Lesbian Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

First Love (2016)

First Love

Rank #41068

After meeting in high school, two women fall in love and spend their lives together–though they’ve had to keep their relationship hidden for 40 years. But when they receive unexpected...

Don't Say Sorry (2018)

Don’t Say Sorry

Rank #42047

Choi Yeon, who is rumored to be a lesbian, doesn’t care about the rumors. However, she feels special about Ha-gyeong’s friendly manners. Choi Yeon gets confused when the rumors about...

Perfect One-night Stand (2020)

Perfect One-night Stand

Rank #42506

“I really wanna have intimate before the year is out!” Ji Hye looks for someone who’s destined for a date, but it’s not as easy as she hoped. Who is...

Anonymous High School Girl

Rank #43371

Someone is sending anonymous love messages to Kang Yoon Ah, and she wants to discover which one of her three classmates is behind the texts. (Source: Portuguese = girlslovenews Twitter...

Love in the Tinder Age (2020)

Love in the Tinder Age

Rank #45117

Yeon Joo despises herself. She can’t help picking a fight. She pushes people away even when she doesn’t want to. Also, being a lesbian doesn’t help the fact that she...

Three of Us (2022)

Three of Us

Rank #45195

Yeon’, a student in the film department, meets ‘Ji-hee’, a smart designer, and ‘Min-jun’, a developer with an attractive appearance. The three fall in love with each other and start...

Family Plan (2016)

Family Plan

Rank #45308

Nine years ago, two high school girls in love came up with a whimsical idea to have a child together who would resemble both of them. Now one of them...

Floating Deep Down Summer (2019)

Floating Deep Down Summer

Rank #45466

Photographer Hye Ri receives a wedding invitation from her old friend/ex lover. Hye Ri is not sure whether she will go or not. Curator Joo Hyun is very comfortable about...

Take Me Home (2020)

Take Me Home

Rank #45611

Same-intimate couple Eun Soo and Ye Won are living together happily. One day, a terrible traffic accident occurs and Eun Soo is seriously injured and her sister Eun Hae dies....

Really Lily? (2019)

Really Lily?

Rank #45906

Are we friends? or… It’s time for Lily!! (Source: Style Life Contents Lab)...

Chalna: Enough Time to Fall in Love (2018)

Chalna: Enough Time to Fall in Love

Rank #46706

A woman who keeps making eye contact with her is worried. ‘I’m at a cafe right now and… there’s a woman sitting in front of me and our eyes keep...

An Algorithm (2017)

An Algorithm

Rank #46768

When putting on a play on a lesbian’s Self-harm attempt, Yun Jeong, an open lesbian in school who plays a leading role in the theater production accuses Ji Won of...

Between The Seasons (2019)

Between The Seasons

Rank #46932

Hae Soo moves to another city and opens a cafe to start her new life. Ye Jin, a high school girl and frequent customer, starts to work at the cafe...

How to Ruin Housewarming Party (2020)

How to Ruin Housewarming Party

Rank #47201

Chae Young was invited to the housewarming party, meets her ex Jeong Yoon, who broke up a year ago. She tries to be cool, but it doesn’t clear the air...

Do you "Truth or Dare" with me? (2019)

Do You “Truth or Dare” with Me?

Rank #48200

“hey you want to play the truth or dare with me? You also like me right?” (Source: Stylelife Contents Lab, Youtube)...

Pragma (2014)


Rank #48215

Yoo Hee and Joo Yeon fell in love in high school, but their school’s persecution of gays tore them apart. When meet again years later, sparks fly. (Source: YouTube)...

Drama Special Season 2: Daughters of Bilitis Club (2011)

Drama Special Season 2: Daughters of Bilitis Club

Rank #48651

This drama tells the story of the lives of three lesbian couples...

Dear My Girlfriend

Rank #49300


Our Time (2022)

Our Time

Rank #49790

Ji Eun, who was once a Won Young’s lover, visits her, who has now buried the past. Ji Eun asks Won Young out on a date, and Won Young agonizes....

On Air (2018)

On Air

Rank #49950

Jeong Ah and Sol are the members of the broadcasting department at highschool. But there are rumors that there are lesbians at school. Jeong Ah, who is a lesbian, gets...

Ordinary Family (2014)

Ordinary Family

Rank #50922

Su Young is a lesbian who plans to go on the first vacation with her girlfriend, Young Mi. But the day before the two leave for vacation, Su Young receives...

The Day (2020)

The Day

Rank #50981

Ye Eun came up to Seoul to meet Sa Rang, who she met through chatting. Ye Eun still feels awkward about having intimate with the same intimate. While drinking, Sa...

Exchange Student (2019)

Exchange Student

Rank #51223

Han Byul’s father uses his power to get her the last room in a dormitory as a school employee, and it unwillingly disqualifies Su Min who had already been chosen....