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The King Loves

Title: 왕은 사랑한다 / The King Loves
Also Known as: King in Love
Chinese Title: 戀愛中的王
Genre: Historical, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 40 (35 minutes/episode)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2017-July-17 to 2017-Sep-19
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This is a 100% Pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2016-November and finished on 2017-June-15. It’s based on the novel of the same title by Kim Yi Ryung which was first published on 2011-Aug-19 by Paranmedia.

Wang Won (Im Shi Wan) is the Crown Prince during the Goryeo Dynasty who harbors an extreme lust for power. His childhood friend, Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun), is his trusted ally and bodyguard. When they meet Eun San (Im Yoon Ah), the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the country, they become inseparable friends. But when both Won and Rin fall in love with Eun San, what will happen to their ambitions and friendship?


Main Cast

Im Shi Wan as Wang Won
Nam Da Reum as Wang Won (young)
Im Yoon Ah as Eun San
Lee Seo Yeon as Eun San (young)
Hong Jong Hyun as Wang Rin
Yoon Chan Young as Wang Rin (young)

People around Wang Won

Kim Jung Wook as Eunuch Kim
Bang Jae Ho as Jin Kwan
Ki Do Hun as Jang Hee

People around Eun San

Lee Ki Young as Eun Young Baek
Uhm Hyo Sup as Lee Seung Hyoo
Park Ji Hyun as Bi Yeon
Song Soo Hyun as Bi Yeon (young)
Kim Jung Hak as Goo Hyung

People around Wang Rin

Kim Ho Jin as Wang Young
Park Hwan Hee as Wang Dan
Yoon Jong Hoon as Wang Jeon

People around Song In

Oh Min Suk as Song In
Choi Jong Hwan as Song Bang Young
Choo Soo Hyun as Ok Boo Yong
Park Young Woon as Moo Suk

Royal Family & Palace people

Jung Bo Suk as King Chungnyeol
Jang Young Nam as Queen Jangmok
Kim Byung Choon as Choi Se Yun
Kim Jae Woon as Hooratayi
Min Young Won as Court Lady Jo
Baek Song Yi


Ahn Se Ha as Gae Won
Kim Kyung Jin as Yeom Bol

Production Credits

Production Company: U-Story9, Tencent
Chief Producer: Im Hwa Min
Producer: Jang Jae Hoon, Kim Sang Woo
Director: Kim Sang Hyup
Screenwriter: Song Ji Na


– The drama is invested by Chinese company Tencent.

– This is Im Shi Wan‘s last project before he enlists in the military in 2017.


2017 MBC Drama Awards: Best Child Acting Awards – Nam Da Reum (The King in Love)
2017 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Actor (Mon-Tue Drama) – Jung Bo Suk (The King in Love)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2017-07-17 1 8.0 (18th) 8.0 (16th) 7.8 (20th) 9.0 (10th)
2017-07-17 2 8.6 (16th) 9.3 (10th) 8.1 (18th) 9.1 (9th)
2017-07-18 3 6.0 (<6.3) 5.1 5.5
2017-07-18 4 6.5 (20th) (<6.3) 6.0 6.3
2017-07-24 5 6.9 7.6 6.2 6.9
2017-07-24 6 7.0 7.2 7.0 7.3 (18th)
2017-07-25 7 6.9 6.7 (19th) 7.0 (19th) 7.5 (13th)
2017-07-25 8 7.6 (17th) 7.2 (16th) 7.2 (17th) 7.6 (12th)
2017-07-31 9 6.5 6.7 5.9 6.1
2017-07-31 10 7.3 (18th) (<6.7) 6.8 7.3 (19th)
2017-08-01 11 6.5 (20th) (<6.1) 6.3 (20th) 6.1 (19th)
2017-08-01 12 6.7 (19th) 6.1 (20th) 6.9 (17th) 7.1 (16th)
2017-08-07 13 6.6 6.7 (20th) 5.6 5.7
2017-08-07 14 7.0 (19th) (<6.7) 6.3 6.9 (17th)
2017-08-08 15 7.0 (18th) 6.9 (19th) 6.2 (20th) 6.4 (18th)
2017-08-08 16 7.5 (17th) 7.4 (15th) 7.2 (15th) 7.5 (13th)
2017-08-14 17 7.0 (<6.8) 6.5 (<6.5)
2017-08-14 18 7.0 (<6.8) 6.6 (<6.5)
2017-08-15 19 6.6 6.5 (20th) 6.5 (<7.4)
2017-08-15 20 6.5 (<6.5) 7.4 (17th) (<7.4)
2017-08-21 21 7.1 (<6.8) 6.2 (<6.9)
2017-08-21 22 7.1 (<6.8) 7.0 7.4 (16th)
2017-08-22 23 7.5 (18th) 7.0 (17th) 7.2 (16th) 7.1 (15th)
2017-08-22 24 8.1 (17th) 7.7 (11th) 7.7 (12th) 7.6 (10th)
2017-08-28 25 6.4 6.0 6.4 (<6.6)
2017-08-28 26 6.3 6.4 6.4 6.6 (20th)
2017-08-29 27 7.3 (18th) 7.0 (17th) 6.9 (18th) 6.9 (17th)
2017-08-29 28 7.4 (17th) 6.9 (18th) 7.1 (15th) 7.2 (15th)
2017-09-04 29 6.3 (<6.5) 5.7 (<6.5)
2017-09-04 30 5.6 6.3 6.0 6.4
2017-09-05 31 5.7 5.9 6.6 6.8 (19th)
2017-09-05 32 6.3 (18th) 6.8 (14th) 7.3 (17th) 7.7 (14th)
2017-09-11 33 5.6 5.8 5.8 6.0
2017-09-11 34 6.3 6.7 6.4 6.8
2017-09-12 35 6.6 (18th) 5.9 (19th) 6.6 (15th) 7.0 (15th)
2017-09-12 36 6.2 5.8 (20th) 7.2 (12th) 7.4 (14th)
2017-09-18 37 6.1 (<6.6) 5.8 (<6.7)
2017-09-18 38 6.2 (<6.6) 6.8 6.9 (19th)
2017-09-19 39 7.3 (18th) 6.9 (16th) 7.2 (16th) 7.4 (14th)
2017-09-19 40 7.6 (17th) 7.3 (14th) 7.6 (14th) 7.7 (12th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : hks Says:

    Wow! Can’t wait………..!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 : Hannah Says:

    I can’t wait for this. Give me more pain of watching saeguk drama!

  3. 3 : Coolbeans Says:

    I am looking forward to seeing cutie Im Shi Wan (Misaeng/Incomplete Life) back on screen. Also, Hong Jong Hyun joins him. Sweet! Yoo nah is ok. Not my favorite though.

  4. 4 : Lemon Says:

    Yeah… both of them my fav artist

  5. 5 : Wah Wah Says:

    Can’t wait to see Yoona in here.

  6. 6 : Ela Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama

  7. 7 : grace Says:

    can’t wait to see Yoong’ upcoming drama!!

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  9. 9 : Harika Says:

    Looking forward to this drama.
    I wait so long to see The King In Love.
    Yoona fighting!!!

  10. 10 : anonym Says:

    Yoona hwaiting!!!
    The King In Love 💞❤💖💝💟💗

  11. 11 : The King In Love Says:

    [The King in Love] Character Preview : Im Si-wan/Im Yoon-ah/Hong Jong-hyun

  12. 12 : vransiska Says:

    First eps..luv it..

  13. 13 : iammee Says:

    I would have tp pass this drama and any dramas starring Yoona.

  14. 14 : Mi Poong Says:

    Watched the first two episodes. Something missing. I don’t know if it is the script, the casting or the directing. Si Wan gave an awesome performance in Misaeng but in this drama, the characters are not all that interesting for some reason.

    The girl’s father going to such extremes to protect his daughter and his business was an interesting idea in the plot, but a betrothal could have remedied the threat. Given that wasn’t a viable option for reasons not revealed to us, I’m hoping that the rest of the story will keep me interested.

  15. 15 : Ina Says:

    Nam Da Reum as young Wang Won
    Yoon Chan Young as young Wang Rin

    cr. Wikipedia

  16. 16 : priya Says:

    Yoona z a pathetic n boring actress

  17. 17 : Bunny Says:

    oiii..why yoona again.let her rest from drama..aishh.ok nextt,gonna skip this

  18. 18 : Chili Says:

    Very like this drama… the king so handsome n yoona so sweet…fighting wang rin…cant wait for next episode

  19. 19 : Chili Says:

    Very like this drama… the king so handsome…yonna fighting

  20. 20 : Park Young Woon Says:

    Put Park Young woon name in the cast 😍 He is the one who killed Yoonah’s mother ^^

  21. 21 : fara Says:

    Eventho the rating is low, I personally think this drama is nice and interesting. The relationship between the three main characters is sweet. Yoona play her role so well and natural, I can’t imagine another actress can take her shoes as Eun San. Kudos to Yoona!!

  22. 22 : Yancoon Says:

    Cant wait for the ending…hope wan won and eun san together happily ever after… they look so perfect couple in this drama…siwan & yoona

  23. 23 : Kinglovers Says:

    Wang won love eun san.. but eun san and wang rin love each other? What??? I’m really disappointed if eun san with wang rin, not with wang won!!!

  24. 24 : Caroline Says:

    This drama have low rating, but I’m still like it. I wish the king get his hove.. and they get married …

  25. 25 : Ella malaysia Says:

    Can’t wait…!!!!!

  26. 26 : Carmie Says:

    Can’t qait for this!!??

  27. 27 : Nonuts Says:

    @Kinglovers. Yeah. It’s in the synopsis that they both fall in love with the girl. I expect the prince will get the girl in the end but not without carrying the weight of guilt for being instrumental in his friend’s unhappiness.

  28. 28 : Chili Says:

    Ep 15 and 16? Why there is no rating on it?

  29. 29 : WonEunsan Says:

    Anyone know what happend in the episode 15 and 16? Cause I didn’t watch it yesterday…

  30. 30 : iammee Says:

    I could have watched it if not for the main actress

  31. 31 : Yancoon Says:

    You don’t like Yoona? Why? She is pretty, good acting, multi talent, etc.. and looks perfect with wang won…

  32. 32 : Anny schuller Says:

    I wonder if the crown prince prefer Eun san than Dan.. Dan is lovely, nice and beauty…so sad if she go to Yuan… can’t wait to the next episode… yoona n siwan great couple

  33. 33 : Richard Blezzer Says:

    Why the rating so low? I like this drama especially the main actor and actress.. but I’m feel sad with Dan and Rin.. I think the crown prince will choose Dan to be the crown princess to save her from his mother…but he still want to get his true love with Eunsan

  34. 34 : Yan won Says:

    Can’t wait for next ep !!!! Daebaaak !!!!

  35. 35 : Wangwon Says:

    Best drama in 2017 after Scarlet heart. Siwan Fighting !!!!!

  36. 36 : Kinglovers Says:

    Crown prince will confuse which one of them to be his wife. If he choose Dan, maybe Eunsan have to go to Yuan. Hard choice to do !!! Can’t wait for next eps.. Hope crown prince choose Eunsan & save Dan !!! Crown prince \(^_^)/

  37. 37 : kwang Says:

    stop hating on anyone orelse dont watch it..go watch some horror movies and feel better. thank you

  38. 38 : kwang Says:


  39. 39 : kwang Says:

    iammee , priya, bunny, <— you guys learn from it!

  40. 40 : Rachel Rich Says:

    The crown prince upset cause he didn’t know anything about Eunsan and wang rin keep say nothing. Won and rin fighting. Rin feel sorry for Eunsan cause the crown prince choose Dan. Eunsan got punishment from the queen cause she and her family lying and she have to leave

  41. 41 : Kinglovers Says:

    OMG, Won choose Dan to be his wife !!!! Because he want to save Dan, What about Eunsan? Dan so pretty, but I wish won married with Eunsan… they looks like perfect couple… It’s all because of Rin !! Rin didn’t say the truth to Won… if Rin said all about Eunsan, maybe Won can take different path..won & san will be together…

  42. 42 : Khan won Says:

    I LOVE MONDAY BECAUSE THE KING LOVES… hope Wang Won and Eunsan love each other !!!!

  43. 43 : Charle Says:

    Can’t wait for next eps !!! Which one of them will be the crown princess?? What happen to Eun san?

  44. 44 : mamie Says:

    Good drama. great character. wondering why the rating not so good in korea

  45. 45 : Mei Mei Says:

    I think both Won and San chose friendship over love. San didn’t want to cause a rift between Won and Rin.
    Won chose Dan as the Crown Princess so that Rin won’t have to leave for Yuan.

  46. 46 : Park Wong Says:

    Poor Won…he didn’t get his love… so sad to see Won… he is so kind to his friend… actually I don’t know which one of them get San heart?

  47. 47 : Caroline Says:

    I think know why the rating is low cause they didn’t want her crown prince didn’t get his love (San) and because Rin falling love with San too…They think his best friend and his love decieve him many times..

  48. 48 : Hilary Says:

    You are right. I think that too. Looking forward Won and San together

  49. 49 : Nonuts Says:

    Have to say Park Hwan Hee is devastatingly beautiful. She reminds me of Song Hye Kyo.

  50. 50 : Nonuts Says:

    If San ends up with Rin it will be because Won loves them both. That kind of love would elevate the story. Afterall the heart chooses and there is little one can do about it when it comes to love. I really like the friendship between Won and Rin.

  51. 51 : Noya Says:

    @Nonuts. Rin’s brother was involved in the plot that had her mother killed. When she learns of that she isn’t likely going to want to have anything to do with Rin and his family.

  52. 52 : Hannah Says:

    Another underrated saeguk drama. I kinda wish more people would recognize this drama.

  53. 53 : sathish Says:

    It is saying, this video is not availabe in my country now a days
    but I was watching these drama since the beginning..
    Msy i know why?

  54. 54 : Reca Says:

    This drama so good and I don’t know why ratings look down

  55. 55 : tigerb Says:

    @sathish: i don’t know where you are, or how you used to watch it, but you can watch it online. good luck!

  56. 56 : Wonsan Says:

    Many people disappoint width San cause it seem like San loves Rin & make won feel sad. San still confuce which one of them get her heart. It’s make me broken heart. I like this drama if San confess his love to Won. Cause it isn’t fair to won that loves her more than his self. Dan more prettier than San and have great heart, but I’m still wanna happy ending between San and Won

  57. 57 : Santa Says:

    Love this drama because of great actor Siwan (Won) and her love (EunSan)… Make romantic scene between Wang Won and Eun San please !!!!

  58. 58 : Bam Bam Says:

    @Noya, Interesting because not only was Rin’s brother involved in the attack which took San’s mother’s life, but what Rin was doing for San he did so on behalf of the Crown Prince. You’d think San would know that. Her gratitude was somewhat misdirected and it must cut the Crown Prince when she said it all to him.

    Nevertheless our good hearted Crown Prince took it all and decided to move ahead with plans to restore San’s status. I suspect he means to let her pursue her own heart. Selfless love on his part? So it seems.

  59. 59 : Kinginlove Says:

    Love to see Won San together__It will be more interesting if San’s heart goes to Won__the drama didn’t good enough if San love Rin_cause Won love San first and he take care of her anytime.

  60. 60 : Bliss Says:

    So loving this….Don’t care about the rating….I just love the leads

  61. 61 : Wonsan Says:

    I’m looking forward to see Won and San together.. Won san are perfect couple..

  62. 62 : Unny Says:

    Love the handsome, cute and smart crown prince ; Love the beauty San, Love the kind & pretty Dan, Love the loyal Won. GOOD TEAM. love to see happy ending for the king

  63. 63 : Juliet Says:

    This is the king loves..not San loves or Ring loves.
    Poor my handsome crown prince.. Hope he will get his love..

  64. 64 : Bam Bam Says:

    It’s looking like San is in love with Rin and Rin is in love with her. The heart goes where it will go.

  65. 65 : Wonsan Says:

    Yeah, I think they falling in love. But I’m still hope that San will love Won. I think it would be more interesting if San love Won in the end. People said in the novel, it’s about San and Rin love story. That’s make me broken heart !!

  66. 66 : Leah Says:

    Desperatly to see Rin and San together. Rin’s personality resemble Hong Jong Hyun. He’s so sweet and adorable. Can Jong Hyun and Yoon A bring Rin-San love life to be Hong-Im love life for real? They both are korean sweet heart.

  67. 67 : Thyaline Says:

    I prefer to choose Won than Rin. Won trust his friend, but his friend deceive him. It’s unfare if San with Rin. I know Dan will become a queen crown, but I hope San always be with Won forever. Only San can make Won happy. Actually Dan is the most pretty in this drama, but she isn’t main actress. And Won doesn’t love her too

  68. 68 : Yaeri san Says:

    I don’t like San cause she make my lovely crown prince broken heart. I don’t like Rin either cause he falling in love with San (the one who loved by Won). Dan much better than San. Dan is more pretty than San. I LOVE DAN AND WON. I wish Won love Dan in the end cause San not good enough for Won

  69. 69 : caisso Says:

    Ok, people, please go back and watch some of the episodes again because your assessments of Rin are way off. Rin was not being disloyal, he has held his love for San the whole time, tries not to look at her, tries to act as cold as possible. The CP could have told Rin that he was going to talk to Rin’s father to get approval for his marriage to Dan, Rin told San to speak to the CP and tell him the truth, that it will make him very happy. He also had already made a deal with the DEmpress to go in place of his sister, sacrificing his live for Dan, the CP and San. The Prince’s impetuous nature has caused much of the trouble everyone has been in, he lacks maturity.

    There is a great difference in their approach to love, the CP is obsessive and wants her by his side all the time, wants to build a big cage for her while Rin is more laid back and realizes that some birds can not live in a cage.

    I am for Rin and San. If she does not fall truly in love with the CP and stays with him out of obligation or pity, they will both be miserable and his jealousy will destroy all three.

  70. 70 : Winny Says:

    Love Won & Dan the most.
    Wang Dan very kind and she deserve to get his love.
    I didn’t like San and Rin

  71. 71 : Kinglovers Says:

    Why San always looking at Rin? I’m not happy with San and Rin. So glad that the audience notice. That’s why the ratting goes down. If Won and San together maybe the ratting will grow up

  72. 72 : Leah Says:

    Agree w/ caisso. Try to watch previous eps and you will understand how hard Rin did try his best to makes things right without hurting anybody. He caught in the middle, but still try to protect people he loves, Won, San, Dan. It’s so unfair after all he has done, Rin has to responsible for his hyung wrongdoing. I hope Eun San will realize that from Rin’s perspective, and finally see who Rin really is. I hope this drama will ending happy for all of them.

  73. 73 : Yuri Lin Says:

    Can’t wait for next episode. I only love Won’s character in this drama. Won loves his friend and San. He tell every thing to his friend, and he trust Rin so much. Rin is kind but he doing wrong thing by not telling the truth to his friend (the crown prince). That’s why I only like the crown prince.

  74. 74 : Idyl Ray Says:

    Yup, me too.
    Until ep 26 I only like Wang Won.
    He is the best always try to protect his love, his friend and his people.
    He know everything now, but he keep silent to protect his innocent people.

  75. 75 : Wonsan Says:

    I don’t like san if she make Won broken heart. That I know Won always care about her and he loves her so much. She always make Won promise to agree with her request but she never accept for his request. I think she is so selfish. Pity Wang Won. When I watch this drama, won looks so sad. He have no one beside him that can he trust. His best friend decieve him and love San. Please don’t make me to hate this drama. I love to see Won happy with is love

  76. 76 : Isabelle Says:

    Very disappointed with the writer!!!
    Why only focus on San’s problem and her love.
    It makes me very sad.
    It is unfair for Won.
    I’m very disappointed !!!!
    I hate San more and more..
    Love Won more and more..

  77. 77 : Windy Says:

    Agree. When I watch it I think its all about feature king love. But I don’t think so. It is about rin and san love. VERY DISAPPOINTED TOO ! Main lead become second lead. I hate it !

  78. 78 : Won loves Says:

    Lovely Won
    Lonely Won
    Won didn’t get love from his parents
    He have no one that can he trust
    His best friend decieve him and took his love
    Won, you took my heart in this drama
    I’m looking foward to see him in next ep

  79. 79 : Ryan Anny Says:

    Wang won my favorite actor in the king loves
    Fighting Siwan… your love will come to you (^_^)

  80. 80 : Philip Says:

    I don’t get it why the author not fair with the crown prince. Won didn’t have love from the king and the king. He love a girl n ready to give up everything he have for her. But San doesn’t love him. I tought this drama as good as moon lovers or the moon that embrace the sun. Wish Won and San love each other in the end.

  81. 81 : Mshak Says:

    Early in the drama, San says she has strong feelings for both Won and Rin and feels torn. I think they are both good men, but I can’t help it. I will not be happy if San ends up loving Rin the most. I read that in the novel this is based on, it’s a love story about San and Rin. I am hoping the writer of this drama changes it. I want to see the crown prince happy. He does love San and Rin. Very sad if he ends up alone. He told Rin he loved San since the beginning, but it does seem San loves Rin more, so far in the drama. It seems Rin is trying to hold himself back, but can’t help he loves San. I am not enjoying seeing the cp hurt. I will not like this drama if San doesn’t end up loving Won. Maybe they should not have picked the actor who plays won if Because he makes people want him to be the one San loves with his expressions. It is making it very tough on the fans of the cp.

  82. 82 : Raisa Says:

    I don’t understand why so many people against Rin-San love. Obviously Rin has pure and kind heart. Even 8 years ago, for the very first time he knew that So Hwa is Eun San, he keeps push her to be with CP, and try to laid back. It’s not his fault that San falling in love with him. Apposite to what Rin ask her to reveals her true identity, on behalf of Eun San, So Hwa told CP that her heart belongs to someone else. CP is not stupid, but still selfishly force her to stay by his side, or lock her up in the palace. In other hand Rin, gave up everything since they were kids, sacrificing his life, stay away from them, covered up for CP’s mistakes, ask CP to make San happy and move on with her life, still CP wouldn’t do the same even once. Poor Rin.

  83. 83 : Onny Says:

    Love to see Won and San together.. Rin is good people but he always get so much love from his father and his sister.. Won so lonely in the palace.. I think the author need to make Won happy with his love (San). Cause it is the king loves not San loves.. Please make my lovely crown prince happy with his love

  84. 84 : Ruth Says:

    My hero Wang Won_Hope you will get your love San Agassi

  85. 85 : Ruby Says:

    I believe that Won will be a great king and Dan will be the queen. San will be confess her love to the king n become concubine. Rin give up his love n he will be the right hand of the king.

  86. 86 : Jane mary Says:

    Love WONSAN stay together and happy ending

  87. 87 : Jane mary Says:

    Love WONSAN stay together and happy ending. But I think it only happend in my dream.
    WONSAN fighting !!!!

  88. 88 : Lisa Says:

    It’s funny how people want San to love Won just because he’s lonely and needs some love. What’s wrong with (if) San loving Rin more? You can’t really help who you’d fall in love with. Rin has been trying to leave and push So Hwa/Eun San to be with Won, but it may or may not be happening. After all, it’s up to San to choose who’s the person in her heart. I don’t like how Won is being a bit force-y and asked San to stay by his side in the palace even though it’s clearly that San doesn’t want to stay in the palace. And to those who said Won doesn’t receive any love, well I think he did receive love from the Queen and Rin. The Queen might seem evil, but she has her own layers and her own way of loving Won. Rin, on the other hand, is willing to do anything to make sure Won’s safe and Won gets what he wants. Even though Rin clearly has feelings on San, he never tried to pursue her because of Won. But now that he knows how San is, a woman who likes to live freely, Rin might understands that San will not be happy to be in the palace, which clearly something that Won can’t understand because Won’s too blinded on making sure San to be on his side. Of course, he wants everything to be his way, he’s the prince after all. *eye rolls*

    I’m on board for RinSan as endgame couple, but even if San ends up with Won, I’d need a clear explanation on how San’s feelings suddenly change from Rin to Won.

  89. 89 : Hannah Says:

    If you watch this drama solely because of romance and to see if your OTP will be the endgame, then clearly this drama is not for you since some of you’re willing to drop this drama just because your OTP might not be the endgame. This drama offers so much more than just love triangle. It’s the kind of drama that focus more on character-driven rather than plot-driven. You can see that each characters has their own values, motivations and layers. It’s hard to pick side which character is the righteous one.

    After watching ep 28, I think San is the most pitiful character in this drama. She had worse compared to Won. Maybe viewers don’t really notice her pain as she always put a big smile on her face and try to be positive on a lot of things. Let’s face it, Rin’s brother played a big role on her mother’s death, so it’s understandable when she said she can’t face Rin and his family anymore. Won also played a part of her mother’s death. Won and Rin could have prevented it, but Won was immature enough to look at it as for his own entertainment. Because of that, San had to live separately from her dad for 7 years. She tried to gain her own happiness along the way being Teacher Lee’s pupil, but she’s still full of revenge in her heart. And now what? San’s life has turned complicated once again largely because of Won. He’s one who wants to be involved in San’s life. It’s like a chain of effect: San being the centre of attention because of Won. Song In had an interest on San because she’s closed with Won. Then he knew the truth and made San as Jeon’s bride. I know Rin’s involved in stopping the marriage. Rin might partly stop the marriage because of San and his own feelings, but he also did it because of Won. If he only thought about himself, he’d have just admitted that he likes San when his father asked him because San’s father also asked about Rin, and Rin could end up easily with San, but Rin’s not selfish enough to use such dirty trick to win over San. After the that, San is like a rolling ball for Won, the King and Queen to play just so that they all could achieve their own agenda. So now, San’s dad is dead also mainly because of the King, Won and Queen, I don’t see how San would forgive the royal family (including Rin’s family) for ruining her whole family. I’d be happy if San ends up with Rin, but if she ends up with neither Rin nor Won, I’d be totally agree with her decision because the damage of what Won and Rin’s brother had done to San’s family is beyond fixable.

  90. 90 : Ginie Says:

    I’m personaly like Won cause he is kind and care with other people (include his servant). I know he have great heart when he was defend San infront of King without knowing that she was San. I agree that Won did mistake in the past during San’s mother. But it was not all because of Won’s mistake. In that time he has no power to stop them. Rin is kind and deligent too but he never see or care about his servant. Now Won always thinking to get his goal without hurting his people. That’s make me to choose Won rather Rin to be with San.
    Wonsan…wonsan…wonsan !!!!!

  91. 91 : Tyne Says:

    Me too. I love Won the most. He will be the greatest king. WONSAN fighting \(*×*)/

  92. 92 : Suzy A Says:

    Can’t wait for next ep…can’t wait to see Won…can’t wait to see Won & San together…

  93. 93 : Lily Says:

    I hope this drama will end happy for all of them. Even when Won become the king, he will let Rin has his happiness. He deserves to be happy. Otherwise, I will never watch this drama again if Rin dies eventualy. I want to see San come closer to Rin willingly without any doubt, that would be happy ending worth to watch.

  94. 94 : Zizy Tan Says:

    Yes, I hope this drama make happy ending between Won & San & Rin and Dan.
    It would be nice if Won and San together in the end !!!!
    The cute Dan will be the queen and Rin will be King’s right hand !!!!
    Great team !!!!

  95. 95 : Nonuts Says:

    Some folks expressed disappointment as they were expecting Won and San to be the lovers. But I think it’s clear that the romance is really between San and Rin. I think the problem was in naming the drama in a misleading way making us believe the subject is the (would be) King and his romance.

  96. 96 : Bliss Says:

    I love Siwan’s acting… superb!!!😍😘😗

  97. 97 : Naila Says:

    Amazed by Hong Jong Hyun’s acting skill. He’d improved so much. From adorable ‘ Ji Sub ‘ in Mama, to cunning ‘ prince Wang Yo ‘ in Scarlet, Jong Hyun shows his total immerse in every character he played. Now as Wang Rin’s character, a sweet and delicate person, I can see Rin is Jong Hyun. Many variety shows reveal his true personality, laid back, shy and delicate. I believe he will be a great actor soon. Waiting for your new project Jong Hyun ssi..

  98. 98 : Lizzie Says:

    The prince try so hard to protect his friend and his love. His friend didn’t realize that. His friend take his love away. But Won still try to trust Rin. Won always think the best way so his best friend family and san will not getting hurt.

  99. 99 : Lizzie Says:

    Love to see San with Won together. And happy ending !!!!

  100. 100 : Falciny Says:

    I don’t like the way of Rin to get San and kiss her. I prefer to choose Won than Rin.. Can’t wait to see Song in and bu yong go to jail. Can’t wait to see San n Won love each other and make sweet memories together in the end.

  101. 101 : Yu Zan Says:

    WON..you took my heart away… Love your talent and your character.
    Rin, how dare you kiss your friend’s love !!! It’s so annoying and so rude !!! I don’t think it was sweet memories at all !!!
    It would be great drama if Won get his love and always by his side.
    San, show your love to Won!!! Don’t be confused !!!
    WON – SAN make more sweet memories for the viewers

  102. 102 : Nurri Says:

    As a woman, I hate to see how Won treats San. Force the hugs, hold the hands even San tried push him away, many times. Even force her to be by his side through San’s late mother’s ring. So childish. That’s not love. That’s possessive. Look how that thing ruin Queen’s life. She push the king, the son, and never wins their heart because of her possessive actions. She gets hatred in return. But in the other hand, Rin only offers hands to hold, sincerity to listen, wait for her to call his name, accept his warmth. He never tries to push his feeling on her, just stand a step back, and let her feel his wamrh love for her. Through their soft eyes contact, San eventually realize that Rin also has the same feeling for her and accept Rin’s affectionate kiss. That’s love. I prefer that kind of love than Won’s. I think Won is not a bad person at all, even he has an evil mother. But his greediness to win both San and the throne, makes him blind to see or listen to San’s teacher. That’s dissapointed me a lot.

  103. 103 : Bellene Says:

    I don’t think so, Nurri. Even I’m a woman, but I don’t agree with you, Nurri. that’s not possesive action by hug her. Won only try his best to comfort her. I think San has enough power to push away from his hug (like we saw in the first ep). She knows that Won never doing rude things infront of her. Won know that San confused with her heart so she only hug her. I think if it only possesive, Won surely push to kiss her. but he never do that until this ep. I agree with Yu Zan and others that Won is the best. Even if he need the throne to protect his people. When Won said if Rin need the throne, he can only ask him and he will give it to Rin.
    Won has a big heart and I will give my heart to you !

  104. 104 : Ellena dubai Says:

    As a woman, I think Won’s action more sweet than Rin. When Won hug her on the bridge is the sweetest moment until ep 32. When I know Rin kiss San, it is mean that Rin not a good friend. If Rin has kind heart, he will stay away from San. But not stay away from Won. When Rin hold San’s hand, Won still want to save him. It means that Won still care about his friend even when his friend hurt him a lot. If I was San, I will stay by Won’s side and try to love Won more.
    Make great moment between Won and San please !!!

  105. 105 : Yuri Says:

    I watch the drama from eps 1. But eps 31 is my favorite eps ever, where San and Rin confess their true feelings through their eyes contact without a single word. The scene is so romantic !! Follow where her heart leads, she accept his kiss. Be happy San, and forget the pain, together with Rin.

  106. 106 : Elsa Says:

    Yeess…it was so cute when Eun San tries to peek on Rin’s handsome face. Rin caugt her act, but instead of saying a word, he just waited and smile. It’s so Rin. Patiently waiting for San to spill the word..

  107. 107 : Ying Says:

    Rin, why you kiss her????? How dare you hurting your best friend !!!! I don’t like if San end up her love to Rin. He is betraying his friend and not trust his friend either. Rin only care is his family and san. I like Rin more than Won in the early ep. When he start like her, I’m start dislike him. Now I only like Won. I didn’t like San either because she never show up her feeling to Won or Rin. San is not good enough for Won but Won loves her more than his self. So annoying if San didn’t accept his heart.
    Won, I wish you happy and together with your love

  108. 108 : Charles Says:

    As a male I think Dan is more prettier than San. Dan acting much better than San. I don’t get it why the producer didn’t notice that. If the actress of San and Dan change their position, it would be great. And the rating will growing up !!!
    This is great story !!!

  109. 109 : Bella Says:

    Most people hate Rin because what he did to the crown prince. Rin and Dan become rude. They did wrong thing to get their purpose. Poor Woon. He has no one to trust except his loyal bodyguard. Everyone blame Won for Song In trap. Rin more stupid and selfish !!!! Rin only care about San and never care about what Won thinking. Won try hard to protect Rin but Rin betray him. Thank you for the author so I can hate Rin now. Rin act as bad as Song In now.
    WON fighting ! You are my hero and the greatest king in my heart ..

  110. 110 : Evelyne Says:

    After watch ep 30 I hate Wang Rin.. Now I know that the CP much better than Rin.. What Rin did to San and the CP is surely wrong. It was huge mistake that Rin done. Go away Wang Rin!!!

  111. 111 : Zua Tin Says:

    Yeah, me too. I agree that in the first ep the CP did mistake but he regret it and try to fix it. I did like Rin the early ep. When Rin try to stop the CP to see San, I guess that when I start dislike Rin. Rin try to make a gap between san and the CP even when San in the intogeration room. Rin know the CP like her but he still said that he loved her. I think it become more complicated when Rin not tell the truth and didn’t trust his friend. That’s make Song In have a chance to break down the CP.
    I’m glad people notice that !!!
    Rin, u r betrayer !!!
    When everyone frame the CP and when the CP try to fix everthing your mistake, you always care about your own feeling.
    Even when you kiss San, it wasn’t romantic or sweet moment !!!
    I agree with Ellena Dubai. I guess when the CP hug San is more romantic than when you kiss her !!!

  112. 112 : Cyntha Says:

    I’m not for WonSan or RinSan team. I’m just enjoying the show. The story is great, the prod team has put deep consideration on whose actor/actress suits the character best. So far, they did the job very well. I have learnt something from it, that 2 different personalities approaches on love, has different results. Won with his impetuous action, obsession on San, slowly pushed her away. But on the other hand, Rin only watches San from afar, and shows his affection through considerate actions, pulls her slowly closer to him. I can see her feeling more secure and happy whenever Rin around her, take his hand for helping her. Her father was thinking, that Rin is the man he can rely on to be her daughter’s guardian for life. Well, I guess I must wait to the end.

  113. 113 : Fury Says:

    Won, you will become the greatest king. I know when you are young, you always make mistake thats way you should becareful for your next step.
    * Won did anything to protect Rin and his family by choose Wang Dan to be his wife. Won knows that Jin Quan love Wang Dan so Won make him to stay beside her and protect her so she never felt lonely in the palace. Before he ask her to be his wife, he already ask her is that okay if she will not be his woman cause he is not in love with her. That’s mean that he only think about his people so he is not selfish person.
    * when everyone framed Queen for San’s father died, he always keep silent and secretly looking what is going on and whose plan is this.
    * when everyone framed him for what he never done, he is not angry and keep silent without punish them.
    * when he want San to stay by his side, he ask her politely by sending her a letter.
    It makes the people like him more than Rin

  114. 114 : Kayla Says:

    Until eps 32, I still don’t see which part that showed Rin’s betrayal. Even he was captured by Song In’s man, he is still loyal to CP and stick to it. He doesn’t believe in Song In at all. Won, without Rin beside him, shows his arrogancy by saying that only him can protect Rin. Well, I was saying, “are you kidding me??”. Rin is the ones who always protect him since they were kids. Won’s overreacted actions to help San was just his redemption to his past wrongdoings.
    He was afraid of San’s feeling toward him if she found out the truth behind her mother’s death. Still Rin comfort him, and tell him to keep it secret.
    On the other side, Rin tries to be honest with San, that his big brother might be behind it, which means makes him associate to the crime. But San said it wasn’t his fault.
    Don’t you see, that Rin has a big apportunity to win San’s heart by telling the truth??? But he didn’t ! He’s not that low to do dirty tricks. As Rin said to Won, some bird are not happy being captured in a big beautiful cage. Rin will let the bird fly freely. That’s what he does, waiting for her to follow her heart lead to. Won has shallow minded, that’s way he keep doing a mistake follows by other mistakes. Will he be a good king by that? I doubt it.

  115. 115 : Kity Chan Says:

    It’s not true Kayla. I know that Won did many mistake in the past but he learn from it. Actually I agree with Fury that he will be the greatest king. Rin didn’t know anything about what happen in the palace and about San’s father died. I think Rin start betraying Won when he has feeling for San. When Rin didn’t tell him about his own feeling and what happen he knows, it would be start for him to be betrayer. In the other side, Won has bed temperament but he never lie to his best friend. He always trust him. What happen now because Rin didn’t trust his friend and decieve him many times. It’s not Won’s fault !!!
    Won always try to protect Rin, San, Rin’s family and his people even he know Rin betraying him, but he still try to trust Rin.

  116. 116 : Anabella Says:

    Yup, I agree with Kitty Chan’s comment. Earlier I did like Rin more than Won cause he more deligent to a woman. But when I think about it, everything Kitty said was true. It will be more easy if Rin tells the truth about everything he know cause Won is his best friend. Even know it makes Won angry with Rin.
    And about San’s mother, It was Song In and Rin’s brother fault. Even young Rin try to stop it, noone will believe it cause Song in has a power to make it happen.
    And about San, I don’t like her act and character bcause she never tell the truth about her own feeling. It’s make all more complicated. I don’t care about who is in her heart. That I want is San say the truth to everyone. I’m surely one of them will be broken heart. Than one of them can move on and love other girl.

  117. 117 : Korean Fan Says:

    K-Pop Concert at

    315 Waukegan Rd, Northfield, IL 60093-5160 …
    315 Waukegan Rd, Northfield, IL 60093. A K-pop concert will be held on Saturday, September 9th 2017 at Christian Heritage Academy. 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.!

    Tickets: $40.00 Call — 847-290-8282

    For those that can’t read Korean, a few of the performers that will be there are OneTwo (dance music duo), Norazo (rock duo), singer Sung Yubin, and Jubi from the group Sunny Hill.

    Sunday, September 10 at 2:00 p.m.
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    Koran Star Baseball Game

  118. 118 : Korean Fan Says:

    Correction to Post No. 117 Sorry for the error

    Baseball game is at the below address

    Maine East High School

    2601 E Dempster St, Park Ridge, IL 60068

  119. 119 : Sizy chan Says:

    OMG !!! why you did that, Rin? Why u kiss her? I’m disappointed with u, Rin !!! I like your character, but I didn’t expect u do that to her and your friend.

  120. 120 : Rossy Says:

    Hong Jong Hyun was born on January 7th, 1990. But some of article write it on February 2nd, 1990. Why is that? In WGM, he said January 7th is his birthday date. Anyone can help?

  121. 121 : Poly Park Says:

    Wang Rin, what are you thinking? Why did you and your sister make the CP suffer? I know you love San, but I don’t think it was a great idea. You only make it more complicated. The way you kiss her make people hate you more. Wang Rin, I hope you always be a good person with a big heart till the end of this drama but I don’t think it’s gonna make it. You already make your fans broken heart !!! I was your fan but not now.
    Only Wang Won has a kind heart now !!!
    Love you Wang Won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. 122 : Wonlover Says:

    Listen the king loves ost “my heart” by Im Siwan. It was nice song and good voice of Im siwan.

  123. 123 : Leah Says:

    I really like this drama, but a bit dissapointed to see the CP’s pathetic character. No pride at all as man. Use his title to overpowered Rin?? How could a person force his feelings againts others like that?? Isn’t feels like living hell?? Force her to stay with him while he knows well that San’s heart belongs to Rin?? He’ll regret it someday

  124. 124 : Giant Bin Says:

    Wang Lin, u know nothing but u pretend to be a hero infront of San, Won and King !!!
    Betrayer Wang Lin !!!
    I’m very angry with u, Wang Lin !!!
    Don’t u see..u make everything more complicated !!!
    So disappoint with u Lin !!!
    You didn’t trust your friend !!!
    Even your sister did the same thing!!!
    I know San’s heart belong to Won but she worried that she will hurt him !!!
    San make up your mind !!!
    Don’t hurt my crown prince !!!
    Won is to kind for u to hurt him !!!

  125. 125 : Owin Rin Says:

    Oh no, Queen died ! So sad to see Won alone in his palace.. How dare you,evil Song In and Bu young! Rin and King so stupid and know nothing. I can see your selfishly Rin. San, why you always make Won suffer. When Won touch your hand, it’s mean Won is a polite man. I think San is not good enough for you, Won ! San want to leave you with Rin. Have you lost your mind, San?
    I’m glad people notice, that’s why the rating goes down

  126. 126 : Shei Says:

    Stupid Won !!! Because of his impetuous action, he almost kill his innocent best friend !! Now, whom betrays who ?? Yes Won, you better off this world !! You caused misery to everyone who loves you unconditionally !! And What?? You repay Rin’s affection with death ?? So ungrateful person !! I hate you more and more !!

  127. 127 : Hemi Yun Says:

    Is Rin death? So sorry to hear that. I didn’t expect that. He is a kind man. It’s all because of Song in and his people fault. It is not because of Won. Rin realise that the Queen not guilty and everyone framed Won for what he never done. If Rin trust his friend earlier, they will not make huge mistake.

  128. 128 : Hemi Yun Says:

    Is Rin death? So sorry to hear that. I didn’t expect that. He is a kind man. It’s all because of Song in and his people fault. It is not because of Won. Rin realise that the Queen not guilty and everyone framed Won for what he never done. If Rin trust his friend earlier, they will not make huge mistake. If Rin came up to ask himself to Won and didn’t came to Song In, it will not happened. It’s not all Won’s mistake. It’s also Rin’s mistake. I know Rin feel sorry and sad because he didn’t trust his friend but it’s to late. Won already give him much time by waiting him so he can come to ask him.

  129. 129 : Sandra Robert Says:

    I’m so sorry for the Queen’s died. I’m sad too when finally Rin realize that he misunderstanding with Won’s step. It would be to late for them to fix their misunderstanding. Song in notice that Rin will misunderstand if he use San. Why Rin didn’t show up infront of the CP? And only think to run away from the palace. I know Rin is not as clever as Won. Rin make huge mistake by not trust his friend. Best friend should trust each other. Not hurting each other. Like Rin did to Won. He know Won loves San but he kiss her, it will make him not to trust Rin anymore.

  130. 130 : Elenarich Says:

    That is true…it’s all because of San and Rin. Rin didn’t trust Won because he loves San. All Rin and San think only to run away. They didn’t know that Song In will always go after them. San never understand Won, if she tells the truth about her feeling, Won will understand. If she tells that she loves Rin, Won will release her after Won put Song in and his people into the jail. Won know that San will be in danger if Song in and his people find her. Won only want to protect them from Song In’s plan.

  131. 131 : Yune Says:

    I believe that San’s heart belong to Won, but she can’t tell him because he already married with Dan

  132. 132 : Leah Says:

    How can San’s reaction by shook off Won’s hand, everytime he touched her, was called love ???
    San NEVER shook off Rin’s hand. She even hold his hand tight. That is how love reaction suppose to show… holdout each other’s hand.. not by shake it off. Funny to say that San loves Won.
    All Rin’s last hope now is that Won will bring the King back to life and let the King explain the misunderstanding, clear his name from Won’s wrong accusation.

  133. 133 : Fifi Says:

    I don’t care which one of them get San’s heart. I’m really disappoint to her cause she never say truly about someone she loves. It looks like she is on two boats. she will hurt one of them more bcause of her action. When Won ask her is it true she loves someone else in the jail, she never answer it clearly. When she was with Rin, she always thinking about won. When she was with Won, she always thinking about Rin. It makes me hate her more in every ep

  134. 134 : Helen Says:

    Yeah, me too.. I don’t like San either. I think she don’t have a heart. The guy always misunderstanding because of her action. She is the one who make a gap between the CP and wang rin. She is not good enough for them, thought !! Make up your mind, San!!!
    In ep 37 38 preview, I see Rin dying. Is he die?

  135. 135 : Fifi Says:

    Maybe San and Rin died. I see in PHH instagram. there are only wang Dan as a Queen and Won as a King. San and Rin are not there. I guest it was the ending.. If that happend, I will really disappoint cause won will be alone in his palace.

  136. 136 : Paris Says:

    Agree with Sandra Robert.. best friend always say the truth no matter what. If Rin didn’t deceive and lying to Won at the first time. I’m surely Won will not misunderstanding. I know Won will give anything Rin’s want. Rin lying about San, his brother, etc. I know it’s all Song in’s fault but Rin make him easier to do his plan.

  137. 137 : Uee chan Says:

    It is true…
    Best friend always said the truth no matter what
    Lies only make misunderstand and big mistake
    That was I learn from this drama

  138. 138 : Zunshi Says:

    Who is lying? And who is betrayer? People already have the answer

  139. 139 : Dyshi Says:

    Folish Wang Lin !!! You make Won mad by not telling the truth. All he need is only the truth. And than San came up so they fight each other. Won already give Lin a chance to run away from him but he give up. It will be better if San not coming. San deceive Won that’s why he more angry with Lin. San can ask Won to find the medicine in bu yong body, but she never do that. San, you are the reason. In the next ep, San will make a plan to kill Song in and kill her self.
    Stupid San !!!!!!!!

  140. 140 : Hunie Says:

    Wang lin, are you lost your mind? Do you think Wang won will happy if you died? You can speak to him the truth. wang lin’s reaction to stop Won when Won try to see the king, surely will make everyone misunderstand

  141. 141 : cecille Says:

    Im barely on Episode 25 now and the story had kept my interest like Scarlet Heart Ryeo did. This is much better than Ruler of the mask and the Queen for Seven Days. I tried hard not to peek on the preview of the latest episodes. I love the Crown Prince and my heart goes out to him. Poor guy.. Both are good guys. I admire Lin for trying not to be selfish but being close with the woman he loves would eventually cause him to compromise. I keep on guessing who San really loves. She’s comfortable with the Crown Prince and on guard with Lin. Seems like she’s into Lin. I felt the pain of the Crown Prince. It’s not easy to be a real friend to someone you’re jealous with and still be with the woman who has rejected your love. The story is very good. I hope to be satisfied with the story til the end. This is making my heart ache I felt like crying.

  142. 142 : Olla ruth Says:

    I can’t blame Won for what he has done. It just reaction for what Lin has done to him. Lin never want to explain everything he know. I know Rin wasn’t a bad man, but he took the wrong way to fix situation (song in’s plan). Sorry for your died, Rin. What happen with San? She is Won’s friend and also Rin’s friend. But she never try to remove a gap between of them. I agree w/ Dyshi comment that she should ask Won to find king’s medicine on bo yong body. Not to steel something from Won. Such a foolish San !!!!! She never did right things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so angry with her.. next ep she will take the revenges by killing her self… So stupid San !!!! I know how Won felt when he lost his mom and his loves is disguise to run away with his best friend. I was glad to see that won finally got rid of him from San’s embrace.

  143. 143 : Yune Says:

    Finally San said that her heart belong to Won. She said that Won make her heart open. She keep her heart and never want anyone come in, but she finally open it because of Won

  144. 144 : CHERRY Says:

    Luckily, I stopped watch this drama when I saw the story was leading to the other direction in episode 18. And this morning, I just checked it on the last 2 mins of the last episode, it was what I guessed for the ending, so, this drama is not really my type.

  145. 145 : Leah Says:

    Won-San = friendship love type, Rin-San = man and woman love type.
    San and Rin both cried alot when he said he may not be able to be with San for the rest of his life because of his plan to clear rebellion scenario againts Won Dinasty (yuan china) created by Song In, will cost his life.
    He ask her to forget him if things doesn’t work as his planned.
    Rin lost everything, his true identity, his family, but he has his love of his life, San. Won has a big heart to admit that San’s love for him is a friendship love, because of her child’s bad memories, block her heart to accept friendship relationship with anyone. Won’s friendship offer opens her heart. Won with his power, may still force his love to San, but he didn’t.
    He saw how bright her smile, everytime Rin’s stand close to her.
    He is happy to see her happy with the man she loves.
    I think it’s fair enough, after all Rin has done to save Won, Goryeo Dinasty, and his family, he deserve to be happy. I can smile by the ending story, and love this drama even more. It shows to me that sincere friendship love is beautiful and even long last. Very good drama.2 thumps up.

  146. 146 : su Says:

    why ending like that?

  147. 147 : Jukbang Says:

    Not good

  148. 148 : Bety Says:

    I really hate the ending am gonna stop watching korean drama

  149. 149 : tigerb Says:

    this is about true friendship, what one friend sacrifices to help his friend, and what the other gives up in return. it’s worth watching.

  150. 150 : Nonuts Says:

    #145 Leah I agree. It’s Won who becomes the King “that loves” as the title says. And it is a righteous love, one where he had put aside his self-interest (lust) for the happiness of those whom he loves. Beautiful.

  151. 151 : Popson Says:

    As if i knew she wuld end up wit rin…i hate san in dis drama…she was so confused about ha feelin…she is just greedy…makin me remember ‘when a man loves’…she doesnt deserve 2 be wit any of dem…rin portrayed a matured character in dis movie nd won also tried his best…i prefer won tho…he is’cute’…d endin was shit…y allowin won 2 be lonely as if he did sumtin bad

  152. 152 : silverswan Says:

    It is a pity to watch this drama which have bad ending. Also a pity to watch Won who had done so much to help his friend Rin who had also stolen his lover. And I guess San do not know who she loves and looking at her she loves two men, but because Won got married to Rin’s sister just to save her , San turned to Rin.
    Disappointing end, so I will not vote for this drama

  153. 153 : Chaw Says:

    I think Rin is so pity. He is so loyal to his friend as well as his majesty, Won. Because of the image of Wang Yo in Moon Lovers, people think Rin betrayed Won. But he never did. Please view from the good side.

  154. 154 : Sasha Says:

    Wang Yo, Wang Rin, is just a character. Hong Jong Hyun real personalities is resemble to Wang Rin’s, that is why he portrayed the character easily. HJH is a quiet shy boy, but warm, sensitive, and always takes good care of his friends. He is a good man. I saw his appearance in many variety shows program before. He is so adorable. How can people hate a person like HJH??

  155. 155 : Simon K Says:

    In general I enjoy this drama, I won’t comment on who should end up with whom, everyone has their opinion. This drama is a little bit different in certain ways: it is not typical that the second lead get equal air time as the main lead. The story telling is kind of odd at times, I noticed there are several times that I assume the main characters were at a crisis but then the next scene they were walking around in the woods leisurely. I suspect from the beginning that San will end up with Rin for the simple reason that Wang Won exist in history, the story need to fit history, the writer cannot force a wife on him or he can’t run away with San and gave up his throne.

  156. 156 : Dramaholic Says:

    Anyone …. Help me please, which website i can watch this drama. I ussually watch kdrama in dramacool but recently the website cannot be opened, what else beside dramacool / gooddrama / dramacrazy / viki?

  157. 157 : Raymond Says:

    Let me state my opinion. First of all, drama is not something new for me, i have been watching drama for the last 9 years and more than 250 title. So this kind of concept i already encounter in the past, this type of concept when main lead end up with second lead is not something new.

    This is my conclusion;
    Rin never steal San from anyone, when i say never i mean never. San heart already belong to Rin since the beginning, San indeed care about Won but not in romantic way. She hope to be friend with Won forever, dont you guys understand that? If anybody still cant understand that try to watch again from the start, and look at the way San looking at Rin. I guess a lot of people disappointed because miss leading title and role position. So they must be thought that San will end up with Rin, and then when they see San with Rin they thought that Rin betray Won and steal his lover. Hell no guys. Big no.

    Oh and lastly there’s something that a lot of people misunderstood, in this drama lead role is not only San and Won, three of them are actually lead role.

  158. 158 : JPA Says:

    Why did Rin have to take the rap for what Song In did with stealing the Seal and writing the fraudulent note??? Doesn’t make sense.

    And they should have got rid of the loony tune creep Song Bang-Yang. He was instrumental for lying to the people in the palace and working with Song In also.

  159. 159 : Diana Says:

    I enjoyed this move and loved the relationship between the CP, Rin and San.

    I did feel sorry for the CP as at the end he was left alone without the woman he loved from the beginning and his only friend Rin. I thought it was a sad ending.

    The musical score was beautiful.

  160. 160 : iLy Says:

    just finished this drama. from the title, I bet it was about king’s love story, but from the poster and the cast, I wonder why the king in the back? so I thought maybe this drama was about one-side love. odd thing happened when watching this drama. some scene are replaying again (I forgot which is), and some scene was confusing me, and make me check if this episode was the right one (the one with tea ceremony, when king choose his wife), because the scene didn’t match with the story before.
    Won was bad people, who bind Rin with “friendship” but he is the good friend too, saving his friend’s sister from leaving to Yuan, asking San to forgive Jeon so Rin and his family didn’t punished. his fault was just when he fall in love so easy with San.
    Rin’s character was my favorit. his loyalty (even if it cost his life), his quite habit but caring, but I hate when he abandon his feel just because Won.
    About San, I didn’t like it because he is so confuse which one she love. but she is brave, smart, can fight and quick thinking and it become her power.

  161. 161 : sammie Says:

    most did really understand d movie,,try and watch sharp blade only den will u understand dis movie

  162. 162 : Monica Says:

    Y she end up with rin

  163. 163 : Itsme Says:

    i am currently watching this drama and i like it. Even though i knew the ending based on the comments. In my opinion the lead character was the crown prince. It was about the story of the crown prince who fell in love but sadly, its a one sided love. Won was the male lead but it doesnt look that way. It seems as if rin was the male lead. I dont know why maybe he did great. I became confused who is the male lead at first It was won but as the story goes on i just felt that It became rins story.

  164. 164 : Kay Says:

    The King Loves was a fantastic drama! It has a real love triangle that will keep you guessing who ends up with who. Im Si Wan, Yoona, and Hong Jong Hyun were all excellent. The story was great with romance, intrigue, and action. Wonderful!

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