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Title: 당신이 잠든 사이에 / While You Were Sleeping
Chinese Title: 當你沉睡時
Genre: Fantasy, Legal, Romance
Episodes: 32 (35 minutes/episode)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2017-Sep-27 to 2017-Nov-16
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This is a pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2017-Feb and finished 2017-July.

The drama is about a woman, Name Hong Joo (Bae Suzy), who can see unfortunate events in her dreams, and a prosecutor, Jung Jae chan (Lee Jong Suk) who does everything he can to prevent the woman’s dreams from coming true.


Main Cast

Lee Jong Suk as Jung Jae Chan
Nam Da Reum as Jung Jae Chan (young)
Bae Suzy as Nam Hong Joo
Lee Sang Yeob as Lee Yoo Bum
Yeo Hoe Hyun as Lee Yoo Bum (young)
Jung Hae In as Han Woo Tak
Go Sung Hee as Shin Hee Min

Division 3 Detectives

Min Sung Wook as Lee Ji Kwang
Bae Hye Sun as Son Woo Joo
Lee Ki Young as Park Dae Young
Kim Won Hae as Choi Dam Dong
Park Jin Joo as Moon Hyang Mi
Son San as Min Jung Ha

People around Jung Jae Chan

Shin Jae Ha as Jung Seung Won (Jae Chan’s younger brother)
Lee Jung Eun as Jae Chan’s mother

People around Nam Hong Joo

Hwang Young Hee as Yoon Moon Sun (Hong Joo’s mother)


Lee Yoo Joon as Oh Kyung Han (Police officer alongside with Han Woo Tak)
Kim Da Ye as Kang Cho Hee (Coffeehouse employee)
Oh Ui Shik as Bong Du Hyun (SBC reporter)
Pyo Ye Jin as Cha Yeo Jung (Police officer who unrequited loves Han Woo Tak)


Kim So Hyun as Park So Yoon (Ep. 3-8)
Jang So Yeon as Do Geum Sook (So Yoon’s mother) (Ep. 3-8)
Uhm Hyo Sup as Park Jun Mo (So Yoon’s father) (Ep. 3-8)
Choi Won Young as Nam Chul Doo (Hong Joo’s father) (Ep. 3-4)
Jang Hyun Sung as Jung Il Seung (Jae chan’s father) (Ep. 1, 5-8)
Kang Ki Young as Kang Dae Hee (Ep. 9-)
Kang Shin Hyo as student (Ep. 10)
Shin Eun Jung as Kim Joo Young (judge) (Ep. 11-12)
Kim Min Jae
Yoon Kyun Sang
Lee Sung Kyung

Production Credits

Director: Oh Choong Hwan
Screenwriter: Park Hye Ryun

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2017-09-27 1 8.2 (16th) 9.1 (9th) 7.2 (19th) 8.1 (12th)
2017-09-27 2 9.4 (14th) 10.8 (8th) 9.2 (10th) 10.4 (6th)
2017-09-28 3 8.0 (17th) 8.7 (11th) 8.3 (16th) 9.8 (10th)
2017-09-28 4 9.3 (10th) 10.2 (9th) 9.2 (12th) 10.9 (8th)
2017-10-04 5 5.0 5.2 (18th) 5.1 5.6 (17th)
2017-10-04 6 5.5 (19th) 5.7 (14th) 6.1 (11th) 7.0 (7th)
2017-10-05 7 8.3 (13th) 8.2 (11th) 7.9 (14th) 8.2 (10th)
2017-10-05 8 9.6 (7th) 9.9 (3rd) 8.9 (9th) 9.6 (6th)
2017-10-11 9 7.8 (17th) 9.3 (10th) 8.1 (13th) 10.0 (7th)
2017-10-11 10 8.9 (15th) 10.2 (8th) 9.4 (8th) 11.5 (5th)
2017-10-12 11 7.5 (18th) 7.8 (13th) 8.9 (12th) 10.3 (8th)
2017-10-12 12 8.5 (12th) 8.9 (8th) 9.7 (10th) 11.8 (6th)
2017-10-18 13 7.6 (18th) 9.5 (9th) 8.6 (8th) 9.5 (6th)
2017-10-18 14 9.1 (10th) 11.4 (6th) 10.0 (5th) 11.3 (4th)
2017-10-19 15 7.1 7.7 (18th) 7.9 (16th) 8.9 (10th)
2017-10-19 16 8.0 (18th) 8.9 (11th) 8.9 (11th) 9.9 (8th)
2017-10-25 17        
2017-10-25 18        
2017-10-26 19        
2017-10-26 20        
2017-11-01 21        
2017-11-01 22        
2017-11-02 23        
2017-11-02 24        
2017-11-08 25        
2017-11-08 26        
2017-11-09 27        
2017-11-09 28        
2017-11-15 29        
2017-11-15 30        
2017-11-16 31        
2017-11-16 32        

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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59 Responses to “While You Were Sleeping (2017)”

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  1. 51
    sinopsis while you were sleeping Says:

    im really excited..

  2. 52
    WYWS Says:

    For the past drama of Suzy I can say that she’s doing really good in this drama. I really admire all her hardships despite of all the criticism of the salty haters of her she keeps on going! Fighting our Bae :*

  3. 53
    Red Says:

    I wonder if woo tak is related to Jung Jae Chan and Nam hong joo when they were young.

  4. 54
    ALLiiee Says:

    Super excited for the next episode especially the kiss scene omg!!!!

  5. 55
    BTS Says:

    If you want to see the Behind the scenes of this drama go look for sbs catch on youtube 🙂

  6. 56
    Guille Says:

    Hi, I am Mexican and I love the korean dramas. You are the best in romantic dramas and fantasy. Thanks for your job.

  7. 57
    Anna Says:

    I really like Han woo tak

  8. 58
    Dina5765 Says:

    Actually i really like this drama..but i dont know, not like any LJS’s drama, until now i can’t feel any chemistry between suzy and LJS, sorry if i’m mistaken. But we’ll see until then. Fighting!

  9. 59
    Era Says:

    wonder why suzy is still bad in acting. I love this drama, but suzy. she ruins the drama with her bad acting. beautiful isnt enough. look at the rating. lee jong suk is ma wish

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