Hotshot Korean Dramas & Movies

Wanna One Go: Zero Base (2017)

Wanna One Go Season 2: Zero Base

Rank #104

The second season of Wanna One Go offers exciting scenes from Wanna One’s tours as well as a glimpse into the everyday life of Wanna One members. The fans will...

Wanna One Go (2017)

Wanna One Go Season 1

Rank #347

The video shows the group’s meeting with the producers of the show, in which they talk about what they’ve been up to since the end of “Produce 101 Season 2”...

Prison Life of Fools (2019)

Prison Life of Fools

Rank #760

“Prison Life of Fools” (literal translation) is a variety show where the cast members will divide themselves into different teams and play various games to find the hidden “mafia” member....

I Can See Your Voice Season 5 (2018)

I Can See Your Voice Season 5

Rank #1115

“I Can See Your Voice” is a program with the premise that there are a number of people in a group, some of whom can sing and some who can’t....

Wanna One Go: X-CON (2018)

Wanna One Go Season 3: X-CON

Rank #1181

‘Wanna One GO: X-CON’ will put a spotlight on the musical talents and passion of each Wanna One members. The process of their new music preparation, collaboration with other musicians...

Master Key (2017)

Master Key

Rank #1388

The top stars will become attractive game players in order to participate in upgraded games, which are different from the former ones in other TV shows. All the players should...

Be Mbitious

Rank #1886

In order to form a project dance crew, 40 enthusiastic solo dancers with amazing sterminates and wonderful careers gather around the stage. Only chosen dancers will get the chance to...

Player 7 (2019)

Player 7

Rank #1904

“Player” is a program where people have to hold in their laughter while carrying out their individual duties in situations where they’re not allowed to laugh. If they fail to...

Street Man Fighter

Rank #1960

Eight male dance crews that represent South Korea will compete to be the No. 1 team. The dancers will showcase various genres of street dance, including hip hop, waacking, Old...

Be the SMF

Rank #3312

Final crews of the ‘Mbitious’ will be revealed through the program called ‘Be the SMF’, airing on July 5th! The reveal of all eight crews that will appear in “Street...

Taem-Log (2020)


Rank #35286

SHINee’s Taemin reveals his comeback process and life through a series of vlogs. On July 8th, 2020 – It was reported that Taemin injured his wrist while practicing and that...

Painful Date 2 (2021)

Painful Date 2

Rank #35443


Wanna Travel Season 2 In Pattaya (2018)

Wanna Travel Season 2: In Pattaya

Rank #36218

In Wanna Travel season 2, welcome Wanna One to Thailand with the beautiful sun and sea destination. Let’s do what Wanna One wants in Pattaya!...

Cash Back (2020)

Cash Back

Rank #36267

The program is a new large-scale sports variety show that takes place on a set that’s over 1,200 pyeong (42,700 square feet). Three athletes who compete at the national level...

Wanna Travel Season 1 (2018)

Wanna Travel Season 1

Rank #36423

Join Wanna One as they embark on a special 2-day trip together to Jeju Island! See the dorky & cute sides of the members of Wanna One in where they...

OK Wanna One (2017)

OK Wanna One

Rank #36526

“Okay Wanna One” is a reality show of Wanna One....

Workman (2019)

Workman Season 1

Rank #36540

The show follows Jang Sung Kyu as he takes on different part-time jobs. Occasionally, Kim Min Ah takes on part time jobs too. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Just Be Joyful JBJ (2017)

Just Be Joyful JBJ

Rank #36599

The reality show follows a new idol group JBJ’s transformation from trainees to an official idol group while showing each member’s daily life as an ordinary young adult taking an...

Wanna One Amigo TV (2018)

Wanna One Amigo TV Season 2

Rank #36620

Olleh TV’s web-variety show ‘Amigo TV’ is a fan favorite and focuses on webshows, sorta like what dingomusic does, but with idols in a variety format, their slogan is “crazy...

Wanna City (2017)

Wanna City

Rank #36723

‘Wanna City’ is a game variety show starring Wanna One, who have been receiving top-notch popularity these days....

Gag Concert (1999)

Gag Concert

Rank #36756

Gag Concert is a South Korean sketch-comedy television show more commonly known as Gag Con. It began airing on September 4, 1999, and aired its last episode on June 26,...

Star Road: Wanna One's (2018)

Star Road: Wanna One

Rank #36859

Wanna One get’s invited to OSEN’s Star Road to play games and relax....

Problematic Men Season 2 (2018)

Problematic Men Season 2

Rank #37126

It is a talk show variety program that focuses on various types of questions every week, sometimes with a theme. The cast invited for this program consists of six men...