Black And White Korean Dramas & Movies

The Book of Fish (2021)

The Book of Fish

Rank #2248

Jung Yak Jeon is a scholar and bureaucrat. He is exiled to the remote island Heuksando. There, he becomes fascinated with fish and decides to write about them. Jung Yak...

Jang Hee Bin (1961)

Jang Hee Bin

Rank #41262

The king falls in love with Jang Hee Bin, a woman of low birth and makes her his second wife. She plots against the queen, the king’s first wife, and...

The Novelist's Film (2022)

The Novelist’s Film

Rank #45739

The story about a novelist, Joon Hee, who goes a long way to the bookstore of her junior who disappeared, climbs the tower by herself, meets the movie director couple,...

Walk Up (2022)

Walk Up

Rank #49780

Korean auteur Hong Sang Soo adds a new chapter to his impressive body of work, taking a gently delightful new perspective on themes dear to his poetics. (Source: HanCinema)...

A Quiet Dream

A Quiet Dream

Rank #50968

Three men around a woman, and their unusual way of expressing their emotion. In the center of Seoul, contrary to the fancy buildings, still, there’s a poor town called, Su...

Sweet Dream - The Death Lullaby

Sweet Dream – The Death Lullaby

Rank #58426

Middle-class housewife Ae Soon is excessively vain and Ignoranceful of her duties as a homemaker. Unable to tolerate her any longer, Ae Soon’s husband kicks her out, and she leaves...

Introduction (2021)


Rank #59162

1. the father had asked him to come but he was occupied when he came 2. she wanted to study in Germany and her mother had to find cheap lodging...

A Female Boss (1959)

A Female Boss

Rank #59725

Would-be feminist Yoanna, running her own company, is insulted in a phone booth by a stranger named Yong Ho. While searching for a job, Yong Ho applies to a magazine...

Blood Relation (1963)

Blood Relation

Rank #59758

On a border mountain slope, defectors from North Korea try to eek out a measly living family selling cheap knickknacks. Geo Buk faces pressure from his father, Kim Duk Sam,...

Shape of Tulip (2020)

Shape of Tulip

Rank #99999

A Japanese woman visits Gongju to find a Korean man she had a crush on but doesn’t remember what he looks like exactly. A Korean man encounters a Japanese woman...

Melting Icecream (2021)

Melting Icecream

Rank #99999

Assumed to be a record of the 1990s democratization movement, but the work actually began with the discovery of severely flood-damaged film. Although the work started out as a documentation...

Whispers in the Water (2020)

Whispers in the Water

Rank #99999

A woman who says she talks with dead people explores different dimensions of language through her memories that involve whispers and water. She learns, unlearns, and relearns how to speak....

The Element of Hope (2022)

The Element of Hope

Rank #99999

The husband sets up the breakfast table that his wife won’t even at that day, cleans it, and does the laundry. The only person he faces in a day is...

Back from the Beat (2019)

Back from the Beat

Rank #99999

Express parcel delivery man Min Gyoo dreams about becoming a DJ. He will soon DJ for the first time at a club run by close friend Ji Hong. His girlfriend...

Teatime with Mr. Park (2022)

Teatime with Mr. Park

Rank #99999

A couple spends time together. But that time doesn’t last long. (Source:

Hello Dayoung (2018)

Hello Dayoung

Rank #99999

Deliverer Min Jae is secretly in love with Da Young who works at Samjin Corporation. But the innocence of young man is not easily compensated, waiting for a courier to...

Scorched Earth

Rank #99999

Koreans become aware of the Korean War from the very early childhood, but their levels of awareness vary greatly: Those who have personally experienced the war have opinions that inevitably...

The Story of Shim Cheong

The Story of Shim Cheong

Rank #99999

The good daughter Shim Cheong sells herself for 300 sacks of rice to help open her blind father’s eyes. (Source: KMDb) ~~ Adapted from the folklore “Shim Cheong” (심청전)....

Sinner (2021)


Rank #99999

Seong Ah, the main character who lives in a camp at a welfare facility in the cathedral, is given a confession and is given a continuous service (a practical task...

Nolbu and Heungbu

Nolbu and Heungbu

Rank #99999

Greedy Nol Bu chases out his good brother Heung Bu out to the streets. Heung Bu is a man who would rather be poor than mean. One day, he sees...

Crack (2021)


Rank #99999

In front of a local road, a man is picketing with a sign saying “crack.” A day ago, Sang Su in his early forties is living in a shabby tent...

7 People in the Cellar (1969)

7 People in the Cellar

Rank #99999

Father An is locked up in a basement by retreating North Korean soldiers while reconstructing his church ruined during the Korean War (1950-1953). The North Koreans hide in the basement...

The Girl Raised As A Future Daughter-In-Law (1965)

The Girl Raised As A Future Daughter-In-Law

Rank #99999

A poor widow’s daughter is taken into a rich family as a future daughter-in-law. Her mother-in-law is so talkative that she leads a tough life. But her little husband loves...

One Sided Love Princess (1967)

One Sided Love Princess

Rank #99999

Princess Suk Kyeong goes out to the world one day with the court ladies. At the market, everything seems new to her. She helps herself to some food not knowing...