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TV Novel – That Sun in the Sky

That Sun in the Sky 04

Title: TV소설 – 저 하늘에 태양이 / TV Novel – That Sun in the Sky
Chinese Title: TV小說-在天空中的太陽
Genre: Period, Family
Episodes: 121
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2016-Sep-07 to 2017-Feb-24
Air time: Monday to Friday 09:00
Related Series: TV Novel


A girl from the 1970s countryside overcomes all obstacles and becomes Korea’s best actress.


Main cast

Yoon Ah Jung as Kang In Kyung
Lee Min Woo as Nam Jung Ho
No Young Hak as Cha Min Woo
Kim Hye Ji as Nam Hee Ae

Kang In Kyung’s family

Yoon Bok In as Park Mal Soon
Oh Seung Yoon as Kang Han Soo

Nangokdong people

Han Ji An as Oh Geum Soon
Han Ga Rim as Bae Choon Ja
Kim Seung Dae as Heo Chil Bong
Lee Choon Shik (이춘식) as Choi Dal Ho

Baek Doo Group / Baek Doo Studios

Lee Jae Yong as Nam Tae Joon (Chairman Nam)
Ban Min Jung as Yoon Mi Hee
Ha Ji Eun as Lee Seo Yun
Hyun Chul Ho (현철호) as Kim Choong Shik
Jang Som Yi as Secretary Chae

Sae Chang Group

Choi Joon Yong as Lee Hyung Ok
Kim Kyu Chul as Byun Geun Tae
Park Kyung Hye as Go Sung Ran
Jang Tae Sung as Ma Chul Hee
Lee Myung Ho as Im Hee Sang


Lee Il Min as Kim Yoon Suk
Yoo Ji Yun as Hong Soo Ji
Kim Dan Woo as Cha Da Eun
Kang Joo Ha


Kang Sung Jin as CEO Choi

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Ji Young
Producer: Hwang Seung Gi
Director: Kim Shin Il
Screenwriters: Kim Ji Wan, Lee Jin Suk


That Sun in the Sky Poster1 That Sun in the Sky Poster2

Related Photo

That Sun in the Sky1 That Sun in the Sky2 That Sun in the Sky3 That Sun in the Sky4

Official Site

Official Trailer
Trailer I
Trailer II
Trailer III

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  1. 1 : Soyeon Says:

    Nice poster with unknown cast.

  2. 2 : Rose Says:

    Here is the synopsis of the story —-

    In-Kyung (Yoon Ah-Jung) gives up studying to support her stepmother and younger stepbrother Han-Soo (Oh Seung-Yun). The stepmother sells In-Kyung to become a concubine to support her son Han-Soo. In-Kyung boards a train for Seoul after learning her fate.

    In Seoul, In-Kyung goes through numerous hardships to achieve her dreams and to attain love

  3. 3 : Koreanfan Says:

    After read the synopsis, this kind of story is always the same since many years back in every culture dramas. The actress become fame or top celebrity after been endured all the obstacles in life.
    Probably, this is a very sad story, she might dies from illness or become poor again after been used or lost everything.
    Problem here is all the actors don’t seem popular and the storylines had been used multiple forms. So how to pull-up the ratings? Nowadays, people watch for popularity and young celebrities. Both leads are so old and unknown, they should match with young artistes.

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