Arrogant Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Ghost Doctor

Rank #301

Cha Young Min is a genius doctor, with excelling sterminates at surgery, but he is arrogant and selfish. One day, he gets involved in an accident and due to this,...

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (2013)

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

Rank #645

Park Sun Woo works as an anchorman at a TV broadcasting station. He is in love with news reporters Joo Min Young, who is bright and honest. Park Sun Woo...

Rockin' on Heaven's Door (2013)

Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Rank #762

Troubled celebrity Choong Ui gets into trouble with the law. He is then forced to do volunteer work at a health-care facility for the terminally ill that is about to...

The Terror Live (2013)

The Terror Live

Rank #1512

Yoon Yeong Hwa, once a top, national news anchor, gets demoted to radio news. One day, a call comes in during his radio show threatening to blow up Mapo Bridge....

Scandal Makers (2008)

Scandal Makers

Rank #1537

Mid 30’s Nam Hyeon Su is a popular radio D.J. and entertainer, who was even more popular in his younger days as a teen idol. One day, his apartment doorbell...

Queen of the Ring (2017)

Queen of the Ring

Rank #2304

A society where people are judged by appearances. A fantasy romance drama series where a girl finds a magical ring that transforms her into the most datable person. Mo Nan...

Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (2018)

Detective K 3: Secret of the Living Dead

Rank #3038

In 18th century Joseon, a complicated political situation exists under King Jeong Jo. Citizens who read commercial novels by Cheong Woon Mong are terminateed. Kim Min and Seo Pil investigate...

Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island

Detective K 2: Secret of the Lost Island

Rank #3239

In 1795, the nineteenth year of King Jeong Jo’s reign, a large amount of fake silver is slipped into circulation creating a substantial threat to the economy. Detective Kim Min...

The King of Dramas (2012)

The King of Dramas

Rank #3348

Anthony Kim, a brilliant CEO of a drama production company who will do anything and everything for the sake of money, fame and success. He is known to possess the...

The Advocate: A Missing Body

The Advocate: A Missing Body

Rank #3521

Byeon, a hotshot lawyer, successfully defends a large company in a new drug side effect lawsuit. The company’s chairman asks Byeon to represent his chauffeur who is charged with a...

A Millionaire's First Love (2006)

A Millionaire’s First Love

Rank #3645

Kang Jae Kyung is your typical rich kid. He is arrogant, drives sports cars, frequents posh nightclubs, and skips school. With his eighteenth birthday approaching, he is set to inherit...

Drinking Solo (2016)

Drinking Solo

Rank #4072

The story depicts people drinking alcohol alone for different reasons and the romance between Jin Jeong Seok and Park Ha Na. They both work at a private institute for people...

Detective K: Secret Of Virtuous Widow

Detective K 1: Secret of Virtuous Widow

Rank #4205

Detective K recounts the adventures of Joseon’s top detective as he investigates, as ordered by the King, a series of mysterious tragic ends that are plaguing the country. During his...

The Undateables (2018)

The Undateables

Rank #4601

This drama tells the story of a handsome and charming guy who is an expert of romance theories but not interested in love itself, meets a former athlete whom, after...

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

Rank #4777

A group of passionate prosecutors join forces to bring lawbreakers who spread bribery to justice. This is a story about prosecutors who wield law and principles to fight the bad...

Risky Romance (2018)

Risky Romance

Rank #5073

Han Seung Joo is a neurosurgeon with a strong desire for winning. Joo In Ah is an endocrinologist who’s obsessed with hormones. They fall in love. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Lovers in Bloom (2017)

Lovers in Bloom

Rank #5318

Moo Goong Hwa is a former boxer. After the death of her husband, she has raised her daughter alone. She now works as a police officer. Cha Tae Jin is...


Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Rank #5573

Gu Seo Jin is a third-generation chaebol who runs the theme park Wonder Land. He seemingly has everything — looks, brains, and fortune. But a traumatic incident in his childhood...

The Queen of Office (2013)

The Queen of Office

Rank #5927

This drama is about miss Kim, a big shot contract worker that is so charismatic not even a high-level executive can make her budge. She will be at odds with...

The Bride of Habaek (2017)

The Bride of Habaek

Rank #6056

What would you do if you had to continue a strange family legacy? Yoon So Ah is a pragmatic neuropsychiatrist who carries a tremendous financial burden to run her own...

Trot Lovers (2014)

Trot Lovers

Rank #6377

Jang Joon Hyun is a talented and popular musician. He looks down upon the traditional trot music genre. Meanwhile, Choi Chun Hee works multiple jobs as the breadwinner to support...

Madame Antoine

Madame Antoine

Rank #6421

Soo Hyun is a psychologist based in America who has famous celebrities as his patients. But he suddenly returns to Korea and opens a psychotherapy center. A scammer fortune-teller named...

A Man Called God

A Man Called God

Rank #6654

Michael King vows to avenge his parents’ deaths. He believes that he can use his power as head of an underground substance kingpin to punish those who hurt him. However,...

Syndrome (2012)


Rank #6850

Yeo Wook is a first-year neuro-surgeon at Seoul Korea Hospital. Born with intelligence and into a wealthy family, he is called “his egocentric highness” in the hospital because of his...