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Tomorrow Boy

Tomorrow Boy 01

Title: 투모로우 보이 / Tomorrow Boy
Genre: Web-drama
Episodes: 5
Broadcast network: NAVER tvcast
Broadcast period: 2016-March-28 to 2016-April-11
Air time: Monday 09:00


The trendy coming-of-age drama talks about conflicts, love and friendship among friends who attend a same prestigious high school in Gangnam, Seoul. Ahn Tae Pyung (N) is a responsible teenage boy in charge of his family’s livelihood, who is also good looking. He never loses his hope while coping with his tough life.


Main Cast

N as Ahn Tae Pyung
Kang Min Ah as Jo Ah Ra
Yoo Se Hyung as Kim Nam Soo
Moon Ji In as Seo Sin Yeoung


Yoon Hee Suk as Moneylender
Jeon In Taek as Workshop boss
Kim Jin Geun as Cafe boss
Moon Hyeong Joo (문형주) as Grandmother
Baek Bong Ki as Myung Soo
Son San

Production Credits

Director: Jang Eui Soon
Screenwriter: Park Seon Jae


Tomorrow Boy Poster1 Tomorrow Boy Poster2

Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

Watch Online in Viki.com (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : Biubiu Says:

    All main cast are teenager.

  2. 2 : Jin Says:

    I don’t think N is a good actor but i hope he will be better in this hwaiting

  3. 3 : hude Says:

    Nnnnnnnnn my beautiful oppaaaaaaa

  4. 4 : mery Says:

    he showed his powerful acting skills in sassy go go i think he’s the best actor!

  5. 5 : toubee Says:

    i think hyuk is way better looking and a better actor. i dont see why people overlook him.

  6. 6 : mememe Says:

    nobody overlook hyuk, most people have their attention on him.It’s just right now the other members are trying a lot of things that have been getting more attention from the media.

  7. 7 : Tomorrow boy: novo Web Drama de Março Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama.org  […]

  8. 8 : Zizuu Says:

    N is a really good actor! If you don’t believe me, look Sassy Go Go 😉

  9. 9 : Humy Says:

    Should give a try on all this young coming artistes.

  10. 10 : Starlight_4ever Says:

    Wuri Hakyeonnie!!! Hwaiting!!!! I love your acting in Sassy Go Go so I really look forward to see you acting as the main lead!!! Saranghaeyo, Hakdoong! All the best for Tomorrow Boy and don’t tire yourself too much!

  11. 11 : Lee Soo Neul Says:

    I think N oppa is a very good actor and his acting was good in Cheer Up… And Im very happy that oppa is the main lead… Nado saranghaeyo N oppa… Hwaiting…

  12. 12 : g.b Says:

    N ♡♡♡♡♡
    I love his acting the most
    i wish you have more dramas….
    loved the four episodes waiting for more😊
    vixx n sarange

  13. 13 : 강백희 Says:

    I wouldn’t think N is the best actor but he has definitely gotten better in his recent drama, Sassy Go Go, reasons being he potrayed the character quite spendidly. It’s hard to act as a person with such a serious trauma as Ha Dong has. I hope he will continue to do his best on Tomorrow Boy and that he does not overwork himself.

  14. 14 : Sanjeep lamma Says:

    This dram is was really good but the incomplete plz… make it more

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