WINNER Korean Dramas & Movies

Try It (2019)

Try It

Rank #37949

“Try It” is a variety show made for those who are preparing for jobs or planning on changing jobs. Several celebrities, who make up for their weaknesses with their passion...

My Major is Hip Hop (2020)

My Major is Hip Hop

Rank #38020

‘My major is Hip Hop’ is a program aiming to find talented rappers by visiting hip-hop clubs at famous universities. (Source: Allkpop)...

Stay-At-Home Chorus (2020)

Stay-At-Home Chorus

Rank #38162

The show “Stay-At-Home Chorus” is described as the first ever music deduction show to not be conducted face-to-face. The “Stay-At-Home Chorus” members will be singing while keeping their identities a...

Door-to-Door Salesmen (2020)

Door-to-Door Salesmen

Rank #38325

The “Visit Sales Group” is a door to door sales reality content featuring the process of visiting and selling a wide range of products to customers....

Amigo TV Season 3 - Winner (2018)

Winner Amigo TV

Rank #38346

The boys will have a request corner, a TMI corner, and challenge their concepts. (Source: Allkpop)...

Sing Again 2 (2021)

Sing Again 2

Rank #38382

Sing Again comes back with a new season! Singers who want a chance to be rediscovered give everything they got to the viewers. Just like the last one, the contestants...

Hurrah for Independence (2021)

Hurrah for Independence

Rank #38720

An observation reality program that shows celebrities who have never lived alone in their whole lives as they learn how to strike out on their own and live independently for...

Friday Night (2020)

Friday Night

Rank #38729

“Friday Night,” the new program will consist of six short-form segments with different themes like sports, science, art, travel, cooking, and factories. It will be co-directed by PD Na Young...

Wizard of Nowhere (2017)

Wizard of Nowhere

Rank #39136

Wizard of Nowhere is a South Korean travel-reality show on MBC TV that started airing on June 5, 2017. The cast of six, divided into two teams, goes to another...

War of Villains (2020)

War of Villains

Rank #39439

The variety show will feature the cast members meeting artists who have impacted the Korean music industry and starting new music projects. (Source: Soompi)...

Human Intelligence – The Most Perfect A.I. (2018)

Human Intelligence – The Most Perfect A.I.

Rank #39770

“Human Intelligence” is a sci-fi variety show about futuristic, cutting edge artificial intelligence that launches with the question, “What happens when human intelligence (the closest type of artificial intelligence to...

The Legend

The Legend, The New Singer

Rank #39776

A survival audition program out to discover a new singer who will sing old songs that touched the nation during the 1970s to the 1990s with emotions of the present...

Hip Hop Tribe (2016)

Hip Hop Tribe Season 1

Rank #39856

A hip hop and rap competition program where older generation contestants are teamed up with professional hip hop music producers....

Turkids on the Block Season 1

Rank #41417

Lee Yong Jin’s interview-style talk show web entertainment done under the guise of an ultra-low-budget street talk show. It’s produced by Studio Waffle as a parody of “You Quiz on...

Another Day of Shovelling Season 2

Rank #41428

JTBC Studio HOOK’s representative digital content “Another Day of Shoveling” is back for Season 2. Jeong Jae Hyung and Lee Jang Won return to greet the blooming spring in a...

Carefree Travelers: Season 2 (2018)

Carefree Travelers: Season 2

Rank #41782

It is a travel program whereby the cast travel around various countries in the form of package tours alongside participating travellers and invited guests, but without the usual managers, talent...

Naturally (2019)


Rank #41966

“Naturally” is a variety program where viewers can feel healing and find small joys through life in the countryside. (Source: Soompi)...

Eat Sleep Eat (2016)

Eat Sleep Eat

Rank #42554

A Korean variety show where Baek Jong Won travels around Southeast Asia and develops interesting new recipes using the local ingredients....

In-Laws In Practice (2018)

In-Laws In Practice

Rank #42671

Single celebrities experience a virtual newlywed life together as their parents also get some practice being in-laws! (Source:

Mimi Shop (2018)

Mimi Shop

Rank #44232

Hot celebrities gather together to open a trendy beauty shop. With Tony as a boss, Sandara, So Yul, Cheetah, and Jin Kyung join the show to show off their beauty...

Studio Vibes (2019)

Studio Vibes

Rank #46620

Ten young musicians move together and are left to do whatever they want during the month the show is filmed with the hope they would create music together and find...


Rank #47022

“Sum+fing” where hot men and women that have a interest in surfing gather together. An intense dating reality program where they live together to find true love. (Source: Korean =...