Singing Korean Dramas & Movies

Your Name is Rose (2019)

Your Name Is Rose

Rank #5605

Based on Korean history from 1979 to 2015 about a woman named Hong Jang Mi (lit. Hong Rose) who wants to be a singer. The movie revolves around Jang Mi...

Girls Planet 999 (2021)

Girls Planet 999

Rank #6734

A program surrounding female Korean, Chinese, and Japanese contestants who have the same dream of debuting in an idol group despite having different languages and cultures. Their growth as they...

If In Love Like Them (2007)

If in Love Like Them

Rank #6744

Lee Na is a rising singer who was about to debut but tragedy struck her when she found out she had leukemia. Another girl took her place and sang her...

Whispering Corridors 4: Ghost Voice (2005)

Whispering Corridors 4: Ghost Voice

Rank #7392

Young Eon is a timid high school student, who dies mysteriously while singing in the school’s music room. But even in death, Young Eon’s voice continues to be heard by...


Something, Crunchy Crunchy

Rank #7453

All the cookies that don’t sell are banished into the dark cellar. Today’s deportee came out into the world with a bang but wasn’t bought by anyone, so it became...

Act III: Motte - Documentary (2018)

Act III: Motte – Documentary

Rank #7457

Kwon Ji Yong is a full-length documentary that reveals the real Kwon Ji Yong aka G-Dragon, the leader of one of the most successful K-pop bands in history, BIGBANG. As...

Over The Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

Rank #7850

“Over the Rainbow” is the dark and bright side of the crazy world of dancers and singers. It is a realistically captured drama with dancers that want to become singers....

Phantom Singer: All Stars (2021)

Phantom Singer: All Stars

Rank #35158

The top three teams from the past three seasons return for an All-Star competition. (Source: MyDramaList)...

IU Documentary 'Pieces: 29th Winter' (2022)

IU Documentary ‘Pieces: 29th Winter’

Rank #35306

IU officially bids farewell to her 20s and welcomes her 30s with her “IU Documentary ‘Pieces: 29th Winter'”. Artist IU, Ordinary Lee Ji Eun. The top soloist gathers pieces of...

IU's Homebody Signal 2 (2020)

IU’s Homebody Signal 2

Rank #35481

This is a show in which Korean solo artist and artist IU uploads in her YouTube channel doing random interesting things like unboxing MDs, cooking with random guests sort of...

Super Band (2019)

Super Band

Rank #35526

Super Band invites genius indie musicians, from street singers to sensational cellists, to collaborate and create original harmonies together as a band. Once each individual musicians pass the preliminary rounds,...

Boys Planet (2023)

Boys Planet

Rank #35560

“Boys Planet” presents the potential of the boys from all around the world. When the two worlds of K-Group and G-Group collide, ONE WORLD is born. K-Pop Boy Group audition...

Begin Again 4 (2020)

Begin Again Season 4: Korea

Rank #35836

In seasons one to three, singers traveled to various cities in the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Italy. In this the musicians will go on a busking trip around Korea and...

DONGKIZ On Air (2019)


Rank #35947


Fantastic Family – DNA Singer

Rank #37261

DNA Singers are family members of famous stars who take the stage to show off their singing sterminates. Through their voices and outward appearances alone, the panel must try to...

Hyena on the Keyboard (2018)

Hyena on the Keyboard

Rank #37582

“Hyena on the Keyboard” is a music reality television show whereby the processes of song production from various producers/singer-songwriters will be shown. The completed songs will then be released as...

300 X2 (2019)

300 X2

Rank #37769

“300 X2” is a show that creates epic collaborations between musicians and fans in the form of sing-along performances. The program will interview some of the fans and celebrities who...

Hot Singers

Rank #37841

A choral singing group that depicts a choir challenge in which passionate seniors who shout ‘the youngest of the remaining days’ sing with their passionate hearts. (Source: Naver)...

The Voice of Korea: Season 1 (2012)

The Voice of Korea Season 1

Rank #38088

The Voice of Korea is a South Korean reality singing competition and local version of The Voice. One of the important premises of the show is the quality of the...

Road to Ithaca (2018)

Road to Ithaca

Rank #38118

This travel/music variety show details the 20-day journey of rock singers as they go from Ankara, Turkey, all the way to Ithaca, Greece. The show was produced by the director...