Gang Korean Dramas & Movies

Brothers in Heaven (2018)

Brothers in Heaven

Rank #53750

In a big city of Busan, twin brothers were left in the orphanage after the tragic death of their parents. Tae Ju, the older brother, becomes a cop, and Tae...

Fragment (2018)


Rank #54044

“This is a scenario written based on a true story that was actually experienced. ill-advised at school I remember the precious people leaving me because of my judgment. At that...

Su Saek

Su Saek

Rank #54499

Small suspicions and betrayals push 4 best friends to the point of no return. Yoon Seok, Sang Woo, Won Seon, Ho Young are 4 best friends living in Susaek, a...

King of Prison (2020)

King of Prison

Rank #58938

The king of the prison who rule the wild and despicable! “I’m sick of losing without fighting!” Man Hee, imprisoned for being caught up in an accidental, violent case, will...

Jaws of the Dragon (1974)

Jaws of the Dragon

Rank #99999

Two crime syndicates lead by Blackbeard and White Tiger fight over a shipment of heroin. Junior, one of Blackbeard’s hitmen is sent to retrieve the stolen heroin. (Source: IMDB)...

King of Prison 2: The Prison War (2021)

King of Prison 2: The Prison War

Rank #99999

“Money is a gangster” Two violent inmates exercising their power over the prison VS the only chef in the prison kitchen who can possess weapons are admired for their hidden...

Eyes Wide Open (2018)

Eyes Wide Open

Rank #99999

An American student in Seoul, South Korea uses his sterminates as a spy to stop foreign agents and local gang members from gaining access to a supercomputer that can connect...

This Is the Beginning of Love

This Is the Beginning of Love

Rank #99999

Choi is a newly appointed teacher who tries to help his students with slightly unorthodox teaching methods but he is immediately reprimanded by the school board. Problem student, Hyun Im...

Martial Cop: Chinatown

Martial Cop: Chinatown

Rank #99999

Chinatown is a place where crime and betrayal are rampant. Violent Crimes Detective Ko Jung Hyuk can’t rest a day. He tries to rid the streets of criminals but he’s...


Rank #99999

About the turbulent period of chaos around 1960s when the scars due to the Korean War is still fresh. It is a crime noir drama about the rise and fall...