Detective Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Missing: The Other Side 2

Missing: The Other Side Season 2

Rank #209

3 Gongdan is a village where missing deceased people, including Kang Eun Sil and Oh Il Yong, stay. Meanwhile, Kim Wook, Jang Pan Seok, Lee Jong A, and Detective Shin...

The King of Pigs

Rank #245

Two friends meet up and recall their experiences as victims of school harassment when they receive a message from a friend from 20 years ago and mysterious serial terminates begin...

Busted (2018)

Busted Season 1

Rank #279

Tackling different mysteries in each episode of this game show, seven sleuths get closer to solving the biggest one of all: What happened to Project D? Seven celebrity sleuths discover...

The First Responders

Rank #309

Follow the joint operations of a police force and a fire department, who together will tell a thrilling story. Fierce detective Jin Ho Gae is all about catching low-lifes. He...

Cruel City (2013)

Cruel City

Rank #349

Portrays the cruel life of the substance cartels and the story of revenge for a loved one. Jung Shi Hyun is a newly appointed under-boss of the substance cartel. He...

Emergency Declaration (2022)

Emergency Declaration

Rank #378

Veteran detective In Ho receives a report from a man about an airplane radical attack. While investigating, he finds out that the suspect boarded the KI501. Despite his phobia of...

Bad Guys (2014)

Bad Guys

Rank #406

To combat rising violent crimes, the Police Chief asks Detective Oh Goo Tak to form a team consisting of criminals. Detective Oh Goo Tak is currently suspended from the police...


Rank #423

Ryu Sung Joon, Ryu Sung Hoon and Jo Eun Ki become involved in a serial tragic end case involving jury members as the victims. These three individuals try to uncover...

Two Weeks (2013)

Two Weeks

Rank #503

Jang Tae San works at a pawn shop by day and paid companions himself to older women at night. One day, he’s contacted by his ex-girlfriend that he is the...

The Good Detective (2020)

The Good Detective

Rank #720

When doubts arise about a five-year-old tragic end conviction, a veteran detective partners with a young hotshot to hunt down the case’s hidden truths. Kang Do Chang is an 18-year...

Memories of Murder (2003)

Memories of Murder

Rank #748

In 1986, in the province of Gyunggi, in South Korea, a second young and beautiful woman is found dead, assaultd and tied and gagged with her underwear. Detective Park Doo...

Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation (2020)

Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation

Rank #849

Known as an enthusiastic and impressively effective detective, Jin Kang Ho will stop at nothing to catch the criminals he’s assigned to pursue. Using any means necessary, Kang Ho goes...

Special Affairs Team TEN (2011)

Special Affairs Team TEN

Rank #988

“Special Affairs Team TEN” is a criminal investigation unit that tackles the most violent crimes in South Korea. These crimes usually have less than a 10% rate for arrests. They...

Ghost (2012)


Rank #991

Kim Woo Hyun is the only son of a high ranking police officer. Woo Hyun entered the police academy ranked first and graduated from the academy ranked first. As a...

God's Quiz Season 3 (2012)

God’s Quiz Season 3

Rank #1062

The old-timer Bae Tae Shik butt heads with Han Jin Woo acting as the genius medical examiner. The two always differ in opinion, but whenever a case needs to be...

Recalled (2021)


Rank #1134

Soo Jin begins to see the future after losing her memory. As she gradually pieces together the disjointed fragments of her confusing memories, she comes face-to-face with a shocking truth...

Confidential Assignment

Confidential Assignment 1

Rank #1278

North Korean detective Im Chul Ryung is sent to South Korea to catch Cha Ki Sung, the boss of a North Korean refugee crime organization. There, Chul Ryung cooperates with...

The Roundup

The Roundup

Rank #1381

After passing the tunnel, the roundup comes! Four years after the operation to wipe out Garibong-dong, monstrous detective Ma Seok Do and Geumcheonseo’s strong team will directly carry out a...

Confession of Murder (2012)

Confession of Murder

Rank #1445

After the statute of limitation expires on the tragic ends he has committed, Lee Doo Suk publishes an autobiography, “I’m A criminal”, describing all his tragic ends in great detail....

Confidential Assignment 2: International

Rank #1447

Follows Rim Chul Ryung heading back to South Korea in pursuit of a brutal and secret criminal organization. He teams up again with Kang Jin Tae, who volunteers to work with the North Korean in...

Special Affairs Team TEN Season 2 (2013)

Special Affairs Team TEN Season 2

Rank #1473

Ji Hoon, who is the leader of Special Affairs Team TEN, has suddenly disappeared. The other members of Team TEN, Do Shik, Ye Ri and Min Ho are confused by...

The Outlaws (2017)

The Outlaws

Rank #1546

The story follows a turf war that grows between a local gang that runs Garibong-dong in Guro District, Seoul, and the Heuksapa gang from Yanbian, China; the police are called...

Chimera (2021)


Rank #1572

In 1984, a potential serial terminateer struck again as a ghastly explosion shook the city. Now it’s 2019, and copies of those crimes come to light. Follow the team of...


Veteran 1

Rank #1573

After an international auto theft sting, a dimwitted detective Do Chul is treated at a nightclub where he meets Tae Oh, the tyrannical heir to an untouchable mega-corporation, whose rude...