Revenge Killing Korean Dramas & Movies

Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2021)

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Rank #922

A backstory about the mysterious character Lee Chang’s group encountered on their journey north to discover the origins of the infected. Ashin will unveil the mystery behind her identity. The...

Crime Scene: Season 3 (2017)

Crime Scene Season 3

Rank #1471

Mockup tragic end scene is replicated and cast and guests have to figure out who amongst them is the criminal....

Less Than Evil (2018)

Less Than Evil

Rank #2144

It is a crime drama about the psychological games between a detective with a strong sense of justice but tormented by the crimes he solves, and a genius woman who...

Broken (2014)


Rank #3268

The cold body of middle school student Soo Jin is found at an abandoned public bathhouse. The father, Sang Hyun, is helpless in the face of his daughter’s death. And...

When Time Stopped (2018)

When Time Stopped

Rank #6490

A man who can stop time meets a woman unaffected by time. Moon Joon Woo is a seemingly-ordinary person, except for the fact that he can stop time. His special...

The Hut

The Hut

Rank #56905

When Seong Min, the oldest son of Kang of Suri village, falls sick, he calls Ok Hwa, a shaman priestess. She performs a ritual and finds the calabash containing the...