Suicide Korean Dramas & Movies

SKY Castle (2018)

SKY Castle

Rank #84

Han Seo Jin, Noh Seung Hye, Jin Jin Hee, and Lee Myung Joo all live with their families in SKY Castle, a luxury private neighborhood hosting wealthy doctors and professors....


Rank #88

Choi Joon Woong seeks a job, but it’s hard for him to get hired. One night, he witnesses a man trying to end his life and decides to stop him....

Seasons of Blossom

Rank #589

A story of love and friendship between five high school students from Seoyeon High School. Lee Ha Min appears like a bright person, but there is also darkness within his...

Missing Noir M

Missing Noir M

Rank #953

Gil Su Hyeon is extremely intelligent. At the age of 10, he attended Harvard University and after graduating, he went to work at the FBI. 10 years later, he decided...

Blue Birthday (2021)

Blue Birthday

Rank #1135

A fantasy romance drama in which Oh Ha Rin will revisit the past through mysterious photos left by her first love, Ji Seo Jun, who died on her birthday 10...

Children of a Lesser God (2018)

Children of a Lesser God

Rank #1924

Chun Jae In is an elite detective with a genius IQ, who guided by only facts, logic, and numbers. Meanwhile, Kim Dan is a rookie detective who has the ability...

How to Buy a Friend (2020)

How to Buy a Friend

Rank #2840

Rumors surround Don Hyuk, a highly praised high school fighter, after his girlfriend’s sudden self-harm. Plagued by the trauma he is quick to fight if someone even mentions her name,...

Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island

Detective K 2: Secret of the Lost Island

Rank #3239

In 1795, the nineteenth year of King Jeong Jo’s reign, a large amount of fake silver is slipped into circulation creating a substantial threat to the economy. Detective Kim Min...

The Snow Queen (2006)

The Snow Queen

Rank #3742

At 17, Tae Woong, a mathematical genius, meets two people who will later become the people he loves. One becomes his best friend and the other his love. Tae Woong’s...

One Day (2017)

One Day

Rank #4019

A newly widowed insurance investigator handling the case of a woman in a coma after a car accident encounters her spirit when he visits her in a hospital one day...

Homme Fatale (2019)

Homme Fatale

Rank #4064

Comedic film of a fusion-historical genre. Cute lover boy Heo Saek becomes Joseon’s first male gisaeng and a flower-like woman named Hae Won who thinks ahead of her time, search...


Spring, Again

Rank #4661

Lee Cheon Ah, a woman who committed Self-harm following her daughter’s death, but instead doesn’t die. Hong Jong Hyun is a mysterious man who wants to commit Self-harm and meets...

The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful (2019)

The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful

Rank #4671

Gui Soo is a master Go player who loses his teacher Heo Il Do and vows to take revenge on the dark world of Go that took his master from...

The Quiet Family (1998)

The Quiet Family

Rank #4672

The Kang family moves to the countryside to open a lodge on a remote mountain. The family then becomes anxious and restless waiting for the very first customer. When their...

After My Death (2017)

After My Death

Rank #5346

One day, a high school girl Kyung Min goes missing. She seemed to jump off a bridge to her death, but without a body, or a Self-harm note, no conclusion...

Tabloid Truth (2014)

Tabloid Truth

Rank #5436

A scandalous rumor about an up-and-coming actress is included as a gossip item in a stock market tipsheet and propagated by the tabloids, causing her to take her own life....

Tropical Night (2017)

Tropical Night

Rank #5553

Korean-Thai collaboration that tells the story of Min Ki’s brother, Min Hoon, who terminates himself while on military vacation. Min Ki goes to Thailand to look for Jae Hee, his...

Norigae (2013)


Rank #5590

A young actress commits Self-harm and the media bashes the intimate favor bribery rampant in the entertainment industry. She had been brutally taken advantage of by a newspaper mogul, a...

Howling (2012)


Rank #5877

Sang Gil is a homicide detective whose well-deserved promotion is rewarded to another one of his colleges. On yet another typical day in the field, he’s assigned a simple Self-harm...

Harvest Villa (2010)

Harvest Villa

Rank #6203

A mysterious self-harm occurs in an old villa located in the center of Seoul, soon to be demolished. A huge legacy is left to Bok Gyu, a man who is...

Steel Cold Winter (2013)

Steel Cold Winter

Rank #6410

Set within a village on the Gangwon-do Mountain, Hae Won has lived alone with her mentally ill father since she was 10 years old. Her mother left them at that...

Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019)

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Rank #6512

Pastor Park works to expose suspicious religious groups. He’s hired to look into the cult group Deer Mount. Meanwhile, Police Captain Hwang investigates a tragic end case and the main...



Rank #7751

A young woman, who lives in an old apartment suburb of Seoul, finds herself amused observing opposite side apartments. One day, she finds out that the lights of some houses...

Days of Wrath (2013)

Days of Wrath

Rank #7753

Back in his high school days, Joon Suk was bullied by Chang Shik. Because of this, Joon Suk’s high school days were like a nightmare. Now, Joon Suk finds it...