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My Only One

Title: 하나뿐인 내편 / My Only One
Also known as: Only on My Side / My Only Ally
Previously known as: 아름다운 내 편 / My Beautiful Ally
Chinese Title: 我的唯一守護者
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 100 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2018-Sep-15 to 2019-Mar-03
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This drama is about a woman who loses everything one day, when she discovers that her parents are not her biological ones, and that they are also murderers. It is the story of someone who will live boldly while putting back together the pieces of her life broken by love.


Main Cast

Choi Soo Jong as Kang Soo Il (Kim Dong Chul)
Song Joon Hee as Kim Dong Chul (child)
Uee as Kim Do Ran
Kim Soo In as Kim Do Ran (child)
Lee Jang Woo as Wang Dae Ryook
Yoon Jin Yi as Jang Da Ya

People around Kim Do Ran

Im Ye Jin as So Yang Ja
Na Hye Mi as Kim Mi Ran
Kang Joo Ha as Kim Mi Ran (Child)

People around Wang Dae Ryook

Park Sang Won as Wang Jin Gook
Cha Hwa Yun as Oh Eun Young
Jung Eun Woo as Wang Yi Ryook

People around Jang Da Ya

Jin Kyung as Na Hong Joo
Park Sung Hoon as Jang Goo Lae
Lee Hye Sook as Na Hong Sil


Song Won Suk as Soo Il
Lee Joon Seo as Soo Il (child)
Park Hyun Jung as Soo Il’s Wife
Kim Choo Wol as Yeo Joo Daek
Go Na Eun as So Young bae
Kil Yong Woo
Lee Hwi Hyang
Na Moon Hee
Lee Doo Il
Kang Sung Min
Im Ji Hyun
Lee Joon Hyuk
Jung Jae Soon
Hwang Geum Byul as Miss Jo (Wang family housekeeper)

Production Credits

Director: Hong Suk Goo
Screenwriter: Kim Sa Kyung

Episode Ratings

2018-09-15120.8-21.2 (2nd)19.9 (2nd)
2018-09-15224.6-24.3 (1st)22.7 (1st)
2018-09-16322.7-22.8 (2nd)21.3 (2nd)
2018-09-16426.3-25.6 (1st)23.9 (1st)
2018-09-22518.2-17.2 (2nd)15.6 (2nd)
2018-09-22621.4-21.5 (1st)19.7 (1st)
2018-09-23718.9-17.6 (2nd)16.8 (2nd)
2018-09-23821.9-20.6 (1st)19.9 (1st)
2018-09-29923.0-21.8 (2nd)20.0 (2nd)
2018-09-291027.7-27.1 (1st)25.6 (1st)
2018-09-301127.0-25.5 (2nd)24.5 (2nd)
2018-09-301230.8-29.3 (1st)27.9 (1st)
2018-10-0613--24.7 (2nd)23.5 (2nd)
2018-10-0614--27.3 (1st)25.9 (1st)
2018-10-071525.8-25.0 (2nd)23.8 (2nd)
2018-10-071629.5-29.4 (1st)27.9 (1st)
2018-10-131722.8-21.6 (2nd)19.5 (2nd)
2018-10-131826.9-25.9 (1st)24.1 (1st)
2018-10-141926.4-26.1 (2nd)24.0 (2nd)
2018-10-142031.3-30.1 (1st)27.8 (1st)
2018-10-202126.9-24.9 (2nd)23.4 (2nd)
2018-10-202227.4-25.7 (1st)23.8 (1st)
2018-10-212327.7-27.1 (2nd)25.3 (2nd)
2018-10-212431.7-31.2 (1st)29.3 (1st)
2018-10-272524.9-23.1 (2nd)21.7 (2nd)
2018-10-272629.2-27.9 (1st)26.9 (1st)
2018-10-282729.2-27.6 (2nd)25.9 (2nd)
2018-10-282833.6-32.6 (1st)31.1 (1st)
2018-11-032926.2-25.0 (2nd)23.0 (2nd)
2018-11-033030.0-29.6 (1st)27.7 (1st)
2018-11-043127.9-28.5 (2nd)26.8 (2nd)
2018-11-043232.6-33.3 (1st)31.5 (1st)
2018-11-103325.4-23.9 (2nd)22.1 (2nd)
2018-11-103429.4-28.8 (1st)27.0 (1st)
2018-11-113528.4-33.1 (1st)27.2 (2nd)
2018-11-113633.9-28.4 (2nd)32.0 (1st)
2018-11-173726.8-26.7 (2nd)24.6 (2nd)
2018-11-173830.3-30.2 (1st)28.0 (1st)
2018-11-1839--28.7 (2nd)26.4 (2nd)
2018-11-1840--33.9 (1st)31.8 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Fazila binti Abdillah Says:

    Yeah.. first comment..

  2. 2 : Ikram Says:

    Uee my favorite actress is back is back

  3. 3 : Ikram Says:

    Uee my favorite actress is back is back .fighting

  4. 4 : OK OK OK Says:

    UEE and Lee Jang Woo – both I like because both good looking, likable and can act 😛

  5. 5 : Sinopsis My Only One Says:

    i cannot waiting this drama

  6. 6 : Um hassan Says:

    Je suis tres tres contented be voir choi soon jong

  7. 7 : roll the ball Says:

    OH MY GOD I’m so fucking happy, my couple is coming back :))

  8. 8 : Sinopsis Drama My Only One / Only on My Side Lengkap - Dailysia Says:

    […] Dikenal juga sebagai: Only on My Side / My Only Ally […]

  9. 9 : OK OK OK Says:

    Admin nim
    Today is dated 17 September 2018 Monday morning when i am reading this.

    How come the ratings result already out for 22 and 23 September 2018 which is this coming weekend Saturday and Sunday – which the drama not air yet??? PUZZLE……. 😛

  10. 10 : So What Says:

    I’m really sick and tired of the Korean mentality that “adoption” is something to be ashamed of. People cant help if their biological parents couldn’t take care of them for whatever reason. Almost every drama has this element. This “real” shit has just gone to far.

  11. 11 : Precious Says:

    OMG this is drama is moving along quite fast. Good job!!!!

  12. 12 : Uraya Says:

    Uee is great actress .all the cast did well. Highly recommended drama

  13. 13 : Thalia Says:

    The drama is wow .i become obssessed with it especialy uee and lee jang woo

  14. 14 : K-Family Fan Says:

    As long is KBS Family Drama never go wrong, always the ratings is the top of all because only 1 family drama station monopolize in Korea. Don’t expect good or not?

  15. 15 : Saini Tuitele Mitchell Says:

    Really like Uee and Lee Jang Woo, they are hilarious in their bantering. Looking forward when their romance progresses…hahaha! He’s going to try all kinds of ways to win her over, but she is going to give him the cold should, at least that’s what I’m expecting, seeing he teased her about those fake dizzy spells…hehehe

  16. 16 : robert Says:

    l love this romance drama

  17. 17 : Tiffany Says:

    Very good, I think I found the knowledge I needed. I will see and refer some information to your post. thank you.

  18. 18 : SHU (@StylishShu) Says:

    Love love this drama. Miss Lee Jang Woo. He has such charisma. Though he’s slightly ‘plump’, he still looks dashing. And Uee makes you want to love her. Wonder why her relationships didn’t work so far.
    I had wanted to let this drama run its course before watching because I can’t stand waiting for the next episode!
    True, I just watch. Cannot wait!
    Lee Jang Woo and Uee, Fighting!

  19. 19 : Chae Won Says:

    It’s hilarious when the grandmother flips. ROTFL!

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    Now, I am really looking forward to watch episode 37. I really hope that, Jang Goo Lae will fall in love with Kim Mi Ran . Mi Ran is a person showing no confident of herself, maybe, the handsome guy Jang Goo Lae can take care of her and protect her to strengthen her confidence and don’t be a “cry baby’ who always like to cry.

  21. 21 : mml Says:

    I really like Kim Mi Ran , she’s cute ,funny and a straight forward person . Why is it , she is always drinking beer and always get drunk ? Kim Mi Ran is a pitiful person , it seems that, she did not go to fun land to play and also never go to watch movies, as she has no money .

    At her age, Mi Ran missed out a lot of happiness without her father. Let’s hope that, the subsequent later episodes with show some happiness that Mi Ran can get……. ….

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