Best Friends' Relationship Korean Dramas & Movies

Buddy Park (2018)

Buddy Park

Rank #7617

Jinho has never had intimate even though he is 29 years old. Jinho tries hooking up with guys using a mobile app but fails miserably. His friends make fun of...

Almost Love (2006)

Almost Love

Rank #7655

Ji Hwan and Dal Rae are old friends who grew up together in the same neighbourhood. Ji Hwan admires Hong Kong movie star “Jacky Chan” and wants to be a...



Rank #7677

After writing a series of articles about a pedophilia scandal, journalist Ji Won receives threatening calls on her cellular and subsequently changes her number. Her close friend Ho Jung, who...

Be With Me (2010)

Be With Me

Rank #7704

Omnibus film “Ghost” premiered at the 2009 Pusan International Film Festival with the English title “Be With Me”. Prologue “Tell Me Your Name” – Seo Hee, Nam Hee and Lan...

Do Dream (2018)

Do Dream

Rank #7732

Jung Si Yeon is just your average high school student. Sweet and spunky, she spends her carefree days hanging out with her best friend, Yoon Hee, and crushing on the...

The Whispering (2018)

The Whispering

Rank #8133

After the notorious college entrance exam, Eun Ha and her friends are supposed to have fun but still busy to build more career to enter better college. “This is going...

My Dear Friend (2019)

My Dear Friend

Rank #8158

Two young teenagers who are also best friends fall in love....


Coffee, Do Me a Favor

Rank #8191

‘Coffee, Do Me A Favor’ is a fantasy rom-com revolving around Lee Seul Bi, a chubby girl who becomes beautiful after drinking magical coffee, and Im Hyun Woo, a handsome...

A Good Supper (2021)

A Good Supper

Rank #8347

“Supper” is a shabby Korean Diner in the countryside near a small train station. Young Shin is in her third year of high school, but while her classmates go straight...

Romantic Guest House (2023)

Romantic Guest House

Rank #34676

Yoon Dan Oh had enjoyed a comfortable life as the beloved youngest daughter of a well-off family, but not anymore. She is now the breadwinner of her family and runs...

Nineteen (2019)


Rank #41717

“Nineteen” is a drama in the form of a vlog in which the protagonist shares her daily life and tells a story through video. The main character is Han Sung...

Love Playlist: Season 3 Special (2019)

Love Playlist: Season 3 Special

Rank #41977

This is a special of Love Playlist season 3...

Edge of Friendzone

Rank #43699

Men and women who insist that they only have true friendship with each other, are we really only friends? Friends that say they only have friendship between them and versus...

Friend and Kiss (2021)

Friend and Kiss

Rank #44254

Yeo Bin had a dream that Young Jae confessed to her while carrying someone on his back but why does it seem so real? (Source: Youtube)...

Snowball (2021)


Rank #45084

Kang Yi, So Young, and Ah Ram are best friends who go to the same high school. Kang Yi appears relatively normal, compared to So Young who dreams of becoming...

Three Bold Siblings (2022)

Three Bold Siblings

Rank #45326

Kim Tae Joo is the eldest of three siblings. She is warm-hearted and tolerant, but she also has a hot temper. She cuts off relationships with people whom she doesn’t...

Barefoot Diva (2018)

Barefoot Diva

Rank #45547

“Barefoot Diva” is a fantasy drama about a singer, a producer and a ghost in the recording studio....

It Was Love (2012)

It Was Love

Rank #45788

A woman whose best friend steals her husband and utterly destroys her life. A frenemy who wrecks a woman’s life and does all this for the sake of her daughter....

Drama Stage Season 3: Big Data Romance (2019)

Drama Stage Season 3: Big Data Romance

Rank #46430

A genius applications developer who blindly believes in Big Data meets a woman who is not even 1% compatible with his beliefs and falls in love with her in this...

60 Days of Summer (2018)

60 Days of Summer

Rank #49421

Dong Il is the coolest old man in his 70s. He cooks using a tablet PC and knows how to use SNS. He knows how to enjoy life. But one...

Biggest Fan (2019)

Biggest Fan

Rank #49526

Yoo Ari and Ahn Do Jun are idol fans and best friends. They become friends with transfer student Jung Yu Hee who becomes a fan of trainee teacher Ahn Jae...

Not Found Love (2021)

Not Found Love

Rank #49712

A love story of a woman in her 20s who looks back on her different relationships with five men and sets out to find the answer to their relationship. Their...