Best Friends' Relationship Korean Dramas & Movies

The Tasty Florida (2021)

The Tasty Florida

Rank #3638

Having just moved in, college freshman Seo Hae Won isn’t sure what to think of the guesthouse he now calls home. With Florida Banjeom, a popular Chinese restaurant, comfortably settled...

The World of My 17 Season 2 (2021)

The World of My 17 Season 2

Rank #3758

“18 years old, will Na Ri have her first love?” First love, dream, friendship. The world of the girls’ first 18, a sweet and sour story. (Source: Naver)...

Best Mistake Season 2 (2020)

Best Mistake Season 2

Rank #3816

In the first season that played back in July, a model student named Kim Yeon-doo, who is devoted to her studies, got involved with Ji Hyeon-ho, who was branded as...

Pop Out Boy! (2020)

Pop Out Boy!

Rank #3919

Han Sun Nyeo spends her days attending school, hanging out with friends, reading comics, and dreaming of her first love. Really, the only thing that sets Sun Nyeo apart from...

Crushes Reverse (2018)

Crushes Reverse

Rank #4014

Yoo Somi likes her sister’s boyfriend Nam Dong Yoon, but her best friend is Nam Dong Yoon’s little brother Nam Dong Ha. How does their love story change?...

Real:Time:Love 3 (2020)

Real:Time:Love Season 3

Rank #4320

After ten years of being best friends, it has been six months that they have become an honest and confident couple. But because of a mistake, they started a secret...

Hi! School - Love On

Hi! School – Love On

Rank #4415

Lee Seul Bi is an angel who is sent to Earth to look after Shin Woo Hyun, who lives with his grandmother and carries emotional scars from being abandoned by...

Govengers (2018)


Rank #4604

A group of misfit high school students find a mysterious phone in their school’s gymnasium. They turn on the phone and suddenly gain super powers! Choi Chan Yi, the leader,...

Your Imagination Becomes Reality (2018)

Your Imagination Becomes Reality

Rank #5204

A “will-they-won’t they” relationship (ssum) of a person who hasn’t dated in 20 years Your imagination becomes reality?? Even in a beginning-of-the-semester party?? There’s always a person who ruins the...

Diva (2020)


Rank #5293

Sterminate, beauty, personality, ‘Diving Diva’ Lee Yeong has it all. Not being able to be with her best friend Soo Jin is the only thing that gets in her way....

About Time (2018)

About Time

Rank #5431

A man and a woman have different abilities when it comes to time. Michaela Choi is an aspiring musical actress who has the unusual ability to see other people’s life...

Lover's Concerto

Lover’s Concerto

Rank #5665

One day, Ji Hwan begins to receive letters from an unidentified person. The letters, containing black-and-white photos of happy children playing, remind Ji Hwan of his old two friends. Five...

300 Year-Old Class of 2020 (2020)

300 Year-Old Class of 2020

Rank #5979

The series is a fantasy comic web drama that tells a story of three students, who were studying in Seowon during the Joseon period accidently time travel and arrive at...

Ordinary but Special (2020)

Ordinary but Special

Rank #6058

A web drama about an ordinary high school club that takes a class trip to the sea where the series then focuses on the relationships and happenings between the classmates....

That Woman's Bucket List (2021)

Her Bucket List

Rank #6456

Very much in love with her boyfriend, Cha Ra Ri is devastated when she learns that he has unexpectedly passed away. Unsure how she can ever find the strength to...

Lawyers of Korea (2008)

Lawyers of Korea

Rank #6554

Woo Yi Kyung worked at a law firm as a secretary when she fell in love with Byun Hyuk, a rising star attorney in the firm. They lived together for...

Twenty Hacker (2021)

Twenty Hacker

Rank #6589

A movie about a white hacker club ‘Better World’ and a genius hacker ‘HEX’ having an inevitable showdown with the black hackers as the Songdo International Exchange was hacked in...

Best Chicken (2019)

Best Chicken

Rank #6673

A man works for a big company although his dream is to run a chicken restaurant. A woman who lives at a bathhouse that her late grandfather left behind, only...

Pink Lipstick

Pink Lipstick

Rank #7007

Yoo Ga Eun is a sweet-natured girl who dated and subsequently married her boyfriend, Park Jung Woo. However, she later discovers that her husband had an affair with her best...

Welcome to Wedding Hell

Rank #7159

A relatable tale about a couple in their 30s preparing for marriage. Expecting a fairy tale ending, the reality proves to be somewhat different. From the meeting of their families to...

True Ending (2019)

True Ending

Rank #7208

The webdrama True Ending, casting K-pop girl group Elris’ Yukyung and Karin, is a romance drama about students growing up and the changing emotions and immature relationships they experience while...

Discipline (2018)


Rank #7404

A neighborhood in Korea that is nothing out of the ordinary: a truly tranquil small town. In this town, Tae Woo and his best friends do all kinds of things,...

Peng (2021)


Rank #7448

Saying goodbye to her twenties, thirty-year-old Go Sa Ri welcomes this new decade of her life with open arms. Leaving behind the tangled mess of her twenties, Sa Ri is...

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

Rank #7605

Baek Soo Chan has nothing in his hands but he lives a life under the belief that he will become the man any woman who sits next to him wants....