Naive Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Temptation of the Wife of Heirs Over Flowers (2017)

Temptation of the Wife of Heirs Over Flowers

Rank #358

~~ A parody of “Boys Over Flowers”,” Temptation of Wife” and “The Heirs” made by boy group Monsta X as part of their show “Monsta X-Ray Season 2”....

Secret (2013)


Rank #689

A man who does not believe in love, falls for a woman who has been hurt by it. Min Hyuk is wealthy, with everything but a good personality, He’s been...

The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

The Legend of the Blue Sea

Rank #730

How can a mermaid from the Joseon era survive in modern society? Shim Chung is a mermaid who follows her one true love, a nobleman’s son named Kim Ryung from...

49 Days (2011)

49 Days

Rank #1002

Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho, but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car...

Touch Your Heart (2019)

Touch Your Heart

Rank #1004

Oh Yoon Seo is a popular actress. She is famous for her beautiful appearance, but her acting is bad. She gets involved in a scandal with the son from a...

Liar Game

Liar Game

Rank #1033

Various contestants take part in a game show with a prize of 10 billion won. The contestants who can cheat the others wins the prize. Contestants include genius swindler Ha...

Money Flower (2017)

Money Flower

Rank #1326

Managing director Kang Pil Joo is envied by many inside the Chungah Group where he is known for his intelligence and high-performance. He keeps his real identity a secret from...

Fated to Love You (2014)

Fated to Love You

Rank #1366

Mi Yeong is a typical office clerk who is rather plain, somewhat awkward and has her good nature taken advantage of by her co-workers on a daily basis. While on...

The K2 (2016)

The K2

Rank #1376

Kim Je Ha is a former mercenary soldier known as “K2” who suddenly turns into a fugitive when he is wrongfully accused of terminate his girlfriend while he is serving...

Eulachacha Waikiki 2 (2019)

Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2

Rank #1393

Lee Joon Ki is an unpopular actor who runs the Waikiki guesthouse. However, business is bad, and the guesthouse is facing bankruptcy. In order to revive the guesthouse, Lee Joon...

It's Okay To Be Sensitive (2018)

It’s Okay to Be Sensitive

Rank #1731

The story revolves around five first-year students and the challenges they face on and off campus. The web series brings awareness to gender issues. (Source: MyDramaList)...

You're Beautiful (2009)

You’re Beautiful

Rank #1914

The management company of the idol group A.N.JELL insisted on adding a new singer to the group as the lead vocal, Tae Kyung’s voice was hurting. However,the new member, Mi...

Spring Turns to Spring (2019)

Spring Turns to Spring

Rank #2165

Kim Bo Mi works as a TV news anchorwoman and she only cares about herself. Lee Bom was once a popular actress, but she is now a lawmaker’s wife. She...

High-end Crush

High-end Crush

Rank #3512

Choi Se Hoon is the head of G.Choi, a chart-topping K-pop entertainment agency with a top-billing roster of star acts. Many think he is blessed with the Midas touch, and...

Drama Special Season 5: Bride in Sneakers

Drama Special Season 5: Bride in Sneakers

Rank #3557

Park Bo Kyung boards the subway wearing a wedding dress paired with sneakers, and Jang Hee Sun’s the man who photographs her and uploads the pictures to Twitter. She’s a...

Stock Struck

Rank #3590

Five people who invested in the stock market take part in a mysterious stock meeting. There, they learn about life, love, and friendships through investing in stocks. Yoo Mi Seo...

Personal Taste (2010)

Personal Taste

Rank #3864

Jeon Jin Ho is a straight guy who is mistaken as gay when he applies to become Park Gae In’s roommate. His hobbies include organization and ironing, and he’s known...

Legal High (2019)

Legal High

Rank #4247

Go Tae Rim is a lawyer. He is arrogant and makes biting remarks, but he has a 100% winning rate. He can’t even imagine ever losing a case and winning...

Tempted (2018)


Rank #4320

Rich and privileged twenty-somethings uncover their true motives and reveal their depravity while playing a dark and dangerous game. Set on revenge, popular player Kwon Shi Hyun makes a bet...

Hi! School - Love On

Hi! School – Love On

Rank #4415

Lee Seul Bi is an angel who is sent to Earth to look after Shin Woo Hyun, who lives with his grandmother and carries emotional scars from being abandoned by...

The Girl's Ghost Story (2014)

The Girl’s Ghost Story

Rank #5171

In Su comes back to his hometown, where all his miseries of being able to see ghosts started. He tried running away but as In Su can’t help but taking...

Naeil's Cantabile (2014)

Naeil’s Cantabile

Rank #5195

Cha Yoo Jin is a third year student in a school of music majoring in piano and dreaming of becoming a world renowned conductor. He seems to be perfect with...

Mute (2020)


Rank #5352

Han Na is a female concert organizer who has an incredible secret ability: when she encounters a person whom she loves, she can “hear” their thoughts. While trying to snare...

Seducing Mr. Perfect

Seducing Mr. Perfect

Rank #5874

The M&A specialist, Robin Haydon, moves to Korea to overtake the Komatu company of Japan. In the morning of the first day of Robin’s attendance, he has an encounter with...