Sweet Dream – The Death Lullaby

Sweet Dream – The Death Lullaby


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Director: Yang Joo Nam

Screenwriter: Choi Dok Gyeon

Release Date: Oct 25, 1936

Duration: 47 min.

Rank: #58426

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 미몽(죽음의 자장가)

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Alternative Titles: Mimong (Jugeumui Jajangga), Mimong, Sweet Dream – Mimong

Genre: Drama, Family, Historical


Middle-class housewife Ae Soon is excessively vain and neglectful of her duties as a homemaker. Unable to tolerate her any longer, Ae Soon’s husband kicks her out, and she leaves him and their daughter Jeong Hee to take up with her lover in a hotel.

~~ The oldest film in existence, and a valuable window into 1930s film grammar, as well as into discourses on New Women and modernity during the Japanesecolonial era, discovered in China by the Korean Film Archive (KOFA) in 2006.


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