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Angry Mom 05

Title: 앵그리맘 / Angry Mom
Chinese Title: 憤怒的媽媽
Genre: Family, School
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-March-18 to 2015-May-07
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


A drama about a mother who goes to school for her children who suffer from school violence.

Oh Ah Ran (Kim Yoo Jung) is a high-schooler who sticks up for her bullied friend and becomes the victim of bullying in turn. Jo Kang Ja (Kim Hee Sun) is her mom, a former Busan badass who got pregnant in her teens and raised her daughter as a single mom. When Mom hears about the bullying that’s going on in her daughter’s school, she takes matters into her own hands and goes undercover as a high school student to fix the problem.


Main Cast

Kim Hee Sun as Jo Kang Ja
Ji Hyun Woo as Park No Ah
Kim Yoo Jung as Oh Ah Ran

People Around Jo Kang Ja

Im Hyung Joon as Oh Jin Sang (Kang Ja’s husband)
Go Soo Hee as Han Gong Joo
Kim Ji Young as Madam Oh (Kang Ja’s mother-in-law)
Kim Seul Gi as Jong Man
Seo Nam Yong (서남용) as Sang Man

People Around Park No Ah

Jun Gook Hwan as Park Jin Ho (No Ah’s father)
Kang Moon Young as Do Yoon Hee

Student in Grade 2 Class 3

Yoon Ye Joo as Jin Yi Kyung
Baro as Hong Sang Tae
Ji Soo as Go Bok Dong
Lizzy as Wang Jung Hee
Seo Ji Hee as Hwang Min Joo
Hyun Jin (현진)as Han Tae Hee
Jung Shin Hye (정신혜) as Hwang Song Hee
Choi Ye Seul as Na Do Hee

People at Myung Sung Foundation

Park Young Kyu as Hong Sang Bok
Kim Tae Hoon as Do Jung Woo
Park Geun Hyung as Kang Soo Chan (Do Jung Woo’s biological father)
Oh Yoon Ah as Joo Ae Yeon
Kim Hee Won as Ahn Dong Chil
Kim Byung Choon as Oh Dal Bong
Yoon So Yoon (윤소윤) as teacher Yeo
Park Hee Jin as Kim Shin Ja


Jang Yoo Sang as Oh Geun Soo
Kang Moon Young as Do Yoon Hee (Jung Woo’s mother)
So Hee Jung as Jung Hae Jin (Yi Gyeong’s mother)
Kim Seo Ra as Han Mi Joo (Sang Tae’s mother)
Jung Seong Woo as Dakenda reporter
Heo Dong Won


Kim Ki Cheon as ex-deputy principal
Jung Kyung Soon as Gang Ja’s mother
Ahn Sang Tae as ex-teacher
Lee Jin Ho as taxi driver
Kim Kwang Kyu as Gang Ja’s high school teacher
Joo Jin Mo as Hong Man Bok
Samuel Kang as lawyer
Won Duk Hyun as An Beom
Kang Sung Min as Prosecutor Jung
Park Sun Woo as Lawyer Oh

Production Credits

Producer: Han Hee
Director: Choi Byung Gil
Scriptwriter: Park Jung Soo


2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Awards – Kim Hee Sun (Angry Mom)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Top Ten Star Awards – Kim Yoo Jung (Angry Mom)
2015 MBC Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Mini-Series): Kim Hee Won (Angry Mom)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-03-18 1 10.1 (12th) 13.6 (7th) 7.7 (20th) 8.7 (17th)
2015-03-19 2 10.6 (11th) 14.2 (7th) 9.9 (14th) 11.0 (7th)
2015-03-25 3 11.4 (11th) 14.3 (6th) 9.1 (17th) 9.9 (12th)
2015-03-26 4 10.9 (12th) 14.2 (6th) 8.7 (19th) 9.5 (16th)
2015-04-01 5 9.8 (16th) 12.1 (6th) 8.4 (16th) 9.6 (10th)
2015-04-02 6 9.3 (18th) 11.3 (11th) 8.1 (19th) 8.8 (18th)
2015-04-08 7 8.5 (18th) 9.7 (11th) 7.4 (18th) 7.6 (17th)
2015-04-09 8 8.3 (18th) 10.7 (9th) 7.2 7.7 (20th)
2015-04-15 9 8.4 (18th) 10.2 (10th) 7.7 (19th) 8.2 (14th)
2015-04-16 10 9.2 (14th) 12.0 (8th) 7.3 (18th) 7.8 (15th)
2015-04-22 11 8.0 (18th) 10.1 (10th) 7.6 (19th) 8.4 (14th)
2015-04-23 12 8.0 9.8 (15th) 7.4 7.7 (20th)
2015-04-29 13 7.0 8.7 (15th) 7.5 8.5 (14th)
2015-04-30 14 7.8 (19th) 9.6 (11th) 6.9 (19th) 7.3 (18th)
2015-05-06 15 8.7 (17th) 10.6 (9th) 7.9 (14th) 9.0 (12th)
2015-05-07 16 8.8 (17th) 11.2 (8th) 9.0 (13th) 10.6 (9th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Angry Mom Poster1 Angry Mom Poster2 Angry Mom Poster3

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96 Responses to “Angry Mom”

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  1. 51
    Lisa Says:


    I wanted to watch the girl who can see smell too, but the premise/plot was just not mine really xD I actually find Superdaddy Yeol funny (especially since it’s made from the same people who did Marriage Not Dating) and while the plot may be lacking for some people, I’m so in love with the straightforward lead actress and the child actress who plays Sarang, the character of sarang is just so great xD

    After episode 6, I am actually quite hooked on Angry Mom again. After watching the first two episodes, I was not sure I would really enjoy it (actually I don’t even know WHY, because I love plots like that and the acting was great), probably because I’m really fond of Yoo Jung and she didn’t really play a great/big role, but since episode 5 she is back and even though it is totally strange, I like her dynamic with Sang Tae and Bok Dong, especially with her mum of course. She kinda has chemistry with every character on the show that she acted with xD at least that’s how I see it xD I hope Angry Mum will be to your liking, it seems like the comedy will go up now and the violence down a bit, since the main plot was established now (i love the preview for episode 7 xD how Kang Ja and Ah Ran and the others are playing sick xDD)

  2. 52
    Betty H. Says:

    Love this drama, quite funny beside violence. Love all the casts in this drama, they all look gorgeous that had been attracted me to watch it until now.

  3. 53
    OK OK OK Says:

    Admin nim

    after watching a drama, i wanted to commend thru the HP.
    The new version of this blog always lead me the the male actors list whenever i click commend.

    Now I am only able to write this through my computer.

    The popular dramas which are always place on the header of the page, the most commented dramas on the right hand side are all missing in the new version using Handphone. 🙁

    Older version is still the best.

    Can you please help to feedback to the one who do this.
    Thank you for your attention.

  4. 54
    Anna Says:

    Hey fellow Angry Mom fans ~*

    I follow a lot of blogs (kpop/kdrama) on tumblr and one of them posted a drabble of ah ran and bok dong (it’s not too romantic i think, in case you don’t like the ship)


    I was totally surprised because this is the first angry mom fanfic I saw and I think if a lot of people like it she will do a sang tae/ah ran one too!! (at least she wrote than in her author note. :))

  5. 55
    adel Says:

    GO BOK DONG Where are youuuuuu???

  6. 56
    download EXO Next Door Says:

    i like this drama because genre school..xD

  7. 57
    Simon Says:

    I keep watching because I like Kim Hee Sun and Kim Yoo Jung but I give up watching. I do not find this “comedy” funny at all, it is just getting boring. I don’t understand why the director and writer spend so much time on the school/company/gangster. I think Korean TV viewers agree with me and I predict the rating will keep dropping. “The girl who see smell” play at the same time slot and that show is a lot more funny. “Angry mom” is just a disappointment for me.

  8. 58
    Lisa Says:


    That’s sad, but understandable if you like more heartlaughing comedy.
    I heard that the rating keeps dropping because Korean think it’s too realistic (since they want to escape their real life situations with dramas)??
    I actually like Angry Mom a lot (because I don’t need the comedy or at least the heartwarming comedy so much), because generally I love school dramas. I think the focus lies on the school/company/gangster because that is the main point. It’s about the mother who tries to find out the truth behind her daughters bullying. And since it involves corruption the focus lies on bringing them down. I have do admit Kang Ja’s naivite in episode 8 really got me angry because she again trusted the wrong person and therefore probably brings Ah Ran in danger again.
    But I think this episode marks a turning point therefore that No Ah finally understands that not even he grew up without corruption and Kang Ja and Co finally understand that they can’t trust any higher person.
    I hope they finally come to Ahn Dong Child/Kang Ja back story and who Ah Ran’s dad is as well as SOMEONE FINDING OU THE TRUTH ABOUT BONG WOOL PLEASE.
    But I understand that if you want to see something really hearwarming humour Angry Mom is nothing for that. I still love it though because I can do without humour xD
    But I started TGWSS because so many people talked about it (and I saw it had Kim So Hyun and the lead guy (forgot his name again) from Missing You as brother and sister here). I really like it so far, hope they are keeping up the good work :))

  9. 59
    Oh Says:

    “I heard that the rating keeps dropping because Korean think it’s too realistic (since they want to escape their real life situations with dramas)??”

    This is a western conclusion. Koreans don’t want to escape from reality with entertainment anymore than western audiences do. However, when they are shown a serious subject, they want it to be realistic and not misrepresent them and then perpetuate lies about their country. There are tons of historical dramas, dramas on political or legal corruption, single motherhood etc that are produced and the country eats it up. Bullying is serious but this drama is trillions of miles away from the “reality” it pretends to “expose”….so koreans are escaping from THE LIES, not reality since the drama doesn’t show any of it. Only westerners who dont know Korea believe so.

  10. 60
    Lisa Says:

    I saw someone on soompi say it, because he/she heard an korean radio (or something like that) where that was hinted at (that they can’t escape reality through that.)

  11. 61
    Adeul Says:

    #59 An interesting comment @Oh.

    Dramas are not documentaries, they don’t have to represent reality at all. But at the same time, they should not undermine the hopes and aspirations of a nation with negative distortions. As an art form, dramas should inspire and instill hope.

  12. 62
    OK OK OK Says:

    someone mentioned “unkind women” drama that got good ratings and i went to watch.

    In 2 days, i finished 14 episodes

    i commented here is also bc part of the story is also about the leading actress who was bullied and outcasted by her teacher and students during high school days that she wanted to seek redress even she already a mother in her 40’s.

    Very interesting story – worth watching 🙂

  13. 63
    Adeul Says:

    Hyun Woo’s character is annoying. It is probably why the ratings dropped…Lol!

    It’s annoying in a contrived way; almost as if the writer is using the character for the sole purpose of delaying Kang Ja’s uncovering the situation? Most unsubtle unfortunately.

  14. 64
    Lisa Says:

    Actually he isn’t. He is a normal teacher that tries to stop Bang Wool from getting herself in trouble. It’s what a normal teacher does. Till episode 8 (and still now) he doesn’t fully grasp what actually everything happened because of corruption. It’s because he didn’t have a reason to dig. Kang Ja took after Jung Woo because of what Ah Ran said, otherwise she would have trusted him too.

    Hyun Woo as the teacher does what a teacher does – protect his children and try to get them out of harms way. Of course he is overly naive (which I think THAT is sometimes annoying), but he grew up in a greenhouse (he himself said so) and it’s not like he didn’t know there were bad things in the world, it’s just that he doesn’t realize how much there is. In episode 8 ending he heard that even his father is corrupt, which actually marks a turning point for him. The episode overall was a little turning point. Kang Ja realized she really absolutely can’t trust any politics, he found out his father was corrupt, Ah Ran realized that no matter how honest she is and no matter how hard she tries to get her life on a normal track back, she can’t. Bok Dong realizes…well he realizes he likes Bang Wool??? :D:D lol

    I get a lot of people are annoyed with Hyun Woo’s character, but his overly naivite now is ending.

  15. 65
    Adeul Says:

    @Liza, respectfully my dear, there’s a difference between an annoying character who is a school teacher performing within expectations, and one who pops up
    OUTSIDE SCHOOL, at the most unlikely of places, in a timely way to interfere.
    Once is acceptable, twice we can chalk it down to “chance”, but repeatedly without involving magic or the supernatural, I begin to feel the writer is ignoring natural laws and is better suited to a vocation that do NOT involve storytelling. Lol!

  16. 66
    Lisa Says:

    Lol, I thought you just meant in school, because I would think that as normal xD but now I understand what you mean 🙂

  17. 67
    OK OK OK Says:

    In my opinion the ratings drop is becoz the story NOT getting exciting anywhere so far in episodes 8. 🙁

    I pull on is becoz of Kim Hee Sun & Ji Hyun Woo.

    Now Kim Hee Sun knew that even the old man who is running presidency is also a crook….. hope it will get interesting this time.

  18. 68
    Sinopsis Angry Mom Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

    […] Pemain selengkapnya lihat di link ini. […]

  19. 69
    balii Says:

    GO BOK DONG makes appearance then the ratings UP UP UP… hahaha

  20. 70
    Jasmine Says:

    waahh i really shipper Go Bok Dong and Joo Bang Wool…Baro with Ah Ran…love the couple…

  21. 71
    Celine Says:

    Dear, Admin

    I guess you were wrong put the link for the real Kim Bok Dong. His name is Ji Soo, not Kim Ji Soo, and he isn’t a boyband member. Here is reference about him, altough not complete yet


    Some forum of Angry Mom mention that he is 93 liner (birth in 1993, 23yo in Korean age)

    He is seriously hot, cute, and hilarious in this drama. He is a newbie but really love his chemistry with the legend Kim Hee Sun! So, kindly please for Admin to create his own page in this site. Thank you.


    Bang Wool Tomato~ <3

    (@Celine from admin: Thanks for inform us. We just create his profile. http://star.koreandrama.org/ji-soo/)

  22. 72
    Celine Says:

    Upss sorry, GO BOK DONG, not kim bok dong. Too much exciting about him! kkk~

  23. 73
    OK OK OK Says:

    ep 9 is nice because got lots of comedy scene like ji soo smelling Kim Hee Sun’s hair……….

    I like Ji Soo too.

  24. 74
    OK OK OK Says:

    ep 10 is very funny – i enjoy it very much.

    Ji soo is jealous of Ji Hyun woo teacher when Kim Hee Sun tries to help him with his knife wound at his back.

    Kim Hee Sun singing on the stage in the niteclub is also very funny.

    I hope that Kim Hee Sun will end up with teacher Ji Hyun Woo bc of their age gap. Ji Soo is too young for KHS – ha ha 😛

  25. 75
    wow Says:

    this is an amazing drama and the cliff hangers are killer
    i look forward to watching it every week

  26. 76
    HEN Says:

    It’s still too early for me–just on episode 6 or 8. There is a very good group of characters in this drama that has a very real and serious subject.

    Yet, there are some cometic parts: the naive teacher Park No-A, Hong Sang-Tae wears glasses with no lenses, not to mention the 3 girls who think with one brain.

    But I love Han Gong-Joo and her entourage. The outfits are one thing, but the car has a tiara and eyelashes.

  27. 77
    Yeeling Says:

    Nice drama, love it from the beginning. Thrilling and comedy combination will never goes wrong for a great writer. Love all the casts in this drama.

  28. 78
    OK OK OK Says:

    Kim Hee Sun ssi

    You know what?? Now I am watching your previous drama Wonderful Days episode 10, Really enjoy it. No wonder it has high ratings. rank mostly 1st 😛

    How come the admin haven’t update the top excellence actress award??

  29. 79
    OK OK OK Says:

    ep 11

    Ji Soo is so heartbroken – after finding out the Kim Hee Sun is an ajumma and the age gap is so big. huhuhu….. 😛

  30. 80
    OK OK OK Says:

    ep 12

    Lesson learn – Never believe a friend who betrayed you once because she will betray you again…… 😛

  31. 81
    Hen Says:



  32. 82
    Carmen Says:

    agree with you 110%OK OK OK Says: April 24th, 2015 at 1:33 pm
    ep 12..Lesson learn – Never believe a friend who betrayed you once because she will betray you again…… :P, that was really unespected from her…and my ??? now who will save them?? from tha bad administration in school and bad politics people….she may go to jail, unless she can defend herself with all the students on her favor…..

  33. 83
    JandiHyeon Says:

    I LOVE ANGRY MOM…… I love Bok Dong and Bang Wool love their chemistry… I love them all… GREAT DRAMA. For me 13 is one of the BEST Episode

  34. 84
    kez Says:

    Ok, I am at episode 14 now, wheww!

    First I like that the sense of humor in this k-drama is so fresh and natural. The characters mash-up well and the plot is effortless.

    Madam Oh at school acting crazy to save the son’s job was so hilarious, one of the best moments of the drama.
    After the accident, mothers were frantically looking for their kids, it was so sad seeing no one remembering BD at the time, and later seeing OAR dad’s picture. Full of different mood swings, the writer really nailed this part.
    Jun Gook Hwan as a loving, devoted father is really a sight to see in this drama, I respect his work. The growth of Kim Yoo Jung in this industry is really highly commendable, comparing her in the drama Iljimae to this (Angry Mom), she really has a bright future. FIGHTING!!!

    Anyways for the ‘Angry Mom Team’ you have worked hard, Congrats and all the best in producing a grand Finish. Nice drama really, HAPPY WATCHING everyone. FIGHTING ANGRY MOM!!

  35. 85
    CoolBeans Says:

    A great ending! This drama deserves to be in the top 5 ratings category! Ji Soo and Baro stole the show! I WANT TO SEE JI SOO AND BARO IN MORE DRAMAS, PLEASE!!

  36. 86
    rvcrose Says:

    Great drama! simply one of the best! Worth watching! I love the casts!

  37. 87
    download EXO Next Door Says:

    in good drama.i;m excited watch this drama

  38. 88
    OK OK OK Says:

    good ending 🙂

  39. 89
    Rose Says:

    Sometimes these Korean actors look different. I saw Ji Hyun Woo (Park No Ah – Teacher) for the first time in Trot Lovers. I didn’t know this was the same person he looks so different. He must have lost weight as his face and body is thinner. He had lighter hair in Trot Lovers.

    Kim Tae-Hoon (Do Jung Woo) kind of the same. I saw him in An Innocent Man – he wore glasses in that show and different hair style. I barely recognized him in this show. It is amazing how they change their hairstyle and they can look different.

    There is another actor I saw in a drama and when I saw him in another drama I could not recognize him. It took me 1/2 way through the show to make sure it was the same guy. It was the same, he had a different hair style.

    This just blows my mine.

  40. 90
    Kaseomy Says:

    Usually, I love to watch all the romantic and love stories and seldom into the high-school or thriller dramas but this one is exceptional to me. I love how this show started from bully, family problems, politics and corruptions.
    Finally, I glued to my seat, watching the whole drama from episode 1 to episode 16 without stopping and skipped all my meals. THEY NEVER DISSAPPOINTED ME AT ALL, VERY GOOD AND NICE ENDING.
    Kim Hee Sun, you again proved

  41. 91
    Mariel Says:

    I really like GOBOKDONG and BANGWOOL couple. Love the chemistry. hihihihihi

  42. 92
    Catherine Says:

    One of the best drama for this year 2015, just finished watching it. No feeling frustrated and annoyed by story plots and all the casts in this drama. They did a great job!
    Many newbies mixed with the veteran actors in this drama given really balancing with their roles. I love the main actress played by Kim Hee Sun. She really have chemistry with every guys in this drama, I know it is not right for me to ship her with Bok Dong in this drama since he was 18 yrs old and she was a mother but can’t irresistible he admired her until end.

  43. 93
    Clarisse Says:

    I thought that i was the only one that felt the spark between Go Bok Donk and Bang wool and later Kang Ja

  44. 94
    Tara Says:

    I love this drama, very funny and exciting story but very cruel somehow especially toward all the female roles.
    I know why the rates is not high because no skin-ship and lovelines among them. I am so disappointed especially my Bok Dong, became a dreamer lover.

  45. 95
    ruby placheta Says:

    congratulations to all the cast and members of this tv series. nice one. i like ji soo, baro, kim yoo jung, kim hee sun and ji hyun woo. more more more. saranghae….

  46. 96
    Korean Drama Review AM | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Angry Mum (2015) 憤怒的媽媽 […]

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