Hotshot Korean Dramas & Movies

Law of the Jungle in Sabah (2018)

Law of the Jungle in Sabah

Rank #37190

Law of the Jungle episodes 325-333 with the themes “Escaping Survival from Asia’s Amazon” (1st Half) and “24 Hours Survival on Garbage Island” (2nd Half)....

I Can See Your Voice Season 8 (2021)

I Can See Your Voice Season 8

Rank #37320

I Can See Your Voice” is a mystery music game show. The guest artist(s) must attempt to guess between six contestants who are ‘good singers’ (sterminated vocalists) and ‘bad singers’...

Wanna One GO in JEJU (2018)

Wanna One GO in JEJU

Rank #37348

“Wanna One GO in JEJU” is a Korean reality show of Wanna One and is collaborated with Innisfree....

JBJ All the Time! (2017)

JBJ All the Time!

Rank #37404

A series of short videos that features JBJ members behind the scenes of album photoshoots, MVs, music shows and more! (Source: olivestulip at MyDramaList)...

K-RUSH: Season 2 (2017)

K-RUSH Season 2

Rank #38393

Season 2 of KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH...

2020 Idol eSports Athletics Championships (2020)

2020 Idol eSports Athletics Championships

Rank #38572

On September 11, MBC officially confirmed that it will be airing the “2020 Idol eSports Athletics Championships” as a stand-alone Chuseok special this fall. This year’s event will feature two...

Idol Variety Corps Camp (2020)

Idol Variety Corps Camp

Rank #39186

“Idol Variety Corps Camp” will give fans the chance to watch stars improve their variety show sterminates through various training exercises that will sharpen their endurance, agility, and teamwork. The...

We Play: Season 2 (2020)

We Play Season 2

Rank #39609

“We Play” is a unique variety show in which the cast members enjoy AR (augmented reality) games....

Two Yoo Project Sugar Man: Season 3 (2019)

Two Yoo Project Sugar Man Season 3

Rank #40478

The program revolves around the battle of two teams led by Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol. Each team will bring back a “Sugar Man”: the singer who was...

Player: Season 2 (2020)

Player Season 2

Rank #40730

“Player 2” is a program where the cast has to solve a mission at a new location every week and avoid the trap of laughter. The cast members are tasked...

We Play (2019)

We Play Season 1

Rank #41764

“We Play” is a unique variety show in which the cast members enjoy AR (augmented reality) games. The story behind the show involves the cast members who are originally part...

Perfect Combi (2019)

Perfect Combi

Rank #42560

A ‘New-Retro’ variety to enjoy various recollecting games and talk back to the childhood where I enjoyed the neighborhood with my best friend. (Source: IDFL)...

Two Yoo Project Sugar Man: Season 2 (2018)

Two Yoo Project Sugar Man Season 2

Rank #42663

Sugar Man is a music show that recalls the nostalgic singers of the old days who still remain in everyone’s heart. The audience communicates with them by listening to their...

Today’s Delivery: Pilot (2020)

Today’s Delivery: Pilot

Rank #46320

“Today’s Delivery” is different from other quiz shows in that one person has been given the right answer. The eight cast members will have to solve the quiz while trying...

TMI News Season 2 (2021)

TMI News Season 2

Rank #47067

In each episode, one or two topics are discussed, and idols (or programs/situations/places/songs) are ranked according to the topic. (Source: Wikipedia)...

Idol Tour (2017)

Idol Tour

Rank #99999

It is a variety show made to provide busy idols with a healing vacation. Every week, the cast and guests (mainly 2 members of an idol group) go for a...

Todaklism: Ha Sungwoon

Rank #99999

Tired and exhausted? Then this is where you should be! Sungwoon are here to comfort HA:NEUL. Find your solace by listening to his soothing voices and watching aesthetic video. (Source:...

Today's Fortune (2019)

Today’s Fortune

Rank #99999

A panel of experts from various fields and a celebrity panel analyze, comment and predict the dating style of a couple while watching their blind date in this prediction-based dating...

Let's Play Soccer (2019)

Let’s Play Soccer

Rank #99999

Coached by Ahn Jung Hwan, Korean top athletes form a soccer team to become the next legends by competing against professional soccer players....