Pristin V Korean Dramas & Movies

Sisters Slam Dunk: Season 1 (2016)

Sisters Slam Dunk Season 1

Rank #1148

The overarching theme of the show is the fulfillment of each member’s dreams. Every episode is focused on accomplishing several tasks that would lead to the fulfillment of those dreams....

I Can See Your Voice Season 3 (2016)

I Can See Your Voice Season 3

Rank #1230

A reality show platform which offers talented singers the chance to make their dreams of stardom a reality....

Produce 101 (2016)

Produce 101

Rank #1446

Produce 101 is the nation’s first agency-collaboration unit girl group project, which brings together 101 trainees from different entertainment companies both inside and outside of South Korea. From the 101...

Star Show 360 (2016)

Star Show 360

Rank #1448

The hosts Tak Jae Hoon and Lee Teuk draw out genial laughs and thrills from their megastar-studded lineup! Melding talk with show-stopping performances and side-splitting sketch comedy, Star Show 360...

Show Me The Money: Season 4 (2015)

Show Me the Money Season 4

Rank #2391

The format of each season varies, but generally consists of contestants going head to head in a series of challenges until only one rapper remains. The show includes a mixture...

I.O.I Amigo TV (2016)

I.O.I Amigo TV

Rank #36679

Olleh TV’s web-variety show ‘Amigo TV’ is a fan favorite and focuses on webshows, sorta like what dingomusic does, but with idols in a variety format, their slogan is “crazy...

Battle Trip (2016)

Battle Trip Season 1

Rank #38288

The program is a trip competition between two groups of celebrities, traveling based on specific topics and showing viewers travel information and amazing tips. The winner group is chosen based...

Live Talk Show Taxi (2007)

Live Talk Show Taxi

Rank #39294

Talk show where guests are going around on TAXI and talk about different things....

Two Yoo Project Sugar Man (2015)

Two Yoo Project Sugar Man Season 1

Rank #39956

The program revolves around the battle of two teams led by Yoo Jaesuk and Yoo Heeyeol. Each team will brings back a “Sugar Man”: the singer who was a one-hit...

Standby I.O.I (2016)

Standby I.O.I

Rank #40650


Oppa Thinking (2017)

Oppa Thinking

Rank #42420

Celebrities make promotional videos of themselves, produced by one of the teams, and upload them on social media to appeal to the public. Next episode, they announce the winner based...

School Attack 2018 (2018)

School Attack 2018

Rank #43230

“School Attack” is returning after a 10-year hiatus as School Attack (2018). Sechskies’ Eun Ji Won, Momoland’s JooE, and Highlight’s Dongwoon have been chosen as the new MCs for the...

The Visiting Teacher (2018)

The Visiting Teacher

Rank #48952

The program opened applications for students or parents of their children, who want to take up 1-to-1 tuition from the home tutors recruited by the program. The home tutors will...

We Like Zines! (2017)

We Like Zines!

Rank #54759

The media is evolving and diversifying into forms of unimagined only a few years ago. Now, it’s time for ‘1conomy generation’! The Internet, which enabled traditional consumers of information to...