YMCA Baseball Team

YMCA Baseball Team


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Director & Screenwriter: Kim Hyun Seok

Release Date: Oct 3, 2002

Duration: 1 hr. 44 min.

Year: 2002

Country: South Korea

Native Title: YMCA 야구단

Content Rating: G – All Ages

Alternative Titles: YMCA Yagudan

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sports


During the time Korea was invaded by Japan soldiers, Hochang lived the life of a scholar destined to follow the path of his father as being a tutor at school. One day, while playing soccer, he meets an American missionary who was playing an alien game that immediately got his attention, it was Baseball. Taught by the beautiful Jungrim, a Korean travelling woman who was accompanying the missionary at the time, Hochangwill soon develop a natural talent for being a very good hitter. Jungrim will then decide to form the first baseball team in Korea history, the YMCA.
Composed by numerous people such as Korean aristocrats, a pair of twins, a politician son, a few simple workers, a mute, a servant, a Japanese pitcher and of course Hochang, the YMCA team will reveal to be an excellent team and will never lose a game of their very first season. But as the Japanese military force is invading Korea, the team will get into trouble, as they will lose their training field. The rivalry will build between the baseball team and a Japanese military sergeant who was one of the best Japanese baseballs players before he joined the army. A match will then be set, but this match not only means who are the best at baseball but also a cry for freedom from the Korean people.

– KFC Cinema


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