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Working Mom Parenting Daddy

Working Mom Parenting Daddy 04

Title: 워킹 맘 육아 대디 / Working Mom Parenting Daddy
Chinese Title: 工作Mom育兒Daddy
Also Known as: Working Mother, Babysitter Father
Genre: Family, Comedy
Episodes: 120
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2016-May-09 to 2016-Nov-11
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:55


This drama is a drama about working moms and babysitter daddies who cry and laugh because of their children.

Kim Jae Min (Park Gun Hyung) is a sweet husband who will do anything for his wife Lee Mi So (Hong Eun Hee). Mi So has a bright personality, but she learns that she is pregnant with their second child. Even with just one child, she has a hard time raising their child and working. Kim Jae Min decides to submit for a maternity leave at his work and begin to raise their child and do house chores.


Main Cast

Hong Eun Hee as Lee Mi So
Park Gun Hyung as Kim Jae Min
Oh Jung Yun as Joo Yeo Eun
Han Ji Sang as Cha Il Mok
Shin Eun Jung as Yoon Jung Hyun
Jung Hwan as Park Hyuk Gi

Lee Mi So’s family

Goo Gun Min as Kim Bang Geul
Gil Hae Yun as Lee Hae Soon

Joo Ye Eun’s family

Go Seung Bo as Cha Min Ho
Lee Kyung Jin as Ok Soo Ran

Yoon Jung Hyun’s family

Go Na Hee as Park Eun Sol


Son Gun Woo as Oh Sang Shik
Kim Kyung Nam as Park Jin Sung
Choi Sung Min as Yoo Han Moo
Kim Yong Woon as Kim Heung Bok
Yang So Min
Kim Ji Ho (2007)
Hong Seo Joon
Park Seung Tae
Kang Joo Ha

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Park Sung Eun
Director: Choi Yi Sup, Park Won Gook
Screenwriter: Lee Sook Jin


2016 MBC Drama Awards: Best Child Acting Awards – Goo Gun Min (Working Mom Parenting Daddy)


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Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

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  1. 1 : HKS Says:

    Good !!! ☺

  2. 2 : star Says:

    Wow!!!!! Very Good!

  3. 3 : Daisy Vega Says:

    The title should have been Mr. Mom!

  4. 4 : sinopsis drama korea terbaru Says:

    i loved your post…

  5. 5 : DSant Says:

    Agree with post #3 Daisy Vega, the title should be Mr. Mom!! Not sure, if this the first South Korean drama that tackles the reverse role of parenting. It is actually interesting, I just don’t like Miso’s MIL she is too much, going into her place of work, making commotions and telling her DIL to pack her belongings and quit her job.

  6. 6 : dora Says:

    Whatever happens to Working Mom And Parenting Dad?

    Why Has it being stopped being board casted after ep 68?

    I am sure lots lf people are waiting to watch the rest of the episols !!!

  7. 7 : Rose Says:

    @ dora —–

    It should be back on maybe Tuesday, August 23. Alot of shows were not being aired due to the Olympics.

  8. 8 : LY Says:

    Does anybody know the name of the beautiful actress who was Mi So’s mother(Ms Ok) at a younger age? I don’t think it’s listed above.

    I’m enjoying this drama a lot. The children are so talented and baby Ga Ram is so adorable.

    Lots of lessons learned when watching this drama.Highly recommended.

  9. 9 : Rose Says:

    @Ly – No I don’t remember Mi So’s mother when she was young. Either I don’t remember the scene, or I have not seen it yet I have only seen 64 episodes.

    I was watching The Duet Song Festival last week and one of the contestants was a stay at home husband. His wife wanted a career and he was OK with her working. They have no children right now. They have only been married 2 years.

  10. 10 : LY Says:

    @9 Rose

    The young version of Mi So’s mother could be seen during the flashbacks when she was kicked out from the house by her sister-in-law and also the time when she came to visit young Mi So but the family no longer lived there. I couldn’t remember which episodes relate to these scenes. However, you can see young Ms Ok via the pictures that were kept in both Mi So’s and Ms Ok’s wallets.

  11. 11 : Rose Says:


    Hmmmm…..thanks for the info……sorry I don’t remember the episodes either. If that is the only time she was in the drama, they most likely would not list her name.

  12. 12 : Rose Says:

    Hmmmm…….I just saw some flashbacks of Mi So’s mother in a recent episode, but could not make her out. They scenese were too fast.

  13. 13 : Rose Says:

    I really enjoyed this show – very different story line which was great. I thought the entire cast were great in their roles and all worked well together.

    The young children did very good in their roles. And the little babies were so cute. It was nice to see the little baby growing up.

    I really like Park Gun-Hyung in all his shows. He is a good actor and nice looking.

    Kim Kyung-Nam is very good looking and appears he works out pretty often.

    Kudos to the entire production staff and the entire acting cast. Job well done.

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