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Three Brothers

Title: 수상한 삼형제 / Three Brothers
Chinese Title : 可疑的三兄弟
Also known as: Suspicious Three Brothers / Strange Brothers
Genre: Romance, drama
Episodes: 70
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-17 to 2010-June-13
Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 19:55


Kim Sun Kyung is a retired police officer and father of three sons, Gun Kang, Hyun Chal and Yi Sang.

His eldest son Gun Kang made many wrong decisions in life, ending up being divorced and going bankrupt. Gun Kang gets remarried to Chung Nan. His second son Hyun Chal is the envy of the town and pride of his father. He runs a number of businesses which are quite successful. His wife Woo Mi often sacrificed her happiness for the benefit of the Kim family. As for the last son Yi Sang, he follows in his father’s footsteps by becoming a police officer. Oftentimes the father and the son clash each other. As Yi Sang married Eo Young, the daughter of his father’s deadly foe, an ex-convict Sun Kyung traced and eventually arrested a long time ago.

“Three brothers” revolves around their relations full of conflicts and love.


Kim family

Ahn Nae Sang as Kim Gun Kang (eldest)
Do Ji Won as Uhm Chung Nan
Oh Dae Gyu as Kim Hyun Chal (middle, businessman)
Kim Hee Jung as Do Woo Mi (Hyun Chal’s wife)
Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Yi Sang (youngest, police officer)
Park In Hwan as Kim Soon Kyung (father)
Lee Hyo Choon as Jun Kwa Ja (mother)
Kim Jin Seong as (Hyun Chal & Woo Mi’s son)

Joo family

Oh Ji Eun as Joo Eo Young (Yi Sang’s girlfriend)
No Joo Hyun as Joo Beom In (Eo Young’s father)
Jang Da Yun as Joo Boo Yeong (Eo Young’s younger sister)

Other people

Lee Bo Hee as Kye Sol Yi (Woo Mi’s mother)
Lee Jang Woo as Baek Ma Tan (police officer, Yi Sang’s friend)
Kim Ae Ran (김애란) as Tae Yeon Hee (Hyun Chal & Woo Mi’s friend)
Go Se Won as Wang Jae Soo (Eo Yeong’s ex-boyfriend)
Im Seo Yeon as Ji Seong Mi (Jae Soo’s fiancée)
Yoon Joo Hee as Lee Tae Baek (Prosecutor)
Son Jong Bum as Police Sgt Yoo
Na Jong Soo as Bang Bum Yong
Lee Jung Gil as Yoo Chi Jang
Moon Soo (문수) as Ha Haeng Sun
Jung Yoon Suk as (Chung Nan’s son)
Kim Jin Sung as Hon Soo
Kang Chan Hee (cameo)
Yoo Jang Young

Production Credits

Director: Jin Hyung Wook
Screenwriter: Moon Young Nam


  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Supporting Actress (Lee Bo Hee)
  • 2010 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Actress Award (Oh Ji Eun)

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  1. 1 : Luv It Says:

    OMG, the actors are all from the same drama 조강지처클럽 which had extremely high ratings last year!
    Cant wait to see their HILARIOUS and GREAT acting again!

  2. 2 : Well Says:

    Park In Hwan !! My Idol !!

  3. 3 : supple Says:

    Looks like Legend of the Fall.Cant wait to watch this drama.

  4. 4 : henry Says:

    Preview is
    Three Brothers preview

  5. 5 : kay Cook Says:

    Younger son is Sooen from “CityHall” …Will watch this drama………

  6. 6 : 1 Says:

    this drama is shit…… how come the rating is so good…compare to iris……

    such a waste

  7. 7 : kolorowanki Says:

    Wonderful films

  8. 8 : Jae In Says:

    @say. You just can blame the viewer who made the rating good. Afterall it is a family K-Drama which can gain good rating. It have heartwarming, fun and lesson. Well your taste is different.

  9. 9 : nagi Says:

    luv diz drama!!!
    kim isang cute..

  10. 10 : lelia Says:

    This drama is so hilarious. youngest son YI SANG is so handsome and good pairing with Eo Yeong.

    Love this show especially on the Lee Joon Hyuk & Oh Ji Eun pairing.
    Fabulous show.

  11. 11 : jonathan Says:

    show do u watch this drama online???

  12. 12 : iceqi Says:

    Nice drama….waiting for someone to upload it online with eng subs..

  13. 13 : lyness_marklay Says:

    its best drama korean plz tell me.im looking is so bored drama, im not already watch yet this drama… but looking rating this drama very good..but that actor is not famaous actor ,

  14. 14 : lennie Says:

    can anyone please show me where to this drama with english subtitles? I missed the first 7 episodes of this drama, and I cannot find it anywhere :((

  15. 15 : Me and I Says:

    this drama is good! I miss the 1st few episode

  16. 16 : Three Brothers' Lover Says:

    Lee Joon Hyuk & Oh Ji Eun ~~
    In love ^^

  17. 17 : don't consider this a "family drama" Says:

    This is not a family drama. It has a rating of 15+. I keep on waiting for it to be the funny, heart-warming family drama that Sons of Sol Pharmacy (My Too Perfect Sons). I’ve been watching it for the younger brother’s storyline but i am not sure how it can continue to carry the drama – i’ve already started skipping parts that don’t have them.

    The rest of the family are self-absorbed and mentally abuse each other so much it is hard to believe that they are family. This is not portrayed as a melodrama where you hate the evil person that you are supposed to hate, and yet the parents are hard not to hate.

    I am also surprised at the high ratings. The first 8 episodes can be found english subbed at drama addicts.

  18. 18 : yosii Says:

    dramanya lucuu ..

    aq suka sama yi sang . baik . pandai dan juga keren .. xD

  19. 19 : Demi Says:

    guys anyone, do you know who is his real name, the one who plays detective baek ma tan? he’s kim i-sang’s friend in police department. please tell me, I’m dying to know his real name, he’s cute 🙂 I think he will have a relationship with Bu Yoon

  20. 20 : kdramaLova Says:

    you cant compare iris to this drama 1, this is a comedy/family/romance type of drama you cant compare that to an action/romance drama…

  21. 21 : karu Says:

    this is a best drama..i hate the mother!!!!!!!!!als

  22. 22 : karu Says:

    this is a best drama..i hate the mother!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23 : gphoenix Says:

    I get enough real life drama at home. I see enough family members at home fighting with each other every day. Why should I waste my time watching this? I rather watch LBH kissing KTH like in Iris. That, I don’t see at home.

  24. 24 : yosii Says:

    do you know kim i-sang’s friend real name ? .. baek ma tan ?..
    he’s so cute ,,
    like tylor lautner ..

    and i really hate the mOther .. i want to kick her bud

  25. 25 : yosii Says:

    aaaa! …
    i love kim i-sang .. XDD
    so CUTE!!!!

  26. 26 : Demi Says:

    agree yosii! I love Baek Ma Tan more than Kim I-sang. I wonder who is his real name. I’m dying to know! haha

  27. 27 : Celina Says:

    Me too! who is Baek Ma Tan real name? dying to know >.

  28. 28 : Julia Says:

    Lee Jang Woo is the name of the actor who plays Baek Ma Tan.

  29. 29 : nana Says:

    Wonderful Drama
    And I’m excited for the rest of the drama

    I looooooooove this drama Cant wait to watch this drama

    and isang very cute and handsome .

    and I haaaaaaaaaate his mother i would kill her .

    i want to know what is name friend isang ?

    sooo pls if any one know what is name friend isang just tell me

    i want it so much pleeease please


  30. 30 : nancy Says:

    المسلسل هذا جناااااااااااان

    انا متحمسة اشوفة

    isang جنااان جذاب وكيووووووت

    Lee Jang Woo وانا بعد مثلكم اريد ان اعرف من هو

  31. 31 : June Says:

    Dear Scripwriter,
    So good to see another drama by you, after the drama of Term Of Endearment…Three Brother such a lovely drama..

  32. 32 : trude Says:

    This drama is okay if you like the mental abuse going on in it. The mother is awful!!! I’m shocked at Korean mothers-in-law they are, as a whole terrible people I have yet to see a Korean drama where the mother-in-law is good to her daughter-in-law. Do all Korean people use their daughters-in-law as slaves to cook and clean and do laundry????? I’m glad I’m not Korean I would never survive the abuse of Korean mothers!

  33. 33 : moba Says:

    Another 20 episodes, and i was hoping it will last soon. the 3 brothers only think of themselves, of course the mother too.a drama which once the director says ACTION, they will shouting. just imagine 20 more episodes of mental torture .

  34. 34 : lou8 Says:

    where is the ratings go?

  35. 35 : Lin Says:


  36. 36 : minhomei Says:

    lee jang woo. the hardest person to search the pic in the google. i

  37. 37 : MeiChan Says:

    Love the show! But as above commented, the mother-in-law is horible~terrible!! Are all Korean mothers-in-law like this in real life??? Umi is sooo purfect, as a wife and mother and daughter-in-law! Luv you, Umi!
    But Can somebody pls confirm whether the show has 50 or 70 episodes??? Addicted to it – I Need to Know!!! Tnx…

  38. 38 : ray Says:

    Does anyone know the real name of the actress that plays “CHIEF TAE” in this series? There is no listing in the credits published online.

  39. 39 : Mrs I-Sang Says:

    I don’t like Chief Tae….she’s really disturbing the sweet relationship between I-Sang and his wife!!!!!

  40. 40 : Mrs I-Sang Says:

    If I’m not mistaken Yoon Jo Hee plays the role of Chief Tae!!!! I hate her so much!!!!

  41. 41 : free watch episodes Says:

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  42. 42 : Debbie Says:

    I’m really enjoying this drama. I’ve also seen “You are My Destiny,” “The Road Home,” and “Jolly Widows.” I’m also currently watching “Happiness in the Wind.” I agree with many of you — is every Korean mother-in-law a mean character? How about a drama with a good mother-in-law?

  43. 43 : Rose Says:

    I love this show. It’s great. With every episode it gets more and more interesting. The mother in law is seriously annoying.

  44. 44 : ani Says:

    the best korean drama ever and also iris too.

  45. 45 : Felix Says:

    This show grip the lock TV rating chart at Korea.Definitely a very good serious. Always gain high rating and consistently first place in weekend.

  46. 46 : MM Says:

    i love this drama so much.
    i also married with korean man,but my mother in law is very kind n love me so much,so don’t think is every mother in law(korean) is bad.

  47. 47 : Szale Apaszki Says:

    Good brothers! I hope that this movie will come to Poland 🙂

  48. 48 : Annya Says:

    Does anybody know what kind of portable airbrush Eo-young used whenever she put her make up on or whenever she touch-up her make up before she go to work??
    (the white one she used at her office and the red one she used at her house)

    I love korean drama and I also loved korean cosmetics.. haha

    So please…please…tell me if got any idea what kind of tools is it and where can I buy it (*if possible :D)

    Thank you…

  49. 49 : deborahlee Says:

    i wnt to know if the whole drama goes to a happy ending that ia all. and i want to know if I- Sang divorces his wife. so curious anyone tell me that they don’t dicorce,…..

  50. 50 : K Says:

    I-sang and his wife do not get a divorce

  51. 51 : ardhan Says:

    dissapointing me

  52. 52 : mutiara Says:

    hmmm… interesting… I’m gonna watch this drama soon…

  53. 53 : mel Says:

    sound like so iinteresting
    i want to watch this movie as soon as possible…

  54. 54 : nining Says:

    yoo brother,, show us ur talent,, love it,,

  55. 55 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much..

  56. 56 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  57. 57 : henok Says:

    i saw all the epsiod. the mather of the three brothers are so horebel than i touhgt i think she change after a she get her panshement omi is a good mather.

  58. 58 : gongnam Says:

    Can somebody please post a link to where I can buy the DVD set with english sub titles. Please Please Please. Thanks!

  59. 59 : ideree Says:

    i am very very like watching three brothers drama.
    i like oh ji eun. she is very very pretty.i think
    in mongolia this movie is very fomous.

  60. 60 : MsChrizy Says:

    I love “Three Brothers”… Plz can anyone tell me whr i can purshase the DVDs w english subz thx ya’ll!!!

    so whn is the last show? Was it today? Cuz it seemd like it was =\ ummm idk!!

  61. 61 : Brian Miller Says:

    Uni is an Amazing actor, as well as the oldest sons wife, and her son. Great show, I’d have to give it 3 out of 4 stars. Korean dramas are really good. I’m not korean and I don’t speak korean, but you don’t have to, to understand what is going on.

  62. 62 : isang Says:

    where to buy english subtitles dvd set in usa?
    i’m not korean, but this show is great. i did not know there would be a end to it 🙁 I looked forward to more seasons.

  63. 63 : Mike Says:

    great movie..I love the actor and actress..Kim hee Jung is very good actress I love her and oh ji eun too..Lee Joon Hyuk is very handsome..love three brothers movie..nice story,funny..

  64. 64 : LEE SAERA Says:


  65. 65 : Rose Says:

    This was an excellent drama.

  66. 66 : Wendy Says:

    Oh my god. Whats the name of the youngest child acting as Hyun Chal & Woo Mi’s son?!! Please tell me his name. 🙂 He looks like Kim Bum! Please tell me his real name.

  67. 67 : raha Says:

    download link please…..
    -download link please…..
    –download link please…..
    —download link please…..
    —-download link please…..

  68. 68 : Debbie Says:

    The final episode of “Three Brothers” will air here in New Jersey on Saturday, 9/25/10. I hate to see it end — I really enjoyed this drama. I’m curious to see the end — Umi deserves to be happy!

  69. 69 : dorina Says:

    the best korean drama ever…I loved it. Grat actors. I hope they all come back again soon..I dont like the series they have on now. I am glad to see Umi and her husband back together, happily….

  70. 70 : girija Says:

    three brother drama very nice i like soooooooooo much really i like umi chacter i like her acting like real keep it up umi. am indian but i lke to watch kbs world and ariang tv

  71. 71 : lula Says:

    i started looking at Three Brothers in californa and i love the way they live i also love Umi and how she take care of the family, i hope they make another part to the three brothers like how they family grew and how the inlaws got alone.

  72. 72 : Chivoan Says:

    Pls add me by facebook Phearom Pos

  73. 73 : Vebol Leng Says:

    Hi! I love this drama so so much.I’m Vebol Leng.I’m Cambodian, 21years old, i need many friends. Pls feel free to me! My phone number is +85578505839. Be Regarde! My own word ” Peace is our Everything”

  74. 74 : sophanvann Says:

    I want download korean movie three brother

  75. 75 : Tilney Says:

    This drama is very good. Love Yi Sang and Eo Young

  76. 76 : khathmab Says:

    I am Cambodian. I also like this drama.

  77. 77 : lula parker Says:

    the younger brother wife put on her make up by spray brush can you tell me if i where to come to seoul, korea where can i find that make up,

  78. 78 : Lee Joon Hyuk | dramakoreabanget.com Says:

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  79. 79 : pure pinay Says:

    lee joonhyuk and oh jieun are both very good actors they are good together in this drama

  80. 80 : muna Says:


  81. 81 : Tiffanyxiu Says:

    woo…so nice

  82. 82 : usfacal Says:

    what a really good drama…. I’ve found it really nice, the handsome police and the beautiful lady who were both got shackled on their hands…..From Philippines…..

  83. 83 : usfacal Says:

    lee jhun yuk is one of my favorite actors around the world…….
    your the man, keep it up doing a great job…..

  84. 84 : xhei Says:

    super like this!! very entertaining..

  85. 85 : amor mae alondres Says:

    i really really like three brothers.. :)))))

  86. 86 : Zelle :) Says:

    I really like three brothers! and of course one of my idols, oh ji eun, she’s really wonderful at making an act!


  87. 87 : remart Says:


  88. 88 : remart Says:

    my days will not be completed if icannot watch three brothers……i will meet theme all very very soon…………espicially the 3 brothers

  89. 89 : haira Says:

    i really2x like it three brothers lalo na sina ayeh at lainel kim nakakakilig sila dalawa.. pati na rin ung kapatid mi ayeh at ung ka loveteam nia bagay din sila mxdu.. ahai nakakawala ng problema pag nakakapanuod ako.. ang gwapo at gaganda tlaga ng mga korean hehe keep up the good work ayeh an lainel!!! hehe

  90. 90 : yula Says:

    i love three brothers lalo na yung lily nakakainis talaga kawawa c jinky c aye nman nakainis minsan gusto nya masunod lahaat

  91. 91 : yula Says:

    i love you three brothers aneung seu

  92. 92 : yula Says:


  93. 93 : belinda calimon Says:

    i really love you three brother……it’s really fun to watch you, ‘yung real life story buhay ng isang pamilya….good luck…kamusta jinky keep up the good work …..

  94. 94 : cristina brooks Says:

    i like tree brothers drama,very exiting about family story,

  95. 95 : lula parker Says:

    Looking at this movie , now im goin online and buy it and im planning a trip to Seoul Korea because of this movie, can someone tell me where did they base the plac of this movie, i like the place where they where, love to visit it.

  96. 96 : minecraft Says:

    I have fun with, result in I found exactly what I used to be taking a look for. You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  97. 97 : Aftershock Says:

    pinalabas na pala 2 sa pinas kelan pa? ahaha natapos ko na 2 galing ng gumawa .. pang pamilya talaga

  98. 98 : Isaac Says:

    I just hoped to take a couple of seconds and inform you that I enjoyed
    the article. I truthfully don’t think that many people know what amount of energy that goes into developing a good web-site. I realize that this will be kind of random nonetheless it bugs me occasionally. Nonetheless outstanding website.

  99. 99 : Like a Fairytale (KBS2)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  100. 100 : business Says:

    Truly when someone doesn’t know then its up to other users that they will help, so here it takes place.

  101. 101 : joycila Says:

    I love all the actors in three brothers drama u did well keep it up!!

  102. 102 : pudji Says:

    loved to see another korean family drama 🙂

  103. 103 : pudji Says:

    loved to see this family drama…..

  104. 104 : lula parker Says:


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