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Title: TV소설 – 그 여자의 바다 / TV Novel – Sea of the Woman
Chinese Title: TV小說-那女人的大海
Genre: Period, Family
Episodes: 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2017-Feb-27
Air time: Monday to Friday 09:00
Related Series: TV Novel


Set in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Yoon Soo In (Oh Seung Ah) is a smart student who has never missed ranking at the top of her class. Due to her poor family situation, she begins to work at a factory instead of going to college. Nevertheless, she pursues her dream.


Main Cast

Oh Seung Ah as Yoon Soo In
Yoo Eun Mi as Yoon Soo In (child)
Kim Joo Young as Choi Jung Wook
Han Yoo Yi as Jung Se Yeong
– Jo Soo Ji (조수지) as Jung Se Yeong (child)
Choi Sung Jae as Kim Sun Woo

Yoon Soo In’s Family

Lee Dae Yun as Yoon Dong Chul
Park Hyun Sook as Park Soon Ok
Lee Hyun Kyung as Lee Young Sun
Han Eun Seo as Yoon Jung In
Han Seo Jin as Yoon Jung In (child)
Kim Do Yun as Yoon Dal Ja
Kim Tae Yool (김태율) as Yoon Min Jae
Choi Woo Suk as Kang Tae Soo
Jo Sun Hyung as Ko Dae Bong
Chae Min Hee as Oh Seol Hee

Taishan Noodle Factory

Kim Seung Wook as Jung Jae Man
Lee Kan Hee as Hong Sook Hee
Son Jong Bum as Hong Man Pyo

Tianjin Mill Plant

Ban Hyo Jung as Jo Geum Rye
Park Ha Young as Shin So Hee


Kim Kyung Eung (김경응)
Yang Jae Won (양재원)
Park Yoo Seung as CEO Kwon
Ban Sang Yoon as Mangchi
Baek Seung Do

Production Credits

Director: Han Chul Kyung
ScriptWriter: Kim Mi Jung, Lee Jung Dae


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One Response to “TV Novel – Sea of the Woman”

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    Saimdang Says:

    This drama is similar to the TV-Novel Eun Hee. The characters and many of the plots are similar. The rich girl envies the good-natured poor girl. The young males that are the love interests and the crooked factory manager. One important difference; Kyung Soo Jin was better looking in the lead role. Actually she was hot and cute.

    I’m going to drop this one after having seen 16 episodes. It’s just not good enough.

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