Manipulative Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

The Devil Judge (2021)

The Devil Judge

Rank #144

Set in a dystopian version of present-day Korea where daily life is chaos and society has collapsed to the point that people openly voice their distrust and hatred for their...

Queen of Ambition (2013)

Queen of Ambition

Rank #4105

When you grow up in extreme poverty, the experience can instill a steely resolve to succeed at all costs. Joo Da Hae is determined to leave her life of poverty...

Intruder (2020)


Rank #4588

Following the loss of his wife in a hit-and-run accident, psychologically traumatized architect Seo Chul moves back into his parents’ house with his young daughter, Ye Na, and attempts to...

Apgujeong Midnight Sun

Apgujeong Midnight Sun

Rank #47323

Whether a man and a woman become lovers or enemies depends on a fateful encounter. Revolving around work life at a TV network, this story is about young people who...