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The K2


Title: 더 케이투 / The K2
Genre: Melodrama, Political, Action
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2016-Sep-23 to 2016-Nov-12
Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:00


This drama is about a patriotic bodyguard who was abandoned by his country and colleagues, a hidden daughter of leading Presidential candidate who regards love as a tool for revenge, and the First Lady contender who hides her ambition and charisma behind a kind and friendly personality.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) is former solider for hire. He is also called K2. He is hired as a bodyguard by Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon Ah). Choi Yoo Jin is the wife of a presidential candidate, Jang Se Joon (Jo Sung Ha) and the daughter from a chaebol family. Meanwhile, Go Anna (Im Yoon Ah) is the secret daughter of the presidential hopeful. She is also a recluse.


Main Cast

Ji Chang Wook as Kim Je Ha
Choi Seung Hoon as Kim Je Ha (child)
Song Yoon Ah as Choi Yoo Jin
Im Yoon Ah as Go Anna
– Lee Yoo Joo (이유주) as Go Anna (child)
Jo Sung Ha as Jang Se Joon

JSS Bodyguards

Jun Bae Soo as Joo Chul Ho
Park Gun (박건) as B1
Lee Soon Won as team leader Seo
Kwon Soo Hyun
Yoon Joo Bin (윤주빈)
Yoo In Hyuk

People around Anna

Yum Hye Ran as Anna’s housemaid
Lee Jae Woo as Kang Sung Gyu (K1)
Lee Ye Eun as Jang Mi Ran (J4)

People around Park Kwan Soo

Lee Chul Min as Park Wan Soo
Ji Yoon Jae (지윤재)


Shin Dong Mi as Kim Dong Mi
Kim Gab Soo as Park Kwan Soo
Lee Jung Jin as Choi Sung Won
Park Soon Chun as Choi Sung Won’s mother
Go In Bum as Gook Chae Wan
Song Kyung Chul as Song Young Choon
So Hee Jung as chief of JSS Infirmary Room
Jung Ji Young (정지영) as Noh Ji Yun
Park Gun Rak as prosecutor
Jo Jae Ryong as Jang Se Joon’s secretary
Kim Kyung Ryong as Lee Kyung Jin
Oh Sang Hoon (오상훈)


Jung Se Hyung as detective
Kim Ik Tae as old man who help Jae Ha
Son Tae Young as Uhm Hye Rin (Anna’s mother)
Jo Hee Bong as police officer
Sung Dong Il as police officer
Yoo Seung Mok as Congressman Kim
Jo Dong Hyuk as JSS Special Ops Captain
Joo Sae Byuk as Miss Kim (woman having affair with Jang Se Joon)

Production Credits

Production Company: HB Entertainment
Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
ScriptWriter: Jang Hyuk Rin


Ji Chang Wook received more than 90 million won per episode thus making it the highest pay for a cable drama. He broke the previous record set by Jun Do Yun for her role in The Good Wife.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2016-09-23 1 3.225 4.2
2016-09-24 2 3.396 4.9
2016-09-30 3 4.390 4.6
2016-10-01 4 3.948 5.4
2016-10-07 5 4.622 5.2
2016-10-08 6 6.636 5.6
2016-10-14 7 5.059 6.1
2016-10-15 8 5.707 6.4
2016-10-21 9 4.849 4.6
2016-10-22 10 5.646 5.2
2016-10-28 11 4.932 4.5
2016-10-29 12 5.369 5.0
2016-11-04 13 4.489 4.5
2016-11-05 14 4.574 5.4
2016-11-11 15 5.523 5.2
2016-11-12 16 5.467 5.5

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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K2 2

Official Site

Official Trailer
Trailer (Intro)
Trailer (Ji Chang Wook & Im Yoon Ah)
Trailer (Im Yoon Ah, Short)
Trailer (Im Yoon Ah, Long)
Trailer (Ji Chang Wook, Short)
Trailer (Ji Chang Wook, Long)
Trailer (Song Yoon Ah)
Trailer I
Trailer II
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  1. 1 : Zem Emz Says:

    Wow ! Ji Chang Wook’s come back after THE HEALER and Im Yoonah’s come back after PRIME MINISTER AND I ….well, I am looking forward for this, THE K2 I like action genre so it seems interesting to me…
    From Philippines 🙂

  2. 2 : ochie Says:

    i dont like im yoonah.. but,i realy cant wait this drama because of jcw :* wookie oppa..fighting!!!

  3. 3 : Alika Says:

    Wow Ji Chang Wook with Yoon Ah!!! I can’t wait see their interaction between both of them, it’s gonna be lovely. I’m so excited with this drama. I can’ t wait!!!!

  4. 4 : choopatiu Says:

    first suzy,,then IU..and now yoonah…why,just tell me why korean producers keep on hiring these lousy actresses and teaming them up with amazing actors???good acting is not contagious,it does not pass from one good actor to a poor one like some sickness.please be considerate of your viewers,popularity is not the key to a successful drama and ratings its a good story and great acting(look what happened to uncontrollably fond such a poor showing)!!!

  5. 5 : Hannah Says:

    Kyaaaa, finally Ji Chang Wook!!! I’ve been waiting for him to come back in korea dramaland. Yessssss!!

  6. 6 : dlaila Says:


    Finally, I am so glad! Thanks God! Thanks heavens!
    I don’t care about actresses, PDs, directors. Just JCW!

  7. 7 : WP Says:

    Ohoiiiii great!! great!!

  8. 8 : Tuiink Says:

    To choopatiu…
    In your eyes only have good actor, no good actresss, that’s why u judge those actress
    Lol u go die!!!!

  9. 9 : Shiva Says:

    was looking forward to this drama, because of Ji Chang Wook. but I can’t believe I’m yoon ah is casted, I hope she is not going to play the lead. I can’t stand her, why they cast such great actors with such awful actresses.

  10. 10 : Sara Says:

    JCW seems like superman roles who beats and saves others,he should pick up different characters

  11. 11 : Jazmin Says:

    Everyone keeps saying Yoon Ah, but they are both named Yoon Ah. Lol, so I have no idea who you guys are talking about.

  12. 12 : Rigby Says:

    YES! It is JCW how I cannot be excited! I am praying that this will be a successful one! I will support his drama because this is a project of JiChangWook! Fighting THeK2!

  13. 13 : CloisScherzy Says:

    excited for Yoona!!! seems like lots of haters here.. lease don’t criticize someone’s acting before its even shown.. you’ll never know the turn around of events.. so just support your own bias and dont hate.

  14. 14 : CloisScherzy Says:

    excited for Yoona!!! seems like lots of haters here.. please don’t criticize someone’s acting before its even shown.. you’ll never know the turn of events.. so just support your own bias and dont hate

  15. 15 : cat12 Says:

    YES! for JCW……….

  16. 16 : unniebanters Says:

    i dont like im yoo nah’s acting awtsu! just because shes popular means they keep on giving her drama roles and being paired to great and popular actors why why why?????

  17. 17 : unniebanters Says:

    choopatiu is correct
    I dont hate them personally, these idols are great performers as an idol but I dont like them on acting category I prefer them singing and dancing on stage

  18. 18 : webgardha Says:

    im very happy for this movie. i hope this movie is the best movie in 2016.

  19. 19 : Secret Says:

    ommoo.. Ji Chang Wook…

  20. 20 : JELITA NINDA QORINA Jelita Says:

    OMG Ji Chang Wook.. i can’t wait to watch this dramaaa..

  21. 21 : PeeCee Says:

    I am having a slight feeling that this drama takes the same similarities as The Transporter (hollywood)…waiting….🐤🐤🐤

  22. 22 : tigerb Says:

    ‘the transporter’ movies were more on action, even when the lead actor was hired as bodyguard to the little boy. this drama may have action, but there may be a little romance. let’s see how this pans out as i look forward to seeing jcw again. come to think of it, he looks like the younger version of jrm (a british actor i like).

  23. 23 : tigerb Says:

    i see the comments above about idols acting. i understand you viewers. the thing is, the reason they are being cast is to attract viewers, specially the young generation, thus to get ad sponsors. i guess the idols’ managers try their best to market the idols’ abilities, whether they have it or not. so, let’s give these guys the benefit of the doubt, until proven that they really can or cannot act!

  24. 24 : randomguy Says:

    Im Yoon Ah! Fighting!

  25. 25 : iLy Says:

    I don’t think Yoona will be a good choice for Ji Chang Wook’s partner. Don’t get it wrong, I like her as singer & dancer on Snsd, but as actress? hmm… her act is not that good (as long as I can remember).
    so I’ll watch it…. when the drama is finished airing.

  26. 26 : abi Says:

    Still hoping yoo na will act the character good. I dunno, when i first saw the trailer i got interest with “Anna”.

  27. 27 : The K2, o novo drama de ação e romance da tvN Says:

    […] KoreanDrama, […]

  28. 28 : Sol Says:

    People will watch it for the visual only.
    All girls and ahjummas will get pregnant over the visual

  29. 29 : Erika Says:

    Ji chang wook looks like a GAY
    Tsk tsk tsk
    Not handsome.
    I don’t like him.
    If this drama change other male lead i think it will be more interesting.

  30. 30 : mariana Says:

    Wow, I just saw ep. 1 and is amazing! I thought it’s a movie, a lot of action and so realistic! I think I’ll be addicted!

  31. 31 : Heba Ahmad Fathalla Says:

    The first episode was AMAZINGGGG!!!!
    JCW action scenes was really really magnificent<3
    Yoona's acting is good so far :))
    and finally the soundtracks were speechless!
    GOOD JOB ♥

  32. 32 : tigerb Says:

    ep. 1: impressive action scenes with jcw. no wonder somewhere i read that he does not want to do an action drama or movie after this as his scenes here were so intense! anna came out from the abbey with full make up? wonder what is the contract between the assemblyman and the heiress that she has to take care of his daughter? seems like a marriage of convenience or she could have just dropped him like a hot potato. will see how this series goes.

  33. 33 : MaxT Says:

    After watching the 1st episode, I’d say this drama is a lot than Healer. It has a lot of fighting scenes and pretty exciting to watch. I though I was watching some action movie. Highly recommended.

  34. 34 : Gurlly Says:

    This drama is reallyyyy awesome and amazing!!!!!! A really worthy drama to watch…finally after healer JCW choose a really2 good drama to entertain us…fall.in.love this drama badly after wtch first episode….😍😍😍😍😍first episode DAEBAKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

  35. 35 : The K2 Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia [K-Drama] - KShowIndo Says:

    […] Rating: http://www.koreandrama.org/the-k2/ […]

  36. 36 : Vanq Says:

    Perfect drama!Ilove Ji Wook!!!!!!Figthing K2

  37. 37 : Heba Ahmad Fathalla Says:

    Episode 2 is FREAKING AMAZING! I can’t wait for next week
    Figthing K2!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. 38 : gaiety Says:

    As expected The K2 is an excellent action packed tv series, and i’ve fallen in love with ji chang wook all over again. I will watch this as I’ve with his other series…mahal kita. Goodluck

  39. 39 : Ica Says:

    Ep 1 so amazing. I just feel watch action movie not korean drama. Good action scene JW in here, for yoona acting so far in ep 1 I think good. More expresive than other her drama before in K2
    Her acting more good than Suzy or IU. Watch detail. And then you can see she is different.
    I prefer watch yoona acting than Suzy or IU.
    I STOP watch UF because suzy acting not interest.
    Can’wait see next episode for K2 and JW, good drama more action and JW more mature in here so handsome. Cool JW

  40. 40 : randomguy Says:

    All I can say is WOW! DAEBAK!.. I thought I was watching a movie.. this is totally awesome!

  41. 41 : RR Says:

    @#39 ica- I Agree to your comments because its true .

  42. 42 : EE Says:

    Such an awesome drama.. Yoona acting has improved and Ji Chang Wook action scenes daebak. Recommended to watch

  43. 43 : changchang Says:

    i’ve watched this drama and it’s really amazing!!!! all the actors have good acting. the plot is amazing. just focus on the story. yoona acting is good tho, it’s very sad to watch her in depression

  44. 44 : Leeleechan Says:

    The 1st two episodes was so great!!!! I can’t wait for the next episodes! I love every moment of it!!! Fighting! <3

  45. 45 : Vransiska Uge Says:

    Suka bingitsss…..

  46. 46 : Hannah Says:

    Watched the 1st two episodes and I’m hooked! Im Yoona’s not bad in this drama, I can accept her. But I love Song Yoon Ah’s acting, with just only 2 episodes, she successfully makes me hate her character so much and pity her at the same time because she’s just insecure and pathetic woman. I guess I don’t have to say about JCW, because everyone knows that he’s superb!!

  47. 47 : mei mei Says:

    I LOVE the fight scene, specially the foot work and the slow motion scene… “Dae bak”… JCW I love your eyes… no need to speak only his eyes clearly says what he wants to say….. Yoona also is good here huh… from the opening episode this will be heavy drama… Good luck to all the cast… cant wait till next episode.

  48. 48 : COCA Says:


  49. 49 : Ginny Says:

    Starting nice plot story…i like the story.

  50. 50 : anikatik08 Says:

    i like this drama, and i think yoona act is better than before She improved a lot. Andd JCW wohaaaa you always can make me so impressed with ur action act.

  51. 51 : Busra Says:

    Yaeahhh ¡¡!! 섹시한 남자 😚ı love you 🙂 turkish wookie 😝😎

  52. 52 : Heba Ahmad Fathalla Says:

    Episode 3 is Magnificent OMG i can’t stop talking about this drama!!!
    This going to be the best drama of the year <3

  53. 53 : Vransiska Uge Says:

    luvvv…luvvv…luvvvv… 🙂

  54. 54 : Kim Lau Says:

    This going to be the best drama of the year !
    Ji Chang Wook fighting !!!

  55. 55 : DramaLOVER Says:

    Ji Chang Wook is awesome in the fight scenes. Just need to see the romance kick in by ep. 5.

  56. 56 : MaxT Says:

    Episode 4 was very funny where JCW challenged a black belt bald head master. So far that was the funniest scene of the entire drama. 🙂

  57. 57 : zen Says:

    Best show since City Hunter 🙂

  58. 58 : Misu Tira Says:

    This is another interesting drama. I like to watch Ji Chang Wook drama……..

  59. 59 : Maddy Says:

    I can’t wait to see JCW and Yoona on screen together, please writer nim put them together in one scene or more in the next episodes and I believe their chemistry will be soooo goood. So excited for next episodes to see this lovely couple 😀

  60. 60 : LY Says:

    I’m a fan of Ji Chang Wook but, after 3 episodes, I prefer Healer than this drama. The background music is so aggravating to my ears. For the moment, K2 is not included in my list of favourite dramas. It’s a bit of a letdown for me so far just like Uncontrollably Fond.

  61. 61 : Raehina Says:

    Daebak! Awesome! Kdramas dis year are jst givin me d feels left, right, centre. Friday cudnt come any sooner.

  62. 62 : choopatiu Says:

    this feels like uncontrollably fond ..to much anticipation but a great disappointment..both dramas made the wrong decision in choosing the lead actress,who cares if they are famous or pretty what matters is they can act convincingly together with the lead actor..i prefer lesser known actresses like kim go eun,park so dam,nam ji hyun whatever the role is they do deliver.

  63. 63 : Ica Says:

    I think this drama very cool, like watching action movies with romance inside.
    Yoona acting in here good not dissapointed
    So fighting yoona. We want watch this drama full packed. Good scenario, good director, good actor and actress.and good sountrack too.
    Ji chang wook in here so cool handsome perfectly gentle.have great body, great acting, great action and so handsome
    So cool full packed complete

  64. 64 : Alika Says:

    Ah I can’t wait the romance will be started between JCW and YoonA in this drama. I’m sure the chemistry between these two will be on fire…I’m so excited for next episodes….bring it on!!!!!

  65. 65 : DramaLOVER Says:

    The drama gets better every week. They pulled back on so much action (very good action) and started developing the characters more. another great show for tvN!

  66. 66 : MaxT Says:

    It’s getting more or more interesting… Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

  67. 67 : dasim_videos Says:

    Song yoon-ah has done an impeccable job portraying her character… i think her role isn’t really all evil becoz she has her reasons and theres ppl more evil than her.. i even thought she was the lead becoz her role has more significance in the past 5 eps .. and seriously I have been eyeing yoo-jin and jeha since the start coz they got CHEMISTRY and damn I can only wish for more scenes coz we all know he’s going to end up w Anna…. 😊😊😊

  68. 68 : nzul Says:

    What if he ended up with the older yoon ah at last

  69. 69 : Claire Says:



  70. 70 : Claire Says:



  71. 71 : Maddy Says:

    OMG…Yoona sang Amazing Grace so beautifully….so emotional, sooo good to see this scene and it remind that I have to go to church too. I love to see finally Yoona and JCW face to face…they look so good together. I guess because these two the ratings gets so high. The viewer likes to this couple so much like I do. Can’t wait for next episode!

  72. 72 : scorpio23 Says:

    This is one very interesting Drama. JCW & IYA acting really great. A lot of action & exciting scenes.

  73. 73 : Alika Says:

    I think I have been rewatching scenes of Yoona sang in Church and JCW gave a cpr a hundred times….ep 6 was amazing and superb!!! Amazing Grace was my favorite songs all the times and it gave me a goosebumps everytime I heard this song…now Yoona sang it was so amazing. I guess Yoona’s impact as TV ratings so high and also cpr scene. I wish there will be more romance scenes between Yoona and JCW at the next episodes. I love this couple!!!

  74. 74 : lene Says:

    wow! i feel like i’m on the cliff, nice epdisode6, good job, hoping a good ending :), pls, writers…..

  75. 75 : Jyenie Says:

    I really enjoy Song Yoon A’s acting here, she is good👍

  76. 76 : YOONA Says:


  77. 77 : PeeCee Says:

    My heart skip when ever Wook oppa give a smile esp his alluring eyes awww 😀 😉 wish can migrate to korea hahhaha will always cheer for you Ji chang Wook oppa <3 <3

  78. 78 : iamme Says:

    I find myself liking another great and good looking actor in the person of Ji Chang Wook. I just have to endure watching the drama because of him although I am not fond of the lead actress. I hope to see more of Ji Chang Wook in a drama paired to a more likable actress

  79. 79 : Alika Says:

    Yay Amazing Grace was sang by Yoona will be released as OST….thank you TVN, gladly I will have it as a full song. I hope tonight there will be more romance scene between JH and Anna….I love this OTP. Team #Jehanna 😀

  80. 80 : tigerb Says:

    ep 6: ok, learned a little about relationship between cyj and jsj. so cyj is holding anna hostage for jsj to be president, and when he becomes president, cyj would go after her half-brother and step mother so she can get back chairmanship of her father’s company. fine. but if jsj becomes president, there’s no way that cyj would keep anna alive, most probably do the opposite as anna would no longer hold value and jsj will not be able to do something about it, unless he bares truth and would not care about consequences. will see.

  81. 81 : tigerb Says:

    jcw is not hesitating in his action moves, good show!

  82. 82 : MaxT Says:

    This drama has the highest rating at pay TV channel to date.

  83. 83 : Victoria Says:

    Highly addicitive! Great storyline! Amazing acting!

  84. 84 : Hannah Says:

    After ep 8, I think this drama is getting ridiculous. The writer is trying to hard to justify all the characters’ actions here. I just don’t get the point of CYJ trying too hard to hide Anna in the first place when Anna’s last name is Go. I mean, she could just send her to any orphanage and even if when she’s grown up and claimed that she’s Assemblyman Jang’s daughter, no one can prove that she’s saying the truth. I feel that right now, when CYJ tries to hide her, more people know about Anna which I think it’s stupid of CYJ to do that. All Anna wants is to be with her father, if CYJ is not such hellish devil, they could just adopt Anna and raise Anna so that Anna would feel CYJ is like a mother to her and Anna would never get in the way of ruining Assemblyman Jang’s reputation.

    I also think that it’s so stupid how CYJ reveals herself to the media about how she’s the guardian of Anna when she’s the one who doesn’t want Anna to reveal about her father. Now the whole Korea wonders what’s her relationship with Anna and people would absolutely dig more to it and the truth will unveil eventually. CYJ has the wealth and resources, but she’s a really messed up bitch who thinks she’s clever enough and has the power to control people. But can’t blame her since she’s raised as chabeol, she must have been growing up getting everything that she wants easily.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this drama. I just hope that the writer would make a more realistic scenes since this is a serious drama with political genre. Don’t make this drama into a joke!

  85. 85 : Logan1707 Says:

    My favorite Kdrama right now, I have been so thankful for tvN for casting JCW and YoonA into a beautiful drama like this. They are so good together both on and off screen. Ep 8 was my favorite episode so far as a lot of scenes together between JCW and YoonA.

    My advise to you, do not take so seriously to watch any drama….just enjoy it. You don’t like it just leave it and you can find any drama which you like the storyline or your favorite actor/actress in it…just as simple as that. Peace guys 😀

  86. 86 : tigerb Says:

    ‘dear my friends’ got a 6.8 rating on episode 15.

  87. 87 : aimee Says:

    I am watching drama because I admire JCW a lot. The action scenes are great and the acting of some actors are good enough but one thing i find rediculous is the character of Ana. If Ana’s role portrays a character of angelike or goddess like then they should have chosen a better looking actress. Her acting is not even worth prasing. Still i will watch it until the end because i love seeing the lead actor.

  88. 88 : Maddy Says:

    Both ep 7 and 8 were so great and my favorite was ep 8 too….it’s cute to see them together. YoonA updates her IG and it looks like that she is taking a class of defense herself. She is becoming strong and resilient girl to take care of herself. Wow I can’t wait for that. I wish Friday can come faster!!!

  89. 89 : Sarah Says:

    I Like This Drama

  90. 90 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Great action. Ji Chang Wook really matured in his action. Thumbs up to the director.

  91. 91 : zavvv Says:

    yeaah, best drama of this year 😍😍

  92. 92 : himss Says:

    to answer Hannah 84
    CYJ hates all mistresses as the mistress of her father destroys her. So anything that remind her about mistresses gives her the heartache. That’s why she hates the existence of Anna as she remind her her flaws as a wife (not giving any child) For the act of CYJ revealing that she’s the guardian, she need to do that because the building is under her name. refusing any relationship with Anna will be futile cause this may question her credibility.

    Hope the storyline will progress further with the romantic side of series. Fighting!

  93. 93 : tigerb Says:

    i wonder, if this series was shown in regular tv channel, how the ratings would have fared, although it does not make any difference to me. ‘healer’ did great, i think this series is a lot better, action wise.

  94. 94 : tigerb Says:

    i wish the camera man(men) has(have) a steady hand

  95. 95 : tigerb Says:

    anna and her bodyguards and housekeeper are pawns in this game between the half siblings power play with a tinge of politics. k2 is the knight to protect anna and at ep. 9 could not be sure if he should side with the chairman. i won’t be trusting with the chairman, he’s too sly and smooth to be able to get anna and her entourage to his side that easy. anna is too naive and ignorant of what exactly is going on, and she just got out of cyj claws as she has nowhere to go. the father seems to be siding with the chairman, but can’t be sure where his cards lay. if i were anna, if her mother had money on her own right, she should find out if she inherited something from her mother, and stand on her own, without the competing half-siblings, and without her father too, with k2’s help. will see what happens next. if k2 falls for anna, will he forget to avenge raniya’s death?

  96. 96 : Kristi Says:

    I’m watching this because of JCW, but I’m getting bored with this drama. Episode 9 is the most boring of all.

  97. 97 : Doris aguirre Says:

    They have to do something about the camera man. It is shakey.

  98. 98 : Doris aguirre Says:

    They have to do something about the camera man. It is shakey. Actor are great!

  99. 99 : The K2 Kdrama OST | A Transient Wanderer Says:

    […] to take a peek of currently airing kdrama. Then I bumped into this one drama from TVN called The K2. As always, TVN made always made a great drama (eventhough the ending not always as we wanted to […]

  100. 100 : Gonjeng Says:

    First 3 ep just like Jason bourne action flick but later on its just another lovelorn rhapsody ……

  101. 101 : mei mei Says:

    Congratz!!! to all staff, crew, directors & actors your in your last 3 weeks episodes but still the excitements are high…hope to see more of actions… about your love story, its kind a toppings on a cake… sweet….fighting!!!!

  102. 102 : OK OK OK Says:

    Episode 9 is so boring bc Song Yoon Ah as Choi Yoo Jin screen time is so little.
    I have to “force” myself to watch through the whole episode to continue the drama.

    Song Yoon Ah’s acting is so superb. I like her so much.

  103. 103 : OK OK OK Says:

    Hope they end up together.


  104. 104 : kiki Says:

    i don’t like the romance in here… i just want to find out the reason behind Choi Yoo Jin’s hatred towards everyone, why she’s acting so cold and evil, and why are they ganging on her.

  105. 105 : Kdrama fans Says:

    I love romance in drama thiller…
    the lead actrees is song yoo ah, but why screen time for Im yoo ah too much ?!?
    I agree with 103, give us more screen time to song yoon ah and jI chang wook

  106. 106 : sheryl Says:

    Good drama …Daebak !!! fighting !!!

  107. 107 : Korean Drama Fans Says:

    I love Yoona and ji chang wook together , I dont think Song Yoo ah is lead actress in this drama , because if you see person doing promo for this drama only yoona and ji chang wook.

  108. 108 : Nicey Says:

    In my opinion, i think that Song Yoo Ah is a more senior actress than Yoona that is why she was given importance in this drama and if you noticed, her name was first mentioned in posters, but Yoona is the main Actress here that is why she has more exposures. I am excited to watch more of Yoona and Ji Chang Wook! Good luck

  109. 109 : ryry Says:

    We know that Anna and Je Ha love each other, but I don’t feel romance between them. They never say love each other (cmiiw)… I feel Choi Yoo Jin love Je Ha, hahaha

  110. 110 : OK OK OK Says:

    Without the leading actress Song Yoon Ah’s superb acting with Ji Chang Wook, it would be a definitely failure with Yoona’s present standard of acting!!!

    Whether Yoona is leading actress or not is of no important bc her acting is mediocre which make episode 9 so bored….

  111. 111 : hana_goh Says:

    More eps more great.. i love yoona at here.. so great.. i enjoy every episode very well.. for people who feel bored just don’t watch it ok baby..

  112. 112 : Cinderella Says:

    i love JCW sooo much but honestly this drama is not a good choice! he should have opted for a new genre : romcom or a melodrama . why is he sticking to the same action roles !? moreover, yoona is not a good match to JCW at all. She’s trying to do a good job but she can’t live up the lead actress’ high standards opposite an outstanding actor like JCW and the other famale lead who is deliveting an awesome performance to the extent of overshadowing yoona .
    im watching this drama with a pinch in my heart . I’m not satisfied at all ! anyway. .fighting !

  113. 113 : Sirk Says:

    This drama is somewhat you can watch for One-Time-Only unlike any other drama that you still want to watch all over again. Overall Im not satisfied on K2. I’ve always felt there’s something missing or lacking in every episode. It doesnt give me any thrill or excitement like how I felt in other dramas. I think its bcoz the slow progress of the story and the lack of chemistry between the leads. I even think Choi Yoo Jin is the lead rather than Yoona because her interaction/relationship with Ji Chang Wook is great and the poor appearance and romamce of Yoona in all episodes. For me HEALER still the best drama for Chang Wook.

  114. 114 : KhinSu Says:

    Yoona character’s suck and useless, like no brain. Same to JCW, since he met Yoona, all the way most of the time, he looked stupid and all he had was fighting skill. SYA is leading the whole drama. Oh my god, the two characters competing for predicency are terrible. Neither of them suits for this position for the people even in the drama. Without SYA, this drama is nothing .. I hate those drama, the main actors and actress given so many unnecessary and bored screens just because they are the couples of the drama… I am on Song Yoon Ah’s side.. she deserves to be the main lead of this whole drama..

  115. 115 : tigerb Says:

    ep. 12: who’s now the wiser? cyj revealed anna’s biological father, flabbergasting a lot of people who thought her downfall was coming in no time.

  116. 116 : LeeJoo Says:

    I feel the same! I like Yoona since Love Rain but I hate her character in this drama. Lack of appearance in all episodes. Not a justifiable lead role on her part. Frankly speaking I only keep watching it because of Song Yon Ah and Ji Chang Woom they have such a great role. There are so many flaws in this drama.

  117. 117 : Fullheart5 Says:

    I am a Ji Chang Woom fan. I will try watching because of him, but the reviews are not looking good.

  118. 118 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Got through two episodes. Still not sure about the drama. Have figured out I have much dislike for the Choi You Jin character. She is pretty much evil and it’s tough to continue watching evil and enjoy it. I hope as the synopsis indicate, our hero does now throw in with her.

  119. 119 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Well made it through four episodes. Still not sure what it’s about. Redeeming factor is still Ji Chang Wook.

  120. 120 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Well made it up to episode eight and sadly my opinion is still the same. Choi You Jin is still evil. Of course it’s getting tougher to determine who is more evil. But……A light in the tunnel, her Dad, is not quite as much of as scumie person as he is made out to be.

  121. 121 : Koreandaddict Says:

    I am fan for ji chang wook , I like chemistry between anna and jeha also yoo jin in k2. But some fan like jeha end with yoo jin, “please how come people can think like that”, for me SORRY……I dont like them together because yoo jin in this drama too old for jeha , pity jeha, I know yoo jin acting very good but if jeha and yoo jin end together not suitable at all. If let say the lead actor in this drama is chairman choi that OK very suitable. Sorry for my comment

  122. 122 : Nicey Says:

    I think Yoona is more popular than this Song Yoon Ah, I have heard much of her already before this drama, and she’s young and pretty. Sometimes popularity is more important than the quality of acting, for a drama to be watched by many. And Song Yoon Ah, is she not too old for CJW. Sorry I am not familiar with Korean Actresses.

  123. 123 : Kelly kay Says:

    Just started to watch the beginning 2 episodes and don’t know whether want to continue or not? Love the first episode with full of actions and excitement seems more alike hit movie than a drama.
    Only found few scenes irritated me so much examples: wth the crazy girl with blood stains cloth running around the city without polices chase and does she patienly pay the train ticket although chased by assailant. I don’t get it!
    Building glass can be easily broken from outside is already illogical, yet whose stunts willing doing so dangerous banner hanging job at night.
    I don’t mind making the drama looks damn exciting thrilling but too much overdo will make the drama confusing unlike movie can digest easily because it’s short.
    I know who was Yoona from girl generation, she look good in photo shoots but reality, she was very skinny and plain. I don’t like her acting since Love Rain. I think she is the worst acting beside Kystral. Hope this drama don’t spoilt by her poor acting.

  124. 124 : Fullneart5 Says:

    Made it to episode ten. It is quite an interesting drama as you watch more and more. I think the ultimate goal is to find out who the bad guys are. With the exception of our hero, Go Anna and her immediate bodyguards, everyone is sneaky and conniving and with all of these various players there is no clear line between good and evil. For that reason, I will be watching to the end.

  125. 125 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Oh……..and romance between the evil Yoo Gin and our hero, forget it. He’s 29 and she’s 43. Why would anyone want to see them together. I would rather he became a Monk.

  126. 126 : Jill Says:

    I watch k2 because JCW, but I read so many comment
    Like jeha ending with Yoo Jin . Please and please dont think like that if this drama let say yoo jin is actress which age suitable with jeha that is ok but in this drama yoo jin like his mom ok. Dont spoil Jeha he still young dont ever pairing Yoo Jin and Jeha. Thats why I prefer Anna.

  127. 127 : Raizorumi Says:

    This drama should have made a twist where character Go Anna which starts as naive and innocent girl become scheming and bad girl towards the end. Her character should turns into the person she hates most to make the drama more interesting. Choi Yoo Jin character mean while which starts as evil and scheming turns into a better person towards the end as the character interacts more with Kim He Ha character. This drama putting much bet on Kim Je Ha + Anna romance to be the attraction plus the fighting skills of Kim Je Ha.

    This drama turning into the same flavor that JCW before [KBS Drama Healer]

  128. 128 : PeeCee Says:

    I am getting lill bored watching this drama now… the first 5 mins is gone doing the recaps and the plot is unrealistic as in doesn’t make sense at all. Big fan of Ji chang wook fighting!!!

  129. 129 : unima Says:

    The leader of this drama is Choi Yoo Jin, of course. Song Yoon Ah is a real gem here and the reason I still watch the drama.

    Im Yoon Ah strongly reminds me of frozen vegetables in supermarket and evokes the same emotions. Little girl was much better.

    Ji Chang Wook is as gorgeous as ever but his talent deserves more attentive choice of partner. Kim Je Ha scenes with Go Anna are simply boring.

  130. 130 : tigerb Says:

    je ha got into surgery and defibrillated on without his soiled shirt, after which he’s unconscious and wearing a clean fresh dress shirt on the gurney? no scrubs?

  131. 131 : Nicey Says:

    Wait, is it true, there’s a love angle here between this Song Yoo Ah and Ji Chang Wook? Cant believe it. She looks really mature here and is older than the guy JCW? How old is she? I have watched only the first three episodes. Sorry not really familiar with Korean Actresses. But I know Yoona, she’s popular in the Net.

  132. 132 : L Says:

    Is JH’s character dull or simply ungrateful?
    Allegedly the romantic relations of JH and AN cause pity only. Magnificent acting of SYA!

  133. 133 : A B Says:

    I think the story is interesting. I never liked the Ji Chang Wook and
    Im Yoon Ah but the story is interesting enough to keep me watching. But the camera work is really giving me a headache so I actually have to look away every now and then to keep myself from motion sickness. And I do like Ji Chang Wook a bit more but still not care much for Im Yoon Ah. But Song Yoon Ah is an amazing actress. I’m impressed!

  134. 134 : lene Says:

    …the end is near 🙁

  135. 135 : Jiu Says:

    K2 is a bit boring in the last few episodes.

  136. 136 : Nicey Says:

    Unfair that you guys compare Yoona and Song Yoon Ah. Of course SYA is a senior mature Actress and she is far way better than Yoona when it comes to acting. Lol..! Why keep dragging Yoona down? As far as I know, Yoona did only few dramas and being an actress is not her forte, how can you expect her to be as good as the Senior actress. In this drama I find her good very promising, look at the eye expressions, she’s going there, she’s gonna be a serious actress. She is popular, that is the reason why many are curious with this drama. She is young she is pretty, she has a long way to go! Good luck

  137. 137 : han ji won Says:

    POOR Choi yoo jin love is too luxury,damn Jang se joon dirty playboy,open your eyes Kim je ha,plz writer…no sad ending.i love choi yoo jin acting,Anna n kim je ha is boring scenes.

  138. 138 : Chie Says:

    In fairness to Yoona, her role in this drama doesn’t required an intense acting. So let’s not compare her to Song Yoon Ah. Luckily for Song Yoon Ah, her portrayal were superb. I really like the her when caught between anger, fear and betrayal can be seen in her face at the same time.

  139. 139 : Nicey Says:

    They do not have a choice but to praise this Song Yoon Ah, i mean the haters, because they want to drag Yoona down. Lol.., did you not notice, and they are saying Yoona’s acting here sucks. Well, do not believe them, Yoona is doing great here as actress, her eyes are very expressive. And SYA, i think she’ll be good in Historical Drama. And i could not imagine if there would be romance here between JCW and SYA, she looks too old for JCW, she can be a mother or maybe an aunt to him, sorry. Anyway I am in Ep 5, I will see.

  140. 140 : Nicey Says:

    Those here who are saying that Yoona’s acting here sucks and that she has no chemistry with Ji Chang Wook, they are only sourgraping, either maybe only because they could not accept that someone who is in a girl group band can be a Real actress or maybe they want a different actress to be paired with JCW. Lol…! Well, Yoona is doing just fine here, Yoona and JCW, a great pair!! Good luck

  141. 141 : san Says:

    The first few episodes of this drama was amazing. But after Annas character and K2 started liking each other the story got dumb. No offence for the Actors or actresses but there are no chemistry between Anna and K2. I don’t even feel like watching their scenes. And I don’t even like Anna’s character now. She’s acting like a stupid after revealing her self to the public.
    I hoped for a better story than this. And feel kinda sad about this now.
    Hope there will be a happy ending for Cho Yo Jin. Even though she’s evil, after the mid parts of the series she’s like the heroin. And Anna is a one annoying character like CYJs brother.

    I really love Ji Chang wook and that’s why I started watching this drama. But Anna and K2s doesn’t have any chemistry.
    There will be a good relationship if K2 ended up with Choi Yo Jin.

  142. 142 : san Says:

    And the actress who’s doing the Cho Yo Jin’s character is amazing. Love her acting and she’s beautiful. 🙂

  143. 143 : Nicey Says:

    Wow..! I am now at Episode 10. What can I say, I am satisfied, Ji Chang Wok and Yoona, such a lovely pair! They are so nice to look at, so cute, I can feel the connection between the two, there is this in them what we call magic, what a chemistry! As early as now, I am looking forward for their next project!

  144. 144 : Zzzz Says:

    I like this drama

  145. 145 : suyou Says:

    I stop watch this after ep6. Anna is a one annoying character

  146. 146 : Nicey Says:

    @San, it’s very obvious that you hate Yoona, you praised TOO MUCH this villain SYA in order to drag Yoona down. Lol..! Many here are insecured. Anyway, do not believe all the negativity here, this drama is very entertaining, a melodrama, romance, action packed into one! The chemistry between Yoona and JCW is great! Good luck for the last wo episodes.

  147. 147 : Nicey Says:

    @San, Wait, i forgot, sorry could not help but comment, this K2 is not a ROM COMEDY, impossibe that Song Yoon Ah will end up with K2. She looks too old for the Lead, SYA is 43 and JCW is 28, impossibe!

  148. 148 : msafi ally Says:

    i like this drama, but im not happy with tha character k2 he makes me unhappy when fighting to madam

  149. 149 : tigerb Says:

    just read the note above of how much pay jcw received per episode. he so much deserved it with all the action scenes he did, plus he kind of carried this drama – it’s his title role. i wonder what was or is the outstanding highest pay if shown in regular channel, higher maybe?

  150. 150 : tigerb Says:

    if only the production could have afforded more cameras and camera men to do the shooting, this series would have been better to watch. as it is, it’s been giving me headaches after i watch each episode, with very shaky hands handling the cameras. if not for jcw, i would have dropped this a long time ago.

  151. 151 : Bambie Says:

    I like im yoona coz ive watched some of her drama.. And she’s good.. But in this drama.. The scene between ji chang wok and song yoon ah.. Have more intensity.. There is no need for romance all the time..when it comes in good acting.. Ji chang wok is a competent uprising action star.. He is more appealling when he fights.. And He’s acting drama is great when teamed in mature actress.. He shown his skills in Empress Ki opposite to Miss Ha Ji Won.. . And song yoon ah’s role as a villain yet soft talking acting is very effective.. I hate her and i love her at the same time.. They have what you cal. CHEMISTRY. and i’m. So dissappointed because i cant find the episode 13 with english sub. Congratulations. To the production’s and directors.. I enjiyed watxhing it..

  152. 152 : Bambie Says:

    I like im yoona coz ive watched some of her drama.. And she’s good.. But in this drama.. The scene between ji chang wok and song yoon ah.. Have more intensity.. There is no need for romance all the time..when it comes in good acting.. Ji chang wok is a competent uprising action star.. He is more appealling when he fights.. And He’s drama is great when teamed in mature actress.. He shown his skills in Empress Ki opposite to Miss Ha Ji Won.. . And song yoon ah’s role as a villain yet soft talking acting is very effective.. I hate her and i love her at the same time.. They have what you call. CHEMISTRY. and i’m. So dissappointed because i cant find the episode 13 with english sub. Congratulations. To the production’s and directors.. I enjoyed watching it..

  153. 153 : Koreanfan Says:

    @ 141 san
    totally agree

  154. 154 : Nicey Says:

    The PERFECT Chemistry of the year, Yoona and Ji Chang Wook! Do not believe some people here saying there is no chemistry between them! They are a great pair, they are so nice to look at and not trying hard. Lol..! Many here are using this Song Yoon Ah, keep on PRAISING her, because they want to RUIN Yoona. It is very obvious in their way of commenting here. They can not accept that Yoona is a total package and can be a Real actress. Well Yoona did great here, she can even act by means of her very expressive eyes only. She does not need to shout, does not need to laugh so hard, does not need to become hysterical..! She is tame just right, she did not overdo anything here, she is just so natural. Job well done, Yoona and JCW!! My rating for this drama, 8/10! Looking forward for their next drama!!!

  155. 155 : claudia Says:


  156. 156 : Nicey Says:

    I have heard that this drama got a lot of Sponsors because of YOONA and JCW. That is what makes Popularity vey important. What if the cast consists only of the Old Actresses, what will happen..? This drama’s marketability is at stake! And many are curious to watch because the Female lead Yoona is from a girl group band who is very popular even on Net. I am sure this will also be a Hit in the internatinal scene! Anyway, I enjoyed this drama, I am satisfied! May thanks to Yoona and JCW, such a lovely pair!!!

  157. 157 : Lei Says:

    Song yoon ah’s acting was superb, brilliant actress! I hope to see her acting with bae yoon joon again…

  158. 158 : Lei Says:

    Song yoon ah’s acting was superb, brilliant actress! I hope to see her acting with bae yong joon again…

  159. 159 : Janew Says:

    Yes Yoona’s acting has improved in K2. But given that she has been too long in this industry, her improvement is way too little ! Moreover, she failed to move my heart in K2. She’s the pawn and yet she failed to grab my sympathy.
    Perhaps she couldn’t feel nor visualize her role. Perhaps she didn’t analyze her script in order to determine what kind of reaction from the viewers
    Look at song yoon ah! She’s good! We all reacted to her. She’s not acting! We felt that she’s exactly like her role- bitter, disappointed and hateful!

  160. 160 : sa_grant Says:

    I like this drama so much!!!

  161. 161 : tigerb Says:

    despite my complaint above and some scenes which were like, ‘huh’?, this is good watch. no loose ends. anna’s role is lame and im yoona acted it as lame as her character could be. comparing the two ‘yoon ahs’ is like comparing apple to orange.

    now that i have my fill of jcw’s action skills, where can i watch his theater performance on line?

  162. 162 : Nicey Says:

    @Janew, Lol..! With Song Yoon Ah’s age she’s 44 or 43, and her experiences, of course she must be a Veteran already. Hehe.. What can you expect..?? I couldn’t help but comment, many people here wants Yoona be broke! Very bad.

  163. 163 : nana Says:

    I don’t know who I hated most Yoona or Go Anna !

  164. 164 : lene Says:

    wow!!!! satisfied!!!! but, what is his real name?

  165. 165 : azin Says:

    best action drama ever! best cast, best plot, best ost,…everything was perfect! It was one of those drama that you could not guess what will happen next. I will miss this drama:(

  166. 166 : marzieh Says:

    I really liked this drama. Thanks to all staff who worked hard behind the scene.
    Actors were good too. Especially Song yoona and Ji chang wook. hope to see ji chang wook in more korean dramas with great stories .

  167. 167 : cherryberri Says:

    The best Kdrama n chemistry JCW n YoonA

  168. 168 : fitri Says:

    The best action, the best actor n actris,the best chemistry jcw & yoona, the best perfomance from song yoon ah 😘😙😙😙😙😚😚😚😚 drama..

  169. 169 : Honey Says:

    I will agree to you now, to almost all of you who commented above, that SONG YOON AH is the MAIN CHARACTER and is the STAR OF THIS SHOW, all the highlights and important scenes are trusted to her character CYJ, reason why this drama is FLOPPED!!! It does not achieve the rating of Reply 1988 and Signal which I heard are in the same time slot, did not even reach 10%. Probably I will just wait for another drama wherein it will be focused to JCW or Yoona or both! Great chemistry of the two, JCW and Yoona! Good luck!

  170. 170 : Kdrama fan Says:

    Song Yoon Ah. Acting is superb.
    I liked Yoonas character in love rain. But in this drama her character is so annoying. And there’s no chemistry between Anna and K2. I like JCW more in Healer and in Empress Ki.
    The begging of this story is so good. But in the middle ways it fell apart. But because of the curiosity and the Madam Chois character I kept on watching till the end.

  171. 171 : Iwed Says:

    Good drama ever,i love chemistry between Yoona and JCW so natural and good visual couple,

  172. 172 : Honey Says:

    The Writer gave too much attention to this Song Yoon Ah, making her scenes the Highlights of the show, much more than JCW (to think that he is in the Title Role) and Yoona. The crowd of Song Yoon Ah who is a Senior actress of course older viewers’ Crowd is not too big for this drama be appreciated. Yes it is a success, but compare to Signal and Reply 1988 in the same time slot, this drama FLOPPED!!! Some Yoona and JCW Fans like me stopped watching because of disappointment. There is only one thing I like in this drama, the chemistry of Yoona and JCW, they look great together!

  173. 173 : Rabab Says:

    I jst lv my oppa JI CHANG WOOK😍😘💖

  174. 174 : Maya Says:

    Drama is the best..like chemistry jcw and yoona

  175. 175 : maia Says:

    Good drama..good action …good actor and good actress

  176. 176 : I love Yoona Says:

    Goods: Song YooNa’s acting is over the top, and JCW’s as well.

    Chemistry: Yoo Jin & Jeha are spot on!..
    Anna and Jeha: ZERO CHEMISTRY!! FORCED ROMANCE!!… (just for the sake of romance, non sense!)..

  177. 177 : Ica Says:

    Song yoon ah acting superb wow .really good actress.her acting make the k2 not boring drama. Jcw good too, action scene good.yoona in this role make better performance but if jcw have another actress in this kd maybe the rating can more high.
    This korean drama so good to watch because jcw action fight, and song yoon ah acting.
    The story good too in the beginning.but in the middle little boring and not progress fast

  178. 178 : farhanatika Says:

    This drama is very awesome coz jcw and yoona…please make another drama wherein it will be focused to JCW and Yoona ! Great chemistry of the two, JCW and Yoona! Good luck!

  179. 179 : LemonWook Says:

    is a very exciting drama. Ji Chang Wook as Kim Je Ha,Je Ha is a wise and courageous decisive person,his action scenes look great,his interpretation of the inner activities of the characters is very thorough.
    Recommend everyone to look at this one is very interesting wonderful drama.
    Support Ji Chang Wook!! Support Kim Je Ha!!

  180. 180 : Rave Says:

    I don’t know what’s the problem of people here, because EVEN IN HOLLYWOOD ACTION FILMS AND DRAMAS, KISSING SCENE, I MEAN ROMANCE HAS ITS SHARE. ROMANCE is always part of an Action Film to balance the emotions therin.

    And Yoona is a good actress. She is weak here because that is her Role, a girl so helpless, was in a prison like life in Barcelona and is sick. Her acting does not require laughing so hard, shouting, become hysterical. She acts with her EYES, her very expressive eyes. She did great here, just right, no overacting!

    The chemistry of the two, Yoona and JCW is perfect, Yoona is very sweet and it blends with JCW’s masculinity. They are so nice to look at, SO CUTE, A LOVELY COUPLE!

    One thing i noticed, the story didn’t focus in him, JCW, even if he is in the Title Role, KINDA UNFAIR. The villain woman Choi Yoo Jin, her exposure is too much here as in OVER.

    Overall, this drama is highly recommended!

  181. 181 : Samantha Says:

    I love this drama very much. Best action drama and best couple. Both the couple did a very good job. Thanks. I hope they will do another project.

  182. 182 : GhitaLMHJiChangWookTheK2 Says:

    The PERFECT Chemistry of the year, Yoona and Ji Chang Wook! Do not believe some people here saying there is no chemistry between them! They are a great pair, they are so nice to look at and not trying hard. So,, i like it KDrama,, is TheK2 film. TheK2 is the best💞😍😘🎉😎💪✊✋😅😅😂

  183. 183 : Changyoon Says:

    I dont know what planet you guys are in but for the longest time i have watched kdramas, this is the ONLY one that got me from start to finish. Someone said here that the drama flopped? If it did why would it even reach 5-6% considerng that more people were into watching baseball during the SAME timeslot as well as the time where protests are going on. and did I mention that this is CABLE PROGRAMMING where the audience share is lower than free channels like kbs, sbs and mbc. Any kdrama having a rating of 3% would even be considered LUCKY to have such ratings. as for SNSD Yoona, as far as her acting, she doesnt look as forced as from the previous roles that she made so definitely a huge step from her comfort zone and she did pretty decent in delivering what’s expected of her role. People commenting here the negatives obviously have not watched as many kdramas before to even come to a comparison of anything that has to do with this drama.People may have also forgotten that this is a live action drama so anyone saying that it’s forgettable totally doesn’t get it or is not into action at all! Perhaps go past the label of an “idol actress” and get over the fact that chemistry was indeed present, and stop comparing the two Yoonas. To those saying that Yoona has little improvement, it only obvious to point out that she has little experience due to the fact that her schedule may be bombarded left and right with idol-related activities. she really needs to be in kdramas left and right to hone her craft. it doesnt merely takes talent but experiences are important too. Messy plot was actually saved because of the superb acting of the leads as well as the supporting actors. I say well done to the Yoonas and JCW. Definitely not a flop!

  184. 184 : Honey Says:

    @Changyoon, Signal and Reply 1988 ended up to 12% and 22% rating respectively, and were shown in the same time slot with K2. This K2 got only 5.5%, fact also is that, this drama is a Highly Budgeted Drama because of the Action scenes, and the two mentioned above are not that high budgeted. Yes, maybe this is a success, but overall this drama FLOPPED! This drama focused TOO MUCH in this Choi Yoo Jin character which SAY played, definitely she is the Star of the Show, and Yoona and J2 are only Supports here. Good that this drama did not focus to Yoona and J2 (even if he is in the Title Role). If it happened, maybe people here would just kill Yoona more with their too harsh too rude too unhuman and too cruel comments.. Anyway, forgive me, for being honest also. I also couldn’t help myself but to comment.

  185. 185 : Yoona's Love Says:

    So nowadays, the higher the rating, the disastrous PLot…

    Yes, This is a flop.. Im so sorry for JCW’s performance he was so good in Healer, lots of people love loved it (thou he’s good in here too).. But on this, seems like it has lots of jinx/misfortunes and I can tell he was forced and pressured to do this, so this drama is a nightmare for him hahaha.. Anyway, this is just a showcase of Song YooNa’s performance it’s like just focus on her story, that in the end, she will disappear anyway, just like a troll, you didn’t get anything after spending time watching it… hahhaha…
    And romantic chemistry you said??.. Where??… Isn’t it JeHa is the uncle of Anna?…. lol..

  186. 186 : hanhhsshi Says:

    Best drama action!!! TheK2 짱

  187. 187 : Nicey Says:

    Yes I need to agree also, that this drama FLOPPED, it FOCUSED TOO MUCH IN CHOI YOO JIN CHARACTER, definitely making that SONG YOON AH Senior actress the Star of the Show and the Main Character! In the middle of the story some viewers couldn’t accept that Yoona and K2 are only Supports here. I know of some Yoona and JCW (K2) Fans who stopped watching earlier in the 5th or 6th Episode. Anyway I watched till the end, but like them, I have big disappointments, all the highlights and important scenes are trusted to SAY. Well.. I agree she did well, with flying colors, it is a breakthrough performance, BUT HER CROWD (maybe the older ones) WAS NOT ABLE TO SUSTAIN A GOOD RATING, it flopped! Maybe a success, but the Expectation they did not exceed. Anyway, i think I need to wait for another drama wherein Yoona amd JCW are the Main Leads, I mean in which the story will focus on them!!

  188. 188 : Samantha Says:

    I am huge fan of Im Yoona. I watched all her drama and this is the best drama that I ever watched. Because of her, I also become fan of Ji Chang Wook. Both of them are great couple and they have strong chemistry. I hope there will be another project for both of them. I gonna miss them and until now I still cannot move on from this drama. Of course I also hope that one day they will become a real couple because they are so so so match or maybe they have already fall to each other. Who knows….Anyway fighthing……two of you Yoona and Ji Chang Wook. Support you both forever…

  189. 189 : Ella Says:

    I like this drama especially yoona and Ji chang wook chemistry…Daebak both of you , you all like real couple.

  190. 190 : MALINA Says:

    Yes, me too Yoona and ji Changwook i like both of you, I am fan for Ji chang wook since drama Empress Ki but in drama k2 I am become Yoona fan

  191. 191 : suppledexplorer Says:

    Im soooo hooked up with this drama…Ji Chang Wook and Yoona were amazing..I didnt expect Yoona to step up on her acting..Tha l;ast time I watched her on Cinderella Man..Ji Chang Wook on the other hand never fail to amaze me..He is really good actor.K2 is the best drama for me in 2016.Hope to see another drama of them.Yoona I like you now.Fighting!Ji Chang Wook oppa Im always your no.1 fan kkkk

  192. 192 : Bread lover Says:

    There’s something not logical about Anna. She has severe social phobia yet when she talks to the taxi driver her face expression seems nervous…???

  193. 193 : Bread lover Says:

    Anna has social phobia yet she doesn’t seems afraid when talking to strangers???

  194. 194 : luzzieh Says:

    Why do i like Healer more than K2!!!!!!!

    JCW is good as usual. Female villain is good… their scenes together are always so intense…

    Yoona, still weak acting, she can’t deliver specially those emotional scenes part… as such it is so hard to feel this drama. But she did good in the church scene, which is the only part that i like her in. Otherwise, she is lacking.

    The scenes between female lead vs female villain are so bland, if only a better lead actress…. Sigh
    The female trusted assistant by the female villain is much better in delivering her part….

  195. 195 : Sahar Says:

    I am one of the K2’s Iranian viewers, unfortunately I have watched in episode 6 the terrorist man from Comoros- an African country- by the name of ABDOLOMAR was talking in Persian even though Comoros people talk Arabic and French. The question I have is, in the country with the first speed of Internet in the world that information is transferring per second, why this mistake has occurred? I do not know this fault has happened unintentionally or intentionally but for me and other Iranian viewers is unacceptable and the other question why the director did not notice to the details that can ruin a country’s face. In this episode they show Iran and Iranian people as terrorist. My country is one of the oldest countries with rich culture and history with kind and gentle people, why have you tried to destroy this big country???
    I have heard that Korean people are so patriot and are proud of their country….we- Iranian people- are the same as you.
    I have written this for you as my protest on behalf of my people and notice what you are performing to your people, it will have devastating effects

  196. 196 : Ghamar Says:

    korean ladies and gentleman ,we love you but unfortunatly it seems that only we only love you. oh، I introduced myself; I am Iranian who speak persian. We have lovely and strong language that goethe(European famous poet)admired our language and we have civilization and tradition،Even our History and culture as old as human civilization. We love you but you bother and annoyed us. why?!
    You know that all arab generation speak arabia (not persian). But why you show in all films and dramas that all bad person and terrorists speak persian.
    Do you know that the root of of Iran is Arya .it means peace and gentle and brave person but why you show us in your drama the Vicious person and criminal personality. we love you and respect your culture . Is it you answer about our love?

  197. 197 : Doris aguirre Says:

    I have watched a lot of kdrama but the cameraman really distroys everything in this drama! I felt dizzy watching because the cameraman is shakey!!

  198. 198 : me too Says:

    Very bad cameramen , think so

  199. 199 : sh Says:

    just wondering why from episode1 when Anna as a child was brought to the orphanage (?) that she was wearing white dress until she ran away few years later still wearing white dress and barefooted, then six months after tried to ran away again in white dress and still in barefoot. Is this some sort of a uniform in that place?

  200. 200 : Rizka azharia Says:

    I love this dramaaaaa, ji changwook 😍 yoona 😍

  201. 201 : Minna Says:

    Best ending I’ve seen in a long time!

  202. 202 : Celo,Ninfa Says:

    A very nice and interesting movie which a lot of suspense

  203. 203 : chlorislee Says:

    The K2 Fighting~

  204. 204 : Nguyen Duc Anh Hoang Says:

    The K2

  205. 205 : kenzoismyhachiko Says:

    very nice! love this drama..especially myJCW^^

  206. 206 : ruby placheta Says:

    nice body JI CHANG WOOK. can i embrace you. hahaha! i love the fighting scenes although i already saw it in movies. your cute just like in “Healer”. hope for more more more tv series of yours. saranghae….

  207. 207 : nguyen trang Says:

    love yoong

  208. 208 : Rin Says:

    Best couple and best drama

  209. 209 : Edralyn Icmat Says:


  210. 210 : JCW Says:


  211. 211 : Fan2 Says:

    I like this drama because of Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah. The story itself and other actor/actress is just so so. Personally I like Ji Chang Wook better in Healer, but I gotta give him thumbs up for the action scene in the K2 and oh boy, his body is so manly and attractive. Ji Chang Wook is different than most Korean actor who sometimes can look like girls due to their small figure and hairstyle/make up. He’s definitely a hottie to watch for…

  212. 212 : mytch Says:

    …nice kdrama!!! Kudos! Good job!

  213. 213 : Aziel Munir Says:

    I really love n enjoy this drama. I miss Song yoon ah

  214. 214 : Jo Says:

    Action scenes are the best. Everything are good except go anna in the story. Shes like a design or accessory to the entire story. Rather the writer make her the stupider one. Praise to the villain step mom….

  215. 215 : bournville Says:

    This is nice but not as much as healer ur soooo handsome by chang wook looking forward for others drama also😘😘😘😘

  216. 216 : Worth it Says:

    Like this drama because of Song Yoon Ah acting. She have 2 personality, somethime she can be like a beast and sometime like an angel ( in this drama)

  217. 217 : piet Says:

    two thumbs up for Song Yoon Ah & Ji Chang Wook.

  218. 218 : piet Says:

    two thumbs up for Song Yoon Ah & Ji Chang Wook.
    Love the fighting scenes

  219. 219 : reny laura mc Says:

    on the second episodes makes me goose bump .. the way he put the gun to that women … his acting really fantastic … this is the 3rd movie i watch and so impress .. still on going …

  220. 220 : reny laura mc Says:

    so after i watch this movie .. i did not seen ji chang wok looks so charming… even he always good on acting… and Yo na… hmm her face too flat…. when she’s not talk, only scared on 1-3 episode she’s good but after that .. when exciting , happy, angry or panic and sad her face did not show different .. they not match i guess … but the story of this movie very good… i like the way song yon ah.. shes the best actress ..and the ending about her very good… .. yeah … better watch this movie ..worth it

  221. 221 : Sandy Says:

    Good action drama, however, at times it was a little over the top and stupid. They had to give him fake ID, but he was able use a passport to get home from Spain in the very beginning of the drama. Also, wish they had done more with Anna’s role and developed the character. I really like the actress that played Anna.

  222. 222 : Sandy Says:

    Okay, finished the drama and I have to say the plot begin to really suck around episode 10. Just really over the top and lawless in a big way that could be easily resolved by police. Some of these dramas give their law enforcement agencies bad names. The security companies had more power than the police. Not only that, Anna got really stupid. Good actors, all of them in my opinion, good plot but lots of holes in realism which became hard to watch towards the end. However, I will say that it’s worth watching, just not a repeat for me.

  223. 223 : Kay Says:

    The K2 was just an okay watch. The action is top notch with some really great scenes, but the story itself is lacking and the characters weren’t written very well. If you like action, there’s enough to enjoy. Ji Chang Wook is great as usual too 🙂

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