Gang Korean Dramas & Movies

Fate (2008)


Rank #7501

Four friends bound by destiny and unbeatable in the dark world. When a casino attack goes wrong as a result of betrayal, fate turns them into enemies. Now, forced to...

Haeundae Lovers (2012)

Haeundae Lovers

Rank #7508

Haeundae Lovers is about a prosecutor who goes undercover to infiltrate a crime family in Haeundae, Busan, then gets into an accident and loses his memory. Thinking he’s a gangster,...

See You After School (2006)

See You After School

Rank #7563

For Goong Dal, nothing has gone right in his whole life. In an attempt to get rid of his ‘loser streak’, he signs up for and fully immerses himself in...

Fly High

Fly High

Rank #8467

Shi Bum has a dream of being an actor. One day, he meets a girl Soo Kyung and falls in love with her at first sight. With Shi Bum together,...

The Good Man

Rank #34648

A work that depicts with laughter and tears the tumultuous events that Seok Cheol, the eldest son of a three-generation gangster family, descends from to protect his family, work and...

Believer 2 (2023)

Believer 2

Rank #34680

Detective Won Ho looks for missing person Rak and he also chases after Teacher Lee, who is the boss of a drug ring. Brian and Keunkal appear in front of...

The Faceless Boss: The Untold Story (2020)

The Faceless Boss: The Untold Story

Rank #36508

Sang Gon, a gangster who forced his treacherous predecessor to step down, finally climbed to the position of the gang boss. However, he is branded as a junior who beats...

Revenge and Passion

Revenge and Passion

Rank #39224

A young drifter, Kang Joon Ho, who got involved in gang life, falls in love with a hairdresser, Min Joo and then tries to straight....

Drama Special Season 11: One Night (2020)

Drama Special Season 11: One Night

Rank #43734

A black comedy about a test-taker who tried to pay for a motel overnight with a bag of 100 million dollars in a delivery accident. (Source: HanCinema)...

The Eve (2021)

The Eve

Rank #44201

No one involved in this matter is forgiven! Jeong Woo, who grew up with Han Na under their adoptive mother, goes abroad to contribute to a difficult family environment. However,...

Mama (2011)


Rank #45621

“Mama” follows various characters as their touching stories all center around mothers. Won Jae contracts an incurable disease and can not walk. His mother Dong Sook supports his son by...

Countdown (2011)


Rank #45826

Tae Gun Ho is the best collection agent in his firm, admired by his colleagues and dreaded by those he visits. He’s known for gathering his debts by any means...

A Man of Reason (2021)

A Man of Reason

Rank #46310

After 10 years in the prison on behalf of his boss, Soo Hyuk is released, but the boss doubts his loyalty. When Soo Hyuk visits his long-abandoned girlfriend, he finds...

City of Damnation

City of Damnation

Rank #47186

Jang Chun Dong is a traffic officer who aspires to become a homicide detective. After being noticed by his superiors, Chun Dong is assigned to go undercover to infiltrate a...

Beat (1997)


Rank #47452

This movie follows the story of three friends in Korea, all three of whom drop out of school. The main character is Min, a tough guy whose widowed mother is...

Bully (2018)


Rank #47784

Kim Tae Poong used to be the best fighter in middle school in Jeollado. He goes to a high school in Seoul and focuses on his studies. Meanwhile, gangster Jeong...

Wish (2009)


Rank #47957

A high school boy in Busan joins a gang as a rite of passage…...

City of the Rising Sun (1998)

City of the Rising Sun

Rank #48068

Do Chul, a tough boxer with a boyish face, dreams of jumping in the ring again for the local title, but his dizzy spells take the best of him with...

The Faceless Boss (2019)

The Faceless Boss

Rank #49023

Sang Gon, a gangster who forced his treacherous predecessor to step down, finally climbed to the position of the gang boss. However, he is branded as a junior who beat...

Fist and Furious (2019)

Fist and Furious

Rank #50039

News collection, missing persons, substances, escapes and revenge. A former violent detective with a knife in his head and a sneaky materialistic VJ collaborate! Freelance VJ Gook Hyeon is a...

Wild Animals (1997)

Wild Animals

Rank #50420

Two Korean ex-pats meet in Paris by chance encounter. One is a petty thief and wannabe artist/painter Chong Hae, and the other is a tough guy Hong San. Hong San...

I Am a Dad

I Am a Dad

Rank #51101

Corrupt detective Han Jong Shik takes care of a gang and gets kickbacks to save his daughter. One day, he gets news from the organ transplant coordinator that they have...

The Show Must Go On (2007)

The Show Must Go On

Rank #52292

With middle age creeping up on him, the life and achievements of amiable, mid-level Korean gangster Kang In Gu are about due for an objective assessment. He’s certainly not in...

Soo (2007)


Rank #53369

Tae Soo tries to steal from a gang. The gang catches Tae Soo’s brother, Tae Jin, instead. The incident causes the brothers to separate. Tae Soo becomes a mob fixer...