Political Korean Dramas & Movies

The Last Princess

The Last Princess

Rank #931

Princess Deok Hye was the last princess of Korea. Under Japanese colonial rule, she is taken to Japan as a hostage. With the era’s harsh conditions, she struggles to maintain...

The K2 (2016)

The K2

Rank #1376

Kim Je Ha is a former mercenary soldier known as “K2” who suddenly turns into a fugitive when he is wrongfully accused of terminate his girlfriend while he is serving...

The Swindlers (2017)

The Swindlers

Rank #1481

Jang Doo Chil, a con artist who had been reported dead after committing a grand Deception case is rumored to be alive. A prosecutor, Park Hee Soo, who was in...

The Age of Shadows

The Age of Shadows

Rank #1864

Lee Jung Chool once had connections to the Korean independence movement, but he now works as a police officer for the Japanese occupation’s forces. He receives an order to take...

Steel Rain (2017)

Steel Rain 1

Rank #2092

Set in the near future, a military coup takes place in North Korea. The leader of North Korea and Eom Chul Woo escape to South Korea. The two countries now...

Undercover (2021)


Rank #2106

Han Jung Hyun is an agent at the Agency for National Security Planning known for his extraordinary quickness and boldness. He is living with a hidden identity when, during a...

The Lies Within (2019)

The Lies Within

Rank #2142

Jo Tae Shik was once an enthusiastic detective, but he now wants a different kind of life. He longs for a peaceful and ordinary existence. Because of this, Jo Tae...

Inside Men: The Original (2015)

Inside Men: The Original

Rank #2291

Director’s cut version of the movie “Inside Men”. The re-released version contains additional footage accounting for 50 more minutes. Lee Kang Hee, an editorialist of the influential conservative newspaper puts...

Arang and the Magistrate (2012)

Arang and the Magistrate

Rank #2314

Arang and the Magistrate tells the story of a cynical and not so friendly government official named Eun Oh who wanders the whole nation to look for his mother who...

3 Days (2014)

3 Days

Rank #3982

The President of South Korea goes on holiday at a private villa. In the middle of the night, three fire-armshots are fired, and the president goes missing. His bodyguards, led...

Long Live The King: Mokpo Hero (2019)

Long Live the King: Mokpo Hero

Rank #4196

Mob chief Jang Se Chul lives in the South Korean city of Mokpo, where he earns a living by intimidation residents and business owners. At a protest he meets a...


Friend, Our Legend

Rank #4757

Friend, Our Legend is a drama adaptation of the 2001 gangster classic film “Friend” both by the same director, Kwak Kyung Taek. This drama is a gritty, brilliant, star-studded tale...

The King's Face (2014)

The King’s Face

Rank #5264

“The King’s Face” tells the story of Prince Gwang Hae, an illegitimate son of King Seon Jo, who suffers since his childhood with the indifference of his father and the...

The Great Seer (2012)

The Great Seer

Rank #6819

The Great Seer begins during the reign of King Gong Min. But despite being about seers, geomancers, divinators and the like, this drama is less about the fantasy and more...

Local Hero

Local Hero

Rank #6920

Baek Shi-Yoon is an ex-secret agent and a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is as the owner. He gets close to...

To the Starry Island (1993)

To the Starry Island

Rank #35702

Moon Jae Goo and his friend Kim Chul try to bring the body of Moon’s father back to his native Kwisong Island for burial. Their ferry is intercepted by resentful...

I Am Sun Mu (2015)

I Am Sun Mu

Rank #39772

The life and work of North Korean defector-turned political pop artist Sun Mu. (Source: IMDb) ~~ Co-production of South Korea, China, and the USA....

The Reservoir Game (2017)

The Reservoir Game

Rank #51800

An investigative reporter seeks to expose the whereabouts of a slush fund belonging to the former president of South Korea, Lee Myung Bak. (Source: Netflix)...

Romantic Warriors (2003)

Romantic Warriors

Rank #54450

Desperate for a better life with his younger sister, Yo Yi gangs up with “Romantic Warriors”, an criminal squad, to make money. The squad, however, consists of dummy criminals who...

The Cage (2017)

The Cage

Rank #59424

A tale of a man coming back to his troubled home-town becomes a meditation on the queer body and the geography of identity. By dislocating the narrative, this neo-noir film...

Kim Dae Jung Again (2020)

Kim Dae Jung Again

Rank #99999

Kim Dae Jung competed against Park Chung Hee of the Democratic Republican Party as the presidential candidate of the New Democratic Party, but lost in 1971. He then lead a...

Restoration's Aestethics (2015)

Restoration’s Aestethics

Rank #99999

It contains the sad colours drawn in Busan in 1974. In Ae raises her two younger brothers with a mother’s heart....

President's 7 Hours (2019)

President’s 7 Hours

Rank #99999

The truth that must never be forgotten! What will happen if the president of a country gets hoodwinked by a cult? Something as terrible as that happened in the 21st-century...