2PM Korean Dramas & Movies

City Fisherman (2017)

City Fisherman Season 1

Rank #36180

Three celebrities known as fishing fanatics among celebrities have gathered to share their love for fishing! They will share with viewers the secret fishing spots with beautiful sceneries and must-go...

2PM Wild Beat in Australia (2017)

2PM Wild Beat in Australia

Rank #36196

South Korean boy band 2PM under JYP Entertainment is sent to Australia where they have to earn for food and accommodation by doing part time jobs....

Cash Back (2020)

Cash Back

Rank #36267

The program is a new large-scale sports variety show that takes place on a set that’s over 1,200 pyeong (42,700 square feet). Three athletes who compete at the national level...

Human Condition (2012)

Human Condition

Rank #37229

This variety show follows the cast members around whilst they aim to complete the assigned mission of the week. The missions tend to act as social experiments about issues in...

Wild Bunny (2009)

Wild Bunny

Rank #37502

The members of 2PM escape the pressure of stardom by ten forbidden activities by idols....

HK Coin (2022)

HK Coin

Rank #37848

A new game variety show in which a coin can determine fate. The stars do games to stack up points, and a simple coin toss can shake up the status....

Problematic Men (2015)

Problematic Men Season 1

Rank #37881

The cast is given clues to guess the identity of the episode’s guests, and once the guests appear and are introduced, they and the cast are given a set of...

Dong Dong Shin Ki (2020)

Dong Dong Shin Ki

Rank #38015

JTBC’s ‘Knowing Brothers’ will be launching a new mini segment, ‘After School Activities’ both via TV and YouTube. Through ‘After School Activities’, the ‘Knowing Brothers’ cast members will have a...

Poongryu - Battle Between the Vocalist (2021)

Poongryu – Battle Between the Vocalist

Rank #38193

A Korean traditional music competition program that presents the beauty and charm of Korean traditional music through a crossover between Korean traditional music and popular music. (Source: Naver)...

Beatles Code 2 (2012)

Beatles Code Season 2

Rank #38530

“Beatles Code” is a South Korean talk show on M.net in which the hosts find strange (and comical) connections between the week’s guests and another contemporary or historical celebrity. (Source:...

Idol Show: Season 3 (2008)

Idol Show Season 3

Rank #38573

A weekly Korean variety show hosted by the nation’s most popular teen idol groups. The main heroes of the third season are 2PM....

Oh! My School (2010)

Oh! My School

Rank #38852

Oh! My School is a South Korean variety show hosted by Park Myeong-su, Tony Ahn, Kim Shinyoung and Park Kyung Lim. It has a school setting where guests come out...

Suddenly a Millionaire (2017)

Suddenly a Millionaire

Rank #39067

Guests are lent 1 million won (S. Korean currency) and are asked, “How are you going to use it?” With an additional million won to spend, the guest’s spending patterns,...

The Fan (2018)

The Fan

Rank #39173

A new type of survival show is here. Hottest stars in the industry try to find the next future stars. Stars become the fan of the future stars and try...

Beatles Code (2010)

Beatles Code Season 1

Rank #39294

“Beatles Code” is a South Korean talk show on M.net in which the hosts find strange (and comical) connections between the week’s guests and another contemporary or historical celebrity. (Source:...

Living Together in Empty Room (2017)

Living Together in Empty Room

Rank #39769

The program talks about becoming housemates of the celebrities who are living alone. There is an solo artist (or an artist group) acting as the house owner and one or...

Real Class - Elementary School (2017)

Real Class – Elementary School

Rank #39795

Foreign K-pop idol members learn Korean from elementary school children. Korean elementary school students become Korean teachers for foreign K-pop idol members for a day. Watch foreign K-pop idol members...

K-pop Star: Season 1 (2011)

K-pop Star Season 1

Rank #40244

Survival Audition K-pop Star is a South Korean reality TV competition show where the three largest entertainment/talent agencies in Korea hold worldwide auditions to find the next potential K-Pop stars....

Idol On Quiz (2020)

Idol on Quiz

Rank #40306

“Idols On The Quiz” will invite K-pop idols from different nationalities to take part in a unique quiz. Jung Hyung Don is a veteran of idol variety shows, has been...

Family Outing: Season 2 (2010)

Family Outing Season 2

Rank #40780

Family Outing Season 2 was a South Korean variety show; a part of SBS’s Good Sunday lineup. It was first aired on February 21, 2010, following the end of the...

Galileo: Awakened Universe (2018)

Galileo: Awakened Universe

Rank #40833

New SF Variety program on the subject of Mars. They will try to survive in the MDRS (Mars Desert Research Station) located in Utah (U.S.), simulating the same condition that...

A Song For You 1 (2013)

A Song for You Season 1

Rank #41122

Global Request Show “A Song For You”. The story of national top K-pop stars struggling to do whatever global fans’ want! Let the HOT talk begin! (Source: KBS YouTube)...