Kim Hae Gon

Kim Hae Gon is a South Korean film screenwriter, director, and actor. He started off as a theatre actor and writer, winning awards for his stage performances even before entering his 20’s. In 1990, alongside his friend Kim Seung Woo, he entered the film industry as an actor alongside his theatre work, and he continued to write. After writing three motion picture screenplays, including "Failan," which was recognized as Cine21 Movie Award’s Best Screenplay of the Year and ranked fourth among their Best Film of the Year nominees, he debuted in 2006 with "Between Love and Hate," better known in South Korea as "The Unbearable Lightness of Dating." This was his first screenplay, submitted in 1998 and winning a Best Screenplay Award from the Korean Film Council, and in the film, his long-time friend Kim Seung Woo appears as the lead alongside Jang Jin Young. While continuing to write, he has remained active both on stage and in films as an actor, appearing in more than twenty motion pictures.

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Kim Hae Gon Facts

Native Name: 김해곤

Birth Name: Hae Gon Kim

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date:

Gender: Male

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