Lesbian Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Can I Kiss My Best Friend? (2021)

Can I Kiss My Best Friend?

Rank #51256

Two friends decide to practice kissing on each other....

I Love Camping (2020)

I Love Camping

Rank #53518

Ji Woo meets Su Jin for the first time at the camping site and immediately becomes interested in her. But, it is not easy to attract her attention. (Source: Underground...

I Can't (2017)

I Can’t

Rank #53826

Ji Sun and Chae Yeon are a couple since high school and they went to the same college. At the end of class party, the student president, a male classmate,...

Sui (2019)


Rank #54404

Sui and Jae Won are a class couple in high school. Then, on Jae won’s birthday, Sui worries about not hearing from Jae-won. (Source: GagaOOLala)...

Summer of Director Oh

Summer of Director Oh

Rank #54458

Director Oh Soo Jin had a taste of failure with her first movie. She thinks about a fancy come back but no one wants her now. Then one day, opportunity...

Summer Grass (2021)

Summer Grass

Rank #54695

Cho Yeop is an uptight girl in her 20s. She meets up with her old friend Kang Il with the intention of finding out whether she has feelings for him....

I Like You

I Like You, Unnie

Rank #55102

Tae Gyeong and Shin Lee Young, two post-graduates, reunite for the first time in a year. When Lee Young suddenly kisses Tae Gyeong in a drunken frenzy, hidden secrets and...

Truth or Dare (2022)

Truth or Dare

Rank #55359

Ji Young and Jin are the closest of friends. Following a visit to a bar together one night, the two of them decide to have another drink at Ji Young’s...

Five Steps to Accept Farewell (2016)

Five Steps to Accept Farewell

Rank #55406

Ye Joo and Eun Min had two years as a couple so far. One day, Ye Joo wants to finish the relationship that she had with Eun Min. Eun Min...

Are You Pregnant With My Child? (2022)

Are You Pregnant With My Child?

Rank #56451

When Hyuk Soo agreed to give Yeon Yi his sperm for artificial insemination, this is not what he was expecting. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Do You Want to Play the Truth or Dare with Me? Reboot (2019)

Do You Want to Play the Truth or Dare with Me? Reboot

Rank #56681

“Unni, do you want to play the truth game with me?” Jiho secretly likes Ina, her tutor. However, Jiho, who can’t tell whether her favor is out of love or...

Windbell (2020)


Rank #57314


Close to You...(or Not) (2021)

Close to You…(or Not)

Rank #58801

A six-year age gap separates two fellow college mates, Gae-bin and Ji-won. Gae-bin, who’s head over heels for Ji-won, can’t seem to hide her feelings for her senior while Ji-won’s...

The Villain Who I Love (2017)

The Villain Who I Love

Rank #58836

One day, high school freshman Minzy finds a photo of herself changing clothes in the school locker room. Class leader Hyejin, who is not close to minzy, points out that...

How Do I Kill That B? (2021)

How Do I Kill That B?

Rank #99999

Ha Yoon, who works as a maid in a mansion, is annoyed by the new maid Ji Yoon. One day, the owner of the mansion proposes for the servants to...

A Day of Dating

Rank #99999

“You know, I thought I could do anything with you. We always love together, we are unhappy together, we cry together.” As soon as Joo Young says those words, she...

La Dance (2021)

La Dance

Rank #99999

So Yoon and Yeon Seo, two proficient dancers, pair up for the dance video contest ‘La Dance.’ Yeon Seo, who majored in ballet, recently transfers to the Department of Contemporary...

Marry Me (2007)

Marry Me

Rank #99999

Ha Eun is a lesbian who lives with her mother and is close enough to share a room, but she cannot tell her mother that she is a lesbian. Her...

Action! (2021)


Rank #99999

Aspiring filmmaker So Yee is working part-time on a movie set. There, she runs into Kyung Min, her ex-girlfriend and the lead actor of the one movie she has made....

Gift (2021)


Rank #99999

At the Saemaeum Mental Hospital counselling, Hee Jung and Dr. Kang meet. Due to a scandalous rumour they have their last session. Hee Jung prepares a ‘gift,’ thinking this is...

That Summer Day (2021)

That Summer Day

Rank #99999

Soo Jin comes to the countryside with her aunt for the summer vacation. She accidentally finds Ye Eun at the place where Ye Eun was painting alone, and they spend...

Little a Little (2022)

Little a Little

Rank #99999

Long-time lovers Yeon Woo and Da Bin will have argue for the first time due to a small incident. In this process, the two realize that they don’t know each...