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Witch’s Castle

Witch’s Castle 04

Title: 마녀의 성 / Witch’s Castle
Chinese Title: 魔女之城
Previously Known as: 당신은 나의 별 / 你是我的星星
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Dec-14 to 2016-June-10
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:20


The story of a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law overcoming their differences and becoming the stars of each others’ lives.

Oh Dan Byul (Choi Jung Won) lost her parents due to her own mistake. She marries Joon Young (Kim Jeong Hoon), but her husband passes away. Meanwhile, her mother-in-law, Yang Ho Duk (Yoo Ji In), divorces because of her husband’s infidelity and her sister-in-law, Kong Se Sil (Shin Dong Mi) also returns to South Korea after divorcing her Italian husband. Now, these three women live together while overcoming their own personal problems…


Main Cast

Choi Jung Won as Oh Dan Byul
Seo Ji Suk as Shin Gang Hyun
Yoo Ji In as Yang Ho Duk (Dan Byul’s mother-in-law)
Shin Dong Mi as Kong Se Sil (Dan Byul’s sister-in-law)

People Around Oh Dan Byul

Kim Jeong Hoon as Gong Joon Young
Jung Han Yong as Gong Nam Soo
Kim Sun Kyung as Seo Mil Rae
Ga Won as Seo Hyang
Lincoln Paul Lambert as Leo

People Around Shin Gang Hyun

Lee Hae In as Moon Hee Jae
Choi Il Hwa as Moon Sang Gook
Kim Woo Suk as Moon Sang Gook (young)
Na Moon Hee as Chun Geum Ok
Jung Wook as Wang Yoo Seong

Baek Eun Yong’s Family

Danny Ahn as Baek Eun Yong
Kim Seung Hwan as Bae Geum Yong
Kim Min Hee as Hong Chun Seol


Son Hwa Ryung
Jung Byung Chul (정병철)
Lee Seung Joo (이승주)
Kang Ji Sub
Choi Won Myung as Kang Hoon Nam
Lee Kyu Ho

Production Credits

Director: Jung Hyo
Scriptwriter: Park Ye Kyung


This drama is the second collaboration of Actress Choi Jung Won and Director Jung Hyo after “Stars Falling From the Sky (SBS, 2010)“.


Witch's Castle Poster 1 Witch's Castle Poster 2

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  1. 1 : Sally Says:

    The story sound interesting.

  2. 2 : Ami Says:

    YAAAASSSS!!! Seo Ji Suk gets a lead role!! looking forward to this drama!

  3. 3 : vince cruz Says:

    i love that video yesss

  4. 4 : mml Says:

    I love the trailer video and hopefully, it’s a comedy drama.

  5. 5 : Priya Says:

    love the Lead characters, trailer looks good. but the only thing is if the drama has too long episodes they try to drag the story which sometimes kind of boring. so Director and Scriptwriter please try not to make it boring instead make it enjoyable and fun. All the best to the team. i am eagerly waiting

  6. 6 : islam saeed Says:

    hi i really love the actress Choi Jung Won
    i think she is a great actress who never got the chance to prove her self
    i really liked her in “brain , pick up the stars and her legend ” <3

  7. 7 : mml Says:

    I have watched up to episode 9 and still don’t understand something, Oh Dan Byul is living a life without her own dream and having a very tough life and how can this guy Shin Gang Hyun changes her destiny ???

  8. 8 : sylvia soo Says:

    SBS always no eng sub, bad luck cant watch

  9. 9 : lclarakl Says:

    I really like this drama and wish it had English subs. Thankfully I’m watching with a small group on the Soompi forum and we have a person that understands Korean some and has been able to shed a lot of light on what’s going on.

    I love that Dan Byul is reaching towards her goals, she still has to get over her fears. I have a feeling that the mistress that married Dan Byul’s father in law is going to turn out to be Gang Hyun’s mother since it was mentioned that she has a son that she gave up for adoption to a wealthy family. In fact I think she is the mother that left him on the streets.

    I hate that this drama isn’t being subbed because it’s a good one. We should all go to Viki and click following this drama.

  10. 10 : lclarakl Says:

    Below is where we can go to request Viki to add this drama:


    You just complete this form for them to add Witch’s Castle.

  11. 11 : BL Says:

    You may watch this drama with English sub at the following site:

  12. 12 : DRamaGo Says:

    Watch this cute drama!!!! Great leads!!!!

  13. 13 : DRamaGo Says:

    Go to dramacool it has subs there daily!

  14. 14 : Lclarakl Says:

    Loving this drama. I love how GH is showing HJ how much he really likes DB. Nothing she can do to stop it. She was so happy about getting engaged, although he told her he didn’t love her and that they should get to know each other, she wanted people to know that “he was her man”. Well now she’s seeing that if you don’t have his heart, he’s not your man.

  15. 15 : deernora Says:

    i like this drama,.sweet..i cant watch next episode

  16. 16 : torri Says:

    ok so Moon Hee Jae needs a chill pill, self confidence pill , self love pill and most of all she needs empathy pill , because the girl is completely crazy and annoying i swear hahahhaha, i mean i roll my eyes each time they show her because she is always doing some stupid and acting like a complete losser,and to think that there actually some people in this world that have her character is sad , ,i really have no other comment for this drama for now is boring hope the writer would actually write something that make one look forward to the next ep

  17. 17 : torri Says:

    ok so this Moon Hee Jae girl is funny this girl always does stupid and crazy stuff and she get caught all the time and this time around she was caught right handed and when her suppose fiance says they should rethink their engagement , she is suprise and asks why as if she has no clue how ridiculous her actions are , she makings me laugh hahhahahahha!!!!!!!!,

  18. 18 : MFH Says:

    You look so suave in Will you love….definitely will check out your new show Witches C.

  19. 19 : lee Says:

    The beginning 1st Ep story is not attrative, but once carry on the this drama it is very worth to watch.Not bore and felt like to continue ~~~great act to all actor/actress.. expecially Seo Ji Suk

  20. 20 : norlel Says:

    Choi Jung Wan, your expression is not very good. too much shocked with your big eyes. The same expression from the beginning.

    more interesting to watched others pair than lead actress. but lead actor is good.

  21. 21 : Snow Says:

    At this point in the story, the plot is just stupid and all the actors are bad, very bad. The lead actress acting in this drama is really bad too. She has this owl look all the time because of her eyes and mouth–as if she’s always saying “hoo, hoo”.

    The writer is terrible with not much of an imagination. Since the evil mother was in a plot to scam a person and that person was killed by one of the thugs who was in the scheme with the mother, should have been enough for her to have been arrested on other charges.

    The mother has done so many wrong things and continues to be bold and evil, I don’t understand why the ex-wife doesn’t sue her for scamming her out of a house and home, I don’t understand why the lead female doesn’t have her thrown in jail for causing her bodily harm when she hired someone to hurt her, and so on. Not only that, the evil daughter should go to jail too. Just because her grandmother is sick doesn’t mean she should be forgiven for her crimes–she tried to kill the lead at least 3 times.

    This drama really became just awful (it was somewhat bad before), just awful after the amnesia plot. Glad they kicked the fake brother who kidnapped her for a year out of the drama. Who knows, they may bring him back and he will be married to the lead who seemed like she was in love with him since she was so thankful to him “keeping” her for a year with amnesia—though her his brother hit her with a car and to protect his brother he kidnapped her. He should have paid for his crimes too, but he didn’t.

    If you’re considering watching this drama, just know that the acting is pretty bad and over the top and the plot is soooooooooooooooooo stuuuuuppppiiiiiidddddd!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22 : hulda Says:

    Very good, interested

  23. 23 : Maileen Says:

    Very interesting and totally dramatic!! Love the story and the actors!! Aloha . . Maileen

  24. 24 : Mega ayu Says:

    Good good good

  25. 25 : lclarakl Says:

    I have to laugh after reading the comments that this is a really good drama. It started out okay, but let me see; it’s a drama that has every cliche thrown in it: several hit by cars, several amnesia cases, a female lead who was stupid from beginning to end, and the whole you don’t pay for your crimes—crimes when you tried to kill someone which caused them bodily harm, is sending the wrong message to people. In the real world these evil people would have been in jail for years. I watched Ugly Alert, a drama where a writer knew how to write in order to keep you watching, without all the over the top stupid, ridiculous plot lines (I highly recommend Ugly Alert). Another thing that was hard to watch–the lead actress; I finally realized in this drama that she can’t act. She was pretty good in other older dramas, but this one was just awful.

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