My Boyfriend Is Type-B

My Boyfriend Is Type-B


Total votes: 2021

Release Date: Feb 3, 2005

Duration: 1 hr. 36 min.

Year: 2005

Rank: #8296

Country: South Korea

Native Title: B형 남자친구

Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older

Alternative Titles: B-hyeong Namjachingu, My Boyfriend Is Type B

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Lee Dong Geon portrays title character Young Bin, a handsome, macho, but totally obnoxious young man who begins the film by breaking off a relationship in a most ungentlemanly way: after waiting in a parked car so Young Bin won’t get a ticket, the girlfriend reads him the riot act upon his return, prompting Young Bin to slip into the driver’s seat, break up with her, and speed off, leaving his newex-girlfriend stranded in the parking lot. From the get-go, Young Bin is not exactly a class act.
On the opposite side of the spectrum is the beautiful Han Mi, a meek university student looking for true love, but never seem to find it. As is typical in this kind of film, the two meet purely by chance: Han Mi accidentally texts messages Young Bin before literally bumping into him. Han Mi, feeling that their fortuitous meeting is a sign that they might be destined for one another, decides to go around with Young Bin and see if there’s any chemistry between them. Taken by Han Mi’s sincerity and her willingness to pick up the check, Young Bin jumps at the opportunity.
But Han Mi’s cousin, Chae Young isn’t quite so enraptured with Young Bin and tries to dissuade Han Mi from pursuing him. The thing is, Chae Young is a professional dating consultant and a strong subscriber to blood type theory. According to her, any relationship between the mismatched duo would be doomed to failure because Young Bin is a type-B male, which supposedly makes him arrogant, hardheaded, and generally a jerk, whereas Han Mi is a type-A female, one who supposedly can’t help being timid and obedient. But, while Chae Young predicts impending doom, the happy couple try to give love a shot, ignoring their supposed blood type incompatibility. But will they succeed?


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