensual highs are permissible and indeed sought. It means they have no strong enough reason to not take to drugs.

    If this point is not understood and not acted upon by a society proper, then the cop’s noble sacrifice, in such cases is all but in vain.

    A society must then bear the burden of guilt from the deaths of its defenders. The creators of this drama at least did some good by including a thought provoking line in the dialogue, but perhaps too little.

  65. 65 : agasshiseben Says:

    just started watching this drama and i’m hooked! finally i found a great drama with great plot and casts. can’t wait to watch new episode each week 🙂

  66. 66 : saysay Says:

    That seen were Soo Min hop in Shi Hyun car was funny to me, because the look on Shi Hyun face was like [ it never occur to me that i ever thought of a woman in my life what a surprise to him,he was dumb founded about Soo Min action after showing her a knife yet she still not afraid of him, that took him by surprise] though he knows how to use women to get other people I hope he will be wise not to totally carry away when he falls in love with her, because Soo Min will not act good to him again when she will find out who he is, she will rush to judgment about her best death, that is were most people make a mistake about others rushing to judgment without totally knowing the trust about some things, hope she will be a wise woman, to really find out who is responsible for her friend death and help also love Shi Hyun back.

  67. 67 : della1975 Says:

    spoiler pleaseeee…. ;p

  68. 68 : truth Says:

    if the writer want to keep Shi Hyun alive at the end of this drama, he or she must kill the commissioner Min, why as long as he knows Doctor son, he will always use him from one assignment to other assignment the commissioner will never let him go until Doctor son die, when he dies the commissioner min will start to use other person, so it is never ending undercover assignment,in episode7 Shi Hyun gave the drug he got back from the drug dealers to the commissioner I was wandering what the commissioner do with the drugs, hope he too is not selling them, i don’t trust him for sure.

  69. 69 : Jyenie Says:

    I think commissioner Min is not as innocent as he seems.

  70. 70 : emerald Says:

    OMG!!! ive been hesitating to watch this drama at first… but now i decided to watch it, no regrets for sure… Nam Gyu Ri and Jung kyung ho never fails me at all with thier dramas… im so excited till the end… fighting!!!

  71. 71 : emerald Says:

    why there isnt a rating?

  72. 72 : kdfan Says:

    @saysay 66 i agree the scene where SM approached SH so friendly and flirtatiously was too out of place when their last encounter seemed to have left SM terrified of him. I find it the writer’s mistake for wanting SM and SH to establish a base too hastily for their future relationship to develop. It was really hard for me to believe SM could act that way. after 6 eps of greatness, i finally feel a flaw but it’s still a good episode.

  73. 73 : kdfan Says:

    in ep 7, when Safari flashback on him killing the bad commissioner, i was wondering .. was he just worried he had unwisely killed and caused chairman to be upset? or was he disturbed that he had to kill the commissioner as part of his mission as an … undercover too!? killing a commissioner may be too extreme for an undercover though. but it’s also possible more than one undercover is involved in catching the drug lord. if safari is also undercover this would be very interesting..

  74. 74 : say Says:

    one things, i don’t understand is that, does it make scene for soo min to become prostitute to catch doctor son,through prostitution, you can only catch somebody when you know that person weakness, or when they tell you about that person, not all men goes to prostitute women that i can also say about doctor son, he don’t play around women, he comes to the anti in private and goes in private, Doctor Son is just a nick name only few upper drug lords knows about it.in common scene before Soo Min will be able to uncover the truth, she is going to need a lot of luck for that if there was no love interest in the story line, because doctor son don’t go for prostitutes, he knows how easily you can get caught with women around you, he himself has also use women to get other people,so, i hope Soo Min leave the ideal of prostituting herself once both her and Shi Hyun get to knows each other better, also support Shi Hyun to find out who real kill her best friend.

  75. 75 : bella Says:

    hi guyz! is this drama worth watching? kamsamida!

  76. 76 : dela Says:

    Love episode 10, but why did SM leave money on the table for SM? did he thinks that she need it? but btw, its a really hot bed scene over there, real hot kiss, thank God! hehehe…

  77. 77 : say Says:

    dela, I think i will be able to answer that,to my best understanding.he met Soo Min at inconvenience store as a sales clack, he gave her a ride home,and he knows where she lives,he met her again by all to his surprise, she was all well dress up and she lie she was meeting up with her friend,maybe he believed her, she called him to have a drink with her,he agreed, and came,both of them get attracted to each other that night, instead of her to take him to the house where he drop her the other night, she took him to a place where call girls lives,after the night he was totally confused who she was,leaving the money severs a propose, one he wants to know if she is now a prostitute than, she will call and thank him for the tip or if she is not, she will call and explaining what she is doing there and she will be angry about the money, so it is her that have to explain herself to Jung Shi Hyun who she is.leaving the money is a means for him to understand what he will be getting himself into or how he can help if she needed one.

    Hyung Min is a non such,he really took Soo Min like a girl who have no future for herself,by sending her to a dangerous mission, his girl friend dead, does not serve that propose, why you should sent an innocent girl to a mission which you, yourself knows it is a very dangerous to her and can have her kill instantly, before his girl friend dead, Hyung Min was very concern about her well been in the front line all the time thinking quitting his law school can help him protect her, always warning her not to be so in rush to act, though she did not listen to him that was one of the reasons she ended up dead,so why will you put Soo Min through same kind of mission which you knows can end her life also. the auntie sending Soo Min to deliver drugs or money has expose Soo Min now to the drug lords, she will for now be hunted, there are so many things to talk about Soo Min mission to find Doctor Son,and example was the ep10 how easily her life could have end without Jung Shi Hyun coming to the rescue, I hope the writer will use Jung Shi Hyun to deliver Soo Min from this dangerous situation she got herself into with the help of agreed avenger, whose thought that life is no longer precious to him and others that is around him and let Soo Min and Jung Shi Hyun live happily ever after all this drug war ends.

  78. 78 : say Says:

    does anyone knows about the ratings of this drama, please post if you have any ideals. I am dying to know. thank you.

  79. 79 : dela Says:

    @77 Say, its now SH who sent SM to a mission, its JS and she get scolded by SH for dangering herself into that situation, SM is not suppose to bring the bag full of money but SH just found out that its SM that going to deliver the money instead of someone else, so he was following her and just in time saving her too. I think SH really falling for her but he cant let that happen and trying to hide his feeling.

  80. 80 : dela Says:

    @77 say, sorry I mean its not Si Hyun who sent Soo Min to a secret mission to delivered the money.
    But I know its Hyung Min who sent Soo Min for a secret mission to find out whose killed his Girlfriend and get into the drug dealer world.
    Si Hyun Slept with Soo Min and leaving money after that. I just think that SH likes SM but why leaving money after the sex? and its very upsetting too for SM, she feels like she is a prostitute, although she is undercover cop pretend to be one. But I love all the chemistry between Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Gyu Ri, they just blew me away, perfect couple.

  81. 81 : kdfan Says:

    what the .. i suspected safari is an undercover and it turned out to be true?? great cops are killing each other to get the bad guys. who is the next undercover to be revealed …

  82. 82 : okey dokey Says:


    2013-05-27 1 0.98 1.44
    2013-05-28 2 1.06 1.56
    2013-06-03 3 1.77 2.92
    2013-06-04 4 1.86 2.95
    2013-06-10 5 2.27 3.13
    2013-06-11 6 2.40 3.35
    2013-05-17 7 2.69 3.72
    2013-05-18 8 2.98 4.16
    2013-06-24 9 3.51 4.73
    2013-06-25 10 3.66 4.95

  83. 83 : okey dokey Says:

    jtbc is cable network thats why you cant compare sbs/mbc ratings with jtbc ratings its like comapring hbo/showtime with fox/nbc

  84. 84 : say Says:

    @okey dokey, Thank you so much I real appreciate that, thanks once again

  85. 85 : say Says:

    okey dokey, The rating keep increasing, this is different from all the Korean drama i have watch so far, cruel city is full of passion and intrigues that is how a drama should have been, lately, all the dramas i started watching I have to drop them as it makes no scene of what the writer is doing any more, but I am enjoying this one, the writer must have gone to the real university in Korean and the professor who graded his work knows he deserves it, hope he keep his good writing up by giving us a happy ending with our handsome Jung Shi Hyun and our beautiful Soo Min, so far from episode 1 to 10 get me so excited, i can wait for next week, i keep wishing for tomorrow.

  86. 86 : dela Says:

    @okey dokey Thank you for posting the ratings, its consider high rating since its on cable, I hope it will be more increasing each episode.

  87. 87 : say Says:

    I just watch ep11 preview, I think commissioner is not a good man the way it appears to be,I said this before, if Jung Shi Hyun want to live, he must put an end to commissioner Min reign if not,Jung Shi Hyun will never live in peace or be happy person, commissioner Min will continue to replace any one he is tired of using that is why for SH to be free, he must put an end to commissioner Min for using people and turning them to become animals and heartless the way they kill to survive their missions.

  88. 88 : Ttuk Says:

    IMHO, this is Nam Gyu Ri’s best role to date.

  89. 89 : vodka Says:

    Where to watch with Chinese subtitle? I can’t anywhere to watch

  90. 90 : angelamiles Says:

    try to google it vodka…i think this drama has a sad ending like queen of ambition i watched a trailer from youtube soo min shoot shi hyun i think its there official honeymoon…i hope it’s not many dramas already had a sad ending like jang ok jung and gu family book…

  91. 91 : say Says:

    I like the way Soo Min ask Sh if he knows DS, this help SH to know who she is and try to help her, because Hyung Min has already brainwash her that DS kill her best friend,without any evident or proof that DS did kill Kyung Mi, which can lead to serious consequence for SH.and SH should not always keep silent as for some times you need to tell the person you care about your own side of story the truth so that both of you can work together without misunderstanding and be free, happy together.because the more Soo Min stay with the auntie the more she will become like her than she will never be able to get out again.

  92. 92 : Carmen Says:

    I too believe this drama will have a sad ending…..

  93. 93 : say Says:

    Actually I don’t want this drama to have a sad ending, that will spoil the whole drama, in many cases,one not to go back to rewatch it again, any drama that have a sad ending, I have never gone back to rewatch it again, so, I hope the writer will keep this drama as one of the best Korean drama ever in Korean history.after the drama end i want to come back to it again and rewatch it.because from the beginning still now the drama keep been interesting,please writer give us a happy ending.

  94. 94 : truth Says:

    if there is anything that I want the writer to do as this time is to revel to Hyung Min that Shi Hyun DS is Kyung Mi first love and the house Kyung Mi was living in before she died was brought by SH, I want to see the look at his face when he discover this,also should make Soo Min quit her job, because it looks like the auntie will start treating Soo Min ill manna’s should is not good for her as this stage in her life, let her quit writer, she deserve happiness with the man she is falling in love with.

  95. 95 : dela Says:

    really really looking forward next episode, hope there will be more screen between SH and SM, they are really great together and there is so much chemistry everywhere. I think SH will find out that SM is undercover too like him, I am hoping SH will also jealous of SM and HM relationship, that will be great,hehehe…

  96. 96 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    this drama is amazing!!! i haven’t felt this way abt a drama since gaksital from last summer!!!

  97. 97 : putri Says:

    this really is a good drama! very recommended (y). love SH and SM chemistry. they should’ve end up together 😀

  98. 98 : dela Says:

    @truth i dont think SH and KM had a special relationship before, because i believe the story is about SH and SM relationship, in fact i think this is the first time that SH falling in love for a girl, since all SH thinking and remembering is SM, she is always on his mind, and there is no indication that SH was in love with KM since there was no scene where SH thinking or remember the moment with KM, only with SM he is falling so hard until he cant resist anymore… i will be dissapointed when turn out SH used to be KM lovers or bf

  99. 99 : say Says:

    dela Says, Sorry, let me mention this,go watch ep4 again, to 5 and you will know that Kyung Mi was Jung Shi Hyun first love as mention above, even the house soo min and Kyung M was living still now was brought by Jung Shi Hyun in 4 to 5 Jung Shi Hyun took Kyung Mi to the house and promise her that he will return back to her something like that,so that is best understanding.when you watch it you see what i am talking about.

  100. 100 : dela Says:

    @say, I see.. I am sorry I just jump to episode 6 of cruel city,I will go back then and watch from the start,hehehe…

  101. 101 : dela Says:

    @Say, I just watched episodes 4 of Cruel City, Its true that they had known each other, but still I am not sure what are they relationship before, I Believe KM doesnt think of SH that way, when SM asked her whether its her boyfriend who gave her the house, but KM said its not that kind of relationship with SH, and then KM got engaged with HM, obviously she is not thinking of SH anymore since he was dissapear from her life. But it seems that SH was had a crush on her at that time. Wondering what he is feeling with SM now, is it lust or love? or lust first then love,hehe…

  102. 102 : dela Says:

    i actually feel sorry for Soo Min, she had a tough life, being an orphan, lost her only best friends, go to jail, being used by HM to become an undercover agent when she wasnt actually ready, being ignored by HM, give her virginity to someone that she doesnt really knew then got cooly rejected by him. i hope things will get better and better for SM because she deserve that.

  103. 103 : -Autumn- Says:

    Never thought that this drama could be so interesting. Once I started watching, I was hooked. It is indeed a cruel world but true also! Some police are really bad guy and accepting bribery. This drama very similar to HK’s movie, ‘Wu Jian Dao’. I like Doctor’s son. He is so cool. Love to see more chemistry between him and SM. Hoping for a good ending as I have an intuition that this drama gonna has a bad ending for either SM or Doctor’s son.

  104. 104 : Aga Says:

    Is Doc’s son will hate or love SM when SM go undercover for HM?
    Why Duk Bae want to kill Doc’s son and not top drug power boss in pusan?
    very curious…
    hope Doc’s son hv good ending with SM.

  105. 105 : Jyenie Says:

    Seriously, this is the best drama for me at the moment. It explains that it was a breeze for me to watch ep 5 to 12 in a day!

  106. 106 : say Says:

    Why I applause this writer please don,t kill this drama with a bad ending.let Soo Min ans DoS have a happy ending just like one of my favorite Taiwan drama [Fated To Love You] please continue your good writing with happy ending.

  107. 107 : lolas Says:

    i’m just here for nam gyuri 🙂

  108. 108 : dela Says:

    Why every episode is only not more than five minutes for our couple to be together? even SH and SM got the nickname “5 Min Couple” I want more screen time for our lovely couple, at least before they die or one of them die ( but still hoping for miracle here,hehehe).

  109. 109 : say Says:

    Why will SH leave SM to go back to the auntie place after what has happen in EP13? does he think that Busan will not find her there to leave her on her own ? I was thinking he was a wise man to take her to a safe house where she can be until this drug war ends, leaving SM alone asking her to leave her undercover job is unfair to her, she has no place to go rather than the orphanage where she has lived all her life.SH has money why not use it to help her secure a place for where HM can not reach her again,SM needs someone to care for her and she trusted SH, please SH help her and don’t continue to keep silent to her, she wants to know who DS is tell her the trust, she will definitely believe you because you SH has shown to her that you are a man incapable not to kill an innocent person like Kyung Mi whom both of you know each other from youth, if SH can keep Scale Son safe for him why not do same thing for SM,keeping silent is bad, I know been honest sometime can be dangerous,but in this situation SH need to be truthful to SM who has shows all herself to him, honesty brings out the best in us.

  110. 110 : putri Says:

    jung kyung ho and nam gyu ri really have a good chemistry here. never thought that i’d be this addicted to this drama. it’s a nice drama. PLEASE writer-nim-or whoever makes the story-don’t make it sad ending. i can’t see Shi Hyun or Soo Min dies. please don’t:( all i wanna see is that they’ll end up together and live happily ever after. don’t you guys agree? 🙂

  111. 111 : say Says:

    I don’t think Hyung Min has any reason to think that DS kill Kyung Mi, that saying is a vary weak argument because the gun use to kill Kyung Mi is from the police,where dose he think that DS will get the gun from. even his father is link to the head of drug lords which he has knowledge of, he just presume that DS kill Kyung Mi without any link or proof of it,he did not care to investigate where he is working,the people that are involve in drug industry and Soo min safety before all this rush to judgement. I know he is a good person but he need to gather his thought together and make a good judgment so that his rush to accuse the wrong person will not get him kill. I also believe he has brain, HM should make good use of it.

  112. 112 : Ttuk Says:

    The character of Hyung Min the cop is annoying. His approach is better suited to catching car thieves and petty burglars. His analysis of situations though often accurate somehow proves ineffective. Thus he became pitiful.

    Sigh.. but one glaring fail in the plot is Pusan’s weakness was obviously his son. Shi Hyun’s (Doc’s son) mission was to discover Pusan’s weakness presumably to devise the method of obtaining the name of Pusan’s upstream cohorts. Shi Hyun need not infiltrate Pusan’s operations to extract that information.

  113. 113 : say Says:

    One thing I don’t understand in this drama is that Shi Hyun said he want to build a new plant for drug production, I mine wrong, I was thinking his mission was to get rid of nicotine world not to keep producing it,I thought that was his mission because of the way the mother lived her life.

    Again there is no screen time for Shi Hyun and Soo Min why?I thought they are the main couple why is its always the reporter and Ji Hyung Min all the time not the main couple?Mr Writer, I am sick of seeing Ji Hyung Min and the reporter, please Mr Writer enough of those two screen time, they are not why we are watching this drama, give us Shi Hyun and Soo min that is why most of us are watching this drama please,and remember to make it happy ending so that our time of watching this drama will not be wasted with sad ending.

  114. 114 : truth Says:

    Some writers often forgot their purpose of writing a drama, and what the drama should be all about, as for me both Shi Hyun and Soo Min have already experience life tragedies in their early age of their life even now they are still living in pain, with all this lost of finding the trust about their love ones death if at end they both gets killed or one of them get killed what purpose does the it serve , so the bad guys win at the end,so why are we watching the drama if at the end we did not get good result of their aim and purpose of wanting justices for their love ones who because drugs was killed did not yelled a good result.so basically the good ones lose and the bad ones win.as world we live in today is getting darker, hope this writer remember to promote good instead of bad,because i myself are solely watching this drama for the good purpose of it not the bad purpose of it, but good that it brings to the heart of those that are watching it.

  115. 115 : Haaay Says:

    The world is really cruel you dont know whose telling the truth and who you are going to trust. I hope shi hyun change his mind and go back as a policeman in that case theres a chance to have a happy ending with soo min.

  116. 116 : say Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprise if com,min ends up been Shi Hyun bio,father because he has save Shi Hyun twice now, even though he seems to be manipulating him, there must be reason why he is telling Shi Hyun lies about his mother,one per say might be guilt of abandoning SH mother, and Shi Hyun mother seems to be taking drugs because of lack of love from someone that she is in-love with,and comm, min might also be the one kill Kyung Mi for other reason it might be because of SH identity not to be known to others, two, fear that she might shoot SH, that might prompt commissioner min to kill her.I can’t shake this feeling that commissioner min might end up to be SH father.

  117. 117 : Tira Says:

    This drama show Jung Kyung Ho a real cool guy! Interesting drama!

  118. 118 : truth Says:

    I hope the writer don’t spoil his work by making Soo Min a fool not to know that somebody like DS will not kill Kyung Mi, also she should help him instead of be against him because he has shown her what a caring person he is by saving her life multiple times, so dear writer, it will not make any scene for Soo Min to kill DS if that is your plan,don’t spoil all the good work you have done with this drama so far, today ep16 you did a good job by making Hyung Min a good policeman but you forgot Mr writer to make Hyung Min tell Soo Min the truth about DS not responsible for Kyung Mi death, so, keep up the good work by giving us a happy ending with Shi Hyun and Soo Min.please no sad ending.

  119. 119 : vodka Says:

    after crazy drama had shut down… i cannot find another website to watch it… any advice?

  120. 120 : Aga Says:

    go to gooddrama.net

  121. 121 : angelamiles Says:

    try at epdrama vodka or gooddrama they are not down yet…

  122. 122 : say Says:

    I hope Shi Hyun doesn’t die, because now that Scale is dead who is going to care for Scale son,and it is only Shi Hyun who knows where Scale son is, and if anything happen to Shi Hyun that boy will not have anybody to care for him, this why the writer should keep Shi Hyun and Soo Min alive so that Scale son can have a guardian who will bring him up.I hope this is a good reason why this writer should keep Soo Min and SH alive because of this boy who have lost both parent.

  123. 123 : Aga Says:

    oh my god…Soo Min know Shi Hyun is Doc’s son.
    Hope she understand SH’s needs and minds.
    so we wait next episode next monday….:-)

  124. 124 : chrisvg Says:


    soo min doesnt know he is docs son yet

  125. 125 : KD Says:


    Soo Min knows that Lee Jin Sook knows Shi Hyun too. But of course she will soon find out that he is Doc’s Son.

    I’ve watched a trailer of this drama and there were two rings on the table. What does it mean? Hmmm…

    At 0:30 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD02CJaRFyY

  126. 126 : Aga Says:

    oh i see…
    look forward to watch more scene of loving couple Shi Hyun – Soo Min.
    left 4 episode…:-)

  127. 127 : truth Says:

    What kind of undercover cop is Shi Hyun when the police is not sponsoring him, he is the one sponsoring himself with all the money he need to get information, I was thinking that comm min suppose to give him money and all the necessary things he needed to get the work done.also the money suppose to come from the police-force, I don,t understand what kind of undercover cop that pay himself.again the writer kill scale who told Shi Hyun to take care of his son, if Shi Hyun dies, who will be responsible for him Mr writer,so better think twice before you destroy innocent life again like scale son, because is only Shi Hyun and Soo Min that can give home scale son deserve.

  128. 128 : RATH Says:

    yes , i agree with u TRuth and now i’m waiting c ep 17 !!!!!!!!!!!

  129. 129 : angelamiles Says:

    soo min now discovers who is doctor son because she didnt know the real truth she wanted to take revenge…i agree with you truth if the writer kill doctor son what’s the use of being an undercover if what he fights for happened for nothing…agree also that he promised to take care of son scale if he dies so who will take care of him…so mr. writer if you are mister make this drama unforgettable for us…

  130. 130 : truth Says:

    @angelamiles Say,I say Amen to your comment, because the writer have scale to give his last words to doctor son, so why now will Mr writer make Soo Min want to kill doctor son for no apparent reason, Soo Min for now is behaving like child,who can think given that she herself have been with doctor son,many time in danger and she has not see him kill any one cool bloodily even when he save her from Eun soo, still he did not kill Eun soo, why thinking that he can kill your unnie,if not SH,Soo Min could have long gone to her maker also go and live her unnie wherever she is now.first of, SM should have ask herself a question how can this man who has save my life so many time kill my unnie, a good reason for her to wait and really think if what she had been told was truth.so Mr writer I don’t care if this drama is noir I just want happy ending,it will be your shame to destroy what you have already beautifully built by ending this drama with sadness I will not watch any of your drama again.

  131. 131 : khalish Says:

    I dont know why. but i think the one who killed Gyung Mi is Director Min. although all this time he want to cacth bad guys, but he also used to many people to get his points. maybe by killing a women who loved by Hyung Min & Doktor at the time. it makes a reason for two of them fighting until the end. or maybe he killed GM because she had known the doktor’s face.

  132. 132 : say Says:

    I was thinking that this writer is going to make a difference from other Korean writers, but obviously I was wrong.The problem with Korean writers, they usually have good beginning what to write about, but in middle of their writing, they completely lost it, they seems to be steering at their script looking confuse.This was one of the best promising Korean drama for the year 2013,but the writer again lost his ideal on what to write next, how can you give a male lead and female lead all together in 18episode less than an hour of communication, no tenderness, or taking time off to be with each other,and Synopsis read that she fell in love with him, dear Mr writer what did Soo Min fell in love with,when both of them can barely see eye to eye or even talk to each other, just a few seconds and that is it.

    Now Mr writer you want to end this drama with sad end, what a shame that you totally lost focus on what next write, When you put people in-danger, and you know you are the one that sent them there as a good writer you find a way to Rescue them so that they will come back home to their family or make family, you don’t sent them over the cliff or leave them to die,Shi Hyun started this mission aim to stop drug lords from killing innocent victims for the love of money,I am sure, that is why you introduce Shi Hyun mother case into his mission to go as an undercover cop,now you want to end Shi Hyun by killing him or kill other innocent undercover cop that you sent on a mission which is Soo Min, also means no happy ending for both of them, what a poor writing Mr writer, don’t get me started there is a lot of confusion in your writing now, so make peace by spearing both of them because my heart goes to the little boy that Scale leave behind.

  133. 133 : Teea Says:

    this is the first drama this year that caught me….i’ m anxiously waiting for each episode…i luv doc’s character and of course i hope this won’t have a sad ending

  134. 134 : Aga Says:

    oh no….Soo Min dont kill Shi Hyun, pls???
    Who order sniper to kill them??
    Hope Soo Min and Shi Hyun alive on Ep 19 & Ep 20.

    Hey writer, pls give Shi Hyun happy ending!!!

  135. 135 : HyunSooWorshipper Says:

    every Episodes My Bastard Oppa Doc’s Son make me Swoon swoon when i watch him…!!! Me… *NoseBleed!! Me… *Die!! (fortunately, i’m still alive!! 😀 )
    just wanna see happy fams… (Paksa, Jinsook, and Soo) love them tons, hows cute they are in ep 16 when JS teases Soo & Paksa… “are you guys in love or something…?!”, then Soo answered: why..?? are you jealous…?? JS and Soo keep Joking around… love it… maybe i’m the only one who don’t cares bout SM… and for the first time i don’t care about lovey dovey between the main lead… finger crossed i don’t like bed
    scene Paksa n SM… *Envy to death, i wanna taste it too… 😀
    would like to see happy fam instead…!!! i hope PD-nim not killing any of ’em… it’ll be sheds blood of tears for me… still not watch Ep 17-18 yet… next week for the last… i’ll missing them, T_T
    but actually i’m still curious bout JS feeling to Paksa…??? i hope her feeling to Paksa just as her son… not more…!!! #close my eyes


  136. 136 : vodka Says:

    anyone know where to watch with chinese subtitles?

  137. 137 : Aga Says:

    episode 19 preview out on jtbc website..
    Jin Sook in shock to see SM & JH together.
    JH’s driver shoot SM???..
    i wait next mon…:-D

  138. 138 : korean drama fan Says:


    allow you to watch chinese subtitle drama ~

  139. 139 : Truth Says:

    What hell, please Mr writer take that gun away from Shi Hyun driver,what is he doing with that gun pointing it at Soo Min.Please no more death Mr writer we have enough gun battle already in this drama, happy ending please for Soo Min and Shi Hyun, don’t destroy your writing with that despicable seen with Shi Hyun driver, enough please.

  140. 140 : Raneem Says:

    Best Korean action drama ever!

  141. 141 : Kelly Tan Says:

    Mr writer, please don’t kill Shi Hyun or you are not a good writer at all. Everybody will hate you. You will make us angry and not enjoying the drama. So far we had enjoyed the drama very much. Every episode made us exciting and eager to watch the next episode. Now it is coming to the end we want to see a happy ending. I don’t understand why Shi Hyun never tell soo min that he never kill her sister. Why he just kept quiet. He can just said: no I didn’t kill her. Lee Jin Sook is very beautiful. I like her make-up, dress, shoes, nail polish, lipstick……

  142. 142 : Aga Says:

    yea….finally watch Shi Hyun tonight….:-)
    tomorrow last episode….hope see Shi Hyun smile…

  143. 143 : khalish Says:

    To everyone who watch final episode tonight n tomorrow, please share what happen to SM & Paksa. because i always download video first before i wacht not streaming but i really curious about the story. Thanks…

  144. 144 : angelamiles Says:

    everybody are happy and excited what will gonna happen at the last episode this is my first time too…i hope our excitement will come true it is for the happy and good ending…

  145. 145 : Aga Says:

    ep 20 preview out…
    Jin Sook know Sm is undercop….
    Shi Hyun must kill Com. Min la…
    hope we get good ending this tonight..
    Fighting Shi Hyun!!!! 🙂

  146. 146 : asdfj Says:

    Doctor’s Son died….

  147. 147 : angelamiles Says:

    sad shi hyun died…@truth our petition not granted…lol…doctor son died…

  148. 148 : Aga Says:

    i really disappointed….bad ending!!!
    bad writer!!!
    Shi hyun is best actor forever!!!

  149. 149 : say Says:

    All I can say, is that Korean writers should go back and learn how to write again, because you can not write an essay and ask your teacher or your professor to summarize your essay for you by not outlining the points you are putting out for your readers or your teacher to understand what you are writing about,if you don’t do that in your essay that means every thing you are writing or you have written will be for nothing , useless. To me this is what the writer did to this nice drama, he fail miserably ,to give the viewers a good ending

  150. 150 : truth Says:

    @angelamiles Say, I did not watch the last episode because of the comments on the line, even though I did not watch,but I am still very disappointed the way writer ended it, it is a shame that the writer loses focus and did not address so many things including scale son and why commissioner Min has to go to this extend to have so many undercover cops without them knowing each other also how can Hyung Min father goes free and the other politician all of them are still enjoying the money they got from selling drugs and and police department continue with their corruptions, so the whole drama did not make any scene at all in the last episodes plus the writer end up killing Shi Hyun and soo, indeed Korean writer need to go back to school to relearn how to write for now every screenwriter who mess up their writing I am going to put them on my list of no watching their any drama that they write again.

  151. 151 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    Yes, the ending wasn’t great but it didn’t ruin the fact that this is THE BEST DRAMA OF 2013. Not even HEIRS can beat this(**runs away from crazy fangirls**)LOL… much respect for Baksa for filming the last 4 episodes with his injury. Wishing him a speedy recovery..

  152. 152 : bitbit Says:

    is not good drama?i want to watch this drama but the comments are not convincing????

  153. 153 : bitbit Says:

    can you tell me please if this drama is worth watching?

  154. 154 : addict Says:

    best drama in 2013!! love it so much

  155. 155 : Nudge Says:

    Sad ending but still a moving tale.

    I loved the bond of friendship that Shi Hyun formed with everyone around him. How he sought to protect those people with his own life. And how they loved him.

    In contrast his superiors were not as magnanimous, using those under their command to do their bidding, even executing cops who got in their way.

    Son Chang Min delivers a convincing bad guy as he did in Horse Doctor and Shin Dong.

  156. 156 : TheOne Says:

    bitbit, I really recommend this drama. It’s by far the most interesting and amazing drama I have seen!

  157. 157 : TRUTH Says:

    As for me this is not the best drama of the year,for year 2013 all the drama I have watch has been disappointment,specially towards the endings. I don’t watch a drama because of the actors or the actress, I watch drama because of the story it has to tell or what kind of lesson people should learn by the things they do, for this drama the writer fail to address that.there are some articles in some websites that say that, the writer said this drama is an open ending,which mean you have to write your own conclusion of what you think the end might be.tell me that makes it the best drama of the year,well some may see the actors and actress did a good with their acts, i don’t have any problem with that,the only good and best part of this drama was when a man try to sell his child to obtain drug, that was the best part in the drama,it teaches how children can be explore to be use for prostitution, that was it, even the love story that was suppose to lure you in, still did not deliver any act of true affection from the man,I can hardly see both leads communicate with each other, there was no connection into which the male lead sympathy with female , for in which the kind of life he cant give or offer to her, she was begging to understand him but he refuses to give her that meaningful part of his life even the life he lives can’t offer security she knows that but he leave her there begging and turn his back on her,without no sympathy for her,for he been the first man she has truly love or give herself to. the other parts of the writing did not deliver any convincing story of what the writer was trying to tell the audience. it was all BS.

  158. 158 : cathy Says:

    Very good drama but unfortunately with a sad ending. Would have been great if the hero did not have to die and the story ends with him returning to the police force and thereafter, was able to fight against crimes effectively with the experience he gathered while working as an undercover cop. Really like the ‘cool’ look of Jung Kyung Ho.

  159. 159 : KD Says:

    Jung shi-hyun didn’t die. Because after that he meet at the airport with Hyung Min :
    HyungMin’s car, coming from far away. Parks next to a car that has already been parked.
    HyungMin gets out of the car and walks toward…the door opens ShiHyun gets out of the car with one arm bandanged

    HM: As you requested, Min Hong Ki died by Doctor’s Son. I’m Sorry
    SH: No…Thank You.
    HM: (Smiling) Lee Jin Sook, SooMin..Everyone knows that you killed him.
    SH: (Hurt)
    HM: Do you have to leave?
    SH: If I stay…Both of them will not be able to be happy.

    HyungMin, gives a plane ticket and passport to ShiHyun

    HM: Passport. Ticket…
    SH: (Receives and holds onto them)
    HM: Do not worry. Your name, age, it is all changed.
    SH: The new name…(smiles) Jung Hyun Soo…Thank You.
    HM: Are you not going to come back?
    SH: …Be well. Ji Hyung Min.
    HM: …
    SH: …

    When HM has his hand out for a handshake SH shakes hands after switching to his left hand, due to the bandaged hand
    Both get in their cars. From far away a plane is seen departing into the sky.

    Read here for more:

  160. 160 : Colorada Says:

    This year there is not any drama with good ending///what is going on?

  161. 161 : ghazwa Says:

    beside the ending this drama is the best i really love the main roll all his courage and suffering through the way its very beautfull drama
    i don’t know about scenario that everyone talks about but i think he is alive because of last scene that he shows talking on the phone
    but it is very good drama wroth watching ♥

  162. 162 : Haaay Says:

    Nice one although im not satisfied the ending but still thumbs up.

  163. 163 : MD Says:

    the best drama i’ve seen this year the story line is just awesome. Though the ending is sad it still doesnt change the awesomeness of the drama. Im just sad it ended i hope they will make a season 2.

  164. 164 : lerpha Says:

    the end was just great… its an open ended and that’s reasonable on the producers and writers perspective because there will be a part 2 (i assumed) just like IRIS,, the plot was superb and maybe… just maybe.. the story will goes like this… with the help of HM, SH will change identity and live abroad… and since commissioner Ji and Director MIn was discovered the next villain will be Senator Cha who happened to be running or became a president of korea and HM seek help to SH to come back and help him to stop the corruption of senator Cha and that will start the love conflict of HM and the reporter who happened to be the daughter of Senator Cha…. anticipating … hahaha 🙂

  165. 165 : Rose Says:

    Didn’t really like the ending that much but otherwise a good drama.

  166. 166 : bella Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. i love the plot and the smooth flow of the drama. every episode is full of surprise n always make me curious what will happen next. but i wish there is more interactions/love story between shi hyun & soo min and better ending. overall i think this is a good drama. worth watching 🙂

  167. 167 : guillotina Says:

    Son Chang min in shin dom is not a bad guy ia man whose rage against the rich clans poisoned his life but he is not bad he is a complicated human being hetre is a corrupted man .

  168. 168 : guillotina Says:

    The doctor is one of the best roles in k drama the kangmaru of this year doubtless…

  169. 169 : Abc Says:

    Best drama 2013!!! It’s a must. Worth watching this. Dunno understand the ending. Baksa is still alive?!? Maybe there is a 2nd season?!! Hope for that

  170. 170 : bblve Says:

    useless drama, im dissappointed, all about drugs, n0thng interesting,, n0 impact, i d0nt thnk it worth to watch,, boring as in…

  171. 171 : chim Says:

    good drama.. i like it

  172. 172 : marika Says:

    Best drama ever

  173. 173 : isaac tettey nartey Says:

    what a great show. very suspenseful. indeed this drama is a must watch.

  174. 174 : xtinesone Says:

    wooh, what a drama, i am so hooked until the end of it, and can’t believe that i wasn’t bored! i really love the characters in this story esp. doctors’son. The story can be realistic and the title does well for the plot to be so amazing! best action drama, better than IRIS, just saying!:-)

  175. 175 : silhoutte Says:

    These K dramas nowadays just like to give viewers a sad or tragic ending. That is why Heirs rule no 1 as they have pretty boys there and it was a happy ending. The rest are all sad endings and the scriptwriters thot it is so cute to leave viewers with either an open ending or sad ending. Mark my words, You who came from the Stars will win the 2014 drama of the year cos they have a happy ending and people like aliens whose face will crack if he so much as smile as parodied in YT by a fan!
    Wake up and give us happy ending dramas, sad or tragic ending dramas are so cliche and so out of the century.

  176. 176 : meia Says:

    Best action drama EVER!!! I got hook up and cannot leave this drama even after I watched it all. At first yes, I was devastated with the ending but after I watched it again and again, I see it! Shi Hyun is alive!!! Maybe you guys didn’t see it but the last seconds’ scene showing him standing wearing cream coat talking on the phone indicate that he is alive but not as drug lord anymore. And from Jin Sook reaction…she should have been all depressed if Shi Hyun died because she cannot live without him..and yet she still can smile…and the eiffel tower postcard? Dont you get it? I should stop now..yeah it’s an open end..so just take it as you want..but for me this drama is the BEST! And JKH is one of the hell good actor! Thumbs up!

  177. 177 : hma Says:

    I agree u,sh is alive,he wears cream coat & talking on the ph,i’m so happy bcoz he was alive… but sh is selfisf …he should give little hints to sm that he was not died

  178. 178 : JANE Says:


  179. 179 : o0o Says:

    finally noe how to comment noob

  180. 180 : Csirii Says:

    Oooohh..I don’t even know what to say, I just finished the drama..this was just truly amazing..I couldn’t leave it, I watched it in 3 days,and I enjoyed it all along,THis was the very first time that I was sobbing while watching a drama or film or anything.. I fell in love with a lot of characters ,it was so real,so sad,so world like…Jung Kyoung-Ho!!He is so fantastic!!! The best actor I have ever seen!!! I JUST LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! The songs and EVERYTHING!! FROM MY HEART,THANK YOU ALL OF YOU!!

  181. 181 : ana Says:

    Should i watch it?????just to see jung kyung ho because i like him in falling for innocence….

  182. 182 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:


  183. 183 : renna Says:

    Another sad ending drama..

  184. 184 : Dee Says:

    Just watched ep one of this drama as its on Netflix reading all the reviews it looks good

  185. 185 : “Wise Prison Life” – povestea oamneilor care traiesc intre zidurile inchisorii - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] acesta l-atimai putut vedea in seriale, precum:  “Time Between Dog and Wolf” (MBC, 2007), “Cruel City” (jTBC, 2013), “ Endless Love” (SBS, 2014), “Falling for Innocence” (jTBC, 2015), “One More Happy […]

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