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The Strongest K-POP Survival

Title: K-POP 최강 서바이벌 / The Strongest K-POP Survival
Chinese Title: K-POP 最強生存者
Also Known as: K-Pop – The Ultimate Audition
Genre: Musical, Romance
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: Channel A
Broadcast period: 2012-March-19 to 2012-May-01
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:50


This drama is about the story that surrounding the idol stars.

Kang Woo Hyun (Park Yoo Hwan) is a leader of the group M2 captivates fans with his killing smile.

Ji Seung Yeon (Go Eun Ah) dreams of turning into a legend of the hip-hop. she has to dress up like a man to join a men’s idol group.

Kang Chang Min (Kevin) thinks that the world turns around it, and dreams of being a soloist of ballads.

Ri Ah (Kim Eun Jung) is a great celebrity that represents the whole nation.


Main Cast

Park Yoo Hwan As Kang Woo Hyun
Go Eun Ah As Ji Seung Yeon
Kwak Yong Hwan as Kwon Ji Woo

M2 Junior members

Song Se Hyun as Kim Hyun Seung
Tagoon as Park Ki Bum
Maeng Se Chang as Jang Tae Kwon
Jo Yoon Woo as Dong Woo
Jin Hyuk as Jae Ah
Kevin as Kang Chang min

Sunny Entertainment

Hong Kyung Min as Jang Hyun Suk (Management company CEO)
Park Hyo Joo as Team leader Han
Lee Sang Joon as Jang Suk
Ali (알리) as Teacher Park
Shin Seo Kyung (신서경) as Lee Soon Yeon


Kim Eun Jung as Ri Ah / Oh In Young
Kim Young Ok as Ji Woo’s grandmother

Production Credits

Production Company: Lee Kim Productions
Chief Producer: Kim Dong Joon (김동준)
Producer: Jo Yoon Jung (조윤정)
Director: Lee Jung Pyo (이정표)
Screenwriter: Moon Sun Hee

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2012-03-19 1 0.23
2012-03-20 2 0.20
2012-03-26 3 -
2012-03-27 4 0.31
2012-04-02 5 0.31
2012-04-03 6 0.34
2012-04-09 7 0.21
2012-04-10 8 0.46
2012-04-16 9 0.36
2012-04-17 10 0.44
2012-04-23 11 0.36
2012-04-24 12 0.42
2012-04-30 13 0.42
2012-05-01 14 0.26

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Park Yoo Chun & Park Yoo Hwan’s father passed away on 14/March/2012 while they are filming for Rooftop Prince (SBS) & The Strongest K-POP Survival (Channel A) which will be airing on 21/March/2012 & 19/March/2012. (Funeral)


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  1. 1 : Yumi Says:

    Love Korean series:) <3

  2. 2 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    park yoohwan.. micky’s little brother ^_^
    omo, musical drama.. always like this kind of theme so count me in!

  3. 3 : Jennie Says:

    @admin TQ for putting up this thread so quickly. Love all the pics here.
    @taraLuvJJ Wow you are fast gal. The pictures here look so good and looking forward to watching this. At least we have something interesting to watch while waiting for RP 😀

  4. 4 : Dika Says:

    yeay yeay! Tq admin for update fast!

    I really-really wait this drama!

  5. 5 : Mystisith Says:

    It looks fun, energetic and joyful. Hope it will be better than DH2.
    And yeah for cross dressing ! I’m still waiting for the new You’re Beautiful. It was such a ride.

  6. 6 : Sikoku Says:

    I`m looking for ALi to appear here 😀

  7. 7 : sweet Says:

    good! there will be an english sub for this!

  8. 8 : yobrolo Says:

    yes!yes!!yesssssss!!!!!! definitely watching this one… yoohwan + musical 😀

  9. 9 : naneun Says:

    i love musical drama. i’ll watch it…

  10. 10 : heartstrings Says:

    love this drama forever,wish 2 see u in personal k-pop!

  11. 11 : Chandra Says:

    This musical drama should be very nice & interesting ,i’ll watch it
    Na…kenyang nomo…..nomo…nomo juwae

  12. 12 : Dika Says:

    I’m happy many person like this drama! Yoonhwannie~ noona will support you! Do your best ne? !

  13. 13 : Kdramafan Says:

    It Sounds interesting..will try to watch this,exp with yoochun dongsaeng as main actor..

  14. 14 : Auxiliadora Says:

    hey Awesome!!! I cant Wait!! I hope maybe not Alike drama “You’re Beautiful” Lmaoo =D

  15. 15 : Jade Kim Says:

    OMO~ Mickey’s younger brother! cute just like him. WILL SURELY WATCH THIS ONE!

  16. 16 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Jennie & Dika
    hi, may i ask both of you..
    go eun ah, i mean the female lead.. is that the same girl on dbsk’s vacation opposite with yunho?

  17. 17 : Jennie Says:

    @taraLuvJJ Yes, she’s the same girl in the video. Her brother is MIR, from MBLAQ, one of my favourite Kpop groups ♥

  18. 18 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    thank you gal 🙂

  19. 19 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i heard that MBLAQ MIR will make a cameo in this drama, i think, you’ll happy about this..

  20. 20 : Jennie Says:

    @taraLuvJJ Really? Wow, I hope the whole group will make an appearance too. That would be so super, but I don’t mind just seeing Mir alone 😉

  21. 21 : Jennie Says:

    @taraLuvJJ & Dika I just read that MBLAQ the entire group will make an appearance in the drama as the group M1. So happy that I’ll get to see Lee Joon too kekeke

  22. 22 : MBLAQ erscheint in ‘The Strongest K-Pop Survival’ Says:

    […] 1, 2 By: Jasmin […]

  23. 23 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    although i’m not MBLAQ fangirl, i’m exited to hear this news… can’t waiting for this drama.. although we’ll know because of what happened with yoochun and yoohwan’s father, yoohwan had been cancelled to filming this drama..

  24. 24 : Dika Says:

    @jennie & TaraLuvJJ

    Really? Are you sure??


    I’m not big fans of mblaq, but I Like they song, especially stay and Monalisa < itwill be better! There's so much drama in 2012!

  25. 25 : KDaddict Says:

    Condolences to Ricky for the loss of his father! It must be v hard to start filming so soon after his loss.

  26. 26 : latifaAlMuhannadi! Says:

    When episodes that would not add English translator???!!!

  27. 27 : admin Says:

    Park Yoo Chun & Park Yoo Hwan’s Father’s Funeral


  28. 28 : ana Says:

    i love you

  29. 29 : ana Says:

    can i know the transfer of the film in kbs

  30. 30 : KDaddict Says:

    Wow! Ricky has loss so much wt that it has changed the shape of his face! It looks thin in the official posters. I much prefer his face w some baby fat in his previous dramas.

  31. 31 : Jennie Says:

    Haven’t seen Hong KM in a drama in a long while. I would love to see him performing some of his songs in this drama. Love his voice!

  32. 32 : Jennie Says:

    I got this from a blog. Thought I’d share this:

    Yoo Hwan and and Yoo Chun both fall in love with a leading lady who disguises herself as a man in the drama – Yoo Chun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and YooHwan in Strongest K-pop Survival. Both the drama titles have initials of SKS and both the last word of the drama title rhyme with each other.

    ♥♥♥ 😀 😀 😀 ♥♥♥

  33. 33 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    omo, i just noticed that after you mention about this trivia.. funny ya.. what a conceidence ;p

    i heard that MBLAQ GO and MIR will singing the ost, the title ‘i knew already’ or maybe ‘i alredy knew’.. sorry i forget..

  34. 34 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i know the story line of strongest kpop survival sounds similiar with you’re beautiful, a girl who disguises as a boy then joining kpop group..
    hope it’s different cuz i love so much the anjell gank so i don’t want their cute and unforgettable story will repeat again in this strongest kpop survival drama.. hope they come out with fresh stuff..

  35. 35 : analyn servillon Says:

    이거착한 드라마. Park yoo hwan…착한,좋은 그리고 재능 남자배우.

  36. 36 : Jennie Says:

    Another trivia- Has anyone noticed YooHwan’s English name is exactly the same as Yoo Chun’s except for one alphabet: M I C K Y vs R I C K Y ? Heehee
    Has anyone seen Ep 1 yet? I read that it made a good start and that Yoo Hwan looked very much like his big brother 😀

  37. 37 : Jennie Says:

    Just saw half of episode 1 and waiting for the rest of the subs. First impressions? kekeke, MBLAQ appeared in the opening with This is War but no dialogue nor any closeups but I saw a close up of Lee Joon 😀 YooHwan has the killer smile of his brother and his character is as mean as you can get. Dont expect to see the sweet young boy in Thousand Promises. He’s a totally different guy but he’s convincing enough. I think he’ll do well. Go EA looks exactly like Mir but I’m not feeling her. Her acting’s too exaggerated and what’s with all the monologues? Too early to tell about the others as I haven’t seen them much 😀

  38. 38 : sub Says:

    those who like music related drama should watch this drama..so far i find it a nice drama, n it’s not as cliche as i feared it’d be….well, in terms of the 2nd lead guy-he’s not the standard mr. perfect,i find him very refreshing n Kwak Yonghwan is doing a good job to me….anyway, i find the auditions really interesting n the guys r really talented. though 2 main characters are kinda the typical types…but there are many other interesting aspects…like the kpop culture, idol life, the lovely singing n other talents. there’s a severe lacking of Kevin though so far in contrast to how he’s promoted as one of the characters to look for(n i’m actually watching this drama because of him)…but it’s just the early part…n after watching 2 episodes…i become a fan of Sechang who i never know before..lol. he’s so adorable. gah, what can i say..i’m already a fan of M2 Junior n i can’t wait for them to release the song that’s been repeated all the time in the drama…lol.

  39. 39 : sweet Says:

    anybody know if where i can watch this with english sub? thank you.

  40. 40 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @sweet, same here i cannot find the link..

  41. 41 : ylwj Says:

    i can feel like this is the second version of You’re Beautiful~! :))

  42. 42 : التوام المشاكس Says:

    We want to translate the rest of the episodes into Arabic and Thanks

  43. 43 : Jennie Says:

    @taraLuvJJ &@sweet Hi gals, I just learnt that this drama is being shown in dramacrazy with Eng subs but it’s under a different title ie KPop The Ultimate Audition. It’s actually pretty good. So gals, enjoy 😀

  44. 44 : Mic Says:

    Did episode 5 air today? Didn’t seem to find it.

  45. 45 : hussam Says:

    this drama is very very nice and i think it is better than you’r beautiful drama . i wait the episodes of drama Impatiently.
    fighting !!!!

  46. 46 : Mic Says:

    This is such a stress-release drama! So so funny!

  47. 47 : huongkitty83 Says:

    Phim nay minh thay hay va y nghia nhung rat buon la rating cua phim tai Han Quoc rat thap , hix ..
    Nguyen nhan la do bo phim duoc chieu tren kenh truyen hinh cap Channel A -Korea – nen nguoi xem phai tra phi khi xem truyen hinh .

    Do vay phim khong the canh tranh lai voi cac kenh truyen hinh mien phi khac nhu KBS. SBS phim love rain — fashion king duoc.Phan PR cho phim va dien vien chinh khong nhieu nen rat it ban tre biet den , Chu yeu la sau khi xem xong moi nguoi hay roi roi ru ban be cung xem ,

    Dien xuat cua Yoochwan va chi Go eun An trong phim nay rat de thuong , ho nhu 1 doi that su .Minh moi xem xong tap 6 hom qua . WOW Am nhac trong phim rat hay ,,,, Khi xem phim minh cam duoc tinh ban than thiet sau nhung su ganh dua ban dau , tinh yeu co chut gi do nguong ngung, xau ho cua Yoo hwan danh cho chi Go eun ah ,,,, he he … phan nay hap dan ne ,,Anh chang con tuong minh bi gay nua chu ,,,, Vi tu nhien fall in love voi 1 nguoi ma nghi nguoi do la boy ,, thich phan rap cua Tagoon – B.O.M . .. So cool .
    Cac ban co the xem phim co vietsub tren trang web : onphim.net hoac xemphimhan.com

    Ung ho bo phim nay het minh … Mong tap 7 wa.

    Hy vong bo phim se danh duoc them nhieu su yeu men tu khan gia ,

    The Strongest K-POP Survival fighting !!! ^ _ ^

  48. 48 : huongkitty83 Says:

    This drama deserves way more attention. The main characters are so adorable. And it is similar to You’re Beautiful in the musical. girl is boy sense, but other than that the character is completely different. Ji Seung Yeon is a tomboy from the beginning and she is strong and crazy amazing, Go Min Nyu was a nun and forced to be a boy, and she is innocent, and it’s just DIFFERENT. LOVE IT SO FAR!

    I like Yoo hwan acting so much . he is cool . Mir ”s sister Go Eun Ah she looks like tomboy . yoo hwan starting to fall for her despite thinking she’s a guy. 🙂 He thinks he is a gay because he likes a boy !! kaka , k-pop fan should see this movie . it;s great , romantic and so funny .. 🙂 this couple is just so sweet and cute t!!

  49. 49 : huongkitty83 Says:

    you can watch this movie with full eng sub on Dailymotion .

    name of drama is : K-pop Extreme Survival

    If you want watch ep 4 of this drama you can type as below :

    K-pop Extreme Survival Episode 4 Part 6 Subbed

    Then you can copy and change number of ep and part that you want to watch continue

    good luck !

  50. 50 : Mic Says:

    Oops! I meant stress-RELIEF!!!! Haha!

  51. 51 : drama freak Says:

    nice drama…enjoying it….=)

  52. 52 : JENNAH4 Says:

    I love this drama very much! 🙂 <3

  53. 53 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yay, just found the link on dailymontion.. yes this drama is like stress-realief so funny ;-D i like yoohwan’s acting in here.. should i say to yoochun ‘watch out for your lil brother acting’ heehee.. hope all the best to yoohwan, just hear that he nominated as new rookie on baeksang awards this year thru his previous drama a thousand day’s promise

  54. 54 : panda Says:

    i love this drama so so so so so so much can’t wait for episode 7 please upload it thank you ^_^

  55. 55 : swift Says:

    The drama has a little similarity with you’re beautiful. Find it entertaining. Also Kwok Yong Hwan sings very well. Hope this will help to elavate his popularity as a singer.

  56. 56 : no ra Says:

    was heistating about this drama but after watching the 1st & 2nd epS totally loved it

  57. 57 : korama Says:

    love love love love love this drama

  58. 58 : adam_effect Says:

    i think
    jang tae kwon is talking about jokwon, 7 years trainee

  59. 59 : adam_effect Says:

    name is similiar, jang tae kwon – jo kwon
    7 years trainee
    they sing 2AM – confession of a friend

    love this drama, excited for next episodes…

  60. 60 : Anonymous Says:

    this drama is soooo sooo underrated. It’s very fun, cute, and lively. i LOVE it <333

  61. 61 : belle Says:

    i love this drama…its totally entertaining! cant wait for the next episode!!!

  62. 62 : swift Says:

    A very light warming drama, some good songs, especially love the funny scene of Wooh Hyun dressed in bunny suit (ep8), LOL

  63. 63 : ssila Says:

    wooooooooooooow the end of 10th ep

  64. 64 : ssila Says:

    iam in love with this drama realy

  65. 65 : 143poochi Says:

    I LOVE… LOVE… LOVE… this drama…..

  66. 66 : Jae Says:

    Just started watching this series! It’s so funny so far! The BFFs are adorable!

  67. 67 : ssila Says:

    can any one help me i want the full song of Go Eun Ah plz plz plz

  68. 68 : Micc Says:


    I don’t think My Dream is released yet.

  69. 69 : ssila Says:


  70. 70 : mika Says:

    I like this drama. it’s very nice. i can wait to see the following episodes!!

  71. 71 : swift Says:

    Love the songs, please watch the drama, very entertaining, from the beginning till now the love storyline is very endearing and fun

  72. 72 : swift Says:

    i have been trying to search for the song my dream and stand up but have not been released yet

  73. 73 : Sim Says:

    this drama is soo great. pls don’t underestimated it. watch it!! 🙂
    If u like Youre Beautiful or Coffee Prince, than this Drama is absloutly a must see 😀 i think is one of my favourites for 2012 ! 🙂

  74. 74 : ssila Says:

    Iam waiting for the song my dream !!!!!!!!!

  75. 75 : aki Says:

    Hey, in episode 5 of stongest k-pop survival, when the main character sings “Music is My Life”, does anyone know if the actor actually sang that, or just lip-synced to someone else’s voice? Cause honestly, it sounds really different.

  76. 76 : swift Says:

    i noticed that in all the singing scenes are being lip-synced, the director cannot afford the record the scenes with them singing live as the actors may not sing as well during the recording, please note some of the actors are not actual singers

  77. 77 : swift Says:

    I have to wait till Thurs to watch this drama with eng sub, eventhough watch the raw but have to figure out the dialogue based on the flow of the story

  78. 78 : ssila Says:

    where is the complete ost of the serie ?

  79. 79 : swift Says:

    ost still not available yet

  80. 80 : Hey Says:

    I was a bit skeptical about this one, but I am actually enjoying it. Its pretty much like You’re Beautiful. I’m looking forward to finishing it. 🙂

  81. 81 : swift Says:

    to everyone, recommend to watch this drama, it is entertaining with the songs and the love story that is very heartwarming

  82. 82 : ssila Says:

    still wating for the 11th ep so exiting !!!!

  83. 83 : ssila Says:

    woowwwwwwwwww cn bleu in this drama yeahhhhhhhhh

  84. 84 : ssila Says:


  85. 85 : suzie Says:

    If u wanna see it with eng sub.. try watching it at viki.com.. they got fast subbers… it only takes 8 hrs… and they complete it right away… 🙂

  86. 86 : ssila Says:

    I love tis drama more and more Park Yoo Chun and Park Yoo Hwan faiting

  87. 87 : mic Says:

    THis fim on Chanel A. what time d this fim show?

  88. 88 : ssila Says:


  89. 89 : hello Says:

    I really wanna see the guys’ reaction when Ji Seungyeon is dressed up prettily as a girl. Its always one of my favorite parts when the guy witnesses the ducklings transformation into a swan.

  90. 90 : ssila Says:


  91. 91 : ssila Says:

    where can i find the song dreaming from the ost of this drama plzz?any help!!

  92. 92 : admin Says:

    ssila (91),

    There is a OST link on the post. Please take a look.

  93. 93 : wass Says:

    why this drama end befor 16th ?

  94. 94 : wass Says:

    Awwe I can’t belive it’s done….I love this drama!

  95. 95 : mic Says:

    16 ep? Now: 14 ep. Why?

  96. 96 : Sim Says:

    I was just sooo suprised. Where was the preview for episode 15? and than i serached…and now i see that was the end?? Only 14 episodes. I mean? What is that? It looks like the put a fast end on episode 14 an done…! I think they coudn’t complete the Drama (b’cause of some reasons??), cut something togehter and put an easy end on episode 14…thats what i think. I little bit disappointing, cause i loved this drama sooo much 😛

  97. 97 : Sim Says:

    Or maybe they cut episode 15 and 16 into ep 14 together…..because of the low ratings? ahhhh. i don’t know….it’s to disappointing -.- so many queations still left…what will happen to M2 Juniors and what is with this rival showcase??, what was the reaction of the fans because of Seung Yeon is a girl, how will Seung Yeon end up? and what will happend between Jang Hyun Suk and Team leader Han? oh man….so sad 🙁

  98. 98 : Micc Says:

    I was fully prepared for the disappointing ending cos I read about everybody ranting on another board. Still it’s sad to see so many loose ends stay untied. I thought this kind of axing of drama only happens in the U.S. but apparently not true.

  99. 99 : hisokachan Says:


    This article show an analysis on the reason why this film is cut off.
    It’s because of the low rating of Channel A, not ‘coz of the film.
    This channel is a general cable channel, new and they are quite rushing on taking back their benefit. They do not have a good plan to advertise their program or project, just a poor investment in all aspects.

    Not only Strongest Kpop Surrvival, but an other film was also cut off from 24 eps to 20 eps.

    Just think of if this film had been ordered by other big ones such as MBC, SBS or KBS, surely will it not be like this.

    So sad, so unsatisfied after all.
    All staff are just good, but they are also shock ‘coz of the rating (Due to poor investment of the Channel).

  100. 100 : Micc Says:


    I read this somewhere else too. Very informative. Really sad they ended the program like that though I’m quite used to it as they do that all the time in the U.S. You invest time and energy and they just pull the plug cos low ratings. At least this one was just two episodes shy of the original plan.

  101. 101 : 143poochi Says:

    i love this drama…
    all of them are good actors
    but im sad it ended just like that
    i have so much expectations towards this drama…
    sooooo much questions left behind…
    i hope park yoohwan and go eun ah.. will be pair again in a drama…

  102. 102 : KPOPLOVER17 Says:

    SOO SAD to hear the the Park bros dad passed away 🙁 HOPE UR DOING WELL!!! … Also the drama ended weird and there are SOO many things that I want to know… Like are the CEO and Team Leader Han going to be together, M2 juniors debut and showcase and etc…, Oh In Young and JUST ETC… I felt like there should have been more to it like its missing something?? U know??… But OFCOURSE it was the BEST DRAMA EVER!!! SUCH HOT AND SEXY GUYS!!!!<3 Wonderul 🙂 Everyone HWAITING! AEWSOME MUSIC TOO!!!! M2 Junior FIGHTING!!

  103. 103 : Adeline Samuel Says:

    Kevin soooooo handsoome… ~ x) Must watch it! 😀

  104. 104 : yuma Says:

    i like this drama…
    because the story is very romantic

  105. 105 : Dini Khaerani Says:

    I Love The Strongest Kpop Survival…!!!!
    I’m very very love this drama,
    Saranghae pakr YooHwan, Maeng Se chang, M2 Junior very very daebak..!!!
    The carachter of Yoo Hwan is very amazing, I Love this..!!
    I hope this drama can show in my country :))))
    M2 & M2 junior Daebak…!!! 😀

  106. 106 : reca aquarius Says:

    drama good,,i like

  107. 107 : Marie Says:

    I like this drama, it’s interesting to watch…. But I’m s bit disappointed at its ending. What happened? Why did it end so fast… so many details lacking. So many unfinished things 🙁 ….. I just hope that they will re-make its ending. Maybe add 1 or 2 more episodes.

  108. 108 : Fanna Says:

    The begining is attractive, but I’m disappointed at its ending, why there is so many detail skip, anyway park yoohwan is smart in this drama

  109. 109 : Hanako Says:

    To me it is not a fantastic movie not too bad overall but the kissing part is so dumb like robotic…might as well not to kiss…the kisses was like many years ago when Korean series started ,,,robotic kind of kisses..Anyway the story is not too bad ..but with all complication and not everything solved

  110. 110 : Starry Says:

    i love this drama… got kinda angry with the last episode.. why did they cut it short?!they’re sooo cute… how i hope there will be an add on -_- or a season 2…

  111. 111 : Penelope Says:

    The ending may not be the best cuz they pretty much cut the details out.. out Park YooHwan does have a killin smile 😀 and im crazy all over the cute short red head guy tae kwon (sechang) gosh he may be annoying but cute. love his fashion and the guitar guy jae Ah (jin hyuk). damn he sexy!!!! dont forget Tagoon. <3 i mean all of m2 juniors are handsome and charming

  112. 112 : adhe airashii Says:

    nice drama.
    i love this drama.
    all M2 and M2 Junior member so handsome.
    hihihihiih. nice drama musical.

  113. 113 : Rooftop Prince – Attic Prince (옥탑방 왕세자) « styrn Says:

    […] Hwan’s father passed away on 14/March/2012 while they are filming for Rooftop Prince (SBS) & The Strongest K-POP Survival (Channel A) which will be airing on 21/March/2012 & 19/March/2012. […]

  114. 114 : can't live with out you Says:

    love tagoon his HOT AND CUTE
    also go eun ah so beautiful and her eye

  115. 115 : :( Says:

    why this drama got low rating EERRRRR
    this drama was the BEST of all dramas 🙁
    hope go eun ah and park yoo hwan in new drama agian :)))

  116. 116 : AUSTRALIA Says:

    you’re beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. 117 : AUSTRALIA Says:


  118. 118 : love Says:


  119. 119 : long Says:


  120. 120 : love Says:

    nawwwww so cute <3

  121. 121 : [제작발표회 현장 #1] 고은아(승연) 포... Says:


  122. 122 : [제작발표회 현장 #1] 고은아(승연) 포... Says:

    i watch this drama mores than 100 time
    i’m soo in love with this drama i mean park yoohwan and go eun ah 😀

  123. 123 : Merimari051094 Says:

    I love ths dorama but why it ended that? I want that it put the two other episodes. -_-

  124. 124 : Livestrong Aaron Says:

    though m a guy i pretty much liked this Drama bt as written above i too m not satisfied with da ending…….hpe thea will be season 2 an RIP Park yoo Hwan’s father….!!!!!! hpe they wll air ths drama’s nxt season soon…….n hell this drama deserves a betta rating…..!!!!!!! XOXOXO

  125. 125 : human Says:

    i think this show should be have part 2…it’s very nice…
    or make a special episode…like usually japan drama…
    i really want to know what happened to M2 Junior, the President etc….

  126. 126 : omg Says:

    it was a good drama but the ending was so bad 🙁

  127. 127 : Nozomi Kawashi Says:

    Waahhh!! i love M2 Juniors♥ yoonhwa oppa! saranghae^^

  128. 128 : issa Says:

    kinda cute. lots of musicale and i did enjoyed this one.

  129. 129 : eyli Says:

    episode 10…so far so good…i like m2 juniors…is the ending really disappointing?ohh well i guess it’s expected…most korean dramas that i’ve watched doesn’t have the “happily ever after”…that’s why korean dramas is a trend…you can’t predict what will happen…i still love this drama…i enjoy musical dramas like this…such as he’s beautiful, dream high 1 & 2, the musical, hearstrings and more…

  130. 130 : ance Says:

    What’s with the ending? I really liked this drama but what the other comments here said was true, it was a really disappointing ending. Why did they squeeze it in one episode? They left so many questions and there are so many scenes that should have been there. It should have been 16 episodes, even 15 is enough. What happen to Manager Han? What about President Jang’s story with her? Even the last part when Sueng Yeon was suppose to go back to home, they said that there are may reporters in front of Sunny Entertainment, how come the next scene was morning already? Where did she go? How did she know what’s happening when no one can contact her? Did the change the Director of this drama? Or the one who edited the episode deleted some scenes? Is there a season 2? Is that the reason why they left so many questions? Aigooooo…it’s too bad, I really enjoyed this drama, I like their songs.

  131. 131 : ST Says:

    I hope there will be a season 2!! >_<

  132. 132 : Rose Says:

    Totally agree! It was such a nice show but the ending was so sudden…

  133. 133 : msyang Says:

    Like this drama…park yoo hwan and go eun ah look really cute together one of the reasons why i like this drama..but the ending left me “hanging” got a lot of questions running my mind after the ending hope there’s a sequel to this..
    and hope to watch another yoo hwan and eun ah together in another show…
    love m2 too and their song and the song both eun ah and yoo hwan sung..
    season 2 please…..

  134. 134 : Nana Says:

    Is jin hyuk the same guy as ki tae young?
    They look the EXACT same to me O_O”

  135. 135 : -Autumn- Says:

    I like this drama. But the ending is kinda disappointing because they are like rushing and didn’t explain much on the details. The starting is good and the flow is good too and then it end abruptly. I was like, “ok, that’s all?? Where’s the conclusion and what’s going happen to M2junior and etc?” Got so many questions “hanging” in the air.

  136. 136 : mustakim Says:

    no ending? i want see season 2 ok

  137. 137 : Happy Says:

    I Love Yoo hwan. i strongly pray to get the best drama award . and then, Yoo Hwan acting is so amazing…. expect to get best actor award.

  138. 138 : ponunggoi Says:

    oppa…saranghe……..6…woo hyun u r da best…and..i cant say anymore word…

  139. 139 : Des Says:

    Just watched finish the show and i think the whole show is not bad. I wish there’s a second season because when i watched finish ep 14, i thought there’s a ep 15 as the ending is not really complete.

  140. 140 : crisi hom Says:

    the ending is not complete

  141. 141 : Sandy Dennis Says:

    Even tough Park Yoo Hqan is Mickey’s brother, he does not look at all like him nor is as good an actor. Actually, I do not find him appealing.

  142. 142 : Sandy Dennis Says:

    Say screenwriter Moon Soon Hee, you really screwed up the ending. Actually the whole drama is so predictable it looks like you are copying other well known dramas

  143. 143 : John wise legman Says:

    There is absolutely no originality in the script of this drama. Go Eun Ah is always over acting and all the characters seem superficial. Actually Go Eun Ah seems pretty annoying when she is acting. She also does not try to act like a boy so I don’t know why the other guy she dislikes thinks that she is a boy. She also does not hide that she has breasts.

  144. 144 : Andy Says:

    Why are guys in these Korean K-pop groups so sissy looking. Is gender definition not that important in Asia? Meaning, the more girly the guy, the more the women like him? And what’s with those weird haircuts???

  145. 145 : Andy Says:

    Is this drama a representation of what happens to K-pop bands? Is there jealousy between the members? Why am I even asking? Of course there is because all those guys get trained to be a group. Their talents get trained and they become just a money maker for the owners. Most of the time, the wonders like SBS probably take @ 90% of the profit and keep those guys enslaved and working.

  146. 146 : Sam Kim Says:

    Go Eun Ah has a funny pug nose. I think that she should fix it since it does not fit her face.

  147. 147 : Nancy Woo Says:

    Yes, that nose of her is really distracting and she would be kind of cute if it weren’t for that weir nose. I don’t know who she is tough. She’s not a popular actress. Besides all she does thru the drama is sigh here and sigh there. Looks like Koreans all do it everytime they are mad or exasperated. It looks stupid

  148. 148 : Nancy Woo Says:

    These people don’t even kiss. They just touch lips. That’s not even kissing. That is stupid.

  149. 149 : Nancy Woo Says:

    I must say that this is one of the worst written drama that I have ever seen. The writing is repetitive, disconnected and somewhat boring. The characters in this drama are superficial. And why did this end so badly… Wait! Maybe the writer got fired!

  150. 150 : memechan Says:

    they cut the last two ep.s which sux cuz it was good

  151. 151 : stephanie_tiffany Says:

    did anyone know the title of a song which is a duet of unknown male and female singer?? I like the song

  152. 152 : J Says:

    Good series until they shortcut the ending. Most people were shocked she disappears, and they didn’t fully explain the events between, and she randomly shows up again. So they didn’t fully commit is the picture painted to many viewers. Sigh.

  153. 153 : tania Says:

    Where can i find the episode’s of the strongest kpop surivor i tried finding it but i cant please help me to find it if you can just tell me the website that i have to go to

  154. 154 : DScorpion Says:

    Who played the role of the Dance Instructor? He is in charge of teaching the junior how to dance

  155. 155 : Xem Phim Hoat Hinh Online Hay Doi Day Says:

    […] The Strongest K-POP Survival » Korean Drama – » The Strongest K-POP Survival » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series […]

  156. 156 : Caitlin Says:

    Wow.. watched this show on Netflix all the way here in Canada and I love it… so great.. hope I see more on Netflix.. want to buy the DVD’s if there is any…

  157. 157 : Dani Says:

    the song that plays during most of the kiss scenes and cute moments, including their first accidental kiss, when they run to the car in the rain, and when they hug in the hospital, is absolutely becautiful and I CANNOT find it anywhere. Since the first time I heard it, the thought of not being able to know it is HAUNTING ME, someone please help a girl out!!! I even spent the last 5 hours trying to find it online on youtube, google and shazam but nothing :((( PLEASE PLEASE HELP

  158. 158 : Arika Says:

    I LOVE this series!!! One oft the best teenage/music series I’ve seen. I REALLY want to buy it but I can’t find it 🙁
    Can someone help me? Where can I buy it?!?!

  159. 159 : ansoko Says:

    I loved this dorama! Very funny and unique, but quite sad at various moments too. A perfect match for every part of the heart from a K-Dorama-Lover ^_^

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