Spin Kick

Spin Kick


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Screenwriter: Shin Dong Ik, Na Hyun

Release Date: Jul 23, 2004

Duration: 1 hr. 49 min.

Year: 2004

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 돌려차기

Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older

Alternative Titles: Dolryeochagi, Dollyeochagi, Taekwon Boys, Taekwon Boys: Spin Kick

Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts


The trophies lined up in the training hall bear witness to the past victories of the Manse Taekwondo Team, but these days the team is but a shadow of itself. Only one member, the quiet reclusive captain, Min Kyu, is even remotely capable. The coach Koh demands that the team reaches the semi-finals of the big upcoming tournament, but Min Kyu is the only one who hasn’t already given up.
When theteam runs into a local group of street thugs, they are all beaten to a pulp, and the thugs are thrown in jail. In sheer frustration Koh quits, saying there’s nothing more he can do for the team. When he leaves he advises Min Kyu to come with him, but the young student will not abandon his team.
The school administration is in a rut. Still, they feel they can’t give up on the team because that would mean sacrificing 50 years of legacy. The Taekwondo team was once the pride of the school, and if they give that up they have nothing.
As a last desperate resort, the headmaster of Manse turns to the thugs who beat up his team. He offers them a simple choice: Either be expelled from school, or join the Taekwondo team. Standing behind bars in prison, the offer suddenly seems very appealing.
The thugs turn up at the training hall, but they are met with no love from Min Kyu, the only remaining member of the old team. He feels that the thugs degrade the team with their attitude, but unless he quits he’ll have to accept their presence.
But one thing is still missing: A new coach. The team’s hardworking assistant Su Bin seeks high and low for anybody even remotely interested in the job. The desperate search yields only one candidate: The burnout junior coach Song Chung Gun, who volunteers simply because he has no other options.
The team only gets through the preliminary rounds because they intimidate the other teams, but suddenly the thugs realize they can’t win the tournament this way, and they actually start to take the whole thing seriously.
Three of the thugs soon emerge as serious contenders. First, there’s the uncrowned king of the school, Yong Geek. Then there’s his lieutenants, the solid Hyuk Soo, and the whimsical Jung Dae. Along with Min Kyu, and the understudy Sung Wan, the 5-men-fighting team of the Manse School is ready to fight. Or are they?
Will the thugs be able to put their street fighting ways behind them and restore some dignity to the team? Can Min Kyu step up and work together with his new team-mates? And do any of them stand a chance against the powerful opponents that await them towards the end of the tournament?


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