Ex-spouse Relationship Korean Dramas & Movies

Five Enough

Five Enough

Rank #891

After losing his wife five years ago, Lee Sang Ta is left with his two children. Since that time, he lives with his two kids and parents-in-law, who treat him...



Rank #904

Park Tae Suk is a lawyer who finds out that he has Alzheimer’s and puts his life on the line to fight one last case. The drama depicts his vigorous...

Special Labor Inspector Jo (2019)

Special Labor Inspector Jo

Rank #1327

Social satire drama about punishing the “haves” of society. It follows Jo Jin Gap, a man who used to be a member of the national judo team, and whose dream...

My Husband Got a Family (2012)

My Husband Got a Family

Rank #2153

Cha Yoon Hee is a successful TV drama producer, who has been afraid of having in-laws, specifically a mother-in-law. Because of this, Yoon Hee has decided to look for a...

Strangers Again (2023)

Strangers Again

Rank #2308

Oh Ha Ra is a hotshot divorce lawyer whose nickname in legal circles is “the “goddess of litigation.” One of the reasons she is such a dab hand at divorce...

Love Affairs in the Afternoon (2019)

Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Rank #2354

Son Ji Eun is a housewife who works part-time at a mart. She is quiet and sincere, even as she feels trapped in her unhappy life and lonely marriage. One...

Emergency Couple (2014)

Emergency Couple

Rank #2365

Jin Hee led a satisfying life as a dietitian. She then met medical school student Chang Min. Despite his wealthy family’s strong opposition, Jin Hee and Chang Min decided to...

Big Issue (2019)

Big Issue

Rank #2422

Set within the frenzy world of the paparazzi media. Due to a photograph, Han Seok Joo loses everything, including his job as a photographer for a top newspaper and his...

Cunning Single Lady (2014)

Cunning Single Lady

Rank #2928

Na Ae Ra is the prettiest girl in her town. Many guys around her try to win her heart but she dreams of marrying a civil servant. One day, she...

The Wind Blows (2019)

The Wind Blows

Rank #3110

“The Wind Blows” is a story about a man who decided to divorce his beloved wife after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and a woman who decided to divorce her husband...

Doctor Detective (2019)

Doctor Detective

Rank #3633

Do Jung Eun works as an industrial health doctor. She partners with Doctor Heo Min Ki to uncover the truth related to industrial accidents, diseases and other incidents that take...

My Only One (2018)

My Only One

Rank #4469

“My Beautiful Side” is a drama about a woman who loses everything one day, when she discovers that her parents are not her biological ones, and that they are also...

Cleaning Up

Rank #4643

Eo Yong Mi, Ahn In Kyung and Maeng Soo Ja work as cleaning ladies at a brokerage company. Eo Yong Mi raises her two daughters by herself and she struggles...

The Empire

Rank #7106

Depicts the vulgar scandals of Korea’s nobles of the robe (whose rank came from holding judicial or administrative posts) who dream of hereditary succession. Han Hye Ryul is the chief...

Hooray for Love (2011)

Hooray for Love

Rank #7418

Kang Jae Mi led a happy life with her parents, but by the time she was 19-years-old her father had an affair, and her parents soon divorced. Jae Mi promised...